Hoarfrost's Dream
IC date: Autumn 66
OOC date: November 24
Location: Dreamland
PCs: Hoarfrost Dream-Daze
GM: Applejack

A chilly night in the Wintersong Forest, near a certain cabin that a little frosty Snow Witch lives in. It must be sometime in the night, and a very clear night at that judging from the amount of moonlight filtering down from overhead, perfectly illuminating the nearly pristine, snow-covered ground around this little clearing.

Within the clearing are two ponies. Snowfield and Hoarfrost, teacher and student, standing across from each other, several yards apart. The snow-witch looks more serious than usual, the serious and dour expression she usually carries even more intense as she stares down the white filly across from her, a dim glow surrounding the edges of her horn.

"Pay attention, Hoarfrost. This is very important." Snowfield states, fixing a steely gaze upon her student. "If I teach you this spell, and you mess it up, the consequences could be extremely dire for everybody. Catastrophic, even. This spell is only to be used in self-defense, and only when you have no other option. Do you understand?"

Hoarfrost is even in her own minds a a diligent little Junior Witch. Quickly standing at the best attention a foal can muster. Ruby eyes and usual hopeful smile on her muzzle she tries for her best 'serious business face'. "Yes Mom!" she chirps happily. Magic calling up her pen and paper. Notes are most important if one is not going to blow everypony up. Not to mention this is at last the moment she has waited on. Actually learning a fighting spell! Yay! Leaning in ready to hang on every last little word.

"Teacher." Snowfield corrects, her voice snapping in the faint breeze that kicks up a couple snowflakes here and there. "Refer to me as your teacher when I'm teaching you." she follows up, in a softer tone. "You can't show any emotion when you're casting this spell. Taking the form of a Windigo requires your entire focus. If you let yourself feel anything, the spell could backfire…"

The warning given, Snowfield's horn intensifies. "I shall demonstrate first. Then you can try."

The glow of Snowfield's horn encompasses her body, lifting the little snow witch up off the ground to hover a couple feet in the air. Bits of snowflake rise up to join her, a steady stream starting to pack in at the bottoms of Snowfield's hooves. The air around the clearing seems to drop at least ten degrees, as the spell winds up.

With a dramatic flash, the spell kicks into high gear, massive balls of snow and ice rising up from the ground around, forming out of the sky, building up around Snowfield. As it does so there's a sickening screech of sound, of ice packing ice, scraping ice, and maybe more, all the chilly material taking the shape of a greater creature. Still equine in shape, but with sharp and angry angles. The body forms first, lithe yet powerful, all the snow and ice packing into a single solid mass, then begins to branch off into legs, a neck, a tail of woven snow…

The head forms last, a solid block of ice crunching into place at the neck's base, then crushing itself into the fine horse-shaped features of a proper Windigo, the ice around its eyes lighting up in a fierce yellow blaze. With a harsh snort, a frosty cloud exhales from its snout, and then it lifts its head and lets loose a piercing whinny to the sky! A Windigo is born!

Hoarfrost goes stony with a look of determination. Thats why Snowfield is always so grumpy! She needs to have no emotion in case she needs to belt out a Windigo. Perfect sense. "No emotion." voice going dead of everything that could be emotion. Burry it all deep just like you did when mom died … no that will make you sad. Still like the morning after a blizzard. Deep breath she re focuses on her teacher. Doing her best to look without care at the thing of her wildest dreams take form before her. Fear of Windigo's is for normal ponies Ice witches doen't fear Windigos! Focusing her magic it is her turn. Just copy what Snowfield did. Horning lighting up she tries to bring her ice magic to bear.

Ice magic coalesces around Hoarfrost's horn, reaching out to the ice and snow around her. She, too, begins to levitate as a spell takes form, snow collecting on the filly's hooves first, encasing her legs, around her body…

The Windigo across from Hoarfrost lets out one more piercing cry, and then explodes into so many icy shards, each of which shreds itself to fine snowflakes before they can hit anything that may not enjoy being pelted with ice toothpicks. Free from her Windigo form, Snowfield floats back down to touch nimbly where her hoofprints in the snow were when she started, her eyes closed, the magic on her horn fading. "And that's what the form lo—"

*FLASH!* A burst of magic from Hoarfrost's horn lights up the clearing! The spell intensifies around the filly, chunks of ice and snow rising up, encasing the student in ever-increasing masses of chilly material! Already Hoarfrost is practically completely hidden from view, the 'body' of her very first Windigo taking shape!

"—NO! Hoarfrost! What are you doing! I wasn't done teaching you the spell!" Snowfield's voice cries over the sound of cracking ice and packing snow, the snow-witch completely obscured from view now. The spell in full-motion…Hoarfrost feels something tugging at her thoughts. A darkness that looms within the magic, an ever-growing presence that seems to be infusing with the frozen Windigo body! Suddenly an image appears in Hoarfrost's mind! Of just a couple minutes ago, when Hoarfrost was being told by Snowfield that she was going to learn the Windigo spell. A moment of /pure joy/.

The spell intensifies, and that happy moment, that memory, suddenly shreds itself. It no longer feels like a happy memory. Or like a memory at all…

'I'm going to make her proud.' less of a happy thought and more her drive and determination focusing on what she is going to do. Magic pouring into her horn, copying the actions despite not knowing a lick of the theory. After all when has Snowfield ever done anything but simply show her magic? Usually she is expected to just mimic on the spot or be left in the Wintersong alone till she figures it out. Never did it cross her mind that there was more to the transformation than simple shifting of physical states, even with the warning her teacher gave her not moments ago.

Part of her memory shreds. It seems so simple now. Why did she feel so happy anyway? Not like she ever gets spells right when her mentor, mother and hero is watching. Why even bother getting exited? Foalish. Witches don't get exited over such inane things.

"Hoarfrost!" the voice of Snowfield calls again! "You need to stop this spell now! Don't complete the transformation! Don- Oh ponyfeathers…"

The snow and ice continue to grow. A full hunk of ice for a body now, packed in around every bit of the white filly, a second skin made out of so many layers of frost, ice, and rime. Now the creature's legs begin to form…

From elsewhere in the clearing, another burst of magic can be felt, in the way it disturbs the flow of frost winding itself around Hoarfrost's new form. Blows it away, briefly, though it resumes with a vengence, ramping up the creation of the icy beast.

Within the cage of ice and snow, Hoarfrost can feel the spell tug again. More memories, several at a time, seem to dance behind her eyes, each one turning grey and lifeless as the 'joy', or similarly happy emotions drain from them. It is not a pleasant process. It's as if icy claws were digging their way into the filly to fetch each memory, a sharp chill that threatens a mental frostbite. The spell, feeding off of Hoarfrost's emotions, and trying to force the magicking foal to think like it wants. To think like a Windigo.

Memories flash before her eyes. Rolling backwards over the last year of adventure. Petticoat's and Hawthorn all curled up together laughing … Not like either one wanted her there … she is just a third wheel. FReeze Frame Sadaka and Makuru playing near the Wintersong. The time Rising Chaos helped her with the first magical breakthrough, or the first time she got a spell almost half way decent in front of Snowfield.

Red of her eyes dulling becoming less impassioned. Instead hard and cold, just like a Snow Witch should be right? Why did she want a mom again? They just leave you in orphanages or yell or DIE. The memory of being picked up from the orphanage, Snowfield chiding Frost for having simply called her mom. Was there any joy there? Snorting a her breath catches on the cold billowing out like angry steam from a bull. Turning her head to her teacher through the cacophony of the freezing spell.

A piercing whinny breaks through the noise of swirling snow and ice. Somewhere in the clearing, there's another Windigo! It's answered by a much closer whinny… THIS Windigo is done! Held together by spell and the emotions of the filly within, it floats, whole and strong. Ready. Able…


The sounds of heavy snorting and cracking ice are the next thing to break the relative silence, Hoarfrost's body thrown about within her icy prison as something outside tackles her Windigo! An attack!?

"Hoarfrost! Get out of there NOW!" an etherial voice calls, tinged with a high note of rage.

More and more, the spell digs at Hoarfrost, practically trying to infuse her into the ice, to steal away every last tiny mote of happiness the filly has within her. The dark presence within the spell, within the ice with her, surrounding her in a chill so cold it's nearly mind-numbing.

It's within that shadowy form, that shell, where all of the filly's emotion seems to have been leeched away like the heat from her body, that something else tries to work its way into her mind. A faint whisper, somehow feminine, but so soft it's hard to hear over the din of ice scraping ice and such outside.

…a dream…

Nope. This junior ice witch is going to stay right here in her windigo thank you very much. No pony, or dragon, or even other Windigo is going to tell her other wise. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" voice a screech echoed in part by her prison in its horrid shreak of a voice. Holding her head with one hoof and lashing out at what ever dared attack her with another. More than just a swings she puts the Windigo and Ice witch magic into the attack. Frozen spikes come out of the hard packed hammer like a avalanche of spiky death. Now voices in her head? Another attacker?! Swining wildly to try and catch that other voice too.

The spell changes. The last phase of the Windigo spell, at least this one Hoarfrost has cast, begins… With no emotions left to leech, the icy shell begins to twist around the trapped filly, little 'strings' of ice lacing their way into the filly's pelt. The beastly form of ice, reacting perfectly to Hoarfrost's desires, as ice and spell combine!


The first flailing of spiked ice connects with something, a chilly and very pony cry rising up! A shaken, but still magic-enhanced voice again cries out: "Don't do this! Hoarfrost, ple—"


The second flailing blow connects with the owner of that voice. It stops very suddenly. At the same time, the 'eyes' of Hoarfrost's windigo blaze alight, infusing the junior snow witch with a vision of the clearing, and the pile of ice that now rests before it, vaguely equine-shaped. Within which a dark mass of…something, is between two great frozen slabs of what was once a Windigo's frozen frame. A single hoof extends past this, completely limp, but certainly identifiable to the emotion-drained filly.

She just silenced her own teacher…

Hoarfrost stares down a the havoc she has wrought upon her Windigo foe. A snere cast across her face and the face of the windigo alike at the ease she was able to dispatch her foe. There is another shape. Perhaps the second voice? Who could it have been? A massive icy hoof goes to move away some ice to get a look. Heart nearly leaping into her throat as she does. The body … she recognizes it.

At once something doesn't feel right inside. Panic starts to set in, as the image of Snowfield laying broken on the ice registers in her brain. "Snowfield! NO!" she shrieks. Wanting to scoop up her hurt mother she goes to move her icy hooves but there are none. Turning there is no spell at all, just a panicked filly. Looking down at her out stretched hooves she sees something not unlike the color of her eyes pitter patted over the virgin white of her coat, and going think on the hoof she struck out with. "No-nonono." back legs back peddling away from the wounded form of her adopted mother. Tears forming in her eyes all the other emotions flooding back as though they never left.

The dispelling of Hoarfrost's Windigo form leaves heaps of ice and snow scattered about everywhere. For a long moment the only sounds left in the clearing are those of Hoarfrost's panic and sobbing, and the soft crunch of snow under the filly's hooves as she backs away from the wreck of a Windigo that Snowfield's crumpled form rests in.


The wreck twitches. A piece of ice, scraping on another.


Slowly, the mass of shattered ice begins to heft itself up. The little body of Snowfield dangles from what would have been a shattered ribcage, her lower half still pinned within the crushed chest of the magical thing. Dripping, now and then, to stain the snow. The head is half-smashed, one crimson glowing eye coming back to life, the only vaguely equine head staring down at the sobbing filly.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" the creature bellows, a heavy, ground-shaking step taken towards Hoarfrost.

From behind Hoarfrost, there comes another soft crunch of snow. Dainty hoofsteps being made in the mess of a landscape. That whisper from before, that barest hint of a 'voice' again rises up, barely audible but still present.

This is…a dream… Wake up and it all goes away!

Hoarfrost would normally leap to fight a monster when confronted, a perfect chance to put herself to the test. The broken body dangling like that though. It is like macabre charm that breaks the little witches heart. There is nothing she can do save try and curl up and except her fate. There is no further cries of terror or sobs, simply a river of silent tears that freeze to the filly's face. Even for her this is too cold. Body turning a shade of blue. "Just … do it." she whimpers at the creature. "I d-deserve-" that voice again. "D-dream?" voice shaky and unsure. Hope slipping back into her "But- Snowfield I hurt .." logic barely starts to crack the shell of the illusion. "Who's there?" she calls out once again worried about the Windigo she tries to move away maybe use the tree as cover.

The tree Hoarfrost happens to choose has a second filly form huddled behind it! One that promptly tries to hug both forelegs around the junior snow-witch. A little blue unicorn, complete with nametag.

A horrible dream. None of this is real, but you need to wake up…

The zombie-like Windigo watches as Hoarfrost bolts off, a sickening whinny rising up in the creature's throat! It lumbers a step towards that new hiding place, the light from its red eye bathing the whole clearing in a sinister crimson shade, making the white snow seem like a greusome reflection of that which stains Hoarfrost's pelt.

"D-dream Daze?" Of course Hoarfrost would remember a friend. A friend is just what she needs right now, giving the other filly a strong hug. Though her tears are silent her body is still wrenching with the tears and sobs as she holds Dream for a moment. "Wha- how? How can I?" really she wants to be out of here so bad and curl up in her mother's bed and cry the night away there. Just like wanting to sleep it only seems to make it harder. Realizing she is spearding her stains to the other filly she jerks away. "Oh gosh I'm so sorr-eeehhhh!" she screams looking at the Windigo and Snowfield agian.

*CRUNCH!* Another heavy step. A tree gets knocked over by the bulky, misshapen icy form of the Zombigo.

"You can't escape! You caused this! Face your punishment!" the creature cries!

Dream-Daze doesn't have the strength to keep Hoarfrost from jerking away, but she does start to skitter back towards one of the further trees, trying to tug Hoarfrost along with her. The voice keeps up, it seems to come from the filly, though her lips never exactly move. You need to find a way..! Or else that thing will chase you all night long! Wake /up/ Hoarfrost!

Hoarfrost runs for her life along with Dream Daze. Though a terror like parody of the forest she calls home. "I can't- there is no button that just lets you wake-" a surreal moment of nothing under hoof combined with the rush of air through her mane as she trips over a tangle of vines in the ground.

With a loud THUWMP! Little frost impacts the floor in a tangle of sheets and blankets form her bed. Screaming once again she curls up expecting to be crushed by a icy zombie hoof. It takes a moment but she realizes she has waken up. Body still shivering looking toher hooves for anything crimson.

Wishy-Washy bursts into the room only a moment later after hearing the scream, her horn aglow with a golden aura! "HOARFROST! Are you okay, little filly?!? no sign of Queen…"

Hot on her marefriend's hooves Snowfield gallops from the bedroom and to her foal's side. "I told you, Wishy, Queen wouldn't dare strike without power beyond either of us at her back." She wraps her hooves around the blanketed Hoarfrost and pulls the little unicorn into a close hug. "What happened, Hoarfrost?"

Hoarfrost clearly has been crying. Eyes red and tears still freely flowing. Hooves still held out into the air as though she where offering something before simply falling into the embrace of the two mares. It is almost weird how quiet she can cry and still mange to look like an utter mess of a snotty foal at the same time. "I-h-had a bad dream." she mumbles hoping SO hard she didn't do anything else foalish like wet the bed. Luna knows she doesn't need that too. Blushing so hard she clings particularlly hard to Snowfield. "I hurt you bad."

Wishy-Washy frowns and gently strokes a hoof through the little one's mane, looking to Snowfield and mouthing something to the effect of, 'should I get cookies and milk?' Wisy also gnelty starts to unwrap Hoarfrost from the blanket to make the bed.

Snowfield pulls back from Hoarfrost just long enough for Wishy to free her from the blanket but doesn't let the mare put it on the bed, instead floating it out of the cyan unicorn's grip and wrapping it around both Hoarfrost and herself. She gives her marefriend a nod to the silent question. "Tell me about it, Hoarfrost," she says in what is supposed to be a gentle voice but doesn't quite make it there. Dealing with foals is hard.

Hoarfrost sniffles lightly curling up reflexively into the blanket clearly the safest place there with her moms there. Though she does wince more than a little at the sharpness of the voice ears pealing back. "Y-you where teaching me magic, but I didn't listen and I lost all my happiness casting the Windigo spell." it of course sounds silly when she tries to say it, haven't you ever tried to explain a dream? "Then I beat you up and I was covered in-covered in." pupils going pin prick size and she shivers just holding Snowfield tight to her. "Dream Daze told me It was just a dream but you kept chasing me. You looked just like the scary witch from the other side …" Like a scary lich zombie pony. "I'm sorry I beat you up!" she quickly insists if the guilt wrought horror etched into her face wasn't enough of a sign to that effect.

Snowfield gives Hoarfrost a gentle squeeze when she sees the filly recoil from her. Wrong tone, Snowfield, /wrong tone/. "Hoarfrost… that's not how the windigo spell works," she says in a softer voice. "It's just a trick. You hide inside of a statue, you don't turn into a monster." One hoof under the blanket strokes the foal's back. "Dream Daze… that's your little mute friend from in town, right? The one who puts pictures in ponies' heads?" Rub rub rub. "I'll have to have a talk with her parents if her magic is leaving traces in her friends' head like that… still, I'm glad she helped you wake up. That sounds like a horrible nightmare."

Wishy trots off in a second and there's a quick magical flash! she comes back with oatmeal rasin cookies on a tray with 3 glasses of milk, smiling. "Get 'em while they're waaaarm~!"

"But … when you became a Windigo." The little white filly reasons, remebering how Snowy felt so cold and distant. Shaking her little head solemnly in agreement over Dreamy. She really just figures it was part of the dream, they are weird after all. Trying so hard to snuggle close she all but pushes herself under Snowfield chest like a cat determined to find the best possible spot. "You looked like … like mom-er Parasol did." Snowfield is her mom now, silly mistake. Betrating herself a bit for the mistake she breaks from her moment of brooding, cookies! Cookies perfect cure for saddened fillies. "Thank you Miss Wishy." she noms happily on one, with such a dainty bite.

Snowfield hugs Hoarfrost tighter, declining the cookies and milk in favor of the filly in her hooves. "That was different. I wasn't right, and it hurt very much… the real spell doesn't make you a monster. Just an actor." A spark of motherly inspiration takes hold of the witch and she leans forward to nuzzle Hoarfrost's cheek. "It was just a dream. It can't hurt you… and I won't hurt you, just like you won't hurt me. Understand?"

Hoarfrost gives her best brave little trooper smile and nuzzles her mom back. This is what family is. Wrapped up in blankets to keep warm eating cookies. The smile becomes a little more earnest warmth form the moment burning away the last of the windigo tearing through her heart. "I love you mom." she sniffles again this time to try and banish that darn snot and cuddle in close as can be. Cookie held more like a warm treasure than as a confection against her breast. "Yes momma." giving another nod sleepiness taking her despite having gobbled half a cookie. She is in the safest place in the world. No bad dreams going to get her here! She has a Snowwitch for a momma and knows how to use her!"

Snowfield makes an annoyed face at Hoarfrost as the filly once more begins calling her 'mom' and, Celestia forbid, 'momma'. She's about to reprimand the mare again when… ah, forget it. Momma Snowfield gives her daughter a tight hug, stroking her mane and staying at her side to ward off any more bad dreams tonight.

Wishy just watches the two and smiles… Snowfield is going to grow into a fine mother. in the meantime she starts snackin' on one of those rasin cookies… SO Good. <3