Home Is Where The Heart Is
IC date: Winter 16
OOC date: 3/1/13
PCs: Sodium Fizz, Rising Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

The Fizzy Flask is a well established place by now. A fine store where all of your alchemical needs can be taken care of. Thankfully for a certain unicorn, the owner is also a pegasus.

Rising Chaos noses her way in through the door. It would be nice to say she barged her way in, but the mare seems intent on not being noticed. Carefully approaching the counter, she watches all around her, as if expecting danger. Once she reaches the counter, she does a quick check of her saddlebags, safely beneath her cloak and full of everything she needs. Hopefully this won't be too complicated.

The magical mare's entrance is far from unnoticed as she makes her way across decently-sized front floor, dotted with tables and seats for those interested not in the fine flasks and vials of quasi-arcane concoctions but rather the (for the most part) mundane but tasty sodas that Sodium-Fizz also serve. By the time Rising Chaos stand by the counter the pegasus mare is alread leans over it, a very thin and forced smile across her muzzle. "Well, I can't say I expected to see you of all ponies to walk in here."

Rising-Chaos frowns, so that's the tone this is going to take? Very well, she can do that as well. "Given your treatment of me in the past, unmerited or not, I am equally as surprised." Her expression remains in a frown, her voice dead even. "I have run out of other options, however. I need a healing potion, specifically, one to help heal a pegasus' wings. I also need help."

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side ever so slightly as she eyed Chaos while seeming to weight the pro's and con's of doing so. True, she'd been… rude… to Chaos in the past but then again the mare didn't seem to have a clue what she'd been doing with what she'd asked for. Or at least that's the only thing Fizz could ever assume considering her refusal to reveal what she needed it for. Speaking of what she needed it for… "Sure, I suppose. Want something with more omph or something that causes less system trauma but takes longer? I imagine Stormdancer wouldn't want to be laid out for to long, though…"

"As for what help you could need from me," continued Soda with a slight frown, "I have no idea."

Rising-Chaos couldn't care less what Sodium fizz thinks about her. It's long ago been accepted as fact that the mare hates her. "less system damage is for the best, the mare almost died. I don't to take any chances. It's not Stormdancer though, our acquaintance was cut short, unfortunately." Sighing, she reaches in to her bag and deposits a substantial sum on the counter. "As for help, In need to know how to properly take care of a pegasus. How to help them recover. You are probably the most knowledgeable pony in town on the subject." She looks downcast for a moment as she continues. "Please, I need this." It takes a few moments and a few deep breaths, but she recovers her composure.

Chaos earns herself another odd look from Sodium-Fizz's pale yellow eyes, on the other side of the glasses perched on the mares muzzle. "Sure, one sensible potion coming right up. I'll see if I can dig out one of the really good one. As for your question…" Soda let her voice trail of as she pushed away from the counter, heading to the shelves in the back. Apparently potions for restoring health is a common commodity, seeing as she doesn't have to go far.

"As for your question, I'd actually suggest you consult a trained medical practitioner," said Soda as she reared up on her hind legs, digging through the shelf, "but I do a thing or two about it seeing as I've been banged up more than once myself. Would have to give you proper use instructions for this as well…" The pegasus dropped back on all fours and headed back to the counter, depositing a medium sized flask containing a viscous green fluid. "Make sure she drinks all of it, but only after you've made sure any broken bones are set - you could re-break 'em to set them later but it's not a pleasant experience - and make sure she stays in bed even -when- she starts feeling better. At least for the next week or so but five days if you want to cut it close. Then keep her from doing anything strenuous for another week on that."

She reached forward, nudging the bag open and starting to count out the coins. "I'd suggest serving a snack mid morning and early afternoon as well, not only does the potion consume to do it's work but a pegasus healing up have a tendency to need a bit extra nutrients and it's better to dish it out often than in big chunks. Wing care's important too, especially if they've been hurt. Keep them still for the first few days till they've been healed up, then see 'bout giving a hoof stretching them and strengthening them with some light exercise."

Rising-Chaos nods, a faint smiling on her face. "Thank you, really. You have no idea how much I appreciate it." This confirms that she's been doing the right thing. she puts away the potion in her saddlebags with a contented sigh. "Perfect. I have a few more matters to take care of, if you have time for me."

"I might… I have been trying to turn over on a new leaf, after all… You do look kinda beat up, Rising," commented Sodium-Fizz as a wing arched forward, brushing a carefully counted pile of coins from the bag Arcee offered behind the counter. It looked kinda small, to be honest. "And I don't mean like me," one of her grey ears flicked, the one ravaged by some bite, "but emotionally. I recognise that look, I see it often enough…"

Rising-Chaos grimaces, apparently everypony will notice. Taking the bag back from the counter. "It's been a rough couple weeks, very rough. I've had something of a reshuffling of priorities." In fact, she looks positively joyful compared to a couple weeks ago. "I'd like to say that you can keep the ingredients though, the project is cancelled."

"Keep 'em? You know I'd really rather not, to be honest. Those things rarely have anything useful to add to anything and is dangerous to handle, that's why I didn't sell them to you to begin with without knowing what you were up to. As I said then, I'm not keen on finding the street full of chlorine gas." Sodium-Fizz chuckled, rather mirthlessly. "Unless I'm wrong… I take it you really care for her?"

Rising-Chaos nods, morosely. She seems to have picked up this alarming tendency to be honest. "I knew exactly what I was doing. I was making a phylactery. The project is cancelled now, but if you don't want them I have plenty of other applications for the ingredients." There's no chuckles from Chaos, it's a very serious matter. "Of course I care about her, she's everything to me. Why else would I drop everything to save her? Why else would I cancel all research, all my work just to make sure she would be comfortable." again she notices her voice getting louder, and quietens down. "And you? You hardly seem at the top of your game, what prompts the new leaf?"

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly. At least till she's prompted to talk for her own part. After glaring at Chaos for a few moment she sighed herself, propping her muzzle in her hooves. "I'm not sure I am… I think I already might have, after a fashion, but found it blank and unwritten without me having any clue what to put down on it. Does that make any sense? I'm done leaving things behind when things go wrong… especially seeing as the latest two disasters I've been involved with have not been my doing at all which is… refreshing and bothersome."

Rising-Chaos nods, apparently they are of like mind. "An uncomfortable amount of sense." She's feeling similarly. "These past few disasters have, through no fault of my own, put my life in danger more time than I can count. Not to mention ancient evil artifacts that suck out my hopes and happiness and replace it with despair. I have no idea what I want, all I know is that everything is terrifying. I find myself doing these stupid, stupid things and not knowing why." Suddenly she recoils, looking confused, then angry. "Like doing this. Telling a pony who openly dislikes me about my deepest fears."

"Dislike you? Not really, think you're kind of thick maybe," said Sodium-Fizz with a small chuckle. "And hope-sucking artefacts? I've hard of a creature or object before that does that, never had the displeasure of running into one before though. Still, being all… broken down… like that isn't a fun experience." The mare's brows furrowed in anger for a moment before she sighed and looked down at her forehooves.

"But yeah… I guess I can imagine what you're going through."

Rising-Chaos growls at that, being intelligent is the only thing she has left. "I've ran in to it twice, and I'm still standing. 'Not fun' is a bit of an understatement though, try 'soul shattering'." A hoof of hers scuffs the floor, she looks flustered. "These past two weeks it seems everypony has been out to hurt me. You'll excuse some hostility." She sighs deeply, rethinking how this is going. It seems it became complicated, great. "I do apologise for any previous antagonistic behaviour though."

Sodium-Fizz cocked an eyebrow for a moment before chuckling. "You've not yet run me out of town so we can call it quits, I think… Besides, you," a hoof reached out and tapped Chaos ever so lightly on her muzzle, "sound incredibly much like me at your age to be honest. At least the part of having everypony gunning for your tail and finding problems everywhere. I don't think I was ever much for apologising back then…"

Rising-Chaos growls and gets out of reach. "I think you'd be surprised, miss Fizz." at least the honorific is a new sign of respect. "I'm too busy worrying about being run down to worry about you. You're not a threat." She grumbles, sitting down. It's been a tiring few days, she'll walk back home in a bit. "I just want a life back."

Sodium-Fizz scoffed and pouted, looking rather much like Ruby for a moment as far as mannerism goes. "I never claimed I was. Look," the grey mare leaned forward, "you might find it hard to believe but I'm not trying to make things difficult for you. Why? Because I recognise… this, all to well," she waved a hoof at Arcee. "I've not had a bloody life for the last ten years, I know how it feels. And I'll tell you what, you just have to go on breathing with it and push on through. A'right?"

Rising-Chaos waves a hoof dismissively. "I believe it, and I know you're trying but. I don't know if this will ever be home, will ever be a life." She right in Sodium Fizz's eyes, a fire of determination in her eyes. "But don't ever think I'll just roll over and die. I have vowed that one day I will be powerful. This is just a phase, I'll get over it and get back to business soon enough." Getting to her hooves, she straightens her cloak. "I should get going, I have a pegasus to attend to. It was a…. Pleasure, miss Fizz. Feel free to come speak with me any time."

Sodium-Fizz rolled her eyes and nodded slowly. "Sure… Good day Rising Chaos. And don't forget to keep your mare in bed! The last time I had to treat a pegasus he was enough of a dumbarse to keep running around even when I told him not to…" The mare sighed and shook her head before focusing back on Chaos, with a bit of an impish grin. "And Chaos? I do believe there is a saying that 'home is where the heart is'. The Harbour might never truly be 'home'… but the ponies just might."

Rising-Chaos snorts in amusement. "Oh, she'll be alright, with your wonderful potion." She looks over her shoulder just once before leaving. "That may be something to remember for yourself, miss Fizz. But my heart is, and always will be with magic, before any pony. Perhaps I'll never have a home. Fewer ponies to hurt, the way I like it. Haven't you met me? I'm Rising, I always lose." With her words and a playful wink sent Sodium's way, she trots out, there's no change in her, still not seeking attention, no more confident than before. Though if you were to look closely, a small grin has crept on to her face. The town seems just a bit less hostile.

Sodium-Fizz sighed for herself and slumped against the counter, her ears pinning back. "Always lose… Yeah, me too."