Golem Gifts
IC date: Winter 51, 1007
OOC date: Februari 8, 2012
Location: Chaos Manor
PCs: Quintessent-Rune Rising-Chaos

The state of Rising Chaos' laboraty might seem rather abhorent to the mare, all her projects have been pushed off towards the walls, covered up with sheets of white cloth as to not distract and the now vacant floorspace have been filled with circles of noticeboards laden with papers, multi-coloured thread criss-crossing the room and tying everything together. Towards the center of said circles of boards there are a few tables, their legs bowing ever so slightly to the weight of tools laid out of them as well as Quintessent-Rune's own projects, though what the large steel shapes and the cloth for is anypony's guess.

Speaking of Quintessent-Rune, the pony herself seems rather buissy, flipping back and forth amongst sheets of paper as she sits coacily in… a wooden bath tub? Here? The thing sits dead center in the room, containing both moderately temperate water and the seapony herself - a tempered, woven string of seaweed tied around her neck holding a perl pendant surounded with ancient-looking gold coins. Her phylactery? That seems the case judging from the midnight-blue fish-tail that spills out of the tub, adorned with black fins.

Rune's ears perk up at the sound of Rising, and after a moment her head turned towards the unicorn mare. "Ah, Miss Chaos! I'm pleased that you feelt inclined to join me as requested… Servant," she added after a moment, calling up the stairs to the golem who'd delivered the invitation, "would you kindly prepare some tea? Thank you."

Rising-Chaos looks over her lab, raising an eyebrow at it's state. She was down here last ngiht, of course, but her attention had been elsewhere. The mare's frowning, as usual, and approaches the tub. "Of course, I would hardly miss an invitation from you, miss Rune. I had something to ask already. What did you wnat me for?"

"It can wait for a moment, Miss Chaos. Do feel free to indulge your curiosity," said Quintessent-Rune, her often neutral expression replaced with a small smile that actualy reaches her eyes. Rune must be incredibly cheery for being her.

Rising-Chaos idly lifts the covers off some of her experiments, thye were unnecessary. "I was going to ask you for permission to use the lab again. I had given it's use to you, after all. It would be impolite to recommence my studies without your say so." She notices the cheeriness, and appreciates it. Rune, at least, is an interesting pony. "I would not interfere with your work in the least, I promise."

Quintessent-Rune smiled and nodded. "There are no problems on my part for the retrun of your laboratory to you. Most of my work as of late have pertained as to the reson I have requested your presence," a midnight blue hoof rose from the tub, gesturing at the boards around them. "I still require a small corner of the lab for my other experiment, but it should be concluded within a week or two. Now, I do beli-… Ah! Timely as ever, Servant!"

Quintessent even spared the plushy golem a small smile as the construct pushed a small seat, aquired from somewhere, into place next to the tub, together with a small side-table with a teapot and corrosponding cups. Three of them, which brought a raised eyebrow. "Are we… expecting company, Servant?" Silence. "No? Why th-… No! We're not practicing for the pla-…" Rune sighed, almost embarasedly, "the play-date. This is important bussines."

Rising-Chaos takes a seat with no small hint of amusement of her face. "I'll pour, of course." She proceeds to do so, and takes a sip of her tea. "Play Date? My goodness." The unicorn relents while she's ahead. "You will have all the space you need, of course. Now, what is this important business?"

Quintessent-Rune's ears folded back against her head. "Please, do not remind me. It is embarasing enough that I was bullied into it by a foal and a fish… golem." Quintessent sighed, accepting her own cup of tea and taking a sip, her tail swaying back and forth - scraping across the floor. "But yes, important business. I do belive I promised some insight into the work I have been doing, and the art of golemancy as it is."

Quintessent gave the boards around her a brief nod. "It is all here, laid bare before you. It took a while to find suitable reference material for me to translate my understanding of the art into thaumaturgical notation common to your kin, but it is here. All the instructions and knowledge to create a golem, if perhaps not one as sophisticated as Servant."

Rising-Chaos raises her eyebrow at the mention of 'foal and fish golem', that sounds like quite the story. Good thing for Quintessent, Rising doesn't care. Of far more concern is the news, and THAT'S exciting. "My goodness, that's more than I was expecting. The knowledge to make an entire golem? That's fantastic, I can never repay you enough miss Rune." her face hasn't really moved, though her voice betrays at least a hint of emotion. "I would be remiss to withhold any information to you now, of course. Though I do have an idea of a little trinket I could give you, which may let you experiment more, practically, with telekinesis."

Quintessent-Rune's smile turns just a little less nice for a moment as the mare heard 'never repay you enough'. Almost as if that was a challenge. That little nasty blemish dissapears in a instant though. "That would be appreciated, Miss Chaos. So far my attempts have produced a few functional examples, even though they are somewhat uncontrolable. And noisy. And the rotation required of them is counterproductive to the final goal of the design…"

Rising-Chaos certainly mean it as a challenge, and was being legitamately grateful. though the unicorn doesn't notice the change in mood, as she's focusing. A small pendant floats over, plain iron spuare on a thin iron chain. Hardly fashionable, but it wasn't meant to be. "This is the first part, and should help you at least a bit. Think of it as a focal point, cast your spell at the pendant, and tell it what to pick up. I'll give you the second part once I can complete it."

Quintessent-Rune nodded slowly, clasping the small pendant with her hooves before turning it over curiously. It wasn't directly useful as such, though with some work she could perhaps deconstruct the spell and try to put it into her rune structure… After several moments of silence Quintessent-Rune shook her head, rousing herself from her thoughts and giving Rising-Chaos another small smile, one of those incredibly rare, genuine ones. "Thank you, Miss Chaos. Hopefuly it will better arm me to garner some understanding of levitation. Servant would, I belive, be more useful with some more dirt-bound mobility than it currently posses."

Rising-Chaos watches her observe it with soem emasure of nervousness. It's hardly a precious item, and will only make the experiments easier, btu still, it is magic. "A pleasure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I should be going back upstairs, there's still much work to do." The unicorn gets to her feet, nodding at the seapony. "Your mansion is being constructed as we speak, and should be finished in a couple weeks. Until next time we speak, miss Rune."

"I am looking forward to it. Till next time, Miss Chaos," said Quintessent-Rune, still smiling.

Rising-Chaos climbs the stairs, quite pleased with the visit. Perhaps soon she'll be running around with her own golem. Not as sophisticated as Servant, but who knows the utility she could add.