Hospital Visit
IC date: Winter 71, 1066 A.C.
OOC date: February 28, 2012
PCs: Polaris
NPCs: Phosphor
GM: Fluttershy

Just last night, a mysterious pegasus was brought into Doctor Sunwise's office by none other than Captain Mwai, his exuberant charge Siyana, and her filly playmate Lavender. Since then, the poor thing has been in somewhat of a daze, feverish and shaky — and no doubt the pounding snowstorm in the square can't be helping.

Still, the rumor of a mysterious pegasus that plummeted out of the sky? Always interesting!

And who is the bane of all things unique and interesting? Polaris! Well…not really, but the overly anxious earth pony's arrival certainly doesn't bring much joy to the hospital staff.
"Yes, excuse me, excuse me…" He mutters, trying vainly to pull forms and sheets and papers from out of his saddlebags as he rushes in, the look of a pony harried by all four winds on his face. "Yes, Nurse Kindess. I'm hear to see the, uh…" Polaris squints, flipping a paper up in his mouth in front of his face, trying to read the upside down writing. "Mmmmmysterious pegasus? Oh right, her. Is she in?"

Nurse Kindness frowns, glancing over into the closed room behind her. "Well…of course she's /in/, but she's been pretty out, too." She shuffles her weight uncertainly. "Is this… official business?"

"Yesh. Offishul," Polaris mumbles around the paper in his mouth, leaning forward to flash the official city documentation (of his own design!) for the nurse to see. "She'sh godda shign her babersh."

"Right, signing papers…" Nurse Kindness looks at the door behind her once more, then sighs at Polaris. She leans in, to ask in a hushed voice, "Is…the mayor with you?"

"Oh! No, no no no, she's…" Polaris glances up at the ceiling chewing his lip. Completely wasted? "Busy. It's just me tonight."

"Busy! Good, okay. Then you can come in." Nurse Kindness smiles kindly and turns, to nose open the door for him. "But you be nice to the poor dear. She's not…all there."

Inside, the room is small but it holds a hoof-ful of cots, and on one of them is the strange dark-blue pegasus. Her electric green hair is plastered to her forehead, in part because a damp cloth rests there as well. She seems to be sleeping peacefully.

Not…all there? Oy. Polaris grimaces. "Well…er, maybe my time with Salty will help me deal with…not all there." He sighs, and lets himself be lead into the mystery room.
What he sees in there is…happily disappointing, and the patchy Earth Pony smiles as he approaches the bed. "Miss?" he whispers, head tilted and grimacing nervously. Is she like Salty, and one of those sleepers that will throw things at you?

The strange pegasus slowly opens one yellow eye, looking blearily over at Polaris. Apparently she's not throwing anything. "Yes?" she croaks.

When her eye opens, she gets a look at a youngish colt wincing nervously. For a moment, he watches her…and then relaxes, putting on his best, toothy, not-very-disarming smile. "Hello! Um, I'm Polaris, and I represent Horseshoe Harbor. Umm… you uh… How was your trip?" His voice swings up in uncertainty at the end, and he frowns to himself. Well, he's certainly botching this.

The pegasus slowly sits up, in a manner that suggests, gee, she must be hurting after that crazy plummet. "Umm." She clears her throat. "Hi Polaris. It, uh…it was okay." She brushes her damp hair from her face with a hoof and looks uncertain. "Am I in trouble?"

"Oh, uh…no no, keep your head down," Polaris quickly gestures her back down with his forehood, suddenly feeling guilty. Sheesh, he was gonna give this poor girl /paperwork/? "Trouble? No no…well, maybe a little. But not from anything you did. Just…Ahem." Polaris takes a breath, centering himself… "What brings you to Horseshoe Harbor?"

The pegasus lays back down, gazing up at him. "Oh, erm. Okay." Still, she's a little unnerved by /his/ unnerv…ation. His question catches her a little off-guard, and she frowns, thinking quickly. "I, erm…don't remember."

"You…don't remember?" Polaris blinks, like maybe she'd meant it in a way that makes more sense. "What do you mean you don't remember?"

"I don't…remember." The pony glances away, and back at him. "Y'know. Like… what's it called. Oooh, you know, when…you can't remember things you're supposed to?" She rolls her hoof, eliciting a word hopefully, as she looks at him."

"You…don't… Oh no." Polaris pressing his hoof to his temple rubbing gently. "This will make the paperwork near impossible to complete. Amnesia?"

The pony looks at him innocently. "Sorry…I didn't mean to make it hard on you or anything. I just…don't remember!" Well, /she does/, but she's not about to let on. >.>

"Sigh…no no, it's fine. It's… Well…" Polaris twists his head about, awkwardly pulling out a large sheaf of papers, and dropping them on the bed beside her with a *whumpf!* "What /do/ you remember? Let's start with that?"

The pony's eyes widen at that huge stack of paperwork. Whoa. "Uhhh… well. My name's Phosphor. Umm…I umm… I was flying… and… there was a thunderstorm…" Wasn't it clear skies last night?

"Phosphor…" Polaris extracts a pencil in his teeth, and starts to go over the paperwork with quick, professional squiggles on the paper. Thank Celestia that pony handwriting was designed with the Earth Ponies in mind! "Flying… Thundersto—wait." He peers up at her. "Wasn't it clear skies last night?"
Phosphor frowns and rubs her hooves together. "Well, it was when I /fell/… but I ran into a storm before that, over the ocean, and… and… it injured my wing." Indeed, her wing is bandaged. "So I flew as long as I could, then I fell."

"Oh?" Polaris makes a few more notes on the paper. "But if you flew in…why did you fall? Did something happen when you got to Horseshoe Harbor?"

"Oh, my wing just…gave out." Phosphor shrugs. "Strong winds maybe, I don't know." She frowns in embarrassment, trying to think her way out of this one. "I don't really remember — it was all a blur."

"I…see." Is he buying it? The young colt doesn't seem /that/ versed in Subterfuge, but he is narrowing his eyes at her a little. "Do you remember why you were flying in the thunderstorm?"

Phosphor looks up at the colt, eyes watering. "I…I don't remember," she wibbles. "I just— I don't remember." And oh! The waterworks! She bursts into tears and claps her hooves over her eyes, weeping hysterically.

"Uh? Eh? What? You…" Polaris's pencil drops out from his mouth and he takes a step back, shocked. Crying! He'd heard of this! Fillies do it occasionally…presumably. He'd never seen Salty cry, so…uh…
"Er, no, no no no, please stop that…just…Please?" He dances from hoof to hoof. "Please! It's…it's okay if you don't remember! This is just paperwork! Oh god, that sound is horrifying…"

Phosphor bawls into her hooves, as tears practically fountain from her eyes. "I'm s-s-ssssooooorrryyyyyy!" she wails. At which point, of course, the door opens and Nurse Kindness is Looming in the door and looking…well, not very Kind. "/Polaris/!" she scolds.

Polaris dances back with a loud clatter of hooves, his rump slamming against nightstand, sending a clatter of books to the floor. Polaris looks up at the Nurse in utter panic. "I didn't do it! I don't know what's happening!"

The nurse bustles over and hugs the pegasus, patting her consolingly. "There there. You don't have to fill out paperwork. It's okay." She turns and Looks at the colt. "You can return when she's had more rest!"

"Wh… yes she does! She has to fill out paperwork…" But then he gets a Look, and the colt quails, bumping backwards into the wall, ducking his head. "… When she's all better, of course. Not now. Later! Just, uh…" The Earth Pony creeps sheepishly towards the bed, to snatch the large sheaf of papers off the covers. "Get better, okay? Yeah, okay bye!" And he turns to leave, oh god get away from that crying!

And so Polaris retreats, leaving the weeping mare behind into the relative safety of the outside. Whew.