Haunted Happenings
IC date: Winter 75, 1066 A.C.
OOC date: February 3rd, 2012
PCs: Incantation, Jellybean, Sadaka, Shooting-Star, Siyana, Stillwater
NPCs: Someone… Or someTHING?
GM: Rainbow Dash

The foothills here are dusted with snow. It's the same level of moderate dusting that the last visitors here might have seen: winter's still going on, and the chill from the Wintersong Forest doesn't help. The only tracks are from small animals, it seems that nopony else has been out here recently.

Small hillocks rise up and down in between the larger expanses of hills, as the terrain slowly rises towards the mountains or descends to the sea. It's as dark as ever, and because this place is just the forest's edge, the trees are thin and sparse.

Having decided it was time to tackle the ~ghost house!~ once again, Siyana has bravely gathered a small group to follow her to where there's either /ghosts/ or /smugglers/. She's not sure which. (Possibly Ghost Smugglers?) "It's just this way!" the little zebra filly squeaks, hopping her way through the snow.

Stillwater walks though the snow. He saw the lights of town a while back after cresiting a hill. He thought to himself well that looks like a nice town. I guess I should avoid it then hate to make it worse. He sighs. Just as he decieds to turn around he hears voices. Looking down the hill he see's a group of young foals. Wonder what they are going out here he asks himself. wonder what I am doing out here he ask himself. well might as well find out.

Jellybean heardsomepony say something about ghosts, or maybe smugglers, or maybe ghost smugglers or smuggler ghosts which might or might not be the same thing (Jellybean has resolved to think about this before bed tonight and maybe write one of his friends to ask him) and listened when one of his hunches told him he should tag along. And so it is that Horseshoe Harbor's weatherpony is following Siyana into the hills. "What do we do if we find them? Does anypony know how to deal with ghosts? Maybe they're nice ghosts?"

Sadaka bounds along after the group, ears pricked curiously as she looked around and tried not to stumble into the snow too much. "I still don't get what a ghost is. Or why we're going to see 'em. Don't they ever come to town? Are they mean?"

Stillwater manages to trip and roll down the hill. He winds up upside down looking up at Sadaka. "Evening," he adds by way of greeting.

"Ghosts are… are dead ponies who don't get taken all the way to the stars," Siyana replies in a hushed voice to Sadaka. "/Very/ bad, and … and if we find em, we just… ghostbust em!" She has no idea how to do this, of course, but she bulldozes ahead and nearly jumps out of her skin when Stillwater rolls past and lands in front of Sadaka. "Holy— !!" she yelps.

Sadaka is too distracted by this new information to notice Stillwater's… 'approach'. She squeaks in alarm at the sudden Ponyball flopping in front of her, stopping fast enough to nearly trip head over hooves on top of him. "Woah!"

Stillwater pulls himself together and up. "Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you. Don't make too much fuss over me now, I'm not worth it."

Jellybean comes down closer to get a good look at the pony who came rolling down the hill. "Are you all right? Did the ghosts find you? Or the smugglers?" He pauses. "Come to think of it, what would they smuggle from the forest? Trees? Cold?" He floats in a slow, thoughtful circle and rubs his chin while he considers this imponderable. Maybe they're smuggling the cold to someplace like Appleloosa?

Stillwater considers for a moment "Proably wasn't ghosts. They don't exisit. Not that it would stop them from haunting me though. What a bother that would be to, them floating around and me politly having to remind them they don't exist every now and again. Knowing my luck that's just what will happen too." He sighs to himself.

Sadaka blinks and sits back on her haunches, tilting an ear. "They don't exist? But… we're going to see them in that house up there."

Stillwater says "Well then you'll be disapointed. You get used to it after a while, at least thats what I tell myself. Sometimes I even belive it." he says almost with a hint of joy at that last statment, "But not right now," he adds sadly again. "Anyways if you all are going to go look I might as well come in case it is smugglers. I won't be much good but it's the thought that counts, or so I've been told."

"Oh, horseapples, you scared me," Siyana huffs, stamping a hoof. "What are you even doing out here in the snow? And ghosts do /too/ exist! I seen em! With my own two eyesssss!" Hooves go up to her blue eyes as they widen O_O "And— maybe they smuggled in /gold/ and /hid it in the forest/ and there's a map!" Either way, she weaves around Stillwater and past him. "Come with us! We need to go! There's a house! And there's gotta be /something/ good there…"

Siyana crests the hill! Now, there's a mix of evergreen and conifer in this region, but keen eyes that explore the region might see a small area in a valley where even the evergreens seem bare of needles. Their eyes might be drawn there by the occasional… flicker of blue light, almost like flame, at the tips of the trees. It's a wispy thing and it comes and goes, this tree and that, but every once in a while it casts a small blue glow onto the surrounding snow.

"But if they don't exist, how could they haunt you?" Jellybean startles a bit when he notices the flickers of blue light. They're spooky! "Ooh," he says to Siyana, "I bet you're right! We should see if we can find it. I'm going up for a better look." And with that the pegasus flies up above the treeline and starts looking around for anything interesting or noteworthy, like a giant X.

Siyana squeaks and freezes as she sees the blue light flickering in and out, and she seems unable to move for a few moments. Finally she takes a little shaking step forward, drawing a deep breath to puff out her chest and look braver. "I see you, ghost!" she shouts.

Stillwater says "They'd find a way" is all he says. He follows the rest up the hill not looking for anything in particular but noticing the blue flame"

"What'll we do with treasure if we find it?" Sadaka ponders, tilting her head. She blinks and pauses, watching the odd blue flickers with more curiosity than anything. "Ooooh, what's that? Is that a ghost? It doesn't look like a Pony…"

Stillwater eyes the flame but continues to say nothing

The blue flame, itself, simply sits there and fizzles, then goes out. In the middle of the stand of trees, as Jellybean observes from above, is…a house? From the last time anyone visited, and from any tales they may have told, it looked more like a hill; but now it's clearly a two-level cabin-like structure in poor repair. It's a bit snow-covered (less than the surrounding landscape) and mossy, and there's even a shrub growing on the roof, but the basic house shape is pretty clear. It has windows, yes, and a solid front door; all the windows are dark and there doesn't seem to be anything obvious going on inside.

The snow near the front of the house has been cleared off, and there's a square of tilled ground about three meters to a side: Nothing can be seen growing there, but it is still winter. All around the area around the house, tiny little sparks like blue candle flames sprout up from pebbles or stray blades of long-since-wilted grass: They each emit a mild hissing sound. The whole atmosphere feels a little…electric.

"Hey everypony!" Jellybean calls. "There's a house!" He flies down so he's visible to the other ponies and flies in the direction he remembers it being. "This way!" And away he goes!

"Oh nooo, the house," Siyana whines, but she picks up her hooves, breathes in deep, and bolts clumsily after Jellybean, before looking over her shoulder to holler at her fellow zebra filly, "Keep up!" She assumes, of course, that a grown pony like Stillwater can keep up on his own.

Stillwater says "Told you you would be disapointed. See the tilled ground? Ghost if they did exist wouldn't need food" Regardless he follows the group down the hill"

Sadaka follows after Siyana as best she can, ears perked and tail flicking; not really understanding enough about ghosts — or smugglers, for that matter — to be frightened made this all just a fun adventure with new friends. At least, of course, if they didn't somehow get in trouble for being all the way out here away from town or some such.

Incantation has arrived.

- > Wintersong Forest - Forest's Edge (#49 RI) <-----—-

There are lots of trees here. It's chilly.

The trees here are tangled into a dense, confusing mess. There's enough space through the trees for sunlight to peek in, but not enough to navigate by. Even to experienced trackers, the trees seem to all look the same, and every turn seems to put you back where you started. What's more, the air carries a perpetual chill, all year long, that bites through even warm weather clothing.

A few rudimentary trotting paths have been marked by ribbons on the trees. On path takes you South, back to the outskirts of town, while the other takes you East toward the foothills of the White Saddle Mountains. If you're brave enough (or stupid enough) you can also venture North, deeper into the forest.

- > Contents <------------
Objects: Overgrown house

Incantation A colt unicorn with a short black mane
Jellybean Pegasus with a pale blue coat and a dark red mane.
- Rainbow-Dash A wiz / GM. Pay no attention to the pegasus!
Sadaka A small Zebra filly with bright violet eyes.
Siyana Little zebra with braided blue hair.
Stillwater an orange-brown Earth Pony

- > Exits <-------------
Deep Wilderness <DW> Outskirts <OS> Foothills <FH>

"What if they're ghost farmers? Maybe they keep up their fields even after they're dead?" Jellybean goes for a quick flyaround of the house which would probably be more useful if he were looking for anything in particular instead of just, well, flying in circles around it. Finally he decides to plummet from the sky and noses the tilled area, taking a rather close look at the sparks.

"I don't think ghosts can till," Siyana replies skeptically, canting her head as she crests into the area. "They can't touch things! Duh…" But she leans in to look at the glowy candle sparks, fur standing on end.

The sparks don't react until Jellybean's real close, and then he gets a little tickling sensation on the end of his nose as the electric sparks fizzle at the pegasus! It's not a big shock or anything, though. Something goes thump inside the house.

Stillwater is shaken from his pondering by the Thump and moves up near the yonger foals to try and help protect them. Or at least to be the frist one hit then he might be doing something useful

Sadaka jumps in surprise at the noise, whipping her head around to look at the house. "What was that?"

There's another thump. Ground floor. Sounded like something falling over. A faint blue light glows in a window, and there's a crash of something shattering! Another thump from upstairs.

Siyana stares at the house with wide eyes, frozen. "/Ghost smugglers/," she gasps, and she whirls to look at the adults present. "What do we do?!"

The house goes dead silent. The light goes out and the windows are dark once more.

Sadaka lays her ears back, peering over at the house uncertainly and shuffling her hooves. "Wait, if ghosts're mean, maybe we don't wanna say hello… They're thumping around in there, what if they're angry?"

Siyana scoots up closer, peeking from behind Jellybean at the door. She looks back at Sadaka. "Well, if they're angry, we might be able to cheer them up?" she says hopefully. "That or run like our bums are on fire!"

…The door opens.

Incantation walks up to the group of ponies from the trees "I wasn't expecting anypony else to be here.. what are you all doing here?"

Siyana practically jumps out of her skin as Incantation arrives, and she spins around, zebra-stripes all a-frizz. "Wha! Where'd you come from!!" she yelps. "Are you a ghost?!"

Incantation stares at the zebra "… Wooooo~~"

Jellybean is about to step inside when the unicorn enters the clearing. "Is this your house? Did you open the door with your horn? I'm sorry, I was just stopping by because I heard there were ghosts here and then I decided that I should say hello and let them know I'm here: I'm the new weatherpony here," he adds, beaming with obvious pride when he says it. "Buuut if it's not your house I think I'm going to have a look inside. I mean, the door DID just open."

Stillwater raises an eyebrow and turns his head from the opening door for a second before looking back at that particular portal. "We're waiting for ghoasts aperently

Siyana clings to Jellybean's backleg, which is… hampering, but not at all stopping him from walking. More like a limpet, really. "There's no such thing as ghosts, there's no such thing as ghosts," she wibbles, trying oh-so-hard to be a brave little pirate.

Incantation "It's not my house, I heard about the ghosts too and decided to come have a look."

A couple of the strange blue flames puff into existence, then rapidly back out again, within the house. They briefly light up a pony-kind of sitting chair…it looks old, real old, and covered in dust. It's from a style that just isn't made anymore, not for a very long time. Also present, a wood table with a vase on it, a cabinet… and stairs leading up. Not long after the sparks fade back out, a blue orb fades into vision…floating in the middle of the air.

Stillwater blinks, "Well that's a new one on me"

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Jellybean, suddenly quite curious, nudges the door wide open and steps into the house. "Hello? Ghosts? Smugglers? Whoever lives here? Is this your ball-thingy?" He doesn't get too close to it, though. "Mister unicorn, this looks like magic. Do you have any idea what it is?"

Incantation shakes his head "It looks to be just a ball of magic energy, but I'm not too certain"

Siyana, still clinging to Jellybean, looks back at Stillwater and Incantation with wide eyes. "I— I think we sh-sh-should try t-t-to talk to it?"

Incantation shrugs and looks at the ball "Hello Mr or Mrs ball."

Stillwater says "alright." says stillwater mildly. "Hello…floating ball of…blue. I'd say its a good day but its sort of night….""

Siyana's head swivels to look at the light, to see if it responds. o_o

The ball bobs in the air a little…draws nearer the ponies…then turns purple and whirls out and around them then right up some stairs! A door can be heard slamming, and there's loud noises of breaking glass or…something, along with a grand series of thumps.

Stillwater says "maybe its shy" says stillwater doubtfully"

Incantation "Want to go find out?" he said with a grin

"No," sighs Stillwater. "but I guess I don't have a choice if you are all going"

Jellybean boings backwards out of the way of the orb. "Hey, where's it going? Maybe we should follow it?" He look at everypony else and then flies up the stairs after the thing. "Mister energy ball? I'm sorry if I scared you!"

The only thing up there is a wide-open door leading to…what must be some combination bedroom / laboratory. There's a large bed with a couple pillows side-to-side, a bookshelf lined with books, and a table with all sorts of…alchemical stuff? No, it doesn't look like magic, more like science. All kinds of glass stuff, all covered with a thick layer of dust.

Oh yeah, and the ball is still hovering here, purple, though it seems to be moving around more rapidly almost like it's nervous…

Incantation makes his way up the stairs "Now what happened here.." he said as he looked in to the room

Shooting-Star trots in from the edge of town.
Shooting-Star has arrived.

Siyana falls off of Jellybean's back leg as he zooms up the stairs and, not wanting to be left behind, goes galloping after. "Jellybeeeean!" she wails. Of course, then there's a /cool lab/ to distract her, and the purple ball of whotsit, and she shakes out her coat. "Little ball of light, are you scared?" she asks.

What Star sees, if she's out in the foothills, is: A stand of dead-looking trees surrounding a valley. Strange blue sparks like small candle flames are coming up here and there from the tips of trees. There's a house in the valley, but it looks older than old…the snow is cleared off around it, and the windows on the second level are lit up. The front door's open. Nopony is outside.

Stillwater follows the rest of the stairs and peeks in the room. "There there now didn't mean to frighten you…blue ball…which is now purple?"

The room, aside from its contents, is completely normal…no sign of any distress, just of age. The ball of light does float towards a corner, away from the door.

Stillwater pushes incantation twoards it. "Mr. I think this is you're area"

Jellybean says "If I had to guess, I'd say this is for all that complicated stuff the smart ponies do with their time." In his head, smart ponies spend all their time looking at bubbling beakers and steaming stoppers of amazing alchemical apparati. "I wonder what kinds of smart stuff it is?"

Well that's really weird. Shooting-Star is…not usually the sort of pony who goes out of her way to be curious. Curiosity is the sort of thing that ends up coming to bite you in the tail, and she's a gentle soul who is easily frightened…But because she IS a gentle soul, she worries that someone has set up shop in that rickety looking house, and that's just not safe. Delicate feathered wings help her cover ground rather quickly, even if she's rather hesitant to actually stick her nose in anywhere. She settles down on the area cleared of snow, and sticks her head into the open door. "Um…hello?"

Incantation says "Hey, no pushing!" he walks towards the orb and sits down in front of it, keeping his distance. "Alright little fella, can you talk at all?"

If the orb can talk, it's not doing it…and it's also showing no comprehension of Incantation's words. It backs further into the corner, though. And then there's a voice from downstairs!

Stillwater hears Star (though he naturally does not know who it is) and walks to the top of the stairs. "Hello?

Incantation Incantation stares at the orb "Hmm.." He holds up a hoof towards the orb.

Siyana stays where she is, shuffling a little, eyes locked on that orb. /Wooow/…

Jellybean hears the voice from downstairs. "Maybe it's the pony whose house this is? Hellooooo?" He call out, louder, so his voice carries properly, before continuing to look around the room, following his gut to see if he can't find anything that might explain something to somepony. "I'm sorry if this is your house: we didn't mean to barge in." Of course, he's saying that while he's searching the place.

Shooting-Star 's wings tuck in close to her body as she draws back out of the doorway in surprise. Although of course she'd been expecting someone. Just to her, the entire thing seemed abrupt. "Um…is someone there?" She asks quietly, stepping further into the doorway, and placing one delicate foot past the threshold. "Only…I saw lights, and you know this place probably isn't safe…" The last bit is spoken softly, as she tilts her nose down to look at her little hooves, hair falling over her eyes a little.

The orb floats higher into the air, and is now approaching the ceiling in the corner. It's also starting to turn redder in a hurry… The room on the other hand! There's books on the shelf relating to a few different manners of science, but also quite a few related to medicine and plants. Even without taking them off the shelf they look worn to the point that they're unlikely to be readable at this point, though.

Downstairs, meanwhile, there's some sitting furniture, a vase sitting on a table…pretty normal stuff, if covered in dust. It looks like a pretty normal house, just not lived in for a looong time.

Stillwater walks down the stairs "so…I guess this isn't your house then?"

Incantation grunts in frustration "Anypony have any ideas on what to do with this thing?"

Jellybean eyes the orb, wondering why it's doing what it's doing. He steps in front of Siyana to keep her safe in case something bad happens. "It's okay! If you come up here you'll be with us, and that'll make you safer, right?"

Shooting-Star shudders a little bit, head drooping lower for just a second, before she steps all the way into the house…about a foot away from the door. "Oh…no. I don't. It's near the forest." She says, as if that basically tells you everything that you could possibly need to know about living here. Big purple eyes scan the scenery, and Star seems to make a decision, and makes her way over to the foot of the stairs. Gently. "What…um…why are you here? It's not…I mean I shouldn't think it was safe…" she says, and shifts on her front feet, nervous that she's critisizing too much.

Stillwater says "I hope I didn't scare you. That's all I seem to be doing tonight scaring ponies. Not that I am trying to, just seems to keep happening. Doesn't surpises me either" He sighs sadly He ponders her last question "what am I doing here? That is a good question. Somehow I wound up folloing some foals here. Then this unicorn showed up and now you." He pauses for a second "I don't supose you know anything about floating purple balls of magic do you?""

The orb seems to shrink, or at least condense, it's not giving off any less light…then, suddenly, it darts into motion. Over Siyana's head! Over Jellybean's head! Right through the open door, down the stairs, whirling a loop-de-loop around Star and clear on out the door.

Stillwater stares at the fleeing orb "well that figures. I wouldn't want to be stuck in a house with me either."

Shooting-Star 's face quickly takes on a…shade of alarm. "Oh no. Foals…foals should not be here." She says with conviction. Soft-hearted. She probably had intended to say more, but then that purple thing comes fluttering down, and whirls around her, and Star…well Shooting-Star is too ladylike to scream, but she whimpers slightly, and trembles in her little horse shoes. Until it flutters out the door, and that seems to…improve her mood drastically. "I…what? You…um…" She rallies like a trooper. "I don't…you don't seem like a bad pony." Her voice sounds a little strained.

[Siyana's player has to crash. The zebra filly passes out!]
Siyana has disconnected.

Stillwater says "You say that now. Besides if I am in a house it will likley burn down sooner or latter. Or a rock will fall on it. Or a train will spontaniously plow though the living room. It hasn't happened yet but just wait it will""

As if on cue, a book falls off the shelf. The pages inside it are basically dust at this point, though. The house creaks.

Stillwater says "I hate to say I told you so….but I did"

Jellybean is confused by the sudden antics of the light and the book falling off the shelf, but flies out of the room after the light and draws to a stop when he sees Shooting Star. He looks around for the light, scratches his head with his hoof for a second and then pauses for a moment before he says anything. "You're really pretty," he offers, apropos of nothing.

Shooting-Star shivers, and eyes the book, before glancing back at Stillwater, and offering a watery smile. "I'm sure it wasn't your fault." She will cling to her optimism until that train cuts off both of her legs on its way to the chimney. "Um…Perhaps we should go gather the little ones." And then one of them comes exploding down the stairs, and Star shuts her mouth in surprise, wings fluttering open as if they want to shoot off into the stratosphere, and to Canterlot with the roof. "Oh…" She turns a cute pink color. Well purple, because of her coloring. "Um…well thank you." she smiles. "What's your name?"

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While unimaginably cute things happen in the downstairs of the house, the orb is slowly hovering off in a corner of the valley. It's blue again.

Jellybean bursts into a great big smile, "Oh, my name's Jellybean! It's nice to meet you: I just got here a few days ago because the weather service said this town needed a weatherpony and… this probably isn't the best time to talk about that, actually. Did that creak sound bad to you? I'm going to go back and get Siyana." With that he flies back into the upper room, scoops up the zebra foal and flies back downstairs, past Stillwater and Shooting Star and out the front door.

Incantation "What's his hurry" He says as he walks down the stairs.

Stillwater gestures to the front door "after you" Turning to the unicorn he says "no sure. I think the house is falling down or something. Not that that matters much"

Shooting-Star blinks, and frowns a little when he rushes off. "Um…nice to meet you too." She offers, and turns back toward the door, looking vaguely troubled. Her delicate little hooves clop after Jellybean and the zebra, though she glances over her shoulder at Stillwater and Incantation.

Jellybean slows to a stop once he realizes that everypony else is behind him. "Oh, sorry. I guess I got carried away." He blushes a bit, his own coat making it more of a lavender thing. "So do you have any idea what that ball of light might be? We thought maybe it's a ghost or something."

Incantation "Well that's not good.. any idea where that floaty thing went?"

Stillwater gathers up the book that fell down and has a look at the title

"Ancient Cures and Remedies, Translated and Abridged".

Stillwater considers shrugs and puts it back on the shelf before leaving the house

Shooting-Star blinks at Jellybean, and looks down at her little hoves, white hair falling into her eyes. "Um…I don't…I don't really know anything about…that kind of thing." Her mind skips over the ghost possibility like a stone over water, because she isn't equipped to deal with THAT either. "I was…this isn't a good place. It's dangerous looking, so I didn't…I mean if someone had fallen, or something." She shrugs.

Jellybean is carefully holding the zebra foal, who seems to have fallen asleep. Well, that makes sense: it IS getting late, after all. He cants his head in the direction of the corner of the valley where it went. "It's over there. Should we follow it? If it's a dangerous place than maybe we should leave it alone. Buuuut… that light's kinda weird, and maybe it's something special? Specials things should be understood, right?"

Stillwater walks outside and takes the Zebra off Jellybean's back "I'll take her no sense having her fall off your back while flying"

The floating orb starts to fade out, as it hovers by…a slab.

Incantation shrugs "I'll follow it, it's not like I have anything to do today anyway." he says before walking out of the house and in the direction of the orb

Stillwater shoulders the zebra filly and follows

Stillwater . o O ( might as well see this through )

The orb hovers on away from it slowly, but…From closer up, definitely a stone slab. There's carvings in it… If it's a tombstone then this is, actually, pretty uncommon in Equestria. Usually it's the Bone Mistress that carries ponies away, with their burials being in the stars themselves.

Jellybean hands off Sayani to Stillwater then flies over to the slab to take a closer look. This clearly is making him at least a little nervous, judging by the way his hooves are shaking. Curious but not fearless, it would seem. He's a slow reader but takes a stab at it nontheless.

The carving is just one word, and carved deep but not well. "PESTLE"

Stillwater says "well this stone will still be here when we get back. So unless anypony has an idea what that means we should proably go back for now"

Aaand…the orb fades out to nothing, leaving you in the dark. It's going to be a cold walk home.