Hawthorn S Coming Out Party
IC date:
OOC date: 10/15
Location: The Mane Affair
PCs: Hawthorn Ruby-Blossom Magpie Tale-Chaser

The Mane Affair
Welcome to the Mane Affair - Horseshoe Harbor's premiere (and only) salon. A warm atmosphere decorated with hand-stained wood, and tiled flooring. Entering through the front door leads to a small reception area decorated with a exceptionally sturdy hand-crafted bench, and coffee table graced with Equestria's finest publications such as Pony magazine, Hoof and Home, and Cosmarepolitan.
The intimate little salon is brightly lit by several decorative glass lamps. The salon includes a single salon chair that sits in front of a sizable vanity; a shampoo bowl sink, and drying chair situated across the room.
A bar door leading to back room ideal for more intimate services such as pedicures, and facials. The contains four exceedingly comfortable looking chairs - two pair per wall, and a vanity containing all the need materials on the wall opposite the door.

Hawthorn noses his way into the shop. He looks entirely miserable: his eyes are red and watery and his hair is all messed up, his tail and ears are droopy, and he has a crumpled letter in his muzzle. He's trudging and shuffling instead of walking properly, and he sniffles piteously every now and then.

Oh, and he's also wearing a lion costume.

Ruby glances up as the door bell chimes to announce Hawthorn's arrival; Ruby initial notices the lion costume then more important the tears. She trots around front to gently scoop Hawthorn onto her back and carries him into the waiting area. "Magpie!" she chimes towards the back of the salon. "Get down here." it's not the 'you're in trouble' yell at least. She sets Hawthorn down, sits, and then scoops the little colt into her lap. "Honey, what's the matter?"

Magpie comes trotting down the stairs a minute later. "What?" she asks, not /exactly/ complaining. Blinks. "Why are you" She stops, changes course. "wearing a costume?"

Hawthorn drops the letter into his hoof, then shows it to Ruby. It's a Dear John sort of letter (well, really, a 'Dear Thorny' letter, but still); it talks about how long range relationships never work out and the writer is very sorry about Thorny's parents and all, but the writer is moving to Bitston soon and probably wouldn't even be able to write at any point and probably shouldn't give out the new address, by which the writer means he isn't SURE of the new address, not anything else and sorry and goodbye.
Hawthorn curls up into a little ball in Ruby's lap. He sniffles at Magpie. "'Smy new job," he murmurs, poking a pillow listlessly.

Ruby takes hold of the letter to give it a quick read before gently folding it up and tucking it into the front of Hawthorn's lion costume; yes this means Magpie doesn't get a clear view of the letter before it's neatly tucked away - after all these things are personal! "Hawthorn." she brushes a hoof through the little cub's mane. "I'm sorry." she knows this type of letter from more than on occasion, she's not sure if it's easier or worse than having a door slammed in your face - also familiar with that. She squeezes Hawthorn in a comforting, motherly manner. "Can Ruby do anything for you, sweetie?"

Magpie blinkblinks at Ruby. Who oughtta know she'd need several minutes to work that much writin' out anyway. "What's wrong?" she asks, hugging Hawthorn. "Is somepony making you have that job? Do they keep you in a cage at night? ARE YOU WORKING FOR NICECO?!"

Hawthorn rubs his muzzle and shakes his head at Ruby. "I-I just thought w-we… we could…" he hiccups a bit and buries his muzzle into the pillow. Then he eeks and is hugged! He flails a bit, then blinks at Magpie, utterly baffled. At least his confusion has one good effect: he's too befuddled to keep crying. "I… wh-what? No, I-I'm working at the costume store," he says. He should have thought that would be obvious from the, you know, costume. "I'm th' mascot."

Magpie says "Ohhhhhhhhh."

Magpie says "….so why're you cryin'"

Why is he… ? Oh! Hawthorn blinks, remembers why he's sad, and starts to sob again. He points at the letter in his costume.

Ruby-Blossom shakes her head at Magpie and gives her a little look; really it's look of concern. "Hawthorn's little friend from back home called things off." craddling the little foal in a motherly fashion, she's not trying to be his mother - just trying to be there for him. She brings a hoof to his cheek to wipe the tears away. "Hawthorn. I won't lie, and I won't tell you things will be easy. But remember, you've plenty of friends here that love you." squeezing the colt to emphasize.

Magpie uhs. "Things? What things?" she blinks. She noses Hawthorn gently.

Hawthorn squeaks at the squeezing, then again at the nosing. He's the squeakiest lion there ever was. He hiccups a little bit and burrows his nose into the pillow some more. "Things… l-like… you an' TC things," he mumbles. It's not often he knows something that Magpie doesn't. He looks up at Ruby, then shrugs a bit. "B-but not… you know…" he mumbles, looking back down.

Ruby-Blossom sighs softly and brushes her hoof through Hawthorn's little mane - he's the saddest little lion at the moment. "Hawthorn, sweetie. The are plenty of ponies your age,admittedly most are fillies - but I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for." she's still mulling over what she read in the letter - getting a Dear John from another little colt, that may explain alot about Hawthorn..but she's trying to be subtle about it in front of Magpie.

Magpie noses at Ruby. Earflicks. "What do you mean, most of 'em are fillies?" Blinkblink.

Hawthorn shrugs at Ruby. Statistics are not in his favour. "Haven't m-met any colts, 'cept T-TC, an' th-that batpony…" A little blush at that, but he's only seen the batpony once, so that's probably not going anywhere. He peeks up at Magpie. "Most of th' f-foals my age are fillies," he explains.

Ruby-Blossom glances down towards Hawthorn then towards Magpie, she ponders then softly explains. "Hawthorn isn't interested in any of the fillies." still trying to be subtle while petting Hawthorn's pretty little head with one hoof. "Poor baby…" she leans down to nuzzle his cheek gently.

Magpie uhs. "Oh." She scuffs a hoof. "Anyway, that's not true! There's lots of colts. There's, uh…" Eyes rove. "Uh… Well there's…" Hm. "You and Makuru and Tale Chaser (but he's mine, stay away, grr) and, uh… uh… Petticoat and… Hm…"

Magpie says "Oh! THere's a bunch more batponies, y'know…"

Hawthorn rubs his muzzle with a paw. Uh. Hoof. Hoof in a paw-shaped bootie thing. Anyway. He sits up and blinks at Magpie. "I know TC's yours, an' Petticoat's a filly." He tilts his head curiously. "More batponies?" Mmm, leathery wings are kinda cute, plus those fluffy little ears…

Magpie uhs. "Uh. R-right. Petticoat's a filly. Right, how silly of me, ahahahahahaha…"

Hawthorn nods. "Yeah, that's kind of a strange mistake to make." He shrugs it off.

Ruby-Blossom gives Magpie a curious little glance. "She's hiding something, Hawthorn." she tells the little cub in her lap. "I dunno about the batponies, they didn't seem to keen on us; plus they'd likely keep you up all night."

Hawthorn tilts his head up at Ruby. "Why would she do that?" he asks innocently. He looks over at Magpie. "Are you? A-aren't you my friend? Why w-would you hide something from me? D-did I d-do something to make you m-mad at me?" His eyes are starting to fill with tears again.

Magpie waugh! Flails! "Hey! Hey! I didn't— I didn't say anything! I'm your friend! I— naaagh!"

Magpie hides her head under her hooves.

Ruby-Blossom daws quietly and squeezes Hawthorn. "We all have our secrets Hawthorn. She just likely has something she isn't supposed to tell." glance glance at Magpie. "Magpie is your friend, and she's a very sweet little filly even if a little rough around the edges." Theres some gushing in Ruby's voice, always gushing when speaking about her little Magpie.

Hawthorn squeaks and flails a little bit as he gets squeezed. "We do?" he asks Ruby. He's pretty sure he doesn't have any secrets. He wriggles a little bit until he can hug Magpie. "If you're not s'posed to tell me, then you probably shouldn't," he says reasonably. "Sorry if I made you flaily."

Magpie peeks at Hawthorn.

Ruby loosens her Kung-Fu grip enough to allow Hawthorn to squirm free and hug Magpie. "Hawthorn, honey?" she pats the spot on the couch beside her. "I'm sorry about your boyfriend."

Hawthorn lets Magpie go, then curls up on the couch, leaning against Ruby. He snuffles a bit and rubs at his muzzle. "Me, too," he says, with a little sigh. "I mean, I kn-knew it was gonna be hard, bein' so far apart, b-but…" He curls up a little tighter. "Um. D-did you mean what you said, earlier? Th-that I might find someone new?"

Ruby-Blossom gently strokes her hoof across Hawthorn to help keep the foal calm. "You will, and if your little colt friend gave you up so easily then you'll have to excuse me, but he isn't worth somepony as precious as you." she offers the little colt an endearing smile. "You're a precious little thing, and you deserve to be loved, however you want to be." reaching under the little colt to lift his chin while offering him a smile. "If you ever need advice, or help setting up a date. Please ask. I know I'm not your family, but you'll always have somepony to love and take care of you when you step hoof into my home."

Hawthorn pulls a hooferchief from out of his costume somewhere, and blows his nose. Hiccup. He stuffs the hooferchief away and nods a bit. He blinks as his chin is lifted, then nods a bit. "Thanks, Ruby." He shifts to give the mare a tight hug, burying his muzzle against her side. "I just… j-just don't know what to do now."

"Be yourself, Hawthorn. It's all you can do, and it's more than enough. Everyone thinks you're swell, and I know more than a couple fillies like you." she giggles at that. "They're going to be so dissapointed."

Magpie bumps Hawthorn. "Yeah! You're nice and fun. Somepony'll show up sooner or later! Don't be sad."

Hawthorn is still clinging on Ruby, who is definitely not going to adopt him. He curls up into a little lion ball against the mare, letting out a tragic sort of sigh. Then he pauses and looks up. "Wait, some filly likes me?" he asks, confused. "Like, like likes me?" He scratches his head, nonplussed. Then he's bumped, which makes him squeak. Again. "Oh. Um. O-okay."

Ruby-Blossom mmhmms in agreement with Magpie. "I mean, if somepony can put up with Magpie, anything is possible." she's all grins at this teasing comment.

Magpie says "Oh, yeah. /Totally/ likes you. Um.. Two of 'em. Or three. Honest." Blink. "HEY!" She swats at Ruby. Then swats her again, 'cause the first one doesn't seem like enough. "You're mean!"

Ring ring. The door swings open and in steps Tale Chaser. You can tell, because of the pink. He's got a blue scarf bundled up around his shoulders and in front of his chin and nose, and peers around the waiting area curiously as he closes the door behind himself.

Hawthorn blinks confusedly. Who does he know that could possibly have a crush on him? "But… but…" he protests, totally not noticing Ruby teasing and getting swatted at. "But… I don't… don't they know?" he asks plaintively.

Just for TC's benefit, Hawthorn looks like he's been crying his tiny little heart out. Also he's wearing a lion costume.

Ruby-Blossom giggles softly at Magpie's swatting. "Yes, I'm horrible." she catches the little filly in her front legs and squeezes. "I don't think anypony knew for sure, Hawthorn. We all likely assumed you were just being adorable." rubbing the little lion's mane with her hoof.

Magpie starts to launch herself at Tale Chaser. Then, realizing that enthusiastically greeting her special somepony would probably not make Hawthorn feel better, she aborts her pounce, which ends up making her sort of flop head-over-hooves onto her back on the hard floor. "OOF," she says as all the wind is knocked out of her.

Ruby-Blossom says "She forgot how to pony.""

Tale-Chaser stares down at Magpie, then up at Hawthorn for a moment, then back down at Magpie, and kneels to help her back up. "Erm," he says, behind his scarf, glancing up as he does, ears folding back slightly. "Is this a… is this a bad time?" also what sort of fanciful land pony creature is he dressed up as? this is quite strange.

"Yeah," Hawthorn agrees, reaching out to poke Magpie. He leans as he gets his mane petted. It's actually quite nice. "R-really?" he asks Ruby, looking up. He did sort of shout it at Magpie's party, but maybe he'd like everypony to forget that. "Oh, hi, TC. No, it's fine. I was just… y'know… um… dumped…" He looks down at his hoof-paws and shrugs. "Um. How're you?"

"Also he got a job at the costume shop. The costume isn't part of being dumped," Magpie clarifies from the floor.

Tale-Chaser gently pulls Magpie upright, smiling a bit to her, before turning towards Hawthorn with a meeker sort of smile. "I'm, er, sorry to hear that, Hawthorn." Tale Chaser wasn't even aware the other colt was seeing anypony. "Congratulations on the job, though. The… the costume is, uh… it's neat." Tale Chaser wasn't even aware that there was a costume shop in town. Nothing makes sense anymore!

Ruby-Blossom says "Tale-Chaser? He's a land lion. It's like a sea lion, only alot more fierce, and alot less wet.""

Hawthorn tilts his head. "What's a sea lion?" he asks, utterly clueless. He ohs at TC and shrugs a bit. "It's okay. I wouldn't've worked out, anyway. He was too far away." He shuffles and paws at the couch a little bit, self-conscious. Um. "Thanks," he tells TC for the compliment on his costume. "Um. Oh!" He pulls out some flyers and such from his costume, then passes out a hoofful of coupons. "I get to give these out, too."

Magpie explains to Hawthorn, "It's like a land lion only wetter and slightly less fierce." That's logic that is.

Magpie ohs! She takes a coupon. SHe knows what she's gonna wear~

Tale-Chaser blinks, glancing at Ruby, then looks at Hawthorn, squinting slightly. "That's not what sea lions look like… there aren't even any tusks." He reaches up to accept one of the offered flyers, looking it over, but gradually stops processing the words. "Uh." He blinks up at Hawthorn once more. "'He?'"

Ruby-Blossom smiles at Hawthorn and gently pats the little colt atop of the head. "Yes, he." she says confidentally, emphasizing how there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Magpie cuts her eyes towards Tale Chaser. "If OOONLY there were a CUTE COLT who LIKED him, RIGHT?"

Hawthorn blinks. "Tusks?" He opens his muzzle and pokes his teeth curiously. He ohs and nods. "Uh huh. He. His name's Harvest Moon." He shrugs a bit, then squeaks as he gets patted. He looks up at Ruby, tilting his head at her tone, before blinking at Magpie, too. He sighs and looks down. "Yeah, I wish.."

The coupon is for one free night's rental, or half off a purchase of a costume. Pretty sweet, actually.

Tale-Chaser furrows his brow slightly as he glances to Ruby, not exactly catching the precise meaning behind her intonation but slightly perturbed by the apparent necessity of it anyway. He then looks to Hawthorn. "Do you- do you ONLY like colts, then?" he asks, before glancing hurriedly to Magpie, and then down at his hooves.

Magpie smiles at TC, mugging furiously. "You know… somepony who likes FASHION and IS A COLT?"

Tale-Chaser frowns a little up at Magpie. "I like fashion, too, though, an' I like fillies."

Hawthorn huhs at TC. "Uh. Yeah?" he asks, blinking confusedly. "It's not THAT strange. Um. Right?" He looks up at Ruby for reassurance, before turning back to Magpie and staring a bit. "Uh. Are you okay?" he asks, sounding worried. He tilts his head at TC. "I feel like I'm missin' something."

Ruby responds to Hawthorn with a sagely and reassuring nod before slipping to her hooves. She trots to the little snack and coffee station and pulls out some cookies which are set on the table near the foals.

Magpie covers her face with her hooves. "If only there were somepony who is a colt who loves wearing pretty dresses," she mumbles.

Tale-Chaser rubs the back of his head a bit. "It's not- it's not strange. I just thout, y'know. When you. When you first came to town." His voice is dropping to a low, embarassed mutter. "That you, er, you were interested in… in Magpie. An' that she might be- might be interested back." A suspicion that led to no amount of discomfort in Hawthorn's presence on Tale Chaser's part, at least until their mutual status as one of the few foals un-kidnapped in town reminded him there were bigger concerns in life. "But I guess that was, uh, kind of… silly to worry about…" He scuffs a hoof, then glances up at Magpie with a little look of worry. "Hmm? Ohh… oh… I think I see… what you mean now. Heh."

Ruby-Blossom giggles softly "It is silly thing to worry about. Magpie only has eyes for one colt." she settles back in on the couch. "Other fillies on the other hoof…" flashing Tale-Chaser a wry grin; teasing the poor colt.

Magpie says "Wha! Wha? Who?" She huffs. Bumps Tale Chaser. "That's because you're a dummy… Dummy," she says affectionately."

Hawthorn oohs, cookies! He brightens up considerably, and helps himself to one. Nomnomnom. Fierce lion has captured his hapless prey! He blinks at Magpie. "What do dresses have to do with anything?" he asks, utterly confounded. "I mean, I don't wear them VERY often…" He considers. "Though there's this wicked awesome princess costume I might try out…" He ohs at TC, then shakes his head. "Naw. She's, um, not really my type, you know. She's just a friend. Um. A really, really, wicked close friend."

Magpie is not wicked! Q.Q

Hawthorn ??? at Magpie.

Tale-Chaser leans over to give Magpie a hug, and nods sheepishly. "Yeah. I get that now." He looks to Magpie speculatively, then leans in to murmur in her ear. Which isn't suspicious at all!

Magpie giggles a bit and bumps Tale Chaser. "Of course!"

Hawthorn watches TC and Magpie for a bit, then looks over to Ruby. "Should, um, should I be worried about that?"

Ruby-Blossom quietly blows on her tea. "You should always be worried where Magpie is concerned." tone brimming with endearment.

Magpie nodnod sagely.

Tale-Chaser murmurmurmurmurs, then lifts his head, looks at hawthorn, and goes back to murmuring. After a moment he steps back and smiles innocently, because if nothing else, Tale Chaser is a nonchalant sort of pony.

Hawthorn eyes Magpie worriedly, then. He also eyes TC worriedly, but less so, 'cuz TC is so clearly nonchalant.

Ruby-Blossom appears rather content to enjoy her tea, siiip. She hmms quietly. "I wonder if they're trying to set you up with somepony, Hawthorn." she ponders "I don't know of any elligble little bachelors aside from you though."

Tale-Chaser swallows heavily and starts to chalant. He chalants quite a bit, glancing to Magpie. "Nnnno, we're not," he says, through a very thick layer of chalantness. Oh, look! he has a scarf. Time to look down and play with that.

Magpie starts to say at the same time, "Yes, yes we" Looks at Tale Chaser. "aren't. We definitely aren't. Honest."

Hawthorn blinks at Ruby. He starts to say something, then both TC and Magpie deny it. "Oh." He looks a little disappointed, and turns his attention back to his cookie. Omnomnomnom.

Ruby-Blossom hmms quietly and glanes between Magpie and Tale-Chaser; she'd believe the colt if Magpie wasn't involved.

Tale-Chaser smiles a curly little smile. They totally bought it! They totally bought it. He turns and grins and bumps his nose against Magpie's cheek, still keeping his gaze downcast lest they see the raw deceptive gleam in his eyes.

Magpie laughs a bit and noses TC back. "Oh! So, you came over. Do you wanna sleep in our tub again?" Beam.

Hawthorn, in fairness, has totally bought literally everything, including that Magpie got turned into chocolate, and that lock picks were for cleaning hooves. He finishes his cookie, then stretches, peeking out the window. "I guess I should get on home. Thanks for cheering me up, guys." He smiles at everypony, then gives the lot a hug. "I'm glad you all're my friends."

Tale-Chaser boggles at Magpie for a moment, but thankfully, it's hug time! Ha ha ha. He is saved from the discomfort of answering in front of Ruby by turning to give Hawthorn a hug. A real hug, too, at least as real as the skinny seapony can deliver. "Nice to see you again. Er, just… just hang in there, yeah?" He reaches up and bumps Hawthorn on the shoulder with a hoof as he withdraws. "And stuff." Yeah.

Ruby hugs Hawthorn in turn and smiles at him. "If you feel sad, come over here and cry. You don't ever have to cry alone.' she grins "Come over no matter how you're feeling, really."

Magpie squeezes Hawthorn tightly. "It's okay." She nuzzles him. "Have fun with your job. Really." SHe grins a bit and goes, "GRRAAAAR!"

Tale-Chaser jumps.

Hawthorn wobbles as he gets bumped, then smiles at TC. He blushes and nods at Ruby. "I will. Um. Really. Thank you." He smiles up at Ruby, then eeps as he gets squeezed. He nuzzles Maggie back. "I will. It is." He giggles at the graaawring. "Come 'n visit me there? The owner said it'd fine, so long's I still get all my work done. And I can show off the princess costume." He beams, then wavies, then bounces out the door.

Ruby smiles warmly as Hawthorn /bounces/ out the door. "He certainly looks to be better than when he dragged himself in here earlier." she smiles at the young couple in front of her. "So, just what are you two up to now?

Tale-Chaser watches Hawthorn go. "Yeah, he seems like he's doin' okay now…" He trails off, then blinks at Ruby. "Er…" Blush. "Nnn- nothing."

Magpie says "Sometimes TC likes to sleep in the tub and I like to snuggle him when he's being fishy, so it all works out."

Tale-Chaser looks about ready to collapse, then steels himself, stands up tall, puffs out his chest, and nods emphatically. It all works out.

Ruby-Blossom hmms cutely "I was talking about your conspiring in regards to Hawthorn, just what do you have planned?"

Magpie says "Ohhhhhhh."

Magpie says "Uh…."

Magpie says "….plan?"

Tale-Chaser nods a few times. Then shakes his head. "Yeah. Plan?" He blinks once. "We're gonna, er, keep an eye out for… for elligible… bachelors."

Magpie says "Like Petticoat."

Ruby-Blossom hmms quietly "Well, okay then." she hops to her hooves, puts away the cookies then starts to troat towards the stairs, stopping to hmm "Pettiwho? Is that one of those Batponies?

Tale-Chaser glances at Magpie, then up at Ruby, then back at Magpie, then wait? Cookies? He keeps mum for the moment.

Magpie says "Naw."

Magpie shrugs. " 's a colt who dresses like a filly."

Ruby-Blossom blinks at Magpie "Well, that's a new one." she grins at Magpie. "I'm surprised you're not fawning over him just a little. Or is it her? How does that work?" she shakes her head and waggles a hoof at the young couple. "Behave yourselves, I'll know if you don't." Giving Tale Chaser a little glance before dissapearing upstairs.

Tale-Chaser swoons briefly before catching himself and standing back up, none the worse for wear.

Magpie smooches TC's cheek. Hee.

Tale-Chaser gives Magpie a nuzzle, waits for the sound of Ruby's hoofsteps to subside, then grabs Magpie's hoof and pulls her upstairs. "Let's make a pillow fort!"