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Location: Crane-City
PCs: Overhaul Grinder

Sleep, evidently Grinder had a place all her own, and by the time everypony had gotten settled in for the night, Overhaul had a corner of her rather elaborate shipping container all for himself, well for now. It was a comfortable affair consisting of a simple hammock and a pillow whilst the unicorn filly disappeared into the back part of her 'house' offering only a pleasant 'goodnight!'

Morning brought the light of day into large skylights that raked the 'home' of the salvage pony and also brought the sounds of motion and noises of someone just getting up. "G'Morning Mister Wings" she offers softly, through sleep, "ja' want any breakfast?" the filly asks still not having opened the curtain to Overhaul's little section of residence.

She wouldn't fine him there anyway. The white-coat pegasus is sitting at the opening of the shipping crate, peering out into the rest of the shipping yard. No sign of her here, at least yet. His ears slowly lift and radar around before his head turns to the hostess pony. He nods in that silent but certain way of his.

Grinder paces up from behind him looking to him, she gulps a little, seeing /that/ look in his eyes, "You can stay here long as ya like, or I can set you up with your own shipper" she mentions softly, "give ya a base to operate from uhh, roof over your head" the formerly rather gruff little filly seems to care, or at least understand whats going on. She offers a quick smile before heading back inside to fix up some breakfast or something.

Overhaul disappears out the front door. A few seconds later there's a series of thumps on the top of the shipping container. He's on the roof. Judging by the pauses in hoof sounds, he's looking in all directions in his higher vantage point.

Grinder grumbles to herself as she fixes some survival canister oatmeal with imitation maple butter. The foal makes it out the front door, and takes a running leap for a set of rails, trotting an easy balance beam that no drunk pony could handle, and makes a cross over, and again and also finds herself on the roof. "Uhh nopony's gonna shoot you down if you go flying here, The guardies already saw ya n' know you're ok" she offers, "I can set ya up in one of the higher crates up under the old crane wrecks, gonna be a bit tough for me to get to to make sure its livable, but I'm sure I could do something" she offers as she sets down one of the wide bowls of oatmeal before the pegasus letting its warmth steam in the morning air.

Overhaul has some sort of telescope bit over one of his eyes, using it to get a better view all around. He bumps it up with his wing so he can see normally. With a shake of his head he indicates, "Here is fine." After laying down he peers at the oatmeal before him, making no signs of either joy or disgust. Eventually, he takes a bite.

Grinder she gulps hard, "How long?" she asks in a voice that is tinged with an almost knowing sadness. "Your sister?" she asks as she, the 'refined' unicorn takes a spoon full in her magic and slurps off her spoon.

Overhaul pokes some and takes another bite of oatmeal. His chewing slows down quite a bit and ears lay down upon the mention of his sister. He swallows deeply and looks forlorn off into the distant lands of the wasteland. After taking in a deep breath the pegasus responds, "4 weeks."

Grinder kinda shrinks in place, "Oh" she murmurs softly "We'll find her, I'm sure of it!" she nods, "Round here there's not tooo many places sane ponies would go, heck even most of the slavers steer clear of the old Wintersong, and the power-plant, there's all sorts of creepies out there" she intones, "and, and, you, and your big guns urr' sure to impress some pony, maybe they'll just let her go once they see those guns" she nods, "Such big guns!" she nods slowly.

Overhaul thinks to himself, spacing out as he takes a few more bites of the oatmeal. Even the way he eats has a certain grace to it. He turns to look at the guns mounted on his side with a slight frown. Guns don't bring ponies back. They take them away. "She was taken." he opens up.

Grinder gulps, "T t" she pauses, "Taken by?" she asks very quietly evidently not liking where this is going, wait, there's a 'clean' stain down the corners of her eyes, she's crying! and not letting on about it, there's a gentle sniff, "Taken by slavers right?" she asks.

Overhaul closes his eyes. All things considered, he actually seems to be holding together rather well for what he's likely been through in the month he's been on his own. Memories swarm inside of his mind, things he doesn't want to think about but must anyway. "Yes…" he finally responds.

Overhaul suddenly finds himself with a filly nuzzled into one side of him, her tears are now definitely evident on her tear stained muzzle. Evidently this filly has had some serious loss at the hooves of slavers, which could well explain why the filly doesn't apparently have any parents, or siblings what-so-ever. The container was kinda messy inside, but relatively well tended. "The slavers that had me and my" she gulps hard and kinda shakes her head, eyes still tearing, "they were bad, but, but, I beat them they won't be slaving any more ponies, ever" she chokes out.

Overhaul closes his eyes again, aware of the pain of losing loves ones to the unfortunate world that is post-war Equestria. The way he sighs suggests he wasn't as lucky to rid the world of the slavers who had done him wrong. A wing spreads out and wraps itself around the filly in an understanding embrace.

Grinder tucks in a little, that winged embrace, warms her to her soul, a touch, something caring, burns through her, and settles her right down. She slowly is drawn from her crying. "I promise you O, when we find those slavers that took your Sister" she grins, "I'll do what I did to the slavers, I'll do that lots, and lots, they never even new what hit them" she beams proudly evidently using her talents with scraps and dust, and metal shavings, oh what a way to go.

Overhaul brow narrows, his wing still staying in it's place wrapped around Grinder. It only seems fair that he be the one to get revenge on the slavers. "No." he emits in a bit of a cold voice. "Me." By his tone, it might be a good idea to let /him/ handle his vengeance.

Grinder nods a little, "yeah, you got guns n stuff" she nods, a bit trying to bite back these emotions that she's evidently wrapped in. Evidently the truth of the matter sinks in and she just shudders in the thoughts of that day, she ends up murmuring, "thats the day I got my PipBuck" she murmurs as if that was something redeeming to it" she mentions

Overhaul finishes the rest of his oatmeal, cleaning the bowl of anything that could be left behind. Something about the mention of the Pipbuck sparks his attention. He looks at his and hits a few buttons. His eye focuses on the HUD as he reads something. After looking out into the area the pegasus asks a simple, likely understandable question. "Ammo?"

Grinder hmm's and nods a little, "I, err, all I've got is my little stuff for my two-shot" she mentions with a furrowed brow, "buh, if yo got caps, you can trade for it, or salvage for it, I know a place that ya might be able to get some" she looks up a little as she is pretty much right next to the guns as she lay there, she looks them over, "Is that, uhh, umm" she gulps a little, "on uh, on clave stuff?" she gulps a little as she muzzle nuzzles the weapon tentatively.
By the way O looks at his guns then back at Grinder with a perked brow, he doesn't seem to get the question.

Grinder furrows her brow some, she's really trying, really she is, "your guns, they on-clave?" she asks, "Ya know pegasus battle stuff, black birds like stuff?" she seems to ask, "cause we don't have stuff that comes from the rest o the pegasus ponies, that, they, they just come down from the clouds from time to time, shoot a few things hunt a few caravans and haunt ponies before disappearing back up into /their/ clouds" she hrumphs annoyingly

Overhaul peers again at his guns for a while and takes in a big deep breath as he understands what he's being asked. "Turret weaponry." he explains, if that could be called an explanation. "I'm from a stable." Hey! That's probably the most complete thought he's made so far!

Grinder oh's and nods, "Stable, Right, I know where one of those are, they just opened up a little bit ago, maybe they could get you a resupply, the've started tradin with us here in Crane-Town" she nods, "maybe we could get you a hammock of your own" she blurts, oh my, that means she gave you what she was using to sleep on. Yup, she's got some serious heart right there.

Overhaul gives a nod. "Almost any ammo works." He says. That must be some seriously modified, and useful, technology built into his guns. "Caps are not a problem" he adds, just in case the thought of buying ammo might sound like a deterrent. Judging by the way he uses the vulcans though, he seems to be pretty conservative when it comes to ammo.

You say "oh's" softly and nods, "I know just the place ya might have to spend a little ammo to get lots and lots more of it though" she nods and smiles, "We'll try sometime soon ok?""

Overhaul stands back up, nudging the empty oatmeal bowl towards grinder. His wings spread and in a graceful leap he glides back down to the opening of the shipping container. Judging by the look of weariness in his eyes, he stayed up all night keeping guard at the door. He settles into a corner and lets out a deep breath as he closes his eyes. Out in the wasteland, sleep is a precious commodity…more precious than most.

Grinder takes the bowl, and hops down to the entry way, bubbling a debris pile before landing lightly, she enters her home floats over a thick warm blanket over the pegasus, and tucks him in. "we're safe here, protected by the wall, and by our guardie ponies, and by my clouds"