Hole In Da Wall
Time of Day: Early Morning
OOC date: 03/21
Location: Crane-City
PCs: Snakebite Grinder

Cocka-doodle-Roarrrr!, Cocka-a-doodle Roarrrr! starts the morning off bright and early in a murky cloudy thickness of the morning in and around the side of HorseShoe Harbor's shipyard community of Crane-Town. Shipping cranes lay strewn in a mess of structure and shipping containers that make up this unique community opposite oldtown and the former portside areas. Various noises from ponies breaking their door hatches and waking up to greet the day are heard as well as the normal clatter of falling metal as one thing or another fails and breaks.

Grinder slides down from her own shipping crate, and lands with a firm 'Whump' on the ground beneath her bleak battered looking crate. The filly has suited up with her normal garb of her welding barding and armor and is poking here and there tween shipping containers, hoping to maybe sneak some foodstuffs from a neighbor fore' they wake up, or maybe just get something from the local outpost store, closer to old-town. Anyway, its morning, and she's ripe for some salvaging n stuff.

Grinder isn't the only pony up early, or late in this case, perhaps. Down the road towards the gate a dusty figure makes her way along the street. Dusty is most likely the easiest way to describe the mare - her duster was a worn dirt brown and her akubra hat likewise, seen from under the heavy clothing the few tufts of her coat that stuck out was a dusty grey, even her was grey. It was as if somepony had taken her and just rolled her in the concrete dust and ash of the wasteland. The only thing that stood out was the tuft of brilliant crimson mane and tail - though most of it was wrapped up in a tight braid, covered in cloth.

Snakebite's eyes glanced over in the direction of Grinder, taking in the filly. That, and issuing a silent prayer to the Princessess' that the kid wouldn't say anything - or particularly notice. After all, when a mare shows up in town overnight, whit the gates closed, the questions arn't typicaly that nice.

Grinder does blink, stare, glare, blink again, rub her eyes free of morning, give a wide yawn, then look down to 'her' pipbuck tapping at its screen, then looking back up to her, then over her shoulder beyond, toward the perimeter gates, and back, "Uh, Right, found a hole didja?" she asks with an annoyed grunt and roll of her eyes, "big enough for you seemsloike" she huffs as she slowly starts to walk a circut around the taller mare apraising her value more or less, not in the way a slaver assesses a potential slave, but more like she's seeing if this other mare has anything of value for trading, "you be Tradin?" the filly asks

Snakebite came to a slow halt as Grinder approached her and began to circle, her head turning ever so slightly as her eyes tracked the filly. "Got some stuff - healing bandages, a few potions. Some Buck and Dash, too. What's it to you, short-stuff?"
Grinder hmm's, "sellin' Dash too, good stuff that is" she notes, "got some o that myself, so no point tryin' on sellin' dat' ere" she paces still slowly going round fore coming to a stop to one side more or less, a good position to jump incase the unknown mare tries anything stupid or anything. "Bandages n potions are good, I've got caps" she offers, "but uhh, howabout first ya show me that hole ya got through, so uhh, I can all patchy patchy, n keep the uhh ya know, critters, out" the filly asks curiously as she floats out a blow torch, "Back away the way ya came, n' I'll follow you there, so I can see ya"

"How about no, a'right? I don't need a hole to get into a place like this, trust me." Snakebite snorted for herself, setting off down the street once more. "Got a blacksmith in town or something? Anypony that knows how to patch up a weapon?"

Grinder perks a brow, just kinda giving a hard glare, "climb?" she erks some looking a might confused or something then she stops dead in her tracks, a sharp *Krakk Hissssssss* is heard from the filly as she ignites her blowtorch, holding if up before her in her magic, as if for self defense "Did the guardie at least take yer ammo, or didja hurt em?" she asks sounding just a bit more apprehensive and keeps her distance now that the older mare admits to being armed and inside the gate like this.

"I don't need ammo either," came the tired answer from Snakebite, "now put that away before you hurt somepony you don't want to hurt."

Grinder erks some "Oh, one of those guns" she whew's some still not entirely convinced of the bigger mares intention of town, and herself. The blowtorch is twisted and the tank seals itself again stopping the flow, and turning it off. She does keep pace now, walking just to one flank, enough so that she's not a direct sight shot. A crowbar sticks from one of the pouches on her barding, long and wrecker style, which she is ready to use at a moments notice.

Snakebite shot Grinder a glance, nodding slightly for herself. "Just here for the trade," she said in a unconvincing attempt to calm the filly, "my medicine and chems for your work ponyship and goods. I still need stuff to make more, I can make stuff you wouldn't believe."

"Aye, trade's good n' stuff" remarks Grinder as she slowly peels away from the other mare, and trots back to where she first met her, then backtraces the bigger mare's hoof-prints through the dirt till she finds nothing, wait nothing, huh? The filly paced about for sometime and eventually just sat down with a confused 'wha tha fuzz?' look to her.