Good Morning Codex
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 04/9
Location: Old Talisman Factory
PCs: Codex Grinder

Morning finds little miss Grinder in the midst of the factory floor not too far from Codex's pile of computery like stuff. The filly has been throughly bathed and cleansed and now looks, well she looks CLEAN! Her mane is out of its horrid messy dreadlocks, and rides freely down her to her shoulders in long black locks, that while unkept still look flowing and beautiful, her tail looks likewise as if somepony took the time to brush her mane out. The filly doesn't even have her usual barding on, but has it before her as she polishes and cleans the beat up outfit. She's not made much noise this morning tending to keep to herself here, but she has probably made enough racket to wake somepony up, she's trying to be polite to her hosts, but she is the curious sort.
This work of cleanliness could only be the work of… …Miss Clean-Sweep!

Of course Clean Sweep would clean Grinder up, it only makes sense. any pony who stays here for long gets the whole treatment of bath and lessons on how to STAY clean, as well as it's importance.

About the only pony to avoid this is Codex. Mostly because they are equals, and Codex himself is too absent minded to remember whether or not he wants to be clean. They get along just fine, so long as the stallion doesn't enter Sweep's clean room. They do seem to be having a lot of guests recently though, Codex seems to be staying mostly out of it. He's a nice enough guy when confronted, but he doesn't really go out of his way to make the effort.

*BEEP* Okay what is that?
Well, it's coming from Codex computer rooms, but the source has been getting closer. Soon, codex himself trots out, holding his computer and beaming. It's possible to see the lights dimming on it's surface, the computer turned on! The nerd probably hasn't even heard Grinder's trotting around, you'd have to get up early to wake up before Codex. Her new and beautiful looks won't faze him much either, since his only true love is information. "Hello!"

The filly tips her head listening, listening to the incessant beeping. "What" "Is" "That?" she warbles out looking up just as Codex appears, "Oh Hi, uhh good morning" responds curiously, "Oh you got it working! Thats Cool!" Surprise is evident in her voice, "So its not a, PipBuck but acts like one, and does the same stuff, or more?" she asks of the stallion as she flicks her now evident bangs from out of her eyes. Its obvious just why she always has her mane back in some manner as that /would/ get annoying constantly being in her face like that.

Codex trots around happily, even though the computer is off now. "Well, working is an overstatement, I only got it to turn on. It's another large step to get it to do anything other than beep, really loudly." But doesn't he just looked happy about it? "It's no, not a pipbuck, no. It's much more, a long term project to make the perfect personal computer!" He hold his hoof up triumphantly, his mane getting in to his face being a menial, and thus, ignorable problem. "I can't remember what it's supposed to do though." Frown, that's less fun.

Grinder perks looking up, "Better than a pipBuck" she then oh's some a sounding disappointed, "Did you uhh, write it down what all its supposed to do?" she asks, "you do write alot of stuff down after all" the filly asks seriously, "I, err, I've played with this pipbuck since I' got it a year n a half ago, and I've learned lots, maybe I can help?" she asks

Codex frowns further. "No, there's no written records about this. It's a project an old friend and I started but, he seems to have disappeared. Shame, really, the computer has so much potential and I'm really not the best at making it work." There's a small moment of frown, then back to grin! "I have it turning on now! With that, I can begin diagnostics and information retrieval! Soon it should be on it's way to functionality!"

Grinder sneaks over to look at it, "Can I plug in my PipBuck, I er, maybe that will help?" she asks curiously now selflessly wanting to help this other pony. What has gotten into her today, this is /so/ not like her, usually she's into things for profit, but now, its just curiosity. "Maybe my PipBuck can do a diagnostic on it and see what you need to fix next?" the inquisitive filly asks

Codex waves her away. "there's no need, no need! I already know my next step form here. There's one key piece of technology that will be crucial in building the programming base for the computer. I have all the materials and most of it's already here. I just need that one little thing." He hooks the computer on to his harness, satisfied. "So you're staying with us now? I thought you had a place in, uhhh…"

Grinder is rebuffed, but then enthralled, "you need one little piece one peice, why thats my speciality, Scavenging and salvage, Its my CutieMark n everything!" or at least how she interprets it as. "Oh here, its just temporary really, I do have a house back in Crane-City, inside the Wall and everything!" she nodnod's, "Miss Sweep just brought me in cause when I was out scouting for this place I ran into a bit of trouble, well least thats what my Buck, told me was getting close, all red and hostile, and well I panicked, and she brought me in, cleaned me up and let me stay the night" she offers in return, "What piece do ya need, I'm sure I can scrounge it up, I know all the places to go hunting!

Well that's quite the transformation Codex has undergone. He's not beaming or prancing around, he seems rather calm now, though still super happy. "Well that's good! We're rather safe here, and if you have any trouble, they wouldn't get past Sweep and I. Feel free to come here any time you need shelter, I'll get Sweep to program you in to the turret's friendly systems." Codex may care about information, but ponies are important too. Plus, Grinder is kinda cute, so she gets a free pass. "As for the part, it's a very specific piece of pre-war technology. A computer chip designed to handle most of the menial functions of the computer and ease the pressure. It would drastically improve performance. Unfortunately, the only place it is located in the area is an underground bunker, I must assume it's guarded. I'll be paying it a visit soon."

Grinder hmmmm's "Bunker, uhh, what about at the old power-plant, they have loads of pre-war stuff, and lots of computers, and supplies n stuff?" she asks and gulps a little, "Wait, you're not going alone are you?" she asks with concern, "Alone's not good, not here, no" she stomps a hoof, "Oh and the turrets, remember who fixed em, uhh Mr. Wings, well he gave me a bypass on my pipbuck, but I guess one from you two would be nicer than getting shot at" the filly acknowledges that little fact. "The computers at the plant" she pauses kinda looking unsure, "well they're not guarded really, but some of the critters around that area" she downright fidgets, "Well they're not exactly friendly, Oh, hey, is this bunker not a bunker, but that Stable 16? up near the hills?" she perks right up, "Cause I know they opened up just recently, been trading for stuff and some ponies have been back n' forth from the town n stuff?

Codex considers this, he really does! After a long moment he shakes his head. "The power plant wont have the chip I require, I don't think. Stable 16 probably won't either, or wouldn't appreciate me taking such a valuable piece of tech. This bunker is small, anyways, just a couple rooms meant to keep some military personnel safe. In all honesty it shouldn't even have an armory." Alone, though? Look at this stallion, big and strong, wearing faded red robes and right now, looking like more of a veteran than a nerd. "I'll be taking Clean Sweep with me, at least. You're welcome to come along, of course. It shouldn't be dangerous, haha, anything we run in to shouldn't even be able to stand up to me alone. I'll even be posting a bulletin around town advertising positions to accompany me. I'll be going within the next week or so, I think, the completion of the computer is so close I can taste it!" He looks like a happy nerd again, and prances around the factory floor.

Grinder gives a quick nod, "Oh, I've not been to any of the bunkers, I err" she just looks ground-ward, "I don't have any backup or big guns or anything like that" she flits through her saddlebags and pulls out her sole weapon and my its cute really, just a Derringer Two Shot pistol. Really tiny little thing, but she's a good shot with it. "Codex, please don't go looking for trouble" she murmurs, "If its anywhere near the plant there's like a whole bunch of slavers that operate near there, I know them" she murmurs, "Know them too well" the filly comments sounding a bit disturbed by that, "Please just be careful, I know this is important to you, Just" she's got a level head or something, "Just don't get overconfident about your part" the filly offers, "The Slavers love it when ponies are confident in something, they live to take that away."

Codex isn't going to be dissuaded so easily in his prancing foolishness. "So close to such an important task being done. Then I'll have a computer, which will help me store information, no more dirty broken pencils, no more notebooks soaked by rain!" He skids to a stop at the mention of slavers, though. "Listen, Grinder, I am confident in what I can do for good reason. Sweep and I can take care of ourselves, we've been doing so for years. We know very well what slavers love to do, I won't see it happen to us." Just for a second there he sounds mad. Just as soon as that seriousness and anger shows up, it's gone, and he trots back around towards the computer rooms.

Grinder trots after him, "I, I, I, I'm sorry, I just don't want ponies getting hurt, cause I know what slavers do to ponies, I know from Experience" she huffs as she tries to keep up, just leaving her barding and saddlebags where she was working on them to trot after him. "I don't want any ponies I know to get hurt thats all, Don't want any of my Friends killed by em any more you get me!" she shouts now.

Codex wasn't even that far gone! Or insulted even, just suddenly looked preoccupied. "Oh, I know your intentions are kind, I appreciate it. I know from experience too, no risks will be taken without adequate preparation." He slows down to let her catch up easily, thinking he may have been going a little fast. "No need to be sorry, miss Grinder. You're welcome to come with me, I'm just going to be doing some archiving." Excitement over for today, what a boring stallion. He pauses for a moment. "Actually, if you're that worried, would you like me to prove I can take care of myself?"

Grinder pauses and looks to him, "Prove yourself?" she gulps as she freezes in place, "h How so?" she asks curiously now completely enthralled with this stallion as she catches up with him. Her brow furrows, "Archiving?" she looks out of sorts with herself at this situation, a bit confused to say the least

Codex starts setting down his bags. "Archiving, transferring information I find during my day and putting it in my archives so the information will be safe and recorded for posterity. Also putting all my found historical books in storage for the same reason. It's my job." He reaches under his robe and pulls out two weapons, a sword and a heavily modified laser pistol. "Defense. That sword seems to be enchanted to add extra cutting power, or is just vry sharp, and the pistol is a 24 round clip, split in to groups of six. From what I can tell, it has superior accuracy and is much, much better made than any regular laser pistol you'll find in the wasteland." He looks satisfied, he's got the tools!

Grinder oh's as she sees the weapons formerly hidden from view, and survey's his books briefly skimming them. "Well I've only got that one little pistol" she mentions, "but I do have unicorn magic and a nasty-mean levitation spell going for myself" she nods, "its how I got my freedom from the slavers, how I killed all four of em at once" she intones.

Codex nods, satisfied. "There you go, then. I have my own ways of keeping myself safe, even without magic. I can promise you, I'll be safe." With another grin, she picks the weapons back up, putting them back in place. Clearly they are places so they can be pulled out in a moment's notice, but are hidden still. As the sword disappears, it's possible to see 'Elder Ages' on the blade. Soon he's got his bags back on. "Off to work with me, then!"

Grinder blinks, "Off, wait, where are you going now?" she asks as she follows then smiles, "Oh you're doing what I normally do, just with books and history" she gets it now and smiles, she trots behind and starts to get suited up as well, armor chest-plate (its clean) and her welding barding, "We'll go out together, but then I've got to be getting back to town, I don't want to worry Mr. Wings, errr O that is" she mentions, "Ok?

Codex grins. "Always nice to have some company, I won't be going far, just some casual observation and note copying. I'll escort you back to town." What a gentle-colt, he'll even do it too. That expedition is clearly preying on his mind, the stallion looks excited. It can wait though, preparation is key.

Grinder Oh's and is rather elated. She dashes down a note to Miss Clean-Sweep (basically a thank you note) and slips it where she's liable to find it. Right by her trusty box of Abraxo. "Thank you Codex, thats nice of you, umm would you like to see where I live, oh and I've also set up Mr. Wings at my place too, he needed a place to stay" she comments softly with a little toss of her mane for which she's quite pleased by its cleanliness as is obviously the case. The filly is fully armed up and ready to go heading for home easily.

Codex opens the door, and holds it for his temporary partner. "If you'd like to show me, sure." He's looking ready too, he pretty much always does.