Harbor Intro
Time of Day Midday
OOC date: 3/20/13
Location: Shipyards near Crane City
PCs: Grinder Overhaul Clean-Sweep
NPCs: Snot

Amongst the towers and old cargo crane's that still creakily stand there's been built a bit of community, more a rough scrap yard of ship structures, bones from the past of ships, navel vessels, vehicles of a hundred varieties, and within this wasteland community, hangs an odd mix of shipping crates and forklifts, all looking like homes.

Grinder is out scavenging with blowtorch in one hoof and a crowbar 'floated' in her unicorn magic. She bangs on one chunk of metal or another, prodding for just the right sound.

Clean Sweep is a hard pony to miss, seeing as how she always is wearing her hazard yellow, environment suit where ever she goes. From tail to head the brighter than bright yellow covers her, and the strange bubbled glass setting on her head lets her see. A sniper rifle is slung over her back and a small pack is all that she carries. Pausing for a moment to eye the dirty unicorn who is elbows deep in who knows what filth. "-eh-hem. Miss? I don't-" she pauses realizing she is not likely getting over the sound of your work. "MISS!" she shouts a little louder. "I don't suppose you know where …" pulling out a note from her suit. "The Rusty Bucket is?" she makes a face like the name itself was covered in filth. "I seem to have taken the wrong turn."

Grinder did notice the mare in yellow, but didn't respond right off, at the second more loud shout does she perk up. The crowbar drops down impaling one end in the rough gritty metal strewn dirt so that it stands straight up and down, she deposits her torch in one side pouch of her welding armor barding and takes an appraising glance up and down, that other mare. "Eh, Da, Bucket, Euuuu uhh, dass, on da other d' Other side o' the arbor" she jerks her hoof toward the opposite side of the shore, "Past old-town ish, other side o the wreck'ed old downtown" she offers as she jumps from her debris, and makes a slow circuit around the mare looking her over. "Dass a nice lill' riffle ya got there, ya be tradin' it?"

The sealed mare peers from the other side of her environmental suit. Eyes looking rather shocked a booted hoof going to where her mouth would be. "Come again?" Ears turning and eyes squinting a bit as if looking at you harder might decode your tribal ascent. It will be noted that under this suit, what little you can see of the mare, her mane seems perfect and her coat well groomed, she might have even had a bath in the last month! "I am supposed to meet an old friend there? Oooh I wish I spoke tribal." she dances in place a moment nervously. Rifle however catches her ears and she smiles. "Yes! Rifle." giving a nod a word she understands! Magic picking it up in her feild and letting you get a good look at it. "DKS-501 Rifle built to use .223 caliber rounds instead of those nasty rare .308." she beams proudly.

Grinder Ummmm's, "Tiz Shiny, and you be tradin? hmm, I've got some prime grade Dash, that I could uhh, getcha for a deal, take that heavy one' off yer hooves for ya" she offers all polite like. She continues that slow circut around the mare looking her over as if assessing value then she jangles her head about causing her dreads to clink about with the rusty bolts at her dreadtips to sorta chime. "Rusty Bucket, cross' da water" she offers again

Grinder hmm's some as Clean-sweep seems to 'get it' that she's on the wrong side of the harbor, and she just trots off more or less with a little 'wave' and a hint of confusion apparent as she goes.

Grinder meanwhile looks a might confused, "No trade? Meh, what good are' ya than" she grumps a little, "eh well, not like ya got a map" she kinda chuckles under her breath shaking her head some as she looks to her pipbuck and sees all sorts of nasty hazards that are definately to be avoided on the way. "Oh well" she grins some to herself, "Maybe I can follow her up later er' sumthin, maybe score myself that riffle er' sumthin' " the filly chuckles to herself as she picks up her crowbar tucking it down into her barding and looks up into the scaffolding and structure of the cranes above. " Yo, Snot, keep n' eye on dat yellow mare, she be packin somethin! shiny!" she croons out to somepony not seen, but evidently heard, or something.

Far in the distance, the air whistle of a train engine hoots and hollars in signal of it's arrival back at the station.

Grinder listens to that distant whistle, and thinks to herself, 'Fresh meat?' the stocky mare, hooks a hoof up onto a scaffolding hunk, and grabs on with her teeth to an exposed tether, and shoves off, letting the crane line, swing her across to pretty much the other side of the crane yards where she drops off roughly in a clatter of armor and hooves for her to gracelessly stomp about on the recovery, she's already dirty looking, so no big deal there, but she only gets dustier more or less. She trots down one of the former main streets in the town, brings up E.F.S. so she can track any potential hostiles in the area, no need to get surprised by locals or even those haunting seaponies or whatnot. She'll make it roughly half way towards the station, before she gets herself up a rusted old fire escape where she can peer across to the old station's remaining engine, and she floats out a spotting scope from some updated riffle, so she can spy anypony down there.

The train doesn't appear to have much of a haul at this time. A group of 5 or 6 ponies step off, all grouped together. Likely, they're a work crew called in for some sort of building repair. After a minute or two a rather large white stallion with short tail and mane steps calmly out of the passenger car. A large modified battle saddle covers his back, fitted with a few smaller tools but the bread-and-butter is a pair of miniature gatling guns on either side. Covering his right eye is a small lens which is likely an extension of the heavily-altered pipbuck strapped to his front left leg. But, regardless of the gadgets and weaponry one thing stands out above everything else. Wings.

Grinder seems to take in everything she's seeing, ok, ok, ok, ok, possible slave crew, but Ooh, that one, thats new' she thinks to herself as she slides down the fire exit doing a little pause bounce effect with her magic to make the landing easier on her. She skirts to the backside of this particular building, and a few others giving him a wide berth more or less, and approaching him from another angle, than coming right head on with the stallion. She' passes around a building then looks back, still seeing him every time she changes up her pose, and finally slips out from behind things approaching him from the right rear flank where he'd not see her right off. She's inspecting him, for value of his gear, and general tech, not to mention him being quite a fine specimen…

The white pegasus either doesn't seem concerned by the sneak investigation or he doesn't feel threatened by the presence of the much younger unicorn checking him out. He takes slow, almost majestic steps as he walks further away from the station. His eyes are constantly scanning his surroundings as if looking for something or somepony in particular. After only a few yards he stops and sits down, pressing a few buttons on the pipbuck. His right eye focuses on the HUD of the clear screen covering it.

Grinder pauses not sure she's been detected, she still chooses to stay behind and to one side of the stallion, best to be anywhere besides in front of those guns, she is indeed sneaking, and she's good enough at it as she seems to disappear and reappear from the tracking system of the pipbuck as she magics in and out of place kinda. She's practically on top of the stallion, still rather awed by the wings, its /not/ common to say the least, and Ooh, all that tech, could fetch some serious caps, and Ooh, he's got a PipBuck too, that alone could fetch some caps right there, ok, ok, ok, she's gonna make her presence known, though quietly and have a back-up plan, as she levitates out her crow-bar, and has it more or less out of sight behind her.

Grinder slips up to his side, like RIGHT THERE next to him, "Eh, Ehy, dere' Mr. Wings, whatchr' business ere' in da harbor, ya be tradin, be slavin? Or juss, scoutin?" she intones as she sidles up aside of him so that even if he were to spin about she'd be like glue on him, and not in that range of death. Oh sure he could give her a good whack, but whats the fun in that, and its not like he pulled any weapons or nothin, she's got the surprise here right?

Overhaul lets out a deep breath as he hits a button on the Pipbuck and comes back to reality. As he turns his head to the right to look at the young mare, the miniaturize machine gun on that side follows fluidly with it and finds itself pointed right at her. It hasn't spun up yet and doesn't seem to be active other than in motion so apart from the fact that a gun is pointed at her, there's no immediate threat and is likely just an automated system. His dark brown eyes peer for a moment or two before he speaks a solemn word. "Sister."

Grinder goes wide eyed and Scoots back, all dancing as that sidearm goes all tracking on her, she practically jumps back a pace "ehy! Hey Heyn noNoNO!" she gulps, practically squealing. Her crowbar shoots up and hangs over one of her sides, as she grabs, with her magic a chunk of random scrap, that of a big empty barrel thats larger than she is, right PLUNK, right in front of her, not that it would really help entirely, but its the best scrap she can see right off, and *BAMF!* she teleports all unicornmagicy straight behind him a few paces, when she comes out of her teleport spell, its a bit imperfect really and she drops from about above by about a yard or two up with her sounding totally startled, and Whump as she lands exasperated.

"Holdyerfire! Holdyerfire!" she gasps, "Sister, I'm not your sister! what, whaaa are you talkin' bout?!"

Overhaul makes an about-face to look once more at the unicorn, his face as blank as the white coat he's covered in. His movements are slow and intentional as if he's in no real hurry to intimidate regardless of how he may look. The entire time, the guns had been tracking with the turning of his head. He pokes a button on the Pipbuck and the guns lock straight, no longer following along. His eyes narrow in a tired fashion and words fail to escape his lips.

Grinder looks immensely relieved that she's not being tracked by /those guns/ and she noticeably looks relieved so. "Ooookay now" she sighs, as she levitates her crowbar into its holster on her welders barding, she still stands so that she's just off to one side of those guns, "Sooooooo, Mister Wings, Your uhh, looking for er?" she asks sheepishly "Sister uhh, she like another birdy? right?" she asks and pauses, "Or, somethin else?" The young mare starts a slow pace around looking him over some, eyes always tend to get stuck on the wings though, "Them's Pretty" she comments

Overhaul 's head turns to track the preteen foal as she encircles him some more, still remaining completely silent. As he's questioned about his previous one-word statement the stallion simply gives a slow single nod. He's looking for his sister, and she's a pegasus.

Grinder rushes in to give a quick touch to the wings, then dances back out all like 'ohmygosh, they /are/ real' She bounces back a pace, to the right circles a little more then turns tail and dashes off towards the scrapyards and towards 'Crane City' but fore really leaving she turns about again, "Weeeel good luck, there' r' plenty o slavers bout, check em, juss keep that gun o yours all spooled up n ready" she offers politely with a little grunt. "Juss keep clear o the old Powerplant n the coalhills, there's like some creepy stuff goin' on over there, bad critter problems, oh and keep clear of the crater's beach, end up glowy n stuff, "Guess uhh, Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor?" she states as she finally darts off this way and that.

Overhaul narrows his eyes as he furrows his brow a bit, watching the curious unicorn take off into the distance. He presses a button on his Pipbuck and focuses halfway on the HUD again. Like he had never stopped in the first place, the stallion trods on with his slow graceful steps.

Grinder dashes off full tilt and yells out her name "Mmm Grinder!" she shouts before she plies on an extra boost of speed, and completely disappears in a tumble of magic, a quick teleport and Poof, she's GONE!