Help From Above
IC date:
OOC date: 4/19
Location: Wasteland
PCs: Snakebite Overhaul

The only way to tell that it's the middle of the afternoon is by the brightness of the sun faintly glowing through the ceiling of clouds far above the wasteland floor. There's a slight chill to the air as winds from the sea blow through the harbor. Towards the edge of Crane City, Overhaul is perched on the top of one of the cranes like a watchful guard over the old shipping yard.

In other words, it's a good day for a scuffle. Then again, in the Wasteland it's always a good day for a scuffle somewhere. Today it appears to be at the very edge of Crane City itself, inside the walls protecting it from the dangers outside. Right under Overhaul in fact. It announces itself with a, "Get your hooves off me!" and is followed a "Dont you worry sweets, ol' Love will take care o' ye." Then followed a "I'm warning you!" "Come on swee- Oow! Ye hit me?! Me?!" "And I'll do a lot worse i-," "Thats what you get, wench ye… Ye're one o' them winged rats!"

Overhaul's ears perk up upon hearing the shouts from below. He activates his EFS and looks down to the ground beneith him. At his height, the signals are pretty faint but there's certainly at least two ponies involved in the dispute. With forward lean, the stallion tips off the edge of the large crane and begins to plummet towards the surface. Around halfway down he spreads his wings open and glides in a slight circle, reaching to his PipBuck to get his vulcans' autotrack online before he hits bottom. A small dust cloud is blown up as his hooves hit solid ground.

There are indeed two ponies, one a suprisingly large, pink unicorn mare, a familiar duster held in her magical grip and a forehoof planted on the chest of a familiar grey pegasus lying flat on the ground. It's most definatly Snakebite, though before now she's always been bundled up in her clothes; the mare looks suprisingly young, only a few years older than Grinder, and gangly. Her mane and tail are indeed a strong crimson red that stands out amongst the suroundings, and both appears to be braided. More curious, one can see the mated scar and black cloud-and-thunder brand on her flanks, and underneat that a hint of what must have been before; it looks like it might have been a trio of drops of… something… falling into each other inside a circle. It's hard to tell though, as most of it have been eaten away by acid and by the searing heat of the branding iron.
The unicorn, calling herself Love, turned about briskly and glowered at Overhaul. "And another of you flyin' rats, ye…. Um…" She blinked once, then again, her gaze fixing on the vulcan.

The brow of the white stallion narrows, a look of anger and disgust drawn to his face. He stares bitterly at the unicorn for a moment before turning his head to the younger pegasi underneath. This head motion is enough to make it known that those vulcans will 'look' wherever he does. O's frown grows deeper on spotting the Dashite mark but not because he considers it a brand of a traitor; rather, it's the brand of a misunderstood hero. His eyes lock back to the unicorn as his anger grows even further from the 'flying rats' comment. Bad move.
"Let go" he orders the unicorn before taking the firing bit into his mouth. The vulcans spin up.

The unicorn shifts uneasily for a moment before glaring down at Snakebite. With a grunt she tossed the duster down at the younger mare before turning and trotting off. "You got lucky, ye' flyin' rat," she spat as she hurried around the corner.
For her part, Snakebite laid still, eyes half closed. Then, with a sigh, she pulled herself up and grabed her duster, pulling it around herself. Almost as if ashamed. Only then did she turn halfway, eyeing Overhaul. "What'd you want…?"

A few rounds fire off just as 'Love' makes the corner. Overhaul very well could have taken her out but instead, chose to give a few warning shots to let her know his weaponry was for more than just decoration. The hair on the back of his neck smoothes back as he calms down with a low rumbly sigh. He approaches Snakebit, though doesn't get too close to her. His eyes scan over her once or twice to see if more than just her pride is injured. "Help you."

Judging from the look in her grey eyes she doesn't belive him, not really. "Sure… 'Help'. Nopony helps anypony else down here," she muttered, sounding suprisingly dull. Then again, considering what was going on… Maybe it makes sense, maybe not.

Despite the harsh cruelty of the wasteland, there are indeed ponies still out there that fight day after day to stand up against evil and bring peace back to Equestria in some way or another, big or small. Overhaul frowns lightly at Snakebite's disbeleif in him, but judging by the Dashite mark alone he can understand why she'd be doubtful. "I try" he states bodly as he stands a bit taller.

Snakebite stared unbelivingly at Overhual for several long moments before shuffling her cloak in her hooves, starting to slip it on once more. The mare looks downright woulnerable as she does, which is rather odd for the otherwise cold and sharp attitude she normaly sports. She seems to ease up, a little bit, once she's finaly dressed and fishes her akubra from the ground, planting it back on her head. "Sure…"

Overhaul still seems slightly saddened that she doesn't understand that he actually does want to help. He looks over to where the unicorn had stood and the direction she ran off in. Cocking his head to the side, he asks the other pegasus, "Her?"

Snakebite snorted. "Big lug, fillyfooler, pervert… She's been eyeing me for a week or two, I think… Guess she took her chance when I came back here to run up some supplies I couldn't find…" She snorted for herself. "Not that it helps, still can't get figure out where it bucking is…"

Overhaul lays his ears back…with ponies like that roaming around openly, he wouldn't even want to imagine what could be happeneing to his little sister at the moment. He shudders after losing himself in horrible thoughts for a few seconds. "Help find?" he asks, still insistant that he help her.

Snakebite rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure… Like you know where to find whatever's left of the Flask Industries labs…" she muttered as she trudged off down the street, slow enough for Overhaul to keep up. She even shoots him a glance over her shoulder almost as if… "You should just have shot her…"

Overhaul shakes his head. He's only been in town perhaps a week or two, and has only been out in the wasteland for month at most before that…so the likelyhood of knowing the location of a specific factory is pretty low. He walks along side the mare as she heads off. His head droops a bit as he responds, "I…know…" with a bit of a sigh. After the ammo he'd recently aquired, it's not like it would have been a waste of ammo.

Snakebite came to a halt, her head cocked to the side as she looked around down at one of the street merchants by the road, a hoof comming up to point at something in his stock. "How many?"

"'Bout.. eleven."

"How much?"

"Sixty caps."

Snakebite stood still for several moments, seeming to consider it to the best of her effort, after a moment she seemed to deflate slightly, digging into her coat. "Fine, sure…" Hauling out the caps she dropped them in the merchants hooves as she recieved a… small tin? In a moment she popped the lid of it and tossed something in her mouth before shuffling it back into her coat. Turning halfway around she eyed Overhaul again. "Mind, you'd get thrown out of town though, I think. Love's got a bit of pull 'round…"

Overhaul hasn't had the chance to learn much about performance-enhancing drugs in the wasteland, and thus wouldn't recognize Dash, Party Mints, or anything similar let alone know it's significance. The alchohol the other day was an exception…it was an addiction he had known all too well before. He nods with a soft grunt, though the look he gives suggests he isn't to worried about what Love could throw at him.

Snakebite set of walking once more, though as she does her stride slowly becomes more confident and steady. "So yeah, that's what I'm looking for," she muttered softly, throwing a glance a Overhaul. "Don't go blabbing about it, okey?" It's not really a question.

Overhaul tilts his head to the side, a bit perplexed. Is it the factory she's looking for, or whatever it was she just popped in her mouth? Maybe the lab is where they used to be made? He still doesn't know what 'they' are. All he knows is now he's helping look for a some location he's never heard of. "Ok" he responds, deciding he'll figure it out on the way.