Having Some Soda
IC date: Autumn 60, 1007
OOC date: November 18, 2012
PCs: Kludge, Magpie, Plot-Twist, Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Winter-Solstice
GM: None

Most of the day had gone into walking, walking and yet more walking; taking the refuge's away from their temporary camp where the Horseshoe Harbour light-tower would have stood in their own world to the very edges of the Wintersong Forest. A trip that's ment zombies and hardship, and creepy forests. Not to say that -everything- is bad, mind! In fact, the over the evening plenty of foals have found a momentary escape from the world around of them thanks to the very forest and the sparse bounties of plants found within. Plants gathered up by Sodium-Fizz despite still being as unsteady on her legs as a newborn foal, for her apperently weakness of body apperently isn't going to be an issue if she can help it as a trio of now incinerated zombies can attest too.

Sodium-Fizz grinned for a moment as one of the younger colts pointed out a pile of near-transperent berries on the blanket before her little fire. "Them!" he said, and she rached over, scooping a hooful up and throwing them in the battered pot standing on an rusty tripod over the flames. A few drops of this and a few drips of that followed suit a moment later. Then a carefuly measured trio of drops from yet another flask. On went the lid, the grey mare leaning heavily on it, taking a deep breath an-… An explosive crump sounded from the pot and the lid rose on a stream of gass, whiping her cloak out around her and her mane up around her ears.

As it settled down she plonked her flanks back on the snow and took the lid of, grinning widely. Most likely the most cheery smile on her lips for quite a while, in fact. "So, who's up for some soda?" It wasn't really, but close enough.

Ruby-Blossom trots towards the camp fire from the tent where she was resting; still all bundled up in her thermal suit save for the hood which is pulled down to expose her face and the pretty gold hair clip which is identical to the one she gave Maggie. The mare curious trots over to the small gathering where Sodium boils and bubbles - offering a small wave to the other mare before taking a seat a little bit aways from the slightly more mature mare.

The ruby-eyed mare recieves a nod in return as Sodium-Fizz reaches around, refiling cups and mugs with a ladel scrunged from somewhere. One that's done the grey mare pours another two cups, one hoof holding one of them out to Ruby. "Hello Ruby… Havn't seen you around for a while. I was getting a bit worried."

Ruby-Blossom chimes playfully. "Surprised you could pull your eyes off Winny long enough to notice - I mean there's so much too look, being as big and strong as she is." The mare clearly offering a friendly tease. "I've mostly just been incognito - which can be really boring while everypony is negoatiating and hatching plans; I'm just there watching, waiting in case I'm needed." she offers a small smile before taking the cup to give it a curious little sniff. "Everything okay?

A rather interesting mix of affront, embarasment and just a hint of regret flashes across Soda's face - and not a little blushing either - as Ruby brings up Winter-Solstice and she looks down into her steaming cup. Whatever the fizzy drink she's brewed up is, it smells almost, but not quite, entirely unlike grape soda. Fizzy swirled it around her own cup. Then took a sip. Finaly she looked up, giving Ruby a small smile. "Yes."

Ruby-Blossom tilts her head curiously to one side while watching Fizzy grapple with her emotions; ruby-red eyes fixated on the other mare with utmost intrest. That cup craddle in her hoofs is held snuggly - enjoying the warmth of the cup in her hoofs emmensely. "What's with that look?" she asks curiously - certainly intrested in the flash of regret that snuck in. "Something wrong?

"Yes…" came the absentminded response, then Sodium-Fizz's eyebrows kint together. "I mean, no! I think." The frown was turned on Ruby. "I'm just trying to figure things out, alright…?"

Ruby-Blossom 's head slowly tilts the other direction. "Like what? What is there to figure out, Fizzy? Am I missing something?" Expressive ruby-red eyes watching Fizzy intently. "I don't think there's much to figure out - two mares who care about one another, and make a hot couple. I'd totally pay to watch that." A broad grin worn as she' can't resist teasing the other mare in regards to how lucky she /should/ be feeling.

Sodium-Fizz can't help but blush, draping one of her forelegs across her face as she groans. "Do you -have- to keep doing that…? We've barely even kissed…" Even as she spoke a wing unfolded, linging up a light swat at the back of Ruby's head.

Ruby-Blossom giggles warmly. "I do -have- to keep doing that - because you gush good feelings when I do." offering a broad, affectionate smile to the other mare. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to canoodle and snog once we get back to the Harbor." Squee-smile. "I'm glad to see you're happy.

Sodium-Fizz let's her wing drop as she scowls at Ruby. "Does this -look- like my happy-face, Ruby? I can barely figure out what I'm suposed to do, how to act! I mean… I mean, I like her… I like her like her. She's just… like you said. Gorgious… And I trust her, or at least I think I do. I'm not sure she even can be duplicious or mean or even petty! So… I'm not sure? I'm used to something bad going on, but…" Soda waved a hoof vaugely.

Ruby-Blossom gets up and moves so she's sitting right beside Fizzy - well within pummelling range. "Fizzy." placing a hoof gently on the other' mare's leg. "Just relax and let things come naturally. If you focus on worrying about all the things that could potentially go wrong they're bound to happen, and you'll miss all the good. Focus on the good. She likes you, and she will take care of you. I'll take care of you. You're not in danger from any us, well except maybe Solar - but that's self explainatory."

Sodium-Fizz gave an amused snort and nodded. "I… guess, yeah. I just wish I could tell her that when -not- in a altered state of mind, though. She deserves that much. Not me when I'm drunk, not me when I'm so cross with you I've gone all crazy and is actualy going to kill you becaus that's the easeist way to make it stop 'clarity' me…" She fell silent for a few moments, her muzzle scrunching up. "Especialy not that me… I kinda think leveling the Harbour and writing what I… I… what I want to say… in big flaming letters of wreckage before ponynapping her so I can have her for myself for forever won't come across particularly well…"

Ruby-Blossom smiles sweetly and oh-so broadly, that broad Ruby smile that shines like a beacon of impending doom! "Why don't I help you practice? Close your eyes!" her voice changing suddenly to that of Winny as she continues. "Hey Soda! Ruby said you had something for me! Is it a sandwhich? I could totally go for a sanwhich. Not a blue-leaf sandwhich though, that's just blue leafs with blue leafs between." Giving a slightly goofy smile as she realizes she's no where near as endearing as Winny.

There's a gleeful shout of "WINNY!" and Ruby suddenly has a semi-foal hugging her around the neck.


"You're not Winny."

Sodium-Fizz gives Ruby an unamused, level stare and a swat to the ears with the tip of her wings.

"Ow!" says Magpie.

"Oops," says Soda, her hooves pressed to her mouth nervously.

Ruby-Blossom sorta just deflates at the fact 'she's not Winny' - posture taking on a noteable slouch, and cloud seems to loom overhead. Her own voice muttering "Yeah…not Winny. Not worth hugging." flopping forward and onto the ground - sprawled out. She mutters something into snow while laying face down.

Magpie was still dangling from Ruby's neck. She oofs and looks up at Ruby, scuffhoof. A little puff of lavender magic pushes the cloud away. "That voice thing is freaky," the little mare comments awkwardly.

Seeing no imediate problems forthcoming Sodium-Fizz gave a worried smile before looking Magpie over quickly. "Everything okey?" A moment later she's offered a mug of… soda? Grape-ish, by the smell, but completely not. And steaming! It's fizzy though, and actualy have a taste other than blue leaves!

"And cheer up Ruby. You're you." A grey hoof reached out, draping across her withers and pulling her close.

Ruby-Blossom half-heartedly lifts a hoof to wave dismissively as she lies face down on the ground at least until Fizzy pulls her off the ground and pulls her close. She huffs adorably. "Sometimes that just doesnt' seem like a good thing."

Magpie sighs. She gives Ruby a little headbutt on the shoulder. "I don't … what do you want from me?"

Ruby-Blossom acks adorably as she's headbutted then offers Maggie a broad (fake) smile - the mare always able to put on a good show; which can make it extremelly difficult to tell when she's actually being honest. "Nothing! I don't want anything from anypony Maggie." smile! "I just want you to be happy, safe, and content. Yup. just like I said last night." She totally doesn't want to latch on to Maggie and confess that she adores the foal - nope.

Sodium-Fizz gave Ruby a deadpan stare before breaking out into laughter. "Hah! And you get frowny-faced when I say I don't like being me?" She bites her lower lip, fighting back the laughter to intermitent giggling as she glances at Magpie. "I… think she just wants you to like her."

Ruby-Blossom softly mutters at Fizzy "..since when are you the expert on liking ponies…" barely audible.

Magpie crosses her hooves and gives Ruby an adorable glare. She's not buying what Ruby is selling. Gives her the eye. THE EYE!

Sodium-Fizz's ears dropped and she sighed. "I'm not…"

Ruby-Blossom leans over to gently nuzzle Fizzy - clearly the mare wasn't supposed to hear /that/. Of course then there's the glare burning a hole in her head. She turns to curiously look at Maggie - silently staring for a long moment. "What? You want me to admit that I adore you, and want nothing more than to latch onto you and let you know that everytime I see you? Is that what you want me to admit?" Cause she just did. She huffs. "But that'd just be weird."

Magpie rubs her mane with one hoof. "I… It's a little weird," she admits. "But… well…" Augh. "You're not as crazy as I thought you were when we first met." The filly gives Ruby a little bump. "And I don't want a mommy or somethin', okay? But… um. Maybe a cool big sister?"

Sodium-Fizz smiles and chuckles softly, leaning back.

Ruby-Blossom gently nose-bump's Maggie's forhead. "I'd never make a good mom anyways…" she admits. "Maybe that's why I like Kludge - couldn't you guys totally see him being a stay at home 'mom'?" she chuckles loudly and then gently hugs Maggie. "I like you Maggie, I'm totally weird - but I really do adore you." the turquoise mare turning quite pink by this point. "Not in the way Fizzy likes Winny obviously - but sisterly yeah. Kinda like the way I like fizzy, only from the opposite direction."

Sodium-Fizz can't help but chuckle for a moment, folding her forelegs on dropping her head onto them as she laid down. "Sisterly… Yeah." She cocked her head for a moment before glancing at Magpie, smiling almost teasingly. "Doesn't this makes us sorta-sisters once removed?"

Magpie huffs. "No!" she grumps. Then softens a little and rolls her eyes. "Can we just be 'friends'?"

Ruby-Blossom releases Maggie after a moment and whispers to her, and her alone. "Thanks." patting her atop the head before flopping back against Fizzy. "So Maggie…what's up?

Magpie gives a little shrug… "N-nothing really?"

Ruby-Blossom gently taps the little gold hair clip in Maggie's hair - still smiling at the smaller girl. "So..what do you want to learn when we get back?

Sodium-Fizz threw back the rest of her own swiftly cooling soda before, nudding Ruby off her. "Of course, Magpie. Though right now it seems I need to cook up another batch of soda. I swear, ponies around these parts… Give them something with a bit of taste and they go crazy." She giggled and picked hersel up, taking a few moments to get her legs relatively stead under her before trotting of to her couldrun, setting up a new batch.

Magpie gives a little shrug? "I, um. Dunno. Just wanna get warm and eat food."

Ruby-Blossom laughs softly. "That should be no problem. We can totally gorge ourselves when we get back. I'd be happy to take you out for anything you want." she smiles "Still. Didn't you want me to teach you some things?

Ruby-Blossom says "Or maybe you just want to check out my cool stash?"

Magpie opens her mouth, closes it. "…you have a stash?"

Ruby-Blossom smirks broadly "Just a few things. I tend to give away most of the things I acquire." not being /completely/ obvious incase some pony other than Maggie overhears. "My favorite has to been the set of royal jewels I snagged a few years back." she beams adorably. "I /love/ the tiara."

Magpie says "A-actually I guess… I was hoping… you could teach me how to…" She mumbles."

Jellybean peeks into the tent and smiles. "Hi everypony. What's going on here?" A Jellybean is never early or late: he arrives precisely when it would be funniest.

Ruby-Blossom grins at Jelly - clearly this is no longer time for discussion of thievery; cause Jelly totally doesn't know! "Hey Jelly. We were just talking about about teaching Maggie all about mane-styling!

Magpie squeaks. "THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!"

Ruby-Blossom hmms cutely at Maggie "Oh, what are you asking me to teach you then?" giggling behind one hoof.

Magpie ducks her head. "H-how to… to read better," she mumbles, a bit more audibly this time, her cheeks going red.

Jellybean blinks. "You don't read so well?" He smiles. "Don't feel bad. I wasn't a very good reader when I was your age." Pause. "When I will be your age? When I would have been your age?" He shivers a little and shakes his head: that hurt.

Ruby-Blossom 's ears perk and she suddenly looks rather abashed. "O..of course!" she gently and briefly snugs Maggie. "I'd be happy too." she grins sheepishly "I thought you were asking about sneaking and thieving - which I'd teach you too." she looks sheepish. "You're even welcome to enroll in school once we get back, I mean if you want. I'm not going to /make/ you do anything.

Mention of school just makes Maggie look a bit pale.

Ruby-Blossom gently taps Maggie's nose. "What's wrong - out with it." the mare curious and concerned; clearly willing to listen. "I guess…" she grins sheepishly "I'd have the same response at your age. I never actually tended school ya know." She shrinks back a bit. "Just wasn't any time for it, not for me at least.

Magpie gives a little quiet nod to Ruby. "It's… really hard." That's all she has to say on the matte.r

Jellybean sits down next to Magpie and gives her a hug. "Well, if you ever want to talk about it or somepony to hang out with you can always find me."

Magpie nods a little to Jelly, stroking the foal's mane. "Seems like I have a lot of those now."

Ruby-Blossom gently nods in response to Maggie. "Yeah…you do. Even if everypony other than Kludge and Jelly is insane." Certainly not excluding herself from that.

Magpie sniffles and rubs at her nose. "S-stupid cold. It's makin' my nose run."

Jellybean shivers a little. "I guess it is kinda cold. Would you like me to get you some soup to help warm up?"

As if on order. Almost. "Hey again! Anypony wanting another hot cup of psuedo-soda?"

Magpie blinks at Sodium. "Um. I'll…try one?" Hot grape soda sounds horrible to her, but…

Sodium-Fizz giggles and smiles, hoofing over a cup of soda. "Here you go, Magpie."

Magpie gives it a deeply suspicious look, but tips up the cup to take a swig.

Ruby-Blossom nudges Maggie. "Fizzy may be a nutter, but she does know what she's doing Maggie. It's safe to drink." she leans in to stage-whisper "Unless you've ticked her off recently.

Sodium-Fizz eyed Magpie for a moment as she sat down before turning to look at Ruby. "Why does -everypony- look suspicious when I give them something to drink, no matter what it is?"

Magpie 's eyes widen, cheeks puffed out, mouth full of Purple Stuff (this is not Sunny D) as she runs over the past couple of days to try to figure if she did anything to Fizzy lately.

"You don't have to worry, Magpie," said Soda with a chuckle. "I notice Ruby havn't actualy had something to drink from hers, though… Right?"

Ruby-Blossom beams adorably "I just was enjoying the warmth." she takes a sip to reassure Fizzy - cause she saw Fizzy drink from the same batch - so it has to be okay. It occurs to her unless she took an antidote before hoof.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Stealth~) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

The grey alchemist sits back, smiling impishly as she seems to have been thinking just the same thing, a wing spreads out from under he cloack, a vial of clear watery liquid between her pinions. "So… Ruby, are you planing on stoping teasing me?" Sodium-Fizz lifted her own cup and took a sip, giving it a odd look-over a she does. Huh, she could have sworn she'd taken the blue one. Never mind.

Ruby-Blossom pipes softly. "If you need to me, but I only tease because I love." swirling her cup around quietly before smiling at Fizzy. "I think it's about time for me to meet Kludge.

Magpie looks between Ruby and Fizzy, trying to decide if it's okay to swallow. Her cheeks are getting tired. o.o

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side, that had not quite been what she had expected. But then again, it was Ruby. She's most likely seen this one comming. A smile spread across her lips as she folded her wing again, the vial dissapearing into her cloak. "You and Kludge, huh…? I supose Solar-Wind was right on that, was he? Though you don't seem particularly… you know."

Catching sight of Magpie out of the corner of her eye she turned to the filly and smiled. "It's fine. The only pony here that's really ticked me off is Will, Ruby and… to a lot lesser a degree, Solar."

Magpie GULP. "Aggh. That… uagh. That tastes like…" She considers. "…purple."

Ruby-Blossom hmms curiously "Solar doesn't have much right to speculate on anything - he gets all googly eyed then then loses intrest in the blink of an eye." she huffs angrily. "Not exactly endearing to have somepony fawn over you then just give up - clearly I wasn't that important to him." she blinks at the later part "What do you mean? I don't seem particularly what?" cocking her head to oneside while listening to Fizzy.

Sodium-Fizz swirled her mug with soda for a moment and taking a sip from it. "You… seem a bit like me, with him… You like him, but… at the same time you seem to have some trouble. Then again, I can't really tell."

Ruby-Blossom huffs adorably. "Kludge and I are perfectly fine." she puffs up her cheeks. "I just…it's not like we're going to start snogging and pop out a couple of foals or anything. We're just fine, that's all.

"I'm not sure if that is a sab worthy comment or endearing." Plot Twist comes from the shadows (Shadows in tent?) and eyes the Ruby mare. She looks different not in her usual suit instead in rebel cloths, her goggles hang from her neck and all her scars upon her face are in full view. "Though knowing he really does care that much about me is encouraging. Your sweet though Ruby." giving a very deadly looking smile at the other mare.

Ruby-Blossom glances towards Plot and offers a smile while sliding to her hooves. "I'll see you guys later." giving plot a small nod. "I'm sure I can do a little something with your mane, and tail." trotting off to join Kludge ICly

Magpie heys at Plot Twist. "You can't hurt her," the little filly says, trying to stand as tall as she can.

"Don't worry Magpie, she wont. If she event wants too, she'd have to go through me first…" said Soda, humming for a moment. "And Solar-Wind would be really cross with her, so I doubt it. Hello again Captain Twist, care for a cup of soda?"

Ruby-Blossom stops to peek over her shoulder. "Don't worry you two. She's not going to harm me…" Choosing gentler words than 'toothless dog' - which did pop into mind. "Oh he cares about you, Plot." she waves a hoof. "He care alot." then trots off. She's not jealous - just has issues!

Plot Twist raises a brow at the young unicorn. "Oh?" she lifts a blade that is folded up and tied to her hoof, inspecting it for a moment and looking back to Magpie. "I'm not so sure about that." with a chuckle she sets back and smiles a sharkish smile, its tough being stoic and not falling backwards laughing after a messing with somepony but sometimes its worth it. "No Fizz, I'm not a captain of anything anymore." she waves a hoof "But I will take a soda. What ever that is?" trying her best to ignore Ruby and not blush.

The grey mare scowled, looking down at her mug of soda for several moments before shaking her head. Looking back up Sodium-Fizz gave Twist a small smile. "Only if you promis not to do that to Magpie. Or anypony for that matter. You can't go around and threathen ponies all the time, not go around and be… bad. It just causes problems for everypony. Learn to let it go if you can, try to cover it up if you can't. Like me. Understood?"

Magpie rolls 1d10 (Bluff check) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Magpie puffs her chest. "I hit Nightmare Moon in the face, I'm not afraid of you." That's a complete lie but she looks serious.

The ex-Captain frowns. It really is meant to be a sorry smile but with the spider web of scars on her face it really makes it look like a spooky scowl in return to Soad's. "You don't turn off who you are Soda. Else 'you' come out in dangerous explosive ways." perhaps a mildy ironic statement. "I … just don't know how to act around kids anymore." eyes smiling at the comment form Magpie. "Good for you. I think she needs her clock cleaned a little more regularly." then she frowns "That sounded a little more traitor-ish than I intended. Waists preserve us, descent is contagions."

Sodium-Fizz sighed and nods. "Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Still, do try to calm down will you? Things are very different where we're going after all, it would cause a bit of a ruckus… Well, maybe not -so- much in the Harbour. It's crazy. I kinda like it, makes me feel a lot less… you know… in comparison." She chuckled and held out her mug of soda for Twist. "Though… that does raise a question, what is your name? I can't keep labeling you as Captain Twist in my head, now…"

Smiling she turned towards Magpie. "She won't do anything… We'll make sure of it, okey? Solar, Winter and me."

Another day, another round of maintenance checks on the sled-wagons. Kludge had just finished his rounds, and he was in the mood to relax. "Hello - I hear that there's sodas being made in here?" he asks as he noses into the tent.

Magpie opines, "You could mistakenly come to that conclusion."

Taking the soda in hoof she sniffs it experimentally. What few grapes and whine being saved for the elite up in Canterlot the ex-captain hasn't really been exposed to a whole lot of the fruit. So any comparion to the fruit that could have been made is lost and is simply a mysterious purple. Carefully and with perhaps too much concentration she takes a sip. Soda of course chooses this moment to ask Twist's name, eyes get a little wide saucers, and her snout scrunch's up, a bead of soda dripping from her nose as it goes up the wrong end. A storm of cough explodes as she grabs her face with both hooves. "Er-" she stutters trying her best to do some quick thinking. "Are you trying to-cough* Kill me?"

"Yes, of course!" came Sodium-Fizz's cheery answer to Kludge's question… about at the exact time Plot-Twist asked her.

Kludge pauses. "Uh, Fizzy? Who was that in response to?" he nervously asks, not quite sure how the ex-captain is going to react. He prepares to jump in whichever direction is needed, although he's not sure if it'll be to block the ex-captain from Fizzy, to protect Magpie, to get out of the way, or to hold onto the ex-captain until she can calm down.

Plot Twist looks like she is about to flip her lid. "I don't know what kind of cruel acid you are trying to feed me! Going out my nose that cruel!" she wipes the purple drool that is oozing most comically from her nose. THe tough captain even has tears in her eyes, unable to handle the fizzyness gone wrong. "I may not be able to stab a mule, but I sure as hay can beat the snot out of them!" she takes a step forward only to stumble and go into another coughing fit. "Pony Feathers!"

Sodium-Fizz blinks in confusion, looking almost a bit like Winter for a moment before raising an eyebrow. "What…? Acid? Who?"

Her eyes darted between Kludge and Twist, back and forth and… neither made sense. They settled on Magpie. "Help?"

Magpie uhs. "She snorted cola up her nose," she explains helpfully. "I don't think she's ever done that before." The filly trots over and gives Plot Twist (IF that's your real NAME!) a sharp nudge. "Hey! It's just soda! Quit freakin' out!"

Kludge walks over and gives Plot Twist the type of thump on the back that is generally known for helping others get past coughing fits. "Soda's one of those things that's really uncomfortable if you laugh or spittake or otherwise send up your nose. Hot drinks are just as bad, but in a different way," he says sympathetically.

Plot Twist lays on the hard permafrost ground coughing and wheezing purple fluids from her nose in an enemy camp she can least warm herself with the knowledge no pony had to hear her whole name. Thank the night for small favors. "Just Soda my tail dock! That stuff is worse that gut rot. That at least stays in your gut." Shaking her head she cools for a little and just looks grumpy. "You can keep it." passing her cup over to Magpie.

Sodium-Fizz pouted and planted her flanks, seeming a bit disshearted. "You don't want it…? That's… fine, I supose," Soda sighed. "Never meet anypony that actualy didn't like the soda, though… It's like, the one thing I can make that tastes -good-… I mean, when made propperly."

Magpie doesn't like the flavor all that much. But she's not gonna admit that to Twist over there. She lifts the glass in a cloud of lavender light and slams the whole thing down in one long gulp. "Lightweight," she comments.

Then gets a funny look on her face.


Magpie scrubs at her nose. "…augh! That tasted like purple stuff and blue leaves."

Sodium-Fizz eyes Magpie for a moment and sighs, throwing her hooves into the air with a resigned sigh. "Great, nopony ever appreciates my work!"

There's a rumble and a clatter outside as someone approaches at high speed, moments before the tent flap flies open and Winter sticks her head in. "I heard burping!" she says, alarmed, as she glances about the group. "Is everything okay?!"

"Still - well said, Maggie," Kludge chuckles, giving her a friendly thump on the back before looking at Fizzy. "You're also having to improvise /how/ much of your supplies?" he asks somewhat rhetorically, as one craftspony to another.

"And you force the kids to drink it?" Plot Twist seem rather taken aback by this. "Thats it, I'm confiscating it!" The ex-captain grabs what ever science madness Sodium has hooked up and tries to remove it. If there is a clear keg she will take that but she isn't beyond taking the glass vials away as well.

"All of it… but that shouldn't matter, righ?" She folded her hooves across her chest grumpily. At least till Twist goes for her pot, the last vestiges of the last batch fizzing away slowly in the bottom. She pounces, latching onto one of the warrior-pegasi's hind-legs. "No! You can't! Winny, help!"

Magpie pumps a hoof in the air. "Yeah! Get 'er! Go go go!" It's not clear who she's cheering for. Possibly she's not sure herself. So, do you feel lucky, PUNK? Well do ya?

"Right!" says Winter, before stomping in fully, the tent flap swinging shut behind her. She stomps over to the spread of apparatuses, and the interfering pegasus captain, and attempts to seize the latter to bodily haul her away from anything fragile or delicate or expensive or living. "Also, there's a Shadowbolt in here, you guys. Is this the one Solar likes?" She glances back at Kludge and Soda. "Have we already had all the necessary I-don't-trust-you and you-used-to-work-for-nightmare-moon-what-assurance-do-I-have-you're-not-gonna-stab-me-in-my-sleep conversations? Do I have to go over any of those myself?"

"Yes, that's Solar's marefriend," Kludge replies to Winny before helping her restrain Plot-Twist from Fizzy's gear. "Skill can make up for deficiencies in gear and materials, Fizzy, but the quality of materials will still have an effect on the quality of the product," he adds as an aside.

"Ohhhh no Fizz. I'm not aloud to stab anypony your not aloud to poison the fillies." Plot Twist holds her ground, in this case the keg of soda, with all her might. A bunch of frienship loving pansies are not getting the best of her again, she has ponies to protect! The ex-captain isn't in her uniform she is dressed like everypony else just the goggles about her neck being the only sign of her former status. "Yes! EVeryone is scared because I could stab them to death any moment!" she snaps a bit at Winter. Then Kludge gets in on it. She could fight off two full grown ponies no problem but three is a bit much even for her and she flattens under all the ponies. "Fine! Poison yourselfs! See if /i/ care." grump grump, sore looser, grump.

Magpie says "It's not /poison/. Probably. It's /soda/. It's just drinks."

"It's not poison, it's soda!" replied Sodium-Fizz. Or, well, shouted more or less. Her mane seems suprisingly wild, and her eyes does have a bit of a crazy to them, too. "And if I can't find good ingredients, I'll -make- them!"

Pants heavily for a few moments before letting herself drop back onto her rear end, her limbs quivering. Right, she'd forgoten about. Still not all well. Pushing her dusky purple mane out of her face she turned towards Winter. "I don't think we have… mainly becaus I don't think she really will, I've had a chance to talk to her before… I've never really questioned the 'stab in the night thing'." She omits the fact that she's almost -always- expecting something to go wrong. And the fact that since she wound up spending her night sleeping next to Winter, she's been a bit to preocupied being nervous to think of it. Or get much sleep for that matter.

Winter-Solstice takes a moment to wait and see if Twist is, in fact, sitting still, before drawing up and back. She peers down at the sulking ex-Captain for a moment before turning to look back at Soda and Kludge. "Right. If she needs a poppin', let me know." Turning away from Twist, she moves to sit next to Sodium, reaching out to seize the smaller mare about the withers and pull her in for a hug. She then smiles cheerfully, any remaining tension from the brief altercation gone in a flash. "Ooh! You made drinks! How did you do that?!"

Kludge sits down again, glad that things are calming down. "How about if we have a toast to heading home?" he suggests.

Magpie ooohs. "Toast…" drool.

Sodium-Fizz lets out a startled yelp as she's pulled into a hug, a hint of a blush visible 'neath her fur. "Y-yes, I made soda. I like it usualy helps me keep calm, it rarely goes… weird. Had to cheat a lot though, but not as much as the rock spirits…" Her muzzle scrunched up at that particular alcohole idea. "But… a toast, sure. Why not?"

"I'm right here you know!" Dusting herself off Plot Twist kind shifts back. Not exactly used to all this friendly gathering stuff. Looking and feeling out of place she shuffles back. "Um … if you don't mind me asking. Allot of ponies keep mentioning your home. Whats it like?"

Winter-Solstice's ears perk as Soda yelps. She smiles over to the pegasus. "Whoa! You're gonna have to get used to that, Fizz, especially if you're gonna be all knock-kneed like that." She squeezes once more for emphasis, then looks back at the contraptions. "What flavors are there? Is Blue Leaf? Ooh! Blue Leaf flavor!" Sitting up, she starts rooting about, knocking vials together, bumping fragile alembics, that sort of thing. "Our home is a lot like this except instead of snow everywhere t here's grass and trees and there aren't any zombies and half the time the sun is out and keeping everything nice and toasty," she explains.

Magpie says "It's warm and bright. You hardly ever need to wear clothes to stay warm. There's food everywhere, and ponies everywhere. And if it weren't for the queen, it could be like that here too…"

"We do have a forest that stays snow-covered most of the time, and we are approaching the season when we usually have snow, but we don't have any permafrost beyond the forest," clarifies Kludge. "There's the occasional river - with water instead of ice - and the ocean is liquid instead of being frozen solid. The food's much tastier, too."

Sodium-Fizz shot Kludge a deadpan star, "Very poetic, there… if technicaly true. I… Oh, um… Winny?" She winced as one of the vials sitting by her makeshift soda making pot. Or makeshift something-vaugely-remenisant-of-soda pot. "Please be careful there, I need those to make more!" The grey mare picked herself up of the ground, bounding after Winter as fast as her legs would carry her.

Winter-Solstice draws back from the array of goodies with her ears slicked back and the mournful expression of a puppy caught tearing up a shoe. "Sorry," she says, settling back. "Doesn't look like there's much left anyway. That one there has what looks like, uh, like, uh, uh, bits of bark floating around in the bottom but I think I'll just wait for the next batch." She turns and smiles at Magpie. "And yeah, nobody wears pants, like, ever. Except on formal occasions. Also you don't have a big evil overlord always trying to kill everybody, that is nice, too. Takes a lot of trouble out of going out for a walk."

"Don't need clothes?" That seems rather unusual to the Pegasus. Some how she manages to plush through her her bright red dyed face. "Wait are you saying ponies walk about naked? What is grass? None of that even makes sense." Twists rubs her head and groans not sure if they are making fun or telling the true. HArd to tell with some ponies.

Sodium-Fizz gave Winter-Solstice a placating smile as she scooped up her bottles and flasks protectively, for a moment almost looking like a mother with her foal. Almost. "No worries, I'll whip something up to toast with." And so she does. Even if she stops halfway, tapping her muzzle thoughtfuly before looking back down at her snowsuit covered and cloak-clad body. "Speaking of which… I might have to get a few clothes… With storage space! That way I won't be caught out without a vial or ten."

Soda turned towards Plot-Twist, smiling. "You sound just like Heartsong when you say that. I can't decide if it's going to be hillarious or infuriating to show you lot around."

"I think it's a good thing that we'll have to walk to get back to Horseshoe Harbor - it'll give the ponies from here a chance to start getting used to things in our world," points ouf Kludge.

"You wont find me walking about like a foal just birthed." Looking a bit dejected about moving into a town of degenerates. "Honestly I'm not sure it sounds worse or no than here. Surely not that appealing. The way you all go around demanding this isn't right … not great but its ours." she stomps a hoof, as always she seems to have a bit of a temper when you get her going.

Winter-Solstice draws back as Soda starts to go to work, watching, fascinated. She hasn't actually seen Fizz do much in the way of alchemy before, so the opportunity to observe is a fun and exciting and novel propect! Look at the bubbles. The glass, it's so shiny!

She does glance up towards Twist, though. "You can stay if you want." She gestures a hoof in a general fashion. "Everybody else is leaving because, you know, they're gonna get killed if they don't. It's pretty voluntary aside from that."

Magpie says "It's okay to love your home even if it's a mess… it's just, y'know… when you start in with the whole "get killed just 'cause" thing and the "nopony has enough to eat" thing… I mean… Give our world a try, okay? It's not the same as here but I think it's just better…"

Sodium-Fizz doesn't seem to pay to much attention, going back to the task at hand with relish. She's lucky she'd had most of the things required for this, various transitory concoctions needed for more of her advanced potions. They're rather worthless on their own, especialy without her laboratory, but… she'd brought them anyway. Now she was glad she did. A drip of this, a drop of that. Crushed icy-looking berries, a ground root. Then, a trio of dropps from another vial, one starting to look very empty. On with the lid of the pot, a deep breath.

The sound from inside the pot is decidedly explosivey, the released gasses easily being enough to lift the lid a quarter of a hooves width and sends Soda's cloak billowing out behind her dramaticaly. And her mane blowing straight up around her ears in a rather redicelous fashion.

"There are good ponies in the bolts too you know. No pony like Nightmare's Will, but Commander Eyes never wanted to see any of this happen." The ex-captain isn't exactly sure why but she feels the need to defend her old life style, but is compelled none the less. "Things escalated like they never have before. Ponies went out of their way to attack the commanders personally. Ponies would have enough to eat if they fallowed the- urge, why do I try. No pony will get it." lowering her head, ears drooping as well she just sighs. "Sorry no use making everyone soar."

Magpie says "But that's what I'm saying! The only reason you have all those problems is because it's night and winter all the time, and that's because you have Nightmare Moon in charge. And a buncha good ponies are trying really hard to KEEP her in charge instead of tryin' to help the ponies that have a chance of tossing her into the moon."

Winter-Solstice watches Plot for a few moments, then shakes her head, apparently deciding she'll leave the political debate up to Magpie while she herself focuses on the special effects. She settles down and props her chin up in her hooves, steel-grey eyes studying every drop, every shake, every bubbling combination, understanding none of it but enjoying the process all the same. The huffy-puffy end of it all draws a giggle from the big mare.

"If we send her to the moon who is going to raise the sun?" It isn't much of an argument but its likely the elephant in the room. "Is there even a sun? I don't even know what it looks like." the sound and wind coming from the mad science seems to be catching her attention though as she looks more and more worried about the chances of an explosion is about to happen.

Magpie says "W-well, that's all part of the 'get rid of Nightmare Moon' thing, innit? I mean, and even if you can't raise the sun right away, you're not any worse off than you are now, right? Except there's nopony going MUAHAHAHAHA KILL EVERYTHING MUAHAHAHAHA!"

Magpie waves her hooves in the approved Evil Overlord manner.

The lid fell back on the pot with a clank, together with a somewhat perplexed looking - and tired - Sodium-Fizz. "Doesn't the Heartswarming Eve story say that unicorns did that before Celestia and Luna? Just… you know, a -lot- of them." Sitting back she pulled the lid off and started refilling cups, the explosion having drawn more than one foal wanting another round of this 'not-quite soda' thing.

Winter-Solstice lifts her head to stare at Magpie. "See, this is why I said only-a-little-bit-more-evil, Mags. You totally could pull it off if you wanted!" She shakes her head and smiles at Twist. "Look, this is just gonna be a temporary trip for most of the nightmare world ponies. Just spend at least a few days in our world and watch how the days and nights work together for a bit and then you'll probably have a better idea of where we're coming from. And you can always come back here if you really don't like it." Pushing to her hooves, she scoots over and cuts to the front of the soda distribution line.

"You'll see the sun soon enough, Twist. Although, one word of advice/warning? The sun is much brighter than the moon. As in, it's so bright that staring directly at it is not good for the eyes," remarks Kludge.

"Except the queen keeps the moon in the sky so that we can get what little warmth and light we do have. There is a chance we might loose the stars as well. Then what?" Plot Twist tries her best not to fall into old habits and clobber a pony for using such insults. "I mean the sun vanished with the Sun Sister, why wouldn't the moon? What is hearths warming eve?"

Sodium-Fizz gave Plot-Twist a stare. "Doesn't it just sit bellow the horizon…? I…" Soda stopped, tapping her laddel against her lips for several moments. "Now that I think about it… I'm not sure about that either. Look, I just know that the story say the unicorns raised and set the sun and the moon in the old, old days." After a few more scoops she walked back to the small group, her wings spread to support a line of… steaming hot mugs of fizzy-sounding not-quite soda, for all of them.

Winter-Solstice reaches out to nab one of the mugs, drawing it close, and swirls it around under her nose, savoring the aroma. "Mmm… smells like…" She sniffs. "Like I'm… I don't even know. What DOES it smell like?" She stares at the mug for a few moments longer, then brings it up and tosses half of it back in one go, squirming a bit. Hot. Hot is good, though. She lowers it and smacks her lips. "It tastes… like… what does it taste like?…" Smack smack smack. "Like…"

"Purple?" Magpie suggests.

Kludge picks up his mug and makes a salute with it. "To going home," he states before knocking back the drink.

Magpie shouts, "To going home!" Mmmm purpley.

Sodium-Fizz somehow manages to get a mug from her back to her hooves, raising it herself. "To going home!" She kicks it back.

Winter-Solstice glances up. "Oh, we're toas- GOING HOME!" she blurts, and then tosses back the rest of her drink, some of it spilling purplishly out of the corner of her mouth, down her cheek and into the white coat of her neck. "hrrfblt!"

"If it just sat on the horizon wouldn't there be light somewhere? I mean I have traveled the world. From Los Pesagasus to the Griffin Kingdoms and back and have not seen any hints it is hidden in the sky. Not that I was looking mind you but I would think its hard to miss." To be honest she isn't sure if she knew what it looked like or if she DID miss it. Wouldn't that be embracing? None the less the thought is lost as she finds herself raising a glass with the other ponies and "New Begining?" she offers knowing she is not going to be going home, for a long long time. "Buck! I drank it again! *cough cough HACK*

"New bginings too, Twist," said Sodium-Fizz, smiling and patting the warrior mare on the back.

Kludge gives Twist another pound on the back to help with the latest coughing. "That works," he acknowledges, before looking over at Winny and Fizzy. An impish smile crosses his face. "Hey, Winny? Looks like you spilled something on your neck. Maybe Fizzy should clean it up for you?" he asks in an obviously too-innocent voice.

Winter-Solstice lowers her mug. "Uh?" She reaches up and paws at her jawline and neck with a forehoof. "Oops. Fizzy, does this stuff stain?"

Sodium-Fizz have gone red. Not just kinda blushing, but deep red, her ears pinned back to her head. After giving Kludge a glare that could most likely melt steel if she'd let it linger for a few second she turned towards Winter-Solstice. "I… um… No, no it shouldn't. I hope!"

Winter-Solstice drains the last few bits in her mug and smiles cheerfully. "Okay!" She doesn't seem to mind Kludge's comment. Not only is she apparently immune to embarassment, she doesn't seem to notice Soda's own. "That was good. I don't even know what it tasted like but that's okay. Can I have another?"

The large white mare's lack of embarassment, to the point of seeming uncapable of understanding it at all, leaves Sodium-Fizz heaving a relieved sigh. That would have been a hard one to escape on, if put on the spot. Putting on a smile to cover her somewhat startled expression - and giving Kludge another glare - she nodded. "Sure, Winter."

Winter-Solstice reaches out to take another mug, still smiling obliviously. "Although maybe next time you should put a little something sweet in this stuff, Soda. So that way, if I spill it all down my neck or something, it'd be fun to lick off!" She then tips the mug back and goes for another gulp. Not as hot, but stil nice and warm, and the bubbles make her nose tickle, tee hee.

Plot Twist holds a hoof to her mouth to hind the chuckle she. "If you do that to me or Solar. You get a hoof to the muzzle." well she is still giving threats but at least they are no longer stabbings? Baby steps? "Though … after you get used to it this fizzy stuff isn't that bad … maybe if you added some mushrooms …"

Kludge looks around idly, pointedly not trying to look innocent or attempt to whistle innocently. "Part of the trick of a friendly razz is having an idea of how the targets of the razz will take it, Twist," he explains. "The two of you are serious enough that most razzes wouldn't work."

Sodium-Fizz stands stock still, her face looking like it's been dipped in red paint. It kinda looks like she's blushing enough for there to be rising steam…

Winter-Solstice lowers the mug and licks her lips. "Mmm!" She looks across to Soda, ready to say something, but pauses, mouth open. Setting her mug aside, she sits up, aproaches the pegasus, and waggles a hoof around in front of her face. "Uh oh. Did you get turned to stone again?" She waggles her rear end about. "Do I get to fix it again?!"

You paged Sadaka with 'If you find yourself wanting something to do IC, I'd love to get a chance to talk more to Heartsong.'.

"…and I think that's our cue to leave," mumbles Kludge to no-one in particular as he walks out of the tent to give Winny and Fizzy a modicum of privacy.

Sodium-Fizz still seems to suffer from some rather severe mental overload, still stiff as a stick; the only motion being her face srunching up in different expressions, shock, embarasment, a dash of horror but, most of all… curiousity. That… That would be interesting!

Winter-Solstice stares at Soda for a few moments longer, her cheerful smile wilting, before Winter's expression turns to one of shock and then panic and then a carefully constructed facade of nothing is wrong at all. She retrieves her half-full mug and plonks her butt down and sips her drink and pretends nothing is amiss.

Kludge sits down outside the tent, looking fairly casual. However, he is keeping an eye out so that nopony else wanders into the tent - gotta give Winny and Fizzy some private time, even if the rest of the ponies in the tent don't clear out.

Plot Twist just keeps chucklign to herself and slides back into the shadows wence she came from. How she does this in a tent remains a mystery though.

Sodium-Fizz just stands there. For a long time.

Then she notices something is missing.

Where has the beautiful face gone?

Soda blinked, her ears perking straight up in sudden panic as she shook her head and looked about. Fabric, tentpole, soda pot, flask, herbs, roots, berries, Winter-Solstice, blankets, sleapin-… Hold on. Her gaze snapped back to Winter-Solstice. She let out a sigh of relief as she unrooted one of her stiff legs, then the rest in succession, trotting over to the white mare. Winter-Solstice! Exept… She cocked her head to the side for a moment… but… "Winny…?"

Winter-Solstice taps a hoof nervously on the top of her mug, glancing about. Kludge stepped out, Twist has vanished. It suddenly feels quite a lone in here. Still looking pretty jumpy, Winter glances from the tent flaps to the assorted background ponies ever-present, to Soda, and flashes her a nervous grin. "Er, uh, you sort of, you sort of, you looked like I, I didn't- I didn't make your, uh, your Thing go off, did I?" She shakes her head briskly. "I wasn't trying but you sort of got this look like you were about to go do it and oh man I don't want to make you do that at all!"

The assorted background ponies, having a sense of what might be about to happen, have been discreetely making their way out of the tent, leaving Winny and Fizzy alone in the tent.

Sodium-Fizz blinked, looking at Winter for several long moments before puting her forelegs around her, and her wings. "No, don't worry about that I just… I…" Well, that'd be a good question, just what? It's not like she could go right out and say what had been running through her mind at that point of time, right? Maybe… Um… "I… think I found the level of embaresment that makes my brain short-circuit…" That was good enough. "I… I don't think anypony's quite managed to do that, before…"

Winter-Solstice is broad enough that hugging around her takes a bit of effort. It helps if, after a few moments of squirming, she reaches up to reciprocate the embrace. "Okay, that's good. I'd basically feel like the worst if I did that." She glances about the emptied tent. Even if it's just an illusion, and there's any number of ponies just outside the thin canvas walls of the tent, being alone with Fizzy for the first time since… well, ever, is rather surprising. Winter blinks at Soda. "So you were just embarassed. Got it." She glances towards the tent flaps for am oment and then back to the pegasus, voice dropping to a whisper. "… is that bad? I've never been good at the whole -embarassment- thing."

Kludge is still keeping ponies from walking into the tent, but that doesn't stop them from listening in discreetely (or not so discreetely, as the case may be).

Sodium-Fizz's eyes followed along Winter's for a moment, noticing the sudden absence of ponies. A discovery that sent a shiver down her spine. Turning back she bit her lip and leaned forward, her muzzle resting against Winter's. "No… No, I supose it's not. That way I can say all kinds of silly things, can't I…? Talk till all the little pieces come together."

Winter-Solstice presses in, almost bowling Soda over with her larger frame before catching herself and holding back a bit. She huffs and puffs a few times, visibly calming herself, and then looks to Soda with a sort of intimacy that might be romantic if not for the worry she can't help but hide. "So you're still okay with this, then, right? I guess it's gonna be easier when we make it back to the harbor and we're not, you know. Always constantly surrounded by pony misery all the time."

It's a good thing that ponies don't make noise when they're leaning, because otherwise there'd be a huge racket outside the tent. Even Kludge has his head tilted to better hear what's going on inside the tent.

The grey mare fell silent, once more biting her lower lip as her eyes flickered around the tent, her face a mask of intense concentreation. It really was a good question, was she? She'd never really gotten a chance to consider that for herself, it had kinda been thrust upon her and she'd given it a chance; time to think about it hadn't really been easy to find.

But right now, it was just her and Winter-Solstice.

As seconds ticked over into minutes she turned her gaze back to Winter, a small smile on her muzzle. Really, the question wasn't -to- hard when there were nopony to stick their hooves in it, trying to get it there way. And there always is. "Yes," was her answer. No, no… "More than yes! So much more than yes…" She blinked and raised a hoof, the pastern across her cheeks. She feelt like she was about to cry.

Winter-Solstice is not a patient pony, so while Fizz is contemplating, Winter is squirming about against her, watching, expression traveling a rapid circuit between eager anticipation and anxious worry and several unrelated stops in between. Several times she leans in, once more apparently about to bowl Soda over, but she barely manages to hold on, such that Soda is eventually allowed to complete her calculations in relative peace. And when she does, Winter's vacillating expression lights up into a bright grin. "Yeee!" she squeals. "Goodie!" She presses in once more, then, seemingly going for an all-out blitzkrieg kiss, but manages to dial it back at the last moment so the smooch she delivers is brief and sweet and vaguely purple-tasting. "Shucks, I'm not sure what I'd be able to say to convince you if you'd said no, I'm not good at that. I don't think- I'm not sure I have, like, like the insights that someone like Ruby might have? But I do know I really really really want to make you happy, Soda, and I really want you to not have to worry or be afraid or for any of this to make you mad. It should be comfortable and pleasant like putting on your favorite hat." Winter briefly squints upward as she considers this analogy, then shrugs. It has been made, the bell cannot be unrung. She smiles back to Soda. "So just… just tell me if… if there's… something I can do to make it easier. For both our sakes'."

Kludge rolls 1d10 (Volume check!) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

A modest "d'awwww" comes from the crowd of ponies outside. Certainly audible, but probably not too distinct if a pony was distracted by, say, their special somepony.

Ruby-Blossom mutters softly from right beside Kludge who certainly didn't see the mare come from anywhere. "And she's all angry that I pushed her into things, really…" she huffs adorably - frong legs crossed over her own chest. "I swear.

Solar-Wind wanders up from where the other rotating guard ponies have been keeping watch from, they've gotten a right Igloo by now, a snow-fort setup for the guards. Thats where Solar and Twist have been staying, that and Ice-Spiral, and Polar-Breeze too. The Ice-Island Guard.

Sodium-Fizz's expression lights up as she leans into the kiss which… is over way to soon, leaving her trembling and wanting more. Still, she doesn't let her dissapointment show, maksing it with practiced ease. Her ears perk up and turn towards the tent walls for a moment, though she disregards it in favour of Winter, whatever that was this is a lot more important.

After a moment she chuckled softly and nuzzled the white mare. "You don't need it… You just have to be yourself, that's what I like about you… As for Ruby, what insight? She keeps stuffing her mouth so full with hoof at times it's embarasing." That was easily loud enough to hear outside, no doubt about it. "You just have to be you, and you'll be my comfortable favorite hat." It might be a strange analogy, but it's already been thrown out there! "And of course I will…"

Her smile turned coy. "So… kiss me already." Leant forward, kissing Winter once more.

Kludge rolls 1d10 (Volume check the 2nd!) — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

Outside of the tent there are several smiles and the occasional hoofbump of celebration, but it's much quieter than the previous wave of d'awwing. Kludge puts an arm around Ruby and leans against her with a gentle smile. "I suspect she'll forgive you soon enough, my love," he murmurs before kissing Ruby lightly on the cheek.

"Oh, is that all I have to do?" says winter, delighted and incredulous. "That's easy!" She then does what she was apparently trying to do numerous times before until she stopped herself, and lets her inward lean carry forward until she's bowling Soda over, falling clumsily into that kiss. She's more than happy to return it, and as in all things, she is BOLD and ENTHUSIASTICALLY INDELICATE. But she's also careful such that as she settles down, her weight doesn't smush the smaller pegasus, but just sort of pins her there between Winter's muppet-snowsuit-wrapped bulk and the canvas floor of the tent.

After a few breathless moments she snaps her head up and stares at the tent flaps for a few moments, considering. It's hard to completely ignore everything going on out there. Winter grins crookedly as she tucks her head back down to nuzzle about at Soda's face. "I think they're spying on us. Maybe they want their tent back."

Solar-Wind is making his rounds while Polar-Breeze stands guard at the edge of camp. Solar spots Ruby and Kludge and offers the slightest tip of his head per way of aknolodgement to the couple, and smiles as he slowly makes his way through camp, listening or ignoring things as he passes through.

Ruby-Blossom gives Kludge a firm little shove - blushing perfusely "You're so mushy." she whines in adorable protest while not really trying all that hard to push the stallion away - but certainly not gushing with outwards affection; then again when is she?

Sodium-Fizz fell back against the floor, panting loudly. Wow… Just, wow! Just that had made it worth it cutting through the confusion, trying to make sense of her feelings Just w-… What? Soda let her head roll back, peering at the tent flaps herself, her face growing dark red slowly but surely. They were what? It… Just… What… The wave of slowly rising embarasment-fueld panaic just colapsed as Winter gave her a nuzzle and she sighed in relief. In fact, she was more than relived… "Well… then they can just go and buck themselves, can't they?" She giggled and wrapped her hooves around the large mare's head, pulling her into another heated kiss.

"Get a room!" quips one pony from outside the tent. "Uh, they already have one," points out a second pony. "Oh, right," chuckled the first pony, slightly embarrassed.

Kludge just smiles at Ruby and rests his head on her shoulder, content just being here with the mare he loves.

"Yup," mumbles Winter, in those scant few moments before she's reeled back in once more. Turns out she can be surprisingly terse when there are other things for her to be doing with her mouth. Not that she complains, tucking back into the kiss with gusto. It's probably not a bad place to be, wedged in there beneath her like that, her warmth helping to banish the musty chill of the dimly-lit tent. Of course, she knocked over the remainder of her second mug of Mystery Soda, and she's perilously close to doing the same with some of the vials scattered about Sodium's setup, but strangely enough she's having a tough time paying attention to such details.

Ruby-Blossom pages: So tempted to just be there - laying down in front of the pair watching from point blank.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Surprise.) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

A lone snowball suddenly poofs right against Fizzy's head.

Sodium-Fizz's eyes shot open as she jerked in suprise - seemingly managing to almost swallow her tongue by the way she splutters and coughs, pulling out of the kiss and turning her head in roughly the direction with a furious glare.

Similarly, the sudden burst of the snowball jolts Winter out of the haze of snog that has clouded her perception. "Ambush!" she announces, and lashes out with a hind leg in a clumsy, poorly-balanced kick behind her. "Ha!" She then slips and flops back down on Fizzy with a grunt, then lifts her head to peer about. "Who? Ugh! Yeah, this is nice and all but we totally need to get back to the harbor."

Ruby-Blossom is still sitting innocently with Kludge's head on her shoulder - there's no way she could have been the assailant, nope. "I hope it hasn't started snowing when we get back. I need a roof over my head, and floor under my flank."

"If all else fails, I could make a quick shack so we don't have to sleep in a tent while the salon is rebuilt," Kludge points out, unaware of the pronoun he just used. "Might not be fancy, but it's be better than nothing."

Ruby-Blossom shoots Kludge a glare - a very firm, almost threatening glare; she says nothing in return.

Sodium-Fizz lets out an startled 'oof' as she's once more burried under Winter-Solstice. After a few moments of struggling she manges to extract herself, though by the looks of it that's just about spent the rest of whatever strength she's regained since yesterday, leaving her head hanging and legs trembling once more. "Y-yeah, we do… I want a solid house around me… I… I need to get a house built." That makes her ears perk up. What a odd thought, where did that come from? She typicaly don't stay that long in one place… but… Shot a glare out the tent before turning to Winter, a small smile on her lips. But everypony here did, if nothing else, make her feel less crazy in comparison. And she did make more than enough bits.

"Yeah… I'm deffinatly going to have to get a house built when we get back… Then no stupid snowballs can interupt… B-but, right now. I guess I need to grab a nap… I've been up way to long now…"

Ruby-Blossom pages: Don't dare leave without giving a huzzle to Ruby :<

Winter-Solstice looks towards the tent flap for a few moments, before nodding ruefully. "Okay. Where are you headed? I'll go with. I'm not due for another shift on watch for a while, yet." She does her part to assist with untangling herself from the pegasus, but doesn't go too far, staying close to help support her as necessary.

Sodium-Fizz scoffed as she trotted, for a certain value of the word, to the tent-flap. "Solar-Wind insist I sleep with the foals and the rest of the infirm in the tents… Even gave me some manure about 'Royal Guard decree' or something… I'll just do what everypony else does, hunker down where there's room our out by the heaters."

Her glare cut a swat through the gathered ponies as she poked her head outside, followed by the rest of her, almost tripping in the process.

Kludge blinks for a moment as he reviews what he said to Ruby, then blushes slightly as he realized how it could've been interpreted. "Oh, yikes, I didn't mean - Temporary sturdy shelter for sleeping. Sleeping /together/ not intended to be implied," he stammers sheepishly.

Ruby-Blossom huffs and stands suddenly - moving towards Fizzy to offer some support despite Winny already being there. "Need a hoof? I mean, I know you got four, and four more with Winny - but still…" Kludge's response completely disregarded - clearly this isn't what she was angry about, and boy does she look huffy.

Winter-Solstice follows Sodium out of the tent. Her mane is messed up, but it usually is, so that's not really an indication of anything. She glances about everybody else before looking after Soda. "Well, you're not a member of the Royal Guard so he doesn't actually have any authority over you, but… but okay…" She shuffles her hooves a bit, and falls back as Ruby steps in to assist instead, suddenly feeling very big and clumsy. Turning, she blinks at Kludge, and offers him a crooked little grin.

Solar-Wind says "sleeping together is warm, and comforting, don't knock it till you've tried it" Solar announces from his point amid the tents" A cute whinny is heard, and his head ducks back down with a little laugh from the big pegasus."

"I have Winter's help, thank you very much," came the curt reply. Sodium-Fizz's gaze drifted from the huffy Ruby to Kludge, then back. "You two look like a happy cuple," she deadpaned after a moment, "something amiss?"

"Beyond awkward choices of words? Not really," admits Kludge. After pondering for a moments, he asks "What's a good word for a temporary sort of house that is made while the permanent house is under construction?"

At the suggestion that Soda has Winter's help, Winter bustles in to rejoin Soda at her side. "Yeah, uh," she says, a bit insure. "I'm here." She peers over the head of the pegasus at Ruby, eyebrows arched and expression relatively clueless.

Ruby-Blossom mutters "Suggesting I live in a shack…" clearly angry. "Maybe I should just go back to living in a box or gutter?" she huffs - clearly aware Kludge didn't mean it. A smile forms "We're fine, Fizzy…" though the smile reverts to a frown. "Yeah, got Winny's help." she motions "Off with you.

Magpie blinks. She trots up and noses Ruby. "Don't do that! You can live in my attic!"

Ruby-Blossom is nuzzled by Magpie, and all but begins to glow even after the suggestion she go live in a shack, and Fizzy blowing her off. She restrains herself from glomping Maggie. "Thank you."

Sodium-Fizz cocks her head to the side as she eyes Ruby for several long moments. "You have issues too, Ruby… One mare with issues to another, do feel free to talk about it at some point, alright?" Soda reached out, giving the ruby-eyed mare a quick, if shakey, hug. "We're friends. We're suposed to help each others, you've helped me… even if I'd rather you not have done it that way. Let us help you, some time…"

Taking a step back she flashed Winter a smile before dragging herself of to find a place to sleep.

Magpie leans on Ruby. "And if you really have to, I know a good box," she deadpans.

Kludge goes to give Ruby a hug, and he's /about/ to say "It doesn't matter where we find ourselves living, as long as I'm living with you" to Ruby…

But then Maggie. Yes, Kludge is the one who suggested the idea of Magpie living in a certain attic, but it was intended as a way to give Maggie a place to live that she could keep secret from Ruby. Kludge certainly hadn't mentioned the idea to Ruby!

Winter-Solstice bustles along with, still looking a bit confused by everything, but determined to stick to Soda's side, and reaching up at any point it looks like the pegasus is about to wobble completely over. Of course, this makes for lots of little half-starts where Winter seizes Soda for no good reason, so the net effect is that it probably takes longer to get wherever they're going, but it's the thought that counts.

Before she gets far, though, she does look back over her shoulder and call back at Ruby. "Yeah! You're our friend! So there!"

Ruby-Blossom briefly nuzzles the top of Maggie's head. "I bet you kow the best one." Meanwhile back in the Harbor a stray dog yawns in it's comfortable box.

Kludge watches Winny and Fizzy head elsewhere, and his mouth finally decides to start working again. He gives Ruby a quick nuzzle, commenting "I told you she'd forgive you soon enough."

Ruby-Blossom hmms softly "Forgive me…maybe, but she's still miffed at me." She grins then hmphs "Forgot I wasn't talking to you there for a moment.

Magpie says "Oh? How come you're not talking to him?"

"I offered to make a temporary house if it's started snowing in the Harbor when we get back, and I called it a shack, and, well… bad memories for her regarding that word," Kludge admits sheepishly, scuffing a hoof at the back of his neck.

Ruby-Blossom chimes "I know he means well." she tells Maggie - cause you know, not talking to Kludge. "I'm not really /not/ talking to him persay…just." glancing over her shoulder at Kludge. "I don't know.

Magpie scowls. "Do I have to make you two kiss?" she asks in a tired voice.

Kludge looks at Ruby, the corners of his mouth trying to twitch upward. "I suspect that we're either going to kiss of our own will, or Maggie's going to force us to kiss," he stagewhispers to Ruby in as serious a tone as he can manage.

Ruby-Blossom hmms loudly and glances down at Maggie. "Going to make us? You suggesting Kludge can't get me to kiss him on his own?"

Magpie grins. "I'm suggesting that you /need/ to." Her horn lights and she pushes Ruby and Kludge's heads towards each other.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Success check?) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

Everypony expects their first /real/ kiss with a special somepony to be special. Needless to say Ruby is caught by surprise as Maggie's magical encouragement pushes her face towards Kludge's. Sure there's contact but really Kludge just gets a mouthful of Ruby nose - and Ruby yucks loudly "Ah! Your tongue doesn't go there!" shoving Kludge way and covering her nostils with both hooves "That was weird!

Magpie just breaks down in giggles, rolling on her back and kicking her hooves!

"Agreed - there are very few things that go into nostrils, and other nostrils aren't any of them," nods Kludge, who had refrained from trying for the kiss when it was obvious that Ruby was struggling out of it.

Ruby-Blossom suddenly flops atop of Maggie - the vast majority of her weight landing on her own knees as she flops on the smaller mare. "You little rascal. You didn't even do it right!" she presses her weight down to playfully squish Maggie. "This must be revenge for all those hugs I've given you!

Magpie squeaks as she's squashed! "No! No, I just— you're not allowed to fight over silly things!"

Kludge thinks for a moment, then gets a grin. "Hey, Ruby - I have an idea on how we can show Maggie that we're not fighting, yet still punish her for trying to force us to kiss."

Ruby-Blossom hmphs before rolling onto her back - hugging Maggie whom is now atop of her. "We're not really fighting, sweetie. I care about Kludge, enough to give him a shot and everything. Since you know. I've never given any pony a shot.

Ruby-Blossom tilts her head towards Kludge "What's that, Kludge?

"Sandwich hug!" Kludge declares, giving Ruby a big hug and trapping Maggie in the middle, but being careful not to squish either mare.

Magpie auuuugh!

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly. "Careful there Kludge." squirming a bit. "I think she's had enough." nudging the stallion upwards "Get up before somepony gets the wrong idea.

Kludge chuckles and disentangles himself from the hug, then offers a hoof to help Ruby and Maggie up. "I think she got the message," he remarks to Ruby.

Magpie struggles loose. "I h-hope you've both… learned your lessons…"

Ruby-Blossom rolls over which in turn brings her to her hoves, and Maggie as well - since the filly was atop of her belly previously. "Indeed." she glances to Kludge with curiousity then offers a small smile. "Hey Maggie?

Magpie says "…yuh?""

Ruby-Blossom grins softly then leans over to whisper to Maggie. "You think Kludge is going to have goofy looking foals? I'm worried about that.

"As long as they have even the smallest part of your looks, my love, they'll turn out fine," Kludge murmurs as he nuzzles Ruby affectionately.

Magpie looks between Kludge and Ruby. "….totally goofy."

Ruby-Blossom 's whisper is totally over-heard! How come Kludge can seem to hear everything she says, but often just misses the meaning!? The fur on the back of her neck standing up straight at Kludge's nuzzle! "Waaah." She pushes the stallion playfully. "Like you'll get the chance without proper courtship.

Kludge takes Ruby's forehoof and gives it a kiss. "Of course, my dear," he replies in a very honorable tone. "Once we've gotten settled in a bit back in the Harbor, then I can give our courtship the full attention it deserves."

Magpie giggles quietly and gives Kludge's nose a rub iwth one hoof.

Ruby-Blossom blushes a tad more. "You'd like that!" Huffing softly as she scrunches her nose.

Magpie gives Ruby a ruffle. "I'll leave you two to figure it all out," she says, hopping up nonchalantly.

"Having a valid opportunity to be a romantic? Of course!" Kludge replies to Ruby with a heartfelt smile. "Being affectionate when we have the opportunity is all well and good, but I want to truly win your heart, Ruby Blossom."

The turqoise mare is now pink in the face - utterly on fire with embarrassment. "W..well you have to win Maggie's approval first!" clearly throwing the filly up as a hurdle - anything to keep somepony away from her feelings!

Magpie blinks and looks back. "What, me? Kludge is good ponies. It's okay with me!"

The smile on Kludge's face grows a bit wider. "And while we're on the topic… Maggie, does Ruby have your approval to court and be courted by me?" he asks with a formal tone that reflects how important he considers all of this.

Magpie giggles. "Well, 'f course. Be hard if it went only the other way."

Ruby-Blossom begins to flail wildly - all red in the face while her mouth opens and closes repeatedly; appears the mare is at a loss for words.

Kludge catches one of Ruby's flailing hooves and holds it steady, kneeling to emphasise his seriousness. "Ruby Blossom, mare who has captured my heart, may I court you so I may fully show you the depths of my love for you in my heart?" His eyes are shining with devotion and full acceptance of who she is and what she has lived through, and the promise to always be there for her.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Surprise?) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

One moment Ruby's hoof is being held - then next he finds his hoofs quite empty and Ruby's just GONE! Like nowhere to be found! The flushed mare having rushed off somewhere in such a hurry that she couldn't be seen - hopefully where no pony will find her.

Kludge blinks, then does a quick check for any clues - who knows, maybe Ruby pulled a Cinderella - then looks over at Maggie. "Too much of a good thing?"

Magpie trots over and gives Kludge a nuzzle. "Nah, I think that's a good reaction. If she didn't want you she would've just laughed at you."

Magpie translates. "Dear Kludge, I'm too overcome to say anything right now and it's hard to think when you're holding my hoof like that, so I'm going to go somewhere quiet for a while and then come back and talk to you."

Magpie says "….at least that's what it means when I do that."

Kludge gives Maggie a brief one-armed hug, enough to express thanks and appreciation and respect for boundaries. He thinks he senses a subtext to what Maggie said, but doesn't bring it up at this time.

Magpie gives Kludge a little half-nuzzle. "I'm gonna go… y'know. Stuff."

"Take care, kiddo," Kludge replies, giving her mane a brief ruffle before he finishes standing back up. "Might as well give the sled-wagons another check," he remarks to no-one in particular.