Grand Openings
IC date: Summer 51
OOC date: August 10
Location: Town Square
PCs: Sugar-Rush, Sugar-Dart, Tick-Tock, Rumble-Riot, Moon-Willow, Twilight-Dancer, Coffee-Mug

There has been some construction going on in Town Square! It's taken quite a while to do, too. Closed doors, darkened windows, and sooooooo much construction tarp covered by a bunch of faded and torn 'Opening Soon' posters. Mysterious construction sounds and sweet scents… Only yesterday did the promise of 'soon' finally mean something, with a stack of fliers having been distributed to various strategic places around town (anywhere an open space existed), touting the Grand Opening of…

Sugar Rush's Confectionary Corner and Sweet Shoppe Candy Emporium! Or as it may be known around town, 'that new candy store'.

Which brings us to today! This cold, cloudy, un-Summery day! Where the doors to That New Candy Store have been flung open to greet the smiling faces of the Harbor populace with a bevy of scrumptious delights to tempt ones taste buds. The building itself is designed much like its owner. Outside, it's painted a deep purple shade, with yellow trim, with a big wooden sign nailed above the doors with the full name of the store written in such fancy lettering. Inside, the colors are reversed, with yellow paint covering the walls and purple trim outlining the wide open room. Which somehow seems much bigger on the inside than out.

Outside of the building, a small booth has been set up, much like the wagon that the sugary ponies used to peddle their wares prior to this Grand Opening. Within, sits Sugar Rush, freshly pressed coat and everything, ready to meet and greet and offer all the free samples one could hope for! Rest assured, for every sample Sugar Rush has ready, there's at least three or four other tempting tasty treat to consider spending ones allowance or other hard-earned bits on, all behind a great glass counter, where a second Sugary pegasus, Sugar Dart, would be at the ready.


But the candy store isn't the only thing opening fresh doors to the public! Oh no, across the plaza there's a second building, a small brown affair, that has a single 'Now Open' poster stuck to the door. The sign, nailed above the doorway, reads 'Adventurer's Guild' in big, bold, black letters! In the single window, two more posters. 'Now Hiring Adventurers', and 'Jobs Wanted, Inquire Within'. Does anyone know anything about this building? Probably not yet. But that doesn't faze the orange stallion sitting just outside the door, looking oh so very pleased at the results of his hard work and endless labor. What matters is that it's done! And he is here to make a difference in the world! Or…at least in the surrounding area. Shoot, he'd be happy if he made a difference in a single pony's day.

Next door to the candy shop is another shop, completely unrelated and not having a grand opening at all on account of it having been here for the better part of a year already. The Last Drop, a coffeehouse of little reknown, has been doing surprisingly well these last few weeks as ponies have gone hunting for warm drinks to ward off the chilly weather. The barista on duty, an enormous stallion who looks like the mugs could be crushed into sand between his hooves at any moment, is quietly preparing mocha lattes for a few parents who have dropped their children off at the new candy store to run amok while they take a well deserved coffee break.

Moon-Willow hums to herself as she lands in the town square. Her eyes immedietly land on the new Adventures Guild. Her ears prick straight forward and she trots over to the stallion. "Hello!" She greets him cheerfully. "I'm Moon Willow. And you are?"

Tick-Tock walks into the new candy store, wearing a rather old, black tail coat and top hat with a bow tie that matches them, and instantly recognises the owners from a rather unforgettable experience the day after hearts and hooves day. Despite shivering from the memory, he still manages to walk about the shop like… Well, a kid in a candy store.

Twilight-Dancer drops out of the sky with a small thud. He frowns deeply, looking at the two new shops, then reaching into his bag to pull out a flier. He peers at it, then peers into his bag, which hisses quietly, then lets out a dark sigh. Bloomin' candy. Nevertheless, he starts heading towards the candy stand/store/thing. He pauses and blinks over towards the Adventurer's Guild. Well, that's interesting. Ahem, first things first, though. He continues over to the candy store, pausing near the booth to peer at the stuff displayed.

The barista at the coffee shop grunts at one of the other ponies behind the line, a young mare he easily dwarfs in size. "'ey, watch da shop for me. I gotta go talk wit' Mister Rush 'bout s'more swizzle sticks," he says in an almost penetrable Hooflyn accent. "You gon' be arright by yousself?"

"Of course, Mugsy!" the mare says cheerfully. Coffee-Mug nods and steps out from behind the counter to go check out the candy shop.

Look at that! First minute, first customer! The orange unicorn's smile is a mile wide with the first mote of interest shown his way. He rises to all fours, then holds a hoof up in greeting, "Hey!" Such excitement! "Someone actually showed up! …I mean, of course, I was expecting someone to show up, but here you are, which means maybe you want to be an adventurer!" He blinks a couple times, "Or are you here to deliver a bill? Because I haven't made any bits yet…" Another blink, and he extends a hoof out to Moon Willow. "I'm Rumble Riot."

Of course Sugar Rush waves at Tick Tock when he wanders on by. "Hey kid! Nice to see a familiar face again! Go on in, I'm sure all your favorites are still there." And then Twilight-Dancer! Whom earns a grin from the sharply-dressed pegasus behind the outside counter. "Well hello, new face! Welcome to my little confectionary corner. Care for a sample? The fudge is piping hot today!"

Sugar Rush reaches behind his counter, pulling out a silvery tray balanced on his hoof. There are, indeed, little blocks of fudge. They are very much steaming, like they were maybe just pulled out of an oven. …And they are very much making little piping sounds. Some of them sound like panflutes. One of the bigger 'samples' on the tray sounds more like a pipe organ. It's not unlike being serenaded by a nest of birds, all peeping at the same time.

Moon-Willow laughs. "No, I'm not here to deliver any bills. I saw the sign and was interested."

Tick-Tock walks over to a jar of the sour sweets he tried at hearts and hooves day and makes a mental note to eat them one at a time if he buys them. He the walks over to Sugar Rush and asks "You wouldn't happen to have any of those marshmallows you had at hearts and hooves day, would you? It's just that I didn't try any and I'm kinda regretting it."

Twilight-Dancer looks over his shoulder at the adventurer's guild. Hrm. He ehs and turns back to see the piping hot fudge. He grimaces at it, taking a quick step backwards. "No. Thanks." He looks around the shop imperiously, then sighs. "Looking… for a gift," he mutters to Sugar Rush. "Need… ah… Hrm." He paws at the ground a little bit, looking over the shop. Now… unusual tastes would be where?

Rumble's eyes practically light up. "Yes!" he shouts, pumping a hoof in the air. "Alright! Wait here!" He spins about, scrambling into the Guild building. A moment or two of crashing ensues, punctuated by a sharp tinkle that may have once been something glass. The door gets nudged open, and Rumble backs out of the building, holding a stack of papers in his mouth, an ink well on his head, and his front legs dragging out a billboard-looking cork board. Which is completely empty right now. This gets pushed into place next to the door, the papers set next to it, and the ink next to that! "…Pfeh. Knew I should'a done that first." He straightens up. "So! You lookin' to help or to be helped? Because uh…" He glances to the empty corkboard. "…I don't have any adventures yet. I mean, I just opened… But if you stick around, I'm sure someone'll have a job just as soon as they realize how awesome it'll be to let someone else do the hard work for them!"

Making his way through the crowd of ponies in front of the candy shop, Coffee-Mug gets up to the front of the crowd and waits patiently to speak with Sugar-Rush, who is already in conversation with another pony. There is absolutely nothing creepy or intimidating about the way he is directly behind Twilight-Dancer.

Tsk. Sugar's smile fades only a smidge, eyeing his tray of Piping Hot Fudge. "That's a shame… It's best to eat fudge while it's fresh. Let it sit too long, it starts to go out of tune. Nothing tastes worse than a sour note." He makes a face. The tray is, however, scooted to the side for now, his forelegs propped over the counter in full attention of what Twilight might be looking for. "A gift! Well candy makes a wonderful gift. What do they like? Chocolate? Vanilla? Fruit-filling? Exotic flavors? I dare say we have some of the most exotic candies anyone's ever seen! All hoof-made right here!"

Being the friendly shopkeep he is, Rush waves a hoof to the massive mountain of pony lurking behind Dancer now. "Be right with you! Unless you know what you want, then Dart will happily help you find your heart's sweet desire."

Moon-Willow tries not snicker. "I'm looking to BE the help. Earn some bits, maybe do something interesting. You know?"

Twilight-Dancer flicks an ear, hrming. He looks over his shoulder at Coffee-Mug. Huh. He turns back to Sugar. "Ah. Last one. Need something, ah, cricket flavoured? Or field mouse?" He pats his postal bag. Something inside hisses quietly. "Ah. Or toffee-nougat." He nods sagely.

Sugar Rush has so many questions to answer! Tick Tock grabs his attention for a moment. "Marshmallows? You mean the frictionless ones? Those are also inside. Dart can help you grab some." He pauses, rubbing his chin, "Well maybe not grab. More like, herd. Anyway!" He regains his prior grin, focusing on Twilight again. "Exotic flavors! Yes. Hm. Well cricket is possible. Field mouse… Hmm. I'll have to consider that. That /would/ be a right unusual flavoring."

Rush disappears behind his counter, rooting about. When he pops up again, it's with a big jar, with a bunch of little..bugs? There seems to be a variety of bugs, surely some crickets involved too. "Chocolate insects." he states. "Very popular in some cultures! It's interesting how some folks will eat darn near anything with the right amount of chocolate involved."

Rumble rubs the back of his neck, glancing away from Moon Willow. "Well that's awesome, because I'm hoping this'll really take off. It cost a good pile of bits to buy this place." he gestures back to the run-down building. "It's a fixer-upper, but hey. Adventuring can be profitable if it's done right, right?" He grins! "So anyway! What's supposed to happen, is someone comes by with a job they need doing. They post it up on that board, and someone like you goes and does it! That's the basic idea. In between jobs, we find other adventures. I mean there's this /huge and dangerous/ forest just, like, /right there/ that begs for someone to go off and explore it…"

Sugar-Dart is indeed looking cheerful. And helpful. (And ever so slightly bored.) She's lining up sweets on trays and placing them on their proper shelves behind the counter. Apparently, everything must look /just so/! And not be nibbled. Ahem. She scoots one tray of taffies off to one side. Those are hers. Yup.

Hearing this, Tick Tock goes over to Sugar Dart and asks about the marshmallows instead, making a mental note to buy some taffy to try.

Moon-Willow glances in the direction of the forest. "I was thinking of heading there at some point soon. Is there anything specific I should look for?"

Twilight-Dancer taps on the insect jar curiously, then shrugs. "How much?" he asks. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a veeeeeery long, extremely skinny, bright green snake. The snake hisses, then brightens (literally) at the jar of chocolately insects. It looks up at Sugar Rush hopefully.

Sugar-Dart glances up from her tray-arranging, ears perked. Hey! Something to do! "Hello! Greetings. Welcome! Hm? Oh! Marshmallows. Yes. I have some of those riiiight… oh, here!" Out comes the tray of the sugary squishy colorful confections. /Carefully/. They're fine when they're on the tray, see, but the second they're off, well. It's a bit too early to be chasing rogue marshmallows!

Rumble flashes Moon a wide grin. "Is there ever! There's snowbunnies, and drift widows, and frost howlers, and kelpies, maybe some selkies…" he trails off, rubbing behind one of his ears. "…Oh!" He straightens up, "Zombies. Don't forget about those. Kind of rare, I guess, but I've heard there's a few out there." He throws his hooves up. "And that's not counting the plantlife! So. Yeah." Back to grinning, and sitting, Rumble gestures vaguely forest-wards. "The whole place is a living, breathing, pony deathtrap. Isn't that /perfect/ for adventuring?"

Tick-Tock grins. "Oh goody, I.can't wait," he says, before going to pick one up. It promptly slips out his hooves before you can say likety split, making him crouch down, searching for his sugary delight.

Moon-Willow cringes. "Oh…well thanks. I guess I'll have to look those all up then." She sighs, "As if dealing with a witch and a Windgo wasnt enough." She mutters.

Sugar Rush taps on his countertop. He taps on the jar of bugs. He…almost taps on the snake, but stops short. "How much… Well, I do like fellow sweets enthusiasts that buy in bulk, so I'm willing to offer a reasonable price for the whole jar." His ears give a flick. "They're regrettably not all that popular around these parts specifically. I think maybe I'm using too much chocolate, not enough exotic flavoring." He shrugs!

Coffee-Mug continues to stand in line behind Twilight-Dancer, politely not interrupting as the pegasus conducts his business. A small foal who wasn't paying attention to where she was running accidentally bumps into the muscley stallion and he doesn't budge an inch.

Twilight-Dancer hrms. He peers at the jar, then peers at the snake. Normally, he doesn't believe in all of this 'chocolate' stuff. But… he sighs, then peers down at his snake. He shrugs. "Alright. How much for jar?" he asks. He shifts the snake so that is drapes lazily over his shoulders. It hisses in a pleased sort of way.

"Aw c'mon…" Rumble says, giving Moon a friendly, if perhaps unwarranted pat on the back. "It's not that bad! What's an adventure without something to kick around?" He taps his chin with his other hoof. "Maybe…you can help us write a book on Adventuring! Like, go out there, and kick some of the wildlife around so we can make notes and warn others what not to do."

He seems totally serious about this. This is his serious face.

Sugar Rush gives his best storeclerk's smile to Twilight. "Twenty bits for the whole jar. That includes the jar, as a nifty convenient carrying case for your snake while it enjoys the treat.

"Whoops! Careful!" And there it goes. Sugar Dart leans over the counter, trying to spot the runaway mallow. "Don't bother trying to pick it up. You kinda gotta just… y'know. Grab it in your mouth." She rubs the back of her head. "Or let it slide in there. That might be easier."

Twilight-Dancer hrmphs. He digs in his bag, then carefully counts out twenty bits, sliding it over to Sugar. He lets the snake have one of the chocolately treats before putting the jar away and sticking it in his bag. He turns and walks out without another word, but Clyde, the snake, happily waves its tail good-bye at Sugar before the two slip out the door.

And now, adventuring! Dancer walks straight across the street and peers into the Adventurer's Guild. Hrm.

Moon Willows jaw drops and she laughs helplessly. "Kicking the wildlife is definetly on top of the 'what not to do' list."

"Thank you! Come again! Our doors are always open to fellow pursuers of candy-coated bliss!" Sugar Rush may be talking to the snake. He peeks over his booth, spotting the marshmallow on the loose. "Oop! At least it wasn't a whole tray this time…"

With Twilight-Dancer's purchase done Coffee-Mug takes a step forward. "Mister Rush," he says with a curt bow of his head.

Tick-Tock finally manages to catch the mallow after a good while of chasing it as it slid along the floor, sinking his teeth into it, stomping it from slipping out.

Rumble Riot blinks as Moon gets a kick out of his suggestion. "What..?" he says, defensively, ears folding back. "How else are you supposed to know what wildlife's dangerous if you don't kick it first?" He scuffs a hoof against the wooden flooring of the porch next to his shop, but now there's someone else coming! He regains some part of his grin, waving a hoof. "Hello!"

Twilight-Dancer raises an eyebrow at that little bit. Kicking the wildlife is almost never a good idea. He's got snowbunny scars on the bottoms of his hooves to prove it. "Mn," he says in response to Rumble, wandering the rest of the way into the building and looking around curiously. Oh, look, signs. He peers at the signs, his mangled ear angling towards Willow and Rumble for now.

Sugar Rush's grin changes to a somewhat more genuine version when Coffee-Mug steps up. "Well hello there neighbor!"

The inside of the Adventurer's Guild isn't all that much better than the outside. There's a table, some chairs, and a spot that looks like it used to have a bulletin board of a similar shape to the one that's now sitting outside next to Rumble and Moon. There's even a line of dusty scuff-marks to show the path it was dragged along. There's a counter in the corner, but it looks like it hasn't been used in ages. It also looks like someone recently (and hastily) attempted to dust it off. The whole room gives a very 'old post office' vibe, which the few posters attached to walls around aren't helping much with.

Rumble looks a tiny bit nervous, watching Twilight actually look inside. "It's not very spruced up yet." he notes, glumly. "Maybe I should make that the first official job…"

"We're all outta swizzle sticks at da Drop," Coffee-Mug says, gesturing with his chin towards the wall the two shops share. "I don' s'pose youse gots some rock candy sticks we could take to replace 'em. I can write it off as a bis'ness expense." The large stallion's eyes drift over the interior of the candy shop behind Sugar-Rush. For as long as it's been under construction he's gotten awfully curious about what it was going to look like finished.

Moon-Willow rolls her eyes. "By careful and quiet observation of course. You're more likely to just lose a leg if you kick the wrong thing." She says, looking at him with confusion as it SHOULD be obvious.

Tick-Tock walks over to the jar of super sour candies, after eating his marshmallow and takes it to the counter."Umm, excuse me?" he says to Sugar Dart."You wouldn't be able to tell me how much these are, would you?"

Twilight-Dancer hrms at Rumble. He shrugs at the interior. "Looks like my office." It should be noted that Dancer is a postal pony at the moment. He comes to join Willow and Rumble curiously. "Hrn. Talking about wildlife?" he asks, shaking his head darkly. Clyde hisses and mimics the headshake. He doesn't wanna be kicked, either.

Rumble snorts. "How can you learn how to fight something if you don't fight it?" He's giving Moon the same 'that should be obvious' look. "All I'm saying is watching something isn't going to tell you what happens if you accidentally tick it off, and the best way to find that out is to purposely tackle it!" Then Twilight comes back out, and Rumble lifts his hoof again. "Uh. Yeah. Wildlife. And adventuring!"

"Five a bit, twenty bits for the jar," Dart recites after a quick glance. "Going for the sours again, eh?" Oh, yes. She remembers. You don't forget the pony who shoves his mouth full of super-sour sours. "You must have taste buds of steel." Or none left by now. That's possible too.

Tick-Tock smiles, remembering the sweets."Or maybe a combination of both," he says before giving Sugar Dart 30 bits and a silver pocket watch."I'll take the jar and keep the change."

Moon-Willow hangs her head. "Oh just forget it. Good luck kicking things. Hope you wont miss your legs."

Sugar Rush bobs his head in a hurry. "Rock Candy! Of course! But…" Rush drops down behind his counter, digging about. "…did you want…" Several jars start landing on the countertop. "Quartz? Crystal? Geode? Gravel? Chocolate-covered stones? Salt Rock Taffy?" The last jar Sugar Rush rises with, placing it on the end of the now-crowded counter. "Or some of our Volcano Candy? It's a new product, so it hasn't been fully tested yet, but the initial results were pretty satisfying!"

Twilight-Dancer peers at Rumble. "Training, experience. Looking for bits that are kickable. Or spearable." He hrms and looks off into the distance. "Miss my spear." He shrugs. "Kicking? Good way to… yeah." He waves a hoof indicatively at Willow. "Purposefully tackling? Bad idea. 'Specially if tackling snowbunnies. Or porcupines. Or deadly spine beasts."
At the mention of quartz, Tick rushes over to Sugar Rush to have a look at the candies and, more importantly, see if he can use it for his clocks.

Rumble looks confused. He stares at his legs. Then up at Moon Willow and Twilight Dancer. He lets a full moment pass before eventually shrugging. "Everybody has their own way of adventuring, I guess! That's why I had to make a Guild for it. So I could find some like-minded fellows to go forth and do awesome things in the name of helping others!" He may have just struck a pose there, hooves pointed dramatically into some horizon.

Twilight-Dancer blinks at Rumble. He turns to peer at whatever it is Rumble is pointing at. "Seagull?"

Coffee-Mug looks at the wide assortment of rock candies on display. "…" he says elloquently. He lifts one of his large hooves and prods gently at the wares on the table. "I don' tink we wanna be droppin' volcano candy in da hot coffee, Mister Rush," he eventually settles on saying. "I know dis town ain't known for its lawsuits, but the Boss says we's gotta be careful anyway, see?" He points at the other candies. "Dose chocolate ones will make everyting taste like a mocha latte. We charge extra for dat so I can't let ponies do it demselves for free. An' da geodes don't go on sticks too well." He looks at what's left on the tray. "You got any quartz in long an' thin?"

Sugar-Dart settles back behind her counter, where she most certainly does not have a mouthful of taffy. Nope. Not at all. She peers over at the goings-on with the rock candies, making a mental note to snag some coffee later. Mocha latte. That sounds like a good idea.
Moon-Willow blinks. "You're not going to go kick a seagull are you?"

Sugar Rush guffaws at the thought, quickly moving the Volcano Candy off the countertop. "Oh no, no. That would be a horrible idea, introducing Volcano candy to water. You might end up with a real volcano!" Other options, as they're discarded, are made to disappear, until the quarts remains. "Long and thin? Hm. I think I can arrange that! How much of it do you need?"

Off in the distance, a seagull caws.

Rumble relaxes his pose. "No." he says. "Seagulls are boring and not for kicking. Unless they make a mess on you." He wrinkles his nose. "Besides! I don't kick anything! Just…weird monsters that get in the way of adventuring." He scuffs a hoof on the wooden flooring. Again. There's a definite mark where he keeps doing that. "It's part of the package, y'know? Strange and mysterious places, ruins filled with danger… Having to rely only on your wits and your own hooves to survive!"

Tick-Tock pipes up with "Umm, do you mind if I have some of that quartz candy too? I would like yo try an experiment with some, as well as taste some."

Twilight-Dancer looks down at his hooves, considering. "Hn. Terrible way to survive. Better to use spears. Even better: dynamite." He nods. "Danger usually doesn't survive dynamite." This was a lesson well learned in his younger years. He tilts his head to the side, reminiscing. About dynamite. "Heh. Boom."

"We go tru' a lot of it dese days, Mister Rush," Coffee-Mug explains. "It's normally not so busy during da summer, see, but all dis cold weather is great for bis'ness. I tink we've gotta new shipment comin' in late next week, so maybe a hundred or dereabouts?" He glances over at Tick-Tock with a frown when the other pony begins asking for samples. "'ey, I'm tryin' to conduct some legitimate bis'ness here if ya' don' mind. Wait'cher turn."

The smile leaves Tick's face for a minute before he says "As am I, although I shall respect your request as you were here first old chap." And he smiles, warmly at Coffee Mug.

Sugar Rush nods absently, muttering something about a 'quick trip to the mines', and a little counting via hoof taps. "M…mhm! Okay! One hundred pieces of thin quartz rock candies. I can have them to you by the morning." He nods, like it were a done deal, then leans out of the booth, "Dart! Make sure the cart's prepped for when we close!"

Sugar-Dart blinks. Cart? …Oh dear. "Yes, Uncle," she responds, not quite so enthusiastically. She's going to be lugging things tonight, isn't she? Yup. She is.

Dynamite. Rumble nods along with the mention of explosives. "That's a totally valid way of dealing with a threat!" he decides. "If you can't kick it, dynamite it!"

"Tanks, Mister Rush," the barista stallion says with another brief nod. "I'll get out'cher way now and bring youse yer payment after da grand openin' rush is over." He looks again at Tick-Tock. "See? Dat wasn' so hard, was it?" The very large stallion then turns and walks back to the coffee shop next door.

Luckily Sugar Rush already has the quartz candies sitting out. So it's easy to offer the jar down to the next customer. "You wanted a sample of these, right?"

Moon-Willow nods thoughtfully. "Yes, I suppose dynamite would be an excellent way to get rid of something large. I prefer throwing daggers to spears though."

Tick-Tock smiles at the colossal pony before turning to Sugar Rush for the quartz candies. "Yes, I did. You may be familiar with one of quartz's abilities to hold a pulse and if you are then you will know why that is important to a clock maker, such as myself. Anyway, can I also place an order of a hundred sticks of it?"

Right about then, another pony of a lime-green color wanders by the Adventurer's Guild. She pauses, for some unexplicable reason, spotting the corkboard and fliers and everything. As though she were /just waiting/ for such a thing to exist, she marches up to the Adventurer's Board, produces a piece of paper, and uses one of the convenient push-pins to stick it up there! She turns, gives the trio of ponies next to the board a smile and a nod, and then turns to wander back down the street.

Rumble tilts his head. When the green mare has sufficiently wandered away, he trots to peer at the board. "…Babysitting. Hey look! Our first job!"

Moon-Willow perks up. "Oh? Babysitting." She coos. "I'd love too. Sounds like a wonderful time to me."

Rumble nods slowly. "Hey, it's all yours then!" He swipes the post-it off the board, handing it to Moon-Willow. "Just, y'know, go report to the pony who posted it at the appropriate time… I think they left their address on the note. That's how this is supposed to work!" There goes another hoof-pump. "Yeah! Guild work! That's what I'm talking about!"

Sugar Rush blinks down at Tick Tock. "My boy, you're talking nonsense. Of course you can't use sugar in a watch! What do you think this is, /real/ quartz?" He sniffs. "Obviously candy quartz is meant to be used in /candy/ watches. And for that you'll need to buy the other parts inside the shop. But if you really want a hundred rock candy quartz, don't let me stop you!"

Moon-Willow scans the paper. "Alright then." She smiles widely at the thought of taking care of a foal.

Tick-Tock's ears perk up at the sound of candy and watch being used next to each other."Did you just say candy watch? Kick me, I must be dreaming this is to good to be true! I still want a hundred rock candy quartz but can you tell me where the other parts are too?"

Sugar Rush gestures a hoof inside the shop. "Back left corner. You'll find candy watch parts in isle twenty-F, as you face west past the molten caramel fountain, but before you run into the Nevermelt Ice Cream section." He waves his hoof. "Good luck on your quest, and may the candy gods be with you!"

Tick-Tock promptly runs in the general direction Sugar Rush was gesturing to find the section he's looking for.

Twilight-Dancer taptaps his hoof, considering. Then he blinks as someone walks in and posts a job. Hey, neat! He perks up for a bit, then looks HORRIFIED at the description of the job. "That's… not… adventuring," he says.

Rumble Riot offers a shrug to Twilight. "No, but it /is/ helping, and that's what this Guild's all about. Adventurehelping!"

Twilight-Dancer hrmphs a bit. Adventurehelping does not sound dynamite conducive. He sighs and shakes his head. "So. When… ah… adventureaid required, somepony posts to board? Then just come in, accept?" he asks, nodding towards the office. The snake, meanwhile, is starting to slither through Dancer's mane.

Rumble flashes Twilight Dancer a grin. "Yup! That's how it's supposed to work. The board moved back inside, but that's it! Someone posts for help, we help. And in the meantime, I'll be trying to put together some other adventures with the bits we make off of helping other!"

After his trek through the sweet shop, Tick finally returns with about 50 full sets of watch pieces made from candy."How much will this cost, dear Sugar Rush?"

Sugar Rush blinks at the cart of goods. "…Hmm. That's quite a bit! Are you sure you have enough bits to cover all that candy?"

Tick-Tock smiles and says "I'm sure I do, unless, of coarse this is priceless."

"Well, alright…" Sugar Rush starts counting things to ring up. Hm. Hm! Hmmmmm!? Hmmmmmmmm… "Three-hundred bits." he states, matter-of-factly.

Tick-Tock takes off his coat and empties every single pocket that letters the inside of it, counting the bits as he goes until he reaches three hundred about five minutes later. "There you go," he sighs when he's done."Three-hundred bits, five buttons and a lollipop, exactly."

Sugar Rush does not question the appearance of so many bits. He merely shrugs and scoops the lot away! "It's all hours! Go have a blast making candy watches."

Twilight-Dancer huhs at Rumble. He shrugs a bit. "Well, maybe," he says noncomitally. "So long as don't hafta babysit." He hrfs, looking grumpy and haughty simultaneously. The effect is somewhat spoilt by Clyde slithering over to drape happily along the pegasus' ear, sort-of-grinning at Rumble.

"Naw…" Rumble keeps his grin, throwing a friendly arm around the big ol' pegasus. Pet snake notwithstanding. "You don't hafta do anything you don't want to do. That's the beauty of it! Those that want to be helpful in whatever way can be helpful! And adventures!"

"I will and enjoy your lollipop," Tick says, before walking out the door and pinning a notice on the board in the Adventure Guild that reads:

Help wanted:
I am in possession of a map leading to deep in the wintersong forest. Anypony wishing to help me with this is welcome to any valuables they find there bar one piece I am looking for. If you wish to find me, I live in a midnight blue tent on the outskirts of town.

-Tick Tock

Moon-Willow squeals loudly. "Oh CELESTIA!" She shouts, eyes on the serpent. "Its so adorable!" She leans closes to the pegasus ear. "You are the cutest thing I've ever seen!" She coos.

Twilight-Dancer gyaaahs. Bad touch! He glowers at Rumble until the friendly arm goes away. See, this is why a spear is helpful. No one tries to hug you when you have a spear pointed at them. Then Willow is doing the same thing, gyaaaaaah! He attempts to glower at both of the ponies, but it's hard to divide a glower properly. Clyde licks Willow's nose nicely.

"Ahem," Dancer says, flapping his wings and fluttering up a few feet above everyone. "New notice." He points at the board.

Moon-Willow giggles and nuzzles the serpent and by default sort of half nuzzling Dancer. "You're scales are such a LOVELY shade."

Hm? Rumble, sufficiently distracted by the appearance of a new post, certainly doesn't notice Twilight's shift to the air. "Oh…ho! To the forest no less! See?" He points at the board. "This will lead us to all the adventure we could hope for!"

Twilight-Dancer whews as Rumble slips off. Then aughs as Willow follows him into the sky. He tries to push the other pegasus off. "Gah. Quit nuzzlin'," he says, scowling. He has a reputation to maintain as the Harbour's grumpiest postpony! He can't do that if mares are trying to cuddle!

Moon-Willow laughs. "Sorry." She gives the pegasus a hug in apology.
Twilight-Dancer winces. "Hugging is not better!"

Moon-Willow mearly smiles brightly, fondly reminded of her father. She ruffles his mane. "Whats your snakes name?"

Twilight-Dancer aaauuughs. He tries to put his mane back in order. Huff. "Clyde," he answers, curtly. Clyde hisses and smiles.

Rumble is apparently still looking at the post. And then he's scooting the board back into the Guild building! "Might as well put this thing back where it belongs…"

Moon-Willow smiles widely back, not at all put off. She offers a hoof to Clyde. "Would it be alright if i held you?" She asks.

Twilight-Dancer glowers at Willow. It is a glower with intensity level 6, a full three levels higher than his previous glower! It is a glower that has caused flowers to wilt! Of course, Clyde doesn't pay any attention. He just slithers down and coils around Willow's hoof, giving it an affectionate little hug.

Dancer facehooves.

Moon-Willow used to her fathers glares, is still completly uneffected. She gives another happy squeal as Clyde squeezes her hoof. "You're just SO sweet! I wish I had a snake so adorable as you." She looks back at the pegasus, assuming he is miffed that she has his snake. "Tell me, where did you get him? And are you breeding him?"

Twilight-Dancer has never known anypony to stand up to his glower! This is unprecedented! Dancer is so shocked he even answers Willow's question. "Uh. Found him. Years ago." He blinks, completely nonplussed. "Breed? No. Just carry. Buy chocolate covered crickets, et cetera."

"Amazing." Moon Willow breaths, stroking Clydes scales softly. "Where in the world did you find a snake like this?"

Twilight-Dancer uhs. He waves a hoof vaguely that way. There. No, there. Um. He considers for a moment. "Found him. Lost in forest. Saved him from hawk."

Moon-Willow looks thoughtful. "The forest, huh? I'll have to keep an eye out when I go there myself." She looks down at Clyde. "If I found a female for you I don't suppose you'd consider breeding and making more adorble snakes, would you?"

Twilight-Dancer grabs his snake back, frowning deeply. "Not breeding." He peers at Clyde. "Um. Unless want to." The snake hisses uncertainly. Dancer hrmphs and carefully tucks the snake back into his bag. Then he unscrews the chocolate bug jar and lets Clyde pick out a snack. "Pretty common snake type," he says.

Moon-Willow frowns. "Is it safe to feed him chocolate? Surely it could kill him!"

Clyde pokes his head out of the bag, gnawing on a large chocolate cricket, looking concerned. Dancer shakes his head. "That's dogs. Snakes are okay with chocolate." Clyde beams, then resumes devouring his cricket. Omnomnom.

Moon-Willow giggles. "He's so cute. He really is. Oh, and if he's ever hungry I'm living in Nocturnes town house and the basement has a few small mice I think that are just his size."

Twilight-Dancer peers at Willow. He opens his mouth to say something, pauses, then closes his mouth. "Okay. We'll see." He eyes Willow suspiciously. Hrm. Hrrrrrm.

Moon-Willow blinks, confused at his look. She smiles sweetly and honestly. "So, how long have you lived here? I'm rather new myself."

Twilight-Dancer looks just as confused. Why am I being interrogated?! Ahem. "Ah. Few weeks. Took over post duties. Office was unstallioned."

Moon-Willow gaps. "How awful! How in the world were ponies getting their mail without you? What a mess you must had to sort out."

Twilight-Dancer shrugs. "Usually, temporarily postpony spent few days, attempt to catch up. Other times, raiders stole mail." He shrugs again. "Arrived? No mail. Just had to fix window.

Moon-Willow nods. "Where did you come before then, if you're not from here? I came all the way from Canterlot myself. You don't HAVE to tell me, I'm just curious."

Twilight-Dancer waves a hoof around. "Around," he says. "Wandered, mostly." He doesn't like to talk about it, that's pretty clear. He lands again, now that no one's trying to cling to him. He flutters his wings a bit, then carefully folds them back.

Moon-Willow lands next to him, her own wings permenently fluffed against the cold. "

Moon-Willow lands next to him, her own wings permenently fluffed against the cold. "I've only been to Canterlot before here. I hope someday I'll get to visit Cloudsdale." She sighs whistfully. "Its where my mother was born after all."

Twilight-Dancer nods a bit. He looks towards Cloudsdale, then shrugs some more. "Not that great. Very…" he waves a hoof. "Cloudy. Prefer quiet life." He looks around the Harbour with something like satisfaction.

Moon-Willow chuckles. "I take it you havent asked any pony what life is like here. I thought if was peaceful too…until they started telling me the stories of whats happens here. Curses and hurricanes. And now a witch and a Windigo!"

Twilight-Dancer blinks. "That is quiet," he responds. "No rampaging dragons, horrid spine beasts, et cetera." He nods. "Only had three attempted muggings so far. Much calmer."

Moon-Willow stares with wide eyes. "I suppose my life in Canterlot was more…tame. Though I'm certainly not worried about being about to handle myself."

Twilight-Dancer mms. He stretches a bit, then noses in his bag to make sure there's no letters left to deliver. Ahem. "Canterlot is… yeah…" He scowls a bit, then tosses his mane. "Nevermind."

Moon-Willow scowls. "Yes. I'm afraid its full of stuck up ponies who think their better then everyone else."

Twilight-Dancer mmhmms. He nods and scowls. It's a very good scowl, in fact. Not quite as good as his glower, but still pretty decent. Hrm. >:|

Moon Willows scowl becomes a soft smile. "But the people here are SO much nicer, don't you think?"

Twilight-Dancer huhs? He looks around at the ponies wandering through. He shrugs. "Guess," he admits. He eyes the Adventurer's guild one more time, then shrugs again. "Should be on way, though."

Somewhere inside the guild…Rumble's fallena sleep behind the counter. With a dirty dustrag in his mouth. What a lump.
Moon-Willow waves cheerfully, giving her brightest smile yet. "Alright then! I hope to see you again soon!"

Twilight-Dancer nods at Willow, waving a hoof, before turning to blink at Rumble. He sighs and shakes his head and, instead of wandering away, he wanders into the Guild to carry Rumble into the back. He also cleans the counters, washes the rag, and only thereafter heads home.

Moon-Willow looks over at Rumble. "Oh dear." She pokes him slightly. "Hey, are you alright?"

Rumble snorts, but doesn't wake. Poor guy's out cold! Not even Twilight moving him around woke him up.

Moon-Willow gasps. "This can't be good." She dashes over to the candy store, rushing inside. "Hello! Can somepony help?! I think somethings really wrong!"

Alas! The candy shoppe has closed at some point during the conversation. Its windows are dark and naught but the sound of…mining?…comes from deep within.

A moment later Rumble-Riot steps back out of the Adventurer's Guild, yawning widely and smacking his lips. "…Man running my own place is gonna be harder than it looks. Can't believe I fell asleep like that."

Moon-Willow mutters a curse and dashes back, fully intending to drag the pegasus all the way to the hospital herself. "Eh! You…I thought you were hurt you idiot!"

Rumble blinks up at Moon Willow, his head tilted. He ain't no pegasus! He's a unicorn! "Hurt? Naw! Nothing can hurt me! Much! I'm strong as an ox!" He poses, snorting. "I just..y'know. Sleep like a horse." He grins. "That means I should get some sleep. Tomorrow's another adventure!"