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OOC date: 12/01/13
PCs: Plot Twist, Zula, Toybox, Solar Wind
NPCs: Willimur
GM: None

The wild winds and torrential downpour continues to assault the town. The horrible weather is enough to put anypony in a terrible mood, as even going out your door is an invitation to getting soaked. Imagine, the town square, what should be a busy throng of happy, productive ponies stands nearly empty. One can see the spire off in the distance, a bitter reminder of the doom that will sure befa-

Or, it would be a much more depressing scene, if there weren't a stallion hopping around and giggling.

Hemlock prances about the Square, jumping in puddles, laughing, singing, having a grand old time. Throughout the day, there have even been a couple brave ponies who joined him, so he's in a great mood! His dark red rain coat whips about in the wind, but keeps him and, more importantly, his saddlebags, dry. The fully grown stallion leaps about in utter defiance to logic, convinced that fun trumps all else.

A big splash comes from from one of the larger puddles, though at first glance it appears to be empty. After a moment, a few bubbles float to the surface followed by the top of a young foal's head. It peers out from it's watery hidey-spot.

Hemlock prances about the Square, jumping in puddles, laughing, singing, having a grand old time. Throughout the day, there have even been a couple brave ponies who joined him, so he's in a great mood! His dark red rain coat whips about in the wind, but keeps him and, more importantly, his saddlebags, dry. The fully grown stallion leaps about in utter defiance to logic, convinced that fun trumps all else.'.

It is always wet! Twist is grumpy as she tromps through the wet and rain and muck. Mud clings to her uniform and her tail and mane. "Why does this sky have to keep leaking? Don't you control the weather here? Why is it this miserable! Where is the snow!" whine whine, "I need a fire and a drink." a flick of her tail toss a spray of mud.

Solar-Wind trots alongside his mate looking just as disheveled and messy as her, but he pays it no heed, "Just wait till this summer, none of this" he points around to puddles and mud, "mess about" he laughs softly, runs forward and jumps in the biggest puddle he can find, splashing mud everywhere! he's got on a nice formal looking rain-coat, actually it looks more like firefighter garb than anything else, but its good and water proof, and has slots for his wings which aren't exposed right now,

Hemlock roars with laughter as he's splashed. Finally somepony joined in the fun, how exciting! He peers around until he spots the little attacker, and bounces over. "Well didn't you just sneak up on me? you really are quite the talented pony, aren't you?" He's quite impressed that a foal of all ponies would come play with him, that's wonderful!

Suddenly whining ponies, oh no! He whirls around just in time to get splashed right in the face by Solar Wind. He laughs again, what fun! "Oh well done, that's the spirit! Hello Miss Twist and, friend?" New ponies, everywhere, time to make an introduction. Hemlock prances back and strikes a pose. "I am Hemlock, the mighty! It is a pleasure to see other ponies willing to get out in this wonderful weather an have some fun!"

Toybox pops her head up out of the water. She has the look of a pony on the hunt written all across her face. "Shhhh!" she says, making it obvious that she's missing a baby tooth. "I'm hunting cwocagators!"

Twist is covered in mud and water. Soaked ever worse than before. Playful ponies are worst ponies. Hoof wiping the muck from her face she simply sets back and falls inevitably into a puddle. "This world hates me." grumble grumble pony. "Hello Hemlock." the shadowbolt pony grumbles. "This weather is /awful/"

Solar-Wind glances over to twist, "Yeah, It is rather glum looking" he smiles back to her, "it has Some benefits though" he chuckles softly to himself and gives his mate a silly look, then looks back to Hemlock, for which he steps back a pace and bows regally at least (no wings showing) however, he's not going to get his wings wet. "Greetings Hemlock, I am Captain Solar-Wind of the Royal Equestrian Fire-Guard" he states boldly before he rises and looks over to Plot-Twist with a smile, "You'll all have to pardon me for a time I'm still on patrol" he states as he leans over to give Plot-Twist a kiss and a hug and trots off on patrol again

Hemlock gives an exaggerated gasp and crouches down low near Toybox. "Crocagators hey? Would you like some help? I'm a hero, you know." He joins the foal in the puddle, taking this seemingly very seriously. He waves the grumpy mare over. "Come mistress Twist, there is evil ahoof! Your assistance is required!" A meaningful look is shot her way, give him this.
A sopping-wet plushie of some sort of lizard comes flying out of Toybox's puddle dwelling. It lands with a soggy thud on the ground behind Hemlock and the foal shouts, "Watch out! There's one wight behind you!"

"I'm often a-hoof but what does that have to do with hunting … what ever these things are? Why are we hunting them?" It doesn't seem to dawn on her this is the foals game till the stuffy comes out of the water. "I don't know that's not scary. Not as bad as-" Twist rises and looms over the two "MEEEEEE!"

Scary? Plot-Twist's attempt to frighten the pair might be short-lived as an eerie, ghostly figure rises from the ground behind Hemlock and Toybox - making them completely oblivious to it's presence…save for the slight chill. A ghostly visage of a quadruped, possibly some large feline glowers at Plot-Twist with translucent red-eyes; quite scary considering this isn't something somepony would expect to see on any normal day.

Hemlock knows the script from here, playing games with foals is the best part of his job. Or perhaps the second best part, but the most fun, easily. "Oh no! I will protect you, young one!" He is quite comfortable playing the part of the hero, or even the one who needs saving, if needed. Before he can turn around, he's interrupted by Plot Twist. This isn't part of the script, what is he supposed to do now? On reflex, he turns around, seeing the plushie, which is just the most adorable thing he's seen all day. The effect is rather ruined by the ghost though, making the color drain from his face.

Toybox frows enthusiastically, sticking out her lower jaw a bit. "Jeeze, mithter. It's not even a big one!" She looks towards the plushie and OMGGHOST! I think anypony can imagine what the scream of a scared foal would sound like, and for anyone who can't…they get to find out RIGHT NOW!

A zebra-mare of below average height and slender build; Zula's stature is not what anypony would call intimidating however her very presence seems to bring a slight chill to others around her. Her coloration is what any zerba might consider 'standard' white with black stripes. Her mane and tail seem to follow this trait with it's dual tone dark-grey and light-grey coloration. A pair of wire-frame glasses rest on her nose, and a pair of gold bracelets adorns her front, left hoof.

"Your ghosts sure are lame on the sunny side of Equestria." The pegasus gives the 'ghost' a dead pan look. Ghosts where kind of an every day thing back in her world and this one is hardly scary. She steps up to the ghost. "Shoo!" she yells in a voice Luna could be proud of. Her stance is firm and protective over these ponies.

Zula happens along a moment after one of her 'familiars' makes an unexpected visit. The mare trotting towards the group with a calm demeanor - addressing the ghostly visage of the feline almost as if she were bored. "Willimur." she states flatly. "What have I told you about scaring ponies?" the large, scary creature gives a curious little 'mew' while looking over it's shoulder at Zula - without argument the big, scary beastly visage shrinks to a a small tiger like cub which mews adorably then runs between Zula's legs where it fades away.

Given some time to recover, Hemlock recognizes the ghost. With a chuckle, he pats the foal to calm them own. "Hey now young one, that's a nice ghost. I promise." Spotting Zula he sighs with relief, he was right. "It's fine miss Twist, we're just fine." He eyes her appreciatively, that was a nice thing she just did. He stays next to Toybox though, to calm the cute little foal down. "You okay, little one?"

Toybox had, for a moment, completely submerged herself in the puddle she was still laying down in with exception of an ear. She pops her head back up out of the water slowly, expecting a ghost to be knawing on somepony's face or something! The coast is clear, so she looks up and nods at Hemlock, "Yeth!"

Zula wearing what could be described as a bored expression glances to Hemlock then to Toybox before dryly stating. "You're not keeping it."
:sticks his tongue out in Zula's direction. "I don't want to, but foals should be smiling. Isn't that what heroes do?"
Hemlock sticks his tongue out in Zula's direction. "I don't want to, but foals should be smiling. Isn't that what heroes do?"
Zula says "You often say the same things about mares."

Hemlock giggles. "I have reason to! I love seeing beautiful mares smile. It's the best part of my job."

Toybox looks back and forth between the ponies. Do none of them realize they are in danger…from THE CROCOGATOR?!?! She grumbles in that cute way foals do and makes a growling noise at the drenched plush still sitting on the ground. After wiggling her butt in the air she leaps for it, splashing mud around. A wrestling match ensues.

Poor Toybox will likely feel the water of that small pool growing crisp and cool as Zula lingers in the area. The mare glances from the foal to Hemlock again. "So you say." the stoic mare says - a mare that Hemlock has yet to see properly smile. "I do have…interesting news."

Hemlock glances over at the adorable little foal. That seems to prove his point without a singel word spoken. The grown stallion remains crouched in the deep puddle, soaked through, but all smiles. "We're lucky to have such a brave young foal to save us from those vicious crocagators." A chuckle follows, Hemlock is obviously enjoying himself. "News, Zula? Do tell."

Twist just grumbles standing down and setting back down in her grumpy puddle. Something about ponies and stabbing and ghost. Your not sure. Though Twist does seem happy the temprature drops. Cold is always a way to cheer up Twist. Surprising she isn't best buds with Snowfield by now.

Dryly Zula starts "I once used Bomani to lure out a 20 foot crocodile that had swallowed a priceless anklet. Almost ate Bomani before I subdued." That might an exciting story if she weren't describing it so calmly; Hemlock's question draws her away from the story. "I've heard rumor that a pony with a large bounty is currently injured and without protection. I would think this would be the ideal opportunity to collect.

Toybox lets out a squeal as she stands up with the crocagator on her head. "getifoffgetitoffgetitoff!" she orders before sending it flying back to the ground. "Don't worry! I got this!" she comforts, tackling it and wrestling around some more with the toy reptile.

Suddenly the toy crocogater begins to wrestle back! Willimur simply unable to resist playing with the foal - the small cheetah (to be precise) inhabiting the crocodile to playfully wrestle with toybox; while letting her win of course.

Hemlock raises an eyebrow, chuckling. "But clearly this is a formidable opponent." There's an almost whimsical smile on his face as he watches the little foal. Unfortunately, it seems there is work to be done. The stallion gets to his hooves, stretching. "Really? I will get my things together to go on the chase then. But first, can I just finish up here? This is important to me." Zula receives a pleading look as Hemlock moves around to Twist.

"Hey there pretty mare, the rain got you down that bad?"

Toybox 's imagination seems to have run completely wild! Is it…fighting…back? Instead of getting scared and diving for cover, the foal only wrestles harder with the toy.

Twist looks up, wet mane in her face, bits of coat dripping, and her thermals waterlogged. Her eyes are not hidden under her goggles for once, the clouds keep the sun from burning her eyes. The gunmetal grey eyes lock with Hemlock's. In the most simple and dead pan of tones, "Yes." it is this moment the eve on the nearby building gives and pours a river of water over the poor pony, followed by an ever louder groan.

The crocogator struggles and playfully 'bites' at Toybox - mostly just butting it's snout against the foal - only on occasion does the crocogator get the upper hoof, but it's quickly subdued - really Toybox is in control. Cool toys are cooler when they come to life! Zula glances to soggy pony and dryly remarks. "Wet nelly…."

Toybox head-tosses the crocogator once again. As it lands once more in the mud she glares at it intently. "You're going down, cwocogator!" she informs it right before belly flopping the poor thing.

Hemlock frowns, hating to see her so down. He unbuckles his rain coats and puts it around Plot's shoulders. "Well maybe we should get you in to the dry and warm. As would suit such a warm hearted pony." He has no proof of this 'warmheartedness', but he thinks Twist is pretty cool! Tentatively, he gives the mare a brief hug.

Back on his hooves, he trots over to Zula. "So who's the target? a bad pony, I hope." He fusses for a while over his saddlebags, really not wanting to get them wet. Eventually he places them under an awning, then returns to Zula's side.

"I miss the snow. Snow ever …" Twist looks for the right words, in truth snow does everything rain does because well, its still water, but still it is some how different to the Shadowbolt. "Hemlock. Not to tell you how you should raise your filly or anything but shouldn't we get out of the rain. You can catch a cold." the big mare looks about for a place the foal might actually go along. The bar doesn't seem like one of these places. She just wants a drink, la-sigh! Twist puts the coat right back onto Hemlock shaking her head "Wont help I'm as wet as a pony can get." her wings flap weakly totally waterlogged she wont be able to fly till they dry out and that could be hours the way feathers are. "Who are you guys hunting? That was kinda my thing back in the day."

Zula is well-aware of Hemlock's familiarity with this particular target so she remains vague for the moment. "A very bad pony- murder, piracy, and crimes against the crown." she states calmly before her attention is drawn towards Plot-Twist. "Sharing information would be counter-productive to us profiting from this particular job." A rather flat, business like reply from the mare - not being rude simply boring! "That is unless Hemlock wishes to split his share with you - the share of course would be larger if only you two were to capture the target."

Toybox crawls over to the once-living doll and pokes it a few time with her hoof just to be sure. After she knows it's D-E-D dead she prances in a few circles around it, chin up in the air with pride, "Dawring Do's got nuffin on me now!"

Willimur waits until Toybox isn't paying attention then mockingly waves the front legs of the stuffed toy before falling flat again. "Looks like somepony had fun." Zula calmly remarks.

Hemlock keeps a presence of mind to applaud Toybox's efforts. "Not my foal, just a new friend." He waves to the captain as the surly mare moves in to the bar, to get a drink and get dry. The stallion shoots Zula a look, suspicious. "Well, if that's the case I'm sure there's information on the target I can use. You have a name?" Toybox makes him chuckle again, as he prances over. "Well done little one. Please, tell me your name, so the mighty Hemlock can share how he was saved, by a true hero."

Toybox flips the toy lizard onto her back. It's awfully muddy and creates a big brown smudge on her, though it fits right in with all the other dirt she's managed to cover herself in. "My name's Toybox!" she beams, the gap from the missing tooth presenting itself.

Zula watches the polite interaction - if she's interested there's zero indication. "Bomani knows the information you need, and can share it as needed." really that just means she doesn't want Hemlock to freak out like always.

Hemlock just can't help himself. "Hello there Toybox," he says proudly. "What do you do? That's an awesome toy you have there, did your parents buy it for you?" He looks over his shoulder at the zebra, his warm expression changing to a far less happy one. "well it's obviously not that important, if you're going to be like this. Why can't I know? I will learn eventually, Zula." He's not going to be happy until he gets the information he wants.

Toybox shakes her head. She doesn't seem to concerned with, or interested in, all the grown up talk so she acts like it's not getting in the way of anything. "No thir! I made him mythelf! He's a scurry cwocogator!"

Zula quietly ignores Hemlock's protests and trots closer to the small foal. "You are very talented. Perhaps you can make a toy for Hemlock; he has a bad habit of getting scared when I turn out the light.

Hemlock gets down on his knees to chat with toybox better. "He is a scary crocagator indeed! That's really amazing for a little filly your age." Zula's comment makes him chuckle. "She's right, I do need a toy all of my own to snuggle. Though I'm no good at making things like that."

Toybox tilts her head and her eyes slant a little bit as she thinks, "You? Afwaid of the dark? No way!" She really doesn't seem to believe him. A full grown stallion? Afraid of the Dark? Nu-uh!

Zula places one hoof in front of her mouth - likely stiffling a yawn even though there is no hint of one.

Hemlock chuckles some more, and nods. "Oh, the dark's not so bad, it's what's in the dark. Normally, I'm not afraid of anything, been everywhere and done everything; but some thigns frighten even old Hemlock here. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"What is this the Rusty Bucket?! What self respecting bar doesn't have Los Pegasus Glow?" It could be because Twist is the only pony in town to drink the stuff, its not exactly a common drink all the way out here, and she does love the stuff. With a huff the shadowbolt pony returns to the street and plops back down with the others no better place to be.

Hemlock leans in close like he's imparting a secret, drops his voice to a whisper. "Exactly like that, but my monsters may just decide to gobble me up even if I'm asleep. I gotta be careful. Having a toy to protect me would be the best thing." He looks over his shoulder at the grumpy entrance of the grump patrol. "Hello again miss Twist, the bar not to your taste?"

Toybox tries her best to not look like she's actually afraid of said monsters. She takes a big gulp and puffs out her chest before washing the crocogator off the best she can in one of the puddles and offers it up to Hemlock, "Here. He'll pwotect you! He may not be as tough as me, but he'll eat aww the monsters he can!"

The crocogator suddenly latches onto Hemlock's face.

Zula takes a moment to adjust her saddle bag before motioning "Enough playtime Willimur." the crocogator going limp as Willimur leaves it - currently the spirit goes unseen as it rejoins RUby.

Zula takes a moment to adjust her saddle bag before motioning "Enough playtime Willimur." the crocogator going limp as Willimur leaves it - currently the spirit goes unseen as it rejoins Zula.

"Lousy Bar wouldn't know good hooch if they where in Canterlot. Better company out here anyway." The latter bit of that is more mumble or grumble. "More mud wrestling?"

Hemlock looks really, really touched when Toybox gives him the Crocagator. "Does he have a name?" he asks, his voice a little wobbly from emotion. Despite all the mud, the grown stallion hugs the plushie tight.

Toybox sticks her tongue out as she thinks long and hard about it's name. She never thought about it before…she's just used to always wrangling it up! Her imagination does finally spark an idea and she grins toothily, "His name's Cwocky!"

Hemlock holds it tight. "Crocky? I'll take good care of him, thank you so much Toybox." He gets up and prances over to Plot Twist, shwoing off his new toy. "Look miss Twist, I was given a present!"

Twist softens a bit at the gesture, having stayed quiet through much of the exchange. "It is a good present indeed. That was very nice of you Toybox." the captain gives her best smile, though with her scars she still looks rather scary. Though its the frist smile that has broken through her total grump all night. "I'm sure Hem will take super good care of it."

Toybox gives a nother big toothy smile, "I can make me another one, so you can keep him! Just make sure you feed him bweakfast or he'll twy to chew your face off in the mowning!"

Hemlock places Crocky on his back. "It's the nicest thing anypony has done for me since coming here. I simply must find a way to thank you Toybox." He's so used to angrier older ponies who want something for everything. "I will feed him and play wiht him, he's in good hooves, I promise."

Toybox looks up at the sky, reminded that the weather is still horrible and her mother likely won't be too happy that she's been out in it! "I gotsta get home, mithter, or my mama's gonna get awful mad at me." She starts to walk off towards the more residential area, "It was nice meeting you, mithter!" and with that, she trots off humming some sort of adventure tune to herself.
Toybox hugs all and waves farewell!

Now its just Twist and Hemlock. The wet Shadowbolt pony is still smiling despite herself. "Nice kid … so she isn't yours? I just assumed?." the bolt gives a shrug, and points to another bar. "Want to try and get a decent drink?"

Hemlock waves after Toybox, then sighs. "Yeah, a really special kid. I'm not lucky enough to have anything that precious, miss Twist. I fight too much to put anypony else at risk. She's the walking embodyment of why I fight though, to see smiles on the faces of happy ponies." He casts a sly look her way. "Beautiful ponies like you, as well. You got some heart, miss; I'd love to buy you a drink." He considers for a moment, then trots towards a proper restaurant. "Let me get you dinner instead."

"I've always liked kids." Twist hums eying your new toy a little jealously. "Er- Tell any pony that and you will be beaten numb." she chuckles and takes eager stides to the warmth and mirth of the bar. "I want to do the same honestly. When I first came here a pony called me a hero … and well I've tried hard ever since. Doesn't feel like I helped anypony." she sighs and presses open the door with her nose and presses into the much needed warmth. "Beautiful huh? You got a weird idea of beautiful." tail flicking a bit of mud at you. "Solar would be green with envy."

Hemlock shoots the waiter a look and ushers the mare to a table. The owners of the place know better than to interrupt him. "There's many ways a mare can be beautiful, miss Twist. Some ponies, silly ponies I might add, may say that you are not the most attractive pony, they are wrong. You're a very pretty mare, I'd like to learn more about you." The mention of Solar Wind throws him off. "As a friend, of course. Hemlock runs solo, it is his way." Thankfully, he retrieved his saddlebags, and places them beside him, rummaging throguh them for something.

"Trust me, miss Twist. Just from that, I can tell you're a hero at heart. I'm about as hero as they get, I've been everywhere, and done everything, so I know what i'm talking about." He brings out a little vial, on a necklace, one that matches his own. "Take this, if you like. It's a little concoction of mine that is deadly, deadly poison normally; but if you add just the right stuff, it's one of the most powerful healing potions you can make. Kinda like a hero, in it's own little way." He leaves out that he believes his necklace makes him immortal, that's not something he just throws around. "This stuff is already in 'healing mode' so don't worry." Hemlock passes it along the table for the mare, smiling. "Duly noted, about the foals thing. It can pay to look tough, I know," he says with a wink.

Twist gives a very dead pan look at 'done everything'. Really the big mare seems hard to impress though she is putting up with you, though she rarely puts up with ponies at all so it must be a good sign! "Thank you." trying not to look too embraced about the potion. She doesn't say it but that was the first gift Solar gave to her when they first met. "I will need it if I ever get to fight again. All the ponies once so eager to fight evil before seem so complasent now. Maybe I found a pony willing to stand up against those that would threaten the peace here."

Hemlock chuckles, she may not have done quite everything, but has come close. "The pelasure was mine, miss Twist. You can count me in if you ever need any help. I won't take anything lying down, you'd be surprised at just how tough I can be." His smile is big, even if her's is non-existent. "After all, what are heroes, and friends, for?" He waves a waiter over, enthusiastically. "For now, let's eat!"