Help Me, Obi Wan KeChaos!
IC date: Summer 05, 1008
OOC date: June 26, 2013
Location: Town Square
PCs: Siyana, Rising-Chaos
NPCs: Casanova
GM: Rising-Chaos

As the sun beats down through clouds spotting across the sky, one little zebra is moping her way through the streets. She's gotten good at moping lately. Moping, and being angry — take your pick. In fact, she's even singing under her breath: "Nooooopony knows the trouble I seen… noooopony knows my sorrow…" Y'know. Just to be melodramatic.

In any case, no ponies are paying attention to her as she slumps her way through the street, everypony too busy with their own lives to pay attention to the Stripey Mopey Wonder.

Little melodramatic silly fillies are the least of things Rising Chaos would notice. She's a busy mare, and doesn't actually really care if some filly thinks she has it rough. The unicorn walks the streets with her usual measured, confident step, her head held in a well practiced compromise between arrogance and watchfulness. Her mane is done up in a strict, flowy style, not very attractive, but immaculate, which pretty much describes her entire look. Her cold look seems to drive ponies out of her way, though not all need reminding, it seems with some of these ponies she's even a little respected, although how that happened it's hard to guess.

Siyana lifts her head by some measure of coincidence, and catches sight of that cool, confident mare. Wow. If only she had /that/ kind of confidence, maybe she'd feel better about this whole mess… She slows to a halt and watches Rising with a kind of wistful envy.

Well, not respected by everypony. Or if it is respect, it's not the welcome kind. Without warning a stallion slips out of the crowd, and starts walking beside chaos. He pretty clearly doesn't know her, but for now, her reaction is minimal. For a mare who's been tackle hugged in the streets by strangers at least once, this isn't the strangest thing she's seen. the stallion leans in close, he's actually pretty handsome, well groomed, not drunk at all. "Hey there pretty filly, what say you and I go out for a date some time." It wasn't presented as having options. Of course, handsome doesn't mean nice.

Rising-Chaos walks rather calmly until the advance is made, then slows down, her cold look sinking in to a small, thin frown. She tenses up, just slightly, and it becomes apparent that she may be a little nerd, but she's a little nerd who works out all the time. Not that she's strong, or paradoxically, fit in any way, but she's not helpless.

Of course, a unicorn is never really helpless anyways. She turns the frown on her stallion 'companion'. "I'm flattered, but no." Her voice has just a little bit of warmth, turn him down gently, respectfully, he gets one chance.

Siyana intakes a breath slightly. Oh my. An interloper. She follows along, to see how this mare will handle this guy. He seems like kind of a jerk. But then again, everypony seems like kind of a jerk lately. Still, Rising gets a look of mild awe. You can just tell somepony no? What a revelation. She oughta try that sometime.

That reply doesn't even make the stallion miss a breath. "Honey, I don't think you realize what you're saying. I'm offering to take you on a lovely dinner, it will be the night of my life, and of yours as well. A pretty mare like you should love to spend some time with me. Come on now Darling, the Champagne Bay at seven." He gives her a winning smile, even producing a flower from /somewhere/. A rose is, indeed, his cutie mark.

The flower is very carefully taken, put on the ground, and then stepped on. "While I'm sure I could have a nice time out, it would not be with you. The answer is no," she growls, letting a little bit of threat slip in to her voice. He even insulted her with the location, come on. The amre, now scowling, turns and continues walking, leaving the trashed flower behind.

Undaunted, the stallion keeps pace.

Gasp!! Siyana follows pace, ears perked. Wow, she just… wow! The little zebra is fairly mesmerized by this all. What a cool mare! Just turning him down like that! She /stomped on the flowers/!

The stallion seems to have foudn that amusing, he is chuckling in the most obnoxiously arrogant way imagineable. "Babe, you're going on this date with me. You don't knwo what you're missing. I saw you with that pink piece of work a while ago, but now that you seem to be single…"

He doesn't get any farther. Rising Chaos stands stock still, and silences him with a look. "You are going to walk away right now. I do not want to go on a date with you, I do not want to see you ever again. You got that?" There's a soft sound of metal sliding against metal, but what cause dit is obscured from view. whatever it was, it makes the stallion's eyes widen. "Now walk away, colt."

This time, he does walk off, looking a little scared. Rising doesn't even look his way, just takes a moment to resettle her cape and compose herself while standing on the spot.

Stare. /STARE/. Siyana watches him walk away, ears perked. And then she races over to Rising, all agape. "That was SO COOL. You just turned him down, like that, and you were cool and calm! How do you /do/ that??"

Rising-Chaos takes a deep breath as she settles herself down. she quite nearly broke composure again, but thankfully that cold, emotionless look takes over again. As the little filly runs up beside her, Rising looks down in surprise. Cool is not a word she'd ever really heard associated with her before. "He was just an idiot. I didn't need him, and he was in my way, so I got rid of him. Since he was an idiot, it took some persuasion. I don't tend to ever stop being calm. May I help you miss..?"

"Siyana," the little zebra replies, and her posture straightens a little, chest puffing out a bit. Yes, she /is/ a grownup. Why do you ask? She even manages to push away her amazement in favor of a terrible facade of 'cool and collected.' "Well, that's pretty much what I do too," she agrees with a serious nod. It's not true at all. "It's so much more better to send the idiots packing. What's your name, Miss…?" Already picking up cues here. Oh boy.

"Rising Chaos," the mare replies coolly. She can see through the facade easily, but we all start somewhere. Good on you for trying, filly. "It is effective for strangers, yes. Best not to get too emotionally invested in a pony if you're just turning them away." The unicorn starts walking again, towards the outskirts of town, which is quite a ways away, but it's where home is. "What is it you do, Siyana?"

"Rising Chaos…" Siyana repeats under her breath, before she skitters after Rising. "Not too emotionally invested. Right. That makes sense. Because you're turning them away." When she's asked a question, the blue-braided zebra pauses. "I sing," she admits, but then she's quick to follow it up with, "but mostly sea shanties and sailing songs and uhhh… You know. Stuff like that." COOL stuff like that. Grown-up songs. But it wouldn't do to /call/ them grown-up songs, of course.

Rising-Chaos nods, she catches on quick. "Exactly, it works differently for those who are close." The mention of singing as a talent does get a raised eyebrow and a apparaising look. "That's a nice talent, and you know some good songs for this town. Did you plan to expand your knowledge at all?" she actually sounds interested. Partly faked, of course, Rising isn't cruel, she can see where the filly is coming from, and trying to do. "I'm a magical researcher, myself. Thoguh I have picked up some spells to make music, perhaps you would like to collaborate some time."

"Expand…?" Siyana trails off for a moment, then nods. "Oh. Yeah, of course. I'd be…all…interested in learning more songs. And expanding my knowledge." Just in case there are parts where those don't overlap. She seems intently interested in Rising's thoughts, though; especially the offer to collaborate. "Really? I would lo— er, I would really like that." Playing it cool is haaaaaard.

Rising-Chaos is far more amused by this than she would ever tell anypony. The filly is just trying so hard. "Excellent, It would be nice to have some lyrics to my msuic, next time I preform. I'm sure you're well qualified." This part is actually true, not that being up to level with Rising's 'music' is an accompishment, it's kind of, well, rough and bad. "I'm on my way home, Siyana. You can feel free to visit, if you like."

"I would enjoy that," Siyana says with a nod. "Thank you a lot for your advice, Miss Rising. Can I… can I come find you if I have, uh, questions? I don't really have anypony to talk to…" She trails off for a moment. "…Not that that's the only reason why, and not that I /need/ somepony to talk to. I'm actually really mature for my age. But it would be nice to, er…gain some perspective?" Those are words that go together, right?

Those words do go together, yes. Rising chaos also sees what siyana needs, and it totally makes sense, and has all sorts of useful possibilities. she lets just the barest hint of warmth in her voice. "Of course, you can come find me to talk anytime. I enjoy talking to mature, smart mares, it's nice. My door is always open for a friend." Notice how she didn't actually say anything directly about Siyana, while implying a bunch fo stuff about Siyana. Sometimes, Rising is good.

Mature, smart mares?! Like her! She's calling her smart and mature! Siyana's heart lifts in her chest and she does a little skip. And then she beams real big, especially for being called a friend — and then she tones it down. NO, BE COOL, MAN. "Well," she says carefully, picking her words, "I really enjoyed your company, and watching you…turn that guy down…was really cool. So, um…thank you. I probably, um…won't be by for a few days or anything…" Play it cool play it cool. "…but I'll totally come see you at some point, for… for sure. Um. Thanks, Miss Rising. You're /really cool/."

"Take your time, of course. I understand you must be quite busy at home." Rising Chaos sure does sound understanding,or at least a bit. As usual, she mostly doesn't sound anything, so that little hint of understanding stands out. "I have enjoyed your company as well, Siyana. I'm glad you think so, you're rather 'cool', as well. It's been a pleasure meeting you."

Siyana flushes happily and then looks away. "You too," she says, clearing her throat, and then backing away. Any longer and she's going to just cling to Rising's leg and beg her to take her home. "…Well…see you!" she says awkwardly, before she scrambles away, lest she overstay her welcome. But still, she takes note of the direction Rising was walking, so as to find her house later…