IC date: Summer 63
OOC date: August 22
Location: Mane Affair
PCs: Sunshine-Stormcloud Whisper-Wind Magpie Ruby-Blossom

There's a raging beach party going on outside. It's full of ponies doing things, drinking, playing, frolicing, etc. There should be Harbor Guards all over, helping to police the fun.

There should be. But one of'em just ain't feeling it. Nope. Sunshine Stormcloud is hiding from the crowd. In Ruby's living room. Sitting on a couch, polishing her legs, and pretending that she won't get assigned the 'litter collection' job when this beach party is over. At least it's a nice thought.

Suddenly Ruby. Two big ruby-red eyes peer into the super shiny leg Sunshine has spent way too long polishing; slowly Ruby leans in then leans out then back again this time making a face to see it's warped reflection.

Outside, Whisper is peering through the window, a look of concern in her face for the perceivedly distraught mare. Finally, she gathers up the courage to walk up to the door and open it after a few knows. "Um… miss… Ah couldn't help but notice that, um… well.. are you alright? Ah mean… everyone's out there havin' fun, 'n… 'n… yer not. She trots closer to the two mares after closing the door and peers at the metallic legs. "Some'n happen to you? Is'ere anythin' ah can do for you?"

For a few moments it's possible to ignore Ruby making faces. She's /so intent/ on this whole polishing thing, even though she's like…given both those shiny metal legs, like, three coats of shine. Eventually though she just sighs, sets the cloth down, and squints at Ruby. "It's not a mirror." she states.

Suddenly more pony! A random, new pony Sunny's never seen before. Not that that's all too surprising given how /many/ new ponies have been out and about lately. "Uh." She blinks at the pegasus. "…Can you?"

Ruby lifts her head and sticks her tongue out at Sunshine -just when company shows up. The tongue is promptly withdrawn and Ruby pretends to be innocent despite totally being seen. "Sunshine's fine, she's just a grouchy pants."

Sunshine shakes the leg she was polishing at Ruby. "I'm not a grouchypants!" …No, apparently that leg wasn't actually attached to her body at the time.

"Oh, Ah'm might sorry," Whisper responds, turning to Ruby with a frown. "She just looked so upset, 'n… ah wanted t'help." Finally mustering up a smile, she turns back to Sunshine. "C'mon, why don'cha come outside 'n have some fun. I'll pal around with ya so y'won't be lonely. Don't that sound fun?" She extends a hoof to Sunshine with an even wider smile. "Name's Whisper Wind. Sunshine, is it? That's an awful pretty name."

Slipping up behind Whisper, Ruby gives Sunshine just the biggest grin she can muster - oh how Sunshine must suffer now in the presence of two unusually upbeat mares! "Play play~" she chimes at Sunshine.

Sunshine 'Grouchypants' Stormcloud blinks up at Whisper. "I don't look upset either!" she grouses in a total huff, "And I'm /not/ lonely." …That seems to be the end of her bitter torrent at least! Since she does go ahead and, er, shake Whisper's hoof. Using the metal hoof of the leg she's still holding up. "Uhm. Thanks. But that's not gonna get me to step outside with all those merrymakers." She sets the leg back down on the bench she's resting on. "Too many litterbugs. I'll get annoyed.".

"Aww." Whisper frowns, but sits next to Sunshine on the couch. "It's ok, we can have fun indoors, too. I like being inside when there's nothin' t'do outside, er when the weather ain't no good." She turns to Ruby, her dark green eyes meeting the turquoise mare's. "We can do some'n fun in here, right? Maybe a board game or somethin'. Maybe a makeover, or truth-er-dare, or whatever y'all do when y'have sleepovers. I ain't had one of those in a quick minute."

Sunshine looks blank. "You…want to play a board game, a makeover, /truth or dare/, with ponies you just met? Because you think I'm bored, lonely, and in need of doing something fun? Is that what I'm hearing?" One of her ears flick, the guardsmare resuming idle polishing of metal. "Isn't there a daycare or somethin' you can entertain?"

Ruby giggles behind one hoof. "C'mon Sunshine, it'll be f~u~n~. What better way to get to know somepony then playing pony games together?" she grins warmly "We could play charades or draw charictures?

Magpie saunters in through the front door, her cap askew and her coat damp. The bell over the door doesn't ring for her. "Did you say somethin' about playin' Truth or Dare at a daycare?" she asks Sunshine, and gives ol' metal-legs a hug hello.

Whisper-Wind turns to Magpie and nods. "Some'n like that. We're just trying to get lil' miss Sunshine here to have some fun." She hops and turns back to Ruby and Sunshine. "Charades sounds fun. Ah'm not that great at drawin', but I guess we could do caricatures. Truth or dare is fun, too… I just always get nervous when I have to do dares."

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof dismissively "Just don't dare Sunshine and I to kiss - we've already done that.

"Er, yeah, I guess I did." Sunshine admits, ears flicking back. She returns the hug though, and then starts the arduous task of actually reattaching the legs she'd been polishing to her flank. Which might be interesting to those interested in such things. Or stomach-turning to those who think about it too much~

"Look, miss…" the guardspony begins, once she's able to plant metal hooves on the floor and straighten up to peer at Ruby and Whisper. Then Ruby pipes up and Sunshine promptly blushes. And facehoofs. "This. This is why i didn't go outside today.

Magpie ooohs! "You kissed? Why? What happened next?!" She bounces on her li'l hoofsies! "Tell me tell me tell me!"

Ruby-Blossom can't help but giggle at Magpie's enthuasism for the topic of Sunshine and Ruby's romantic affair. "I got angry at her - because it was my first kiss." she glances towards Sunshine. "She /claims/ to have been under the effects of a spell, but sometimes I wonder…"

Oh what Sunshine would give for a hat right about now to hide under. "It wasn't a spell. It was a love poison. A…devious, diabolical, time-delayed love poison." She gives Magpie a pat on her head. "Nothing happened after that. Ruby smacked me, I came to my senses later, we talked, and ended up friends."

Whisper-Wind chuckles at the mention of the kiss and blushes. "I gotta say, it's kinda cute. I never got to kiss a pony b'fore. When I was a filly all the colts thought I was creepy… 'n the fillies thought I was creepier." She finally looks up, realizing she had been hanging her head. "But still, we could play. What could go wrong?"

Ruby throws her forelegs around Sunshine and pushes her muzzle firmly against the other mares. "Don't play coy~ I'm sure Kludge will let me have a marefriend or three~ He's so attentive to my needs after all~"

Magpie nuzzles Sunshine. "You can't have her now, y'know. She's a family mare. Kludge even asked her to marry him." Glare at Ruby. "Which she hasn't answered." She starts to blush then, at Whisper's comments… "I, uh… Y'know. Tale Chaser, we…"

Whisper-Wind gasps. "No, no, no. I was talkin' spin the bottle, not kiss the pony."

Magpie blinks! "Waugh! no! You can't do that!" She looks to Whisper for backup. "SHe can't do that!"

Sunshine wants to reply to Whisper, but she's kind of distracted by the sudden close proximity of Ruby! Her ears flat to her head, "Have you even /asked/ him? Besides, I'm totally not the kind of mare that would end up on someone's Harem List." She does give Ruby a pat on her cheek though, and doesn't bother pushing her away. It never works anyway.

"So. Creepy, huh?" Sunshine blinks up at Whisper. "Why creepy? You don't seem /that/ creepy. Naive maybe, vaguely stalkerish, but not really creepy."
Whisper-Wind puts a hoof to her chin. "Well, I used to ask ponies a lot of questions 'bout 'em, and try to hang around 'em a bunch… wait… you can have more'n one marefriend?" She glances over Ruby. "I'd feel lucky to have one. Maybe if I was as pretty as you I'd have more luck with that."

Ruby waves a hoof dismissively "Daw, it's hard to be as pretty as I am." she tells Whisper with a warm smile. "But true beauty comes from the inside." she squeezes Sunshine then relaxes her grip and gives Magpie a warm grin. "Magpie sounds vested in my relationships." she teases warmly.
Magpie says "No! I mean, I just want you to — um. Be happy and stuff." Hoofscuff.

"Is that it?" Sunshine wonders, flashing Magpie a grin. It's brief though. Ms. Grumpypants is apparently relaxing despite the odd entrance of Whisper. Whom she also flashes a quick grin at. "Well if you want to look any better, this mare's the one to talk to. This is her stylist shop after all, she knows how to make almost anypony look good."

Whisper-Wind looks back and gives herself a once-over. "S'just that… seems like an awful lot of ponies like ya. I'd be more'n happy to have you do yer stylin' on me. Not now, though. We were gonna do some'n fun, right?" She giggles and leans into Magpie's ear, whispering. "I dare ya t'go 'n give Ms. Grumpypants a big ol' hug."

Ruby releases Sunshine and wanders to Magpie whom she gives a big, big hug. Then Whisper leans in to whisper something to Magpie; Ruby offers the group a grin. "I'll head upstairs to chck on the littles one and grab some snacks. Be back shortly." she turns to wander up stairs.

Magpie peers at Whisper. She hugged Sunshine first thing through the door, what kinda dare is that? She reaches over and suqeezes the big mare around the front leg, though…

Sunshine-Stormcloud, likewise, looks unimpressed with that dare. "Yes, Magpie, come give me more hugs. More hugs!" She thusly scoops up the little piebald. One, two hugs! Then Magpie's let go, so Sunshine can squint at Whisper. "Alright. I feel better. But I'm still not going outside. If I go outside I'll have to work."

Whisper-Wind blushes at the sight of Sunshine finally being somewhat happy. "It's that easy, huh?" She turns to Sunshine, whom she is sitting next to, and gives her a strong embrace, even wrapping her wings around the mare. "You can stay inside with us, hun. It's no big deal."

What is this! Sunshine tenses up when strange legs and wings hug her. "…whoa, whoa! I don't know you! Didn't your mother ever teach you not to touch strange ponies?"

Magpie nods sagely. "They might have diseases."

Whisper frowns. "When I was li'l and I was sad, my mama always hugged me and it made me feel better." A heavy frown appears on her face. "I won't do it again, I promise, but… Ah just wan'ed t'make ya happier is all."

"The difference here is you're not my mother." Sunshine points out, though she does give the pegasus gal a pat on her shoulder. "Also I'm not very touchy-feely to begin with. Just ask these ponies. Er..pony."

Magpie says "It's true, she's not."

Whisper-Wind hangs her head. "Well, I'm at least not gonna let you be lonely. It's no fun bein' lonely." She kicks at the ground lightly. "Ruby'n all her marefriends. What'd she even mean by inner beauty?"

Sunshine gives Whisper's bowed head a pat too! Poor pegasus. "Awww don't be like that. It's not hard to make friends around here! Shoot, just walk outside down to that beach party, I bet you'll have a whole gaggle before you even get there." …She may be exaggerating. Maybe. "Ruby is a very friendly pony. Thus she gets lots of friends. Not a lot of mystery there."

Whisper-Wind sniffles a bit. "But… but what if they think I'm creepy, too? I don't want that to happen again." Memories flood her mind of being teased as school for her alleged creepiness. "To be honest… I don't… I don't like being outdoors. Not alone, at least. Can… can I just stay here for a bit with ya?"

"What?" Sunshine seems surprised by this. "Oh c'mon now.. You're not going to start crying on me, are you?" Her ears flat back, the mare heaves a sigh and, with no small amount of reluctance, gives a hug to the poor pegasus. "Look, this is a business, so you're free to stay as long as you need to."

Whisper-Wind musters a weak smile at the hug. "Nah, I'm not usually the cryin' type. I just don't get to spend time with other ponies too often. I spend too much time… just watchin' em have fun and stuff. I know today may not be the best day to, but, um… maybe you, Ruby, the li'l one and I could hang out some time. Maybe have a sleepover er something. My place is real big. Got it cheap 'cause it was, um… liquified er some'n."

"You should..maybe actually try socializing." Sunshine notes, letting the hug go and clomping down onto all four hooves. Stretch, stretch~ Gotta work those kinks out! "I mean, if a grump like me can make friends, it really can't be that hard. Just go out, have a little fun." Stomp. Everything's in working order! Satisfied, the metal-legged mare plunks her rump down on the floor. "I dunno.. Every night's practically like a sleepover here."

Whisper-Wind makes an even wider grin. "Really? Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow. And I mean…" She gives a deep sigh before continuing. "Like I said, I do try to socialize… just a little too hard. I'm just glad you guys didn't think I was… too creepy er nothin'. Y'all's good company."

Sunshine realizes a little too late what she said given the reaction it got. "W..well yeah, of course you're free to come by tomorrow'n bug Ruby or whatever. Maybe you should get her to cut your mane or something." There's a moment's pause, a frown tugging at the corners of Sunshine's lips. "You aren't…creepy. I'd say more desperate than creepy. If you want my advice, lay off callin' yourself creepy, that might help a little."

Whisper-Wind rests her head on the couch and rolls it to face Sunshine. "Thanks. I guess that now that ah'm startin' a new life 'n all, I should have a new opinion of mahself. Ah mean… I didn't creep out that li'l spotted one, 'n it's usually kids that I would scare the most. Their mothers would tell 'em to leave me even if they liked me. But now, I'ma just… be nice. Try not to worry too much about gettin' to know 'em… jus' be mahself."

Sunshine winces. Okay. She's officially curious. And it makes her puff out a sigh to admit it. Sigh. She was about ready to turn around and go do her job or something too, but now she feels compelled to ask questions, because she's an /investigator/ darnit. Thus she trots back to the couch, quietly replants her rump into cushion, and gives a comforting pat upon one pegasus wing. "…So why is this. Why do you get called creepy so much?"

Once again, Whisper's memories play back in her head. "Well, all I'd do in play time in school was try to talk to ponies when I saw 'em playing. 'n they'd never play with me 'cause I was too different; I'd just moved from Appleloosa to Manehatt'n. So I'd just watch 'em play. Then they'd make fun of me fer that, 'n…" She sniffles some more. "It'd just get worse. I'd try to find places to hide during play time, then the teachers would find me 'n tell me to go play, and it got worse and worse."

Sunshine's frown deepens. "Really now. That seems like a silly reason to be considered different. What…were they trying to play tag, and you'd sit there trying to talk to them about cartoons instead or something?"

Whisper-Wind shakes her head. "Nah, their parents made a lot more money 'n mine did, and they'd make fun'a mah accent. I tried to tell the teachers but even when they told the kids to be nicer, they wouldn't. The ones who would talk to me thought that everything I talked about was borin', like cloud-makin' and growin' flowers."

Sunny rubs her cheek. That surely doesn't make sense! But then she didn't exactly have the most typical of childhoods either, so what's she know about kids? "Yeah, well… Around here you've actually got ponies around that make clouds and grow flowers, so surely that won't happen here. Nope." Another couple colsoling pats are applied!

Whisper-Wind giggles a bit. "Yeah, there're lots'a differn't ponies 'round here who speak all sorts'a differently. I'm sure I can make friends with some'a 'em." She turns back to the mare, her head still reclined on the couch. "So what'a you do 'round here, anyway? Me, I'm like a mailmare, 'cept I deliver all the big packages 'nstead'a letters."

"Harbor guard." Sunshine states. "I help keep the peace around these parts. When it's necessary. So don't go causin' problems, ya hear?" Her curiosity is, for the moment, sated. And it's time she went to take care of duties. Thus does the guardsmare hoist herself up off the couch, "Speaking of which, it's about time I got back to work. I'm sure you'll be coming around again, maybe we'll talk more."

"Uh-huh." Whisper finally gives a nod that's accompanied by a warm grin. She stands up and takes a moment to stretch before turning back to the mare. "I'll be sure to see y'again, alright? Y'take care. 'n thanks fer the talk. Ah sure needed it." She makes her way out the door with a wave, whistling a tune to herself, and flapping her wings up to her cloud home as she makes it out the door.