Gold And Fabric
IC date: Autumn 20, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 9, 2012
PCs: Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Jellybean, Kludge, Windrose
NPCs: None
GM: None

Magpie is completely hidden, dozing under a pile of discarded blankets in the corner. Jellybean may possibly be in there with her.

Ruby-Blossom trots into the Base from one of the adjoining rooms - she's spent the better part of the day running around the base performing various tasks; Celestia know's what she was up to! The mare taking a seat on a bench to relax her hooves; a soft sigh ensues. "I hope this was worth it." she mutters to pony in particular.

Jellybean is, in fact, taking a nap in the blankets. Pegasi are born nap-takers, but apparently cloud-napping is a terrible idea here. Thus, blankets.

Magpie is halfway curled around the little colt, and with two bodies it's actually a little stifling in there. But it's warm, really and truly warm for the first time in.. well, hard to tell days here, but it's been a while. The little mare is instantly awake, though, at the sound of somepony sitting down nearby, and the blankets move fractionally as she shifts to peek out at Ruby.

One of the side effects of gaining a craftspony in the base is that the usual backlog of repair jobs gets cleared out faster than expected. Thus, Kludge has found himself with some spare time, which he's using to sketch out more concepts for a snow-wagon (for lack of a better term). "Busy day?" he inquires of Ruby, glancing up to see how she's doing.

The rustling of blankets does little more than draw a small ear twich from the turquoise mare - it would appear that is unaware of Magpie's presence! From behind Magpie can see Ruby remove something from her saddle bag - leaving the bag open on the bench beside her. Those expressive ruby red eyes blink before she offers a friendly wave to Kludge. "I thought of something useful to do." holding a small objet - perhaps a foot tall in her hooves; details obscured by the cloth wrapped around it.

Magpie's eyes flick over the object in Ruby's hooves, but her eyes automatically go to the bag. Now what could be in there?

Ruby's bag lies open and unguarded on the bench - the mare's attention seemingly on Kludge at the moment. It's contents only hidden by the sagging of the saddlebag itself!

"Oh? What is it?" Kludge inquires. Hey, if somepony has an idea that sounds good enough, he's willing to help out.

Magpie bites her lip. Her horn limns in pale lavender under the cover of the blanket, and the barest wisp of magic tugs the bag, shifting it just a touch to see inside…

Ruby-Blossom grins sheepishly as she openly admits. "I feel like it's a waste of perfectly good gold, that's what I feel like it is." she ahems loudly "Maggie. You'd be far better off stealing from somepony who's /not/ a better thief than you." Her voice doesn't carry a hint of anger! Turning her head ever so slightly to glance back at Maggie with a tiny smile. "You know, you might find yourself better off if you just /gave/ me a chance.

Kludge doesn't even bat an eye at that second part. The first part, though… "Now you really have me curious - what do you have in mind that might be a waste of gold?"

The pile of blankets jerks once, as if the pony inside had jumped, then slowly falls back as Magpie sits up. "Did somepony call me?" she asks with every ounce of innocence she can muster, yawning a little for good measure.

Jellybean shifts and squirms, sitting up and rubbing his eyes with his hooves. "That was a nice nap," he says, sleepily but happily. He looks at Magpie. Blinks, smiles. "Oh. Hello. Did you have a good nap too?"

Ruby-Blossom turns ever so slightly to lock eyes with Magpie - offering a sweet smile before turning back to Kludge. "I just realized this place was missing a little something, and spent the better part of the day convincing very busy ponies to let me use some minor resources." she stuffs the object back in her bag then tugs the bag off the bench before trotting over to Kludge. "I'm really not sure if the whole thing was worth it.

"Do tell?" Kludge is definitely interested, as Ruby has shown a knack for cheering up those who need it… and this place could certainly use some cheering up.

Magpie reaches down to rub Jellybean's ears, a little absently. She's staring at Ruby's back, her brow furrowed. Trying to figure out what exactly the mare knows, what she wants.

Ruby-Blossom bites her bottom lip while shifting her weight from one hoof to another. "It's kind of embarrassing really, for me anyways. I mean it's not like I'm fond of the royals or the like." a hint of a frown as she places her bag on the table beside Kludge, opens it and then leans over to reveal the secret to him!

Kludge raises his eyebrows, then grins. "Nice way to remind them what them of what they're fighting for… and to remind us of what we're looking forward to." He gives Ruby a quick appreciative hug.

Ruby-Blossomacks softly as she's hugged. "Knock it off. It's not like I'm doing this for anypony else but myself!" quite flushed in embarrassment. "I mean, this is just an investment. When things pan out I'll get paid back big time." Of course, any pony that knows Ruby - knows she /is/ doing it for everypony else.

Magpie lifts up a little. "Huh? What? What is it?"

Jellybean mmmms. Ear-rubbing. For the moment it sounds like grown-ups are talking about grown-up things, so he's content to just kinda bask.

Kludge looks at Magpie, then looks at Ruby before looking back at Magpie. "I make no promises, but maybe you should ask Ruby?" he suggests with the slight hint of a smile.

Ruby-Blossom sits beside Kludge and sets the wrapped bundle on the table. "Hey Jelly, want to see?" she asks the foal with a chime in her voice.

Magpie heys! She hops out of the blanket. "I wanna see," she says to Ruby with clear reproach.

Ruby-Blossom pipes at Magpie. "Then come see. I'll show it to you, Maggie."

Kludge smiles at the back-and-forth between Ruby and Magpie. As far as he can tell, things are going better than some of the other times the veteran thief has tried to talk to the younger one.

Magpie sighs and rolls her eyes, and stompystomps over to stand right in front of Ruby.

Ruby-Blossom waits until Maggie and Jelly settle in before unwrapping the foot tall object - three metal pillars curve upwards to meet at a single point where a circular gold sun rests at the point! The sun clearly modeled after Celestia's cutie mark - in essence a small shrine to the princess! "I spent the better part of the day getting this put together, took all the gold I brought too. I just hope /everypony/ can respect the value that this has to the ponies here, and see past the value of the gold."

Jellybean blinks, then rolls up onto his hooves. He looks at what Ruby made curiously. "That's really neat, Ruby."

Magpie's eyes widen. Holy Celestia that's a lot of go— "Hey! I know it's like hope or somethin'!" AND a really hugemongous piece of gold.

"Indeed," nods Kludge. "Reminds the locals of what they're fighting for… and reminds us Harborites of what we're striving to return to."

AND it's a bunch of gold.

Ruby-Blossom offers a rather warm little smile to Magpie. "I can show you how to get this much gold too. It's just a shame I had to use a hoof-full of those coins we got from Faux." she pouts "I'm glad I managed to snag like fifty of them when you guys weren't paying attention." Kludge will recall each of the coins was larger than a stallion…if Ruby managed to grab that many among all the chaos…that's some serious bank.

Magpie peers at Ruby. "Fifty coins? Snag? What're you talking about?

Ruby-Blossom beams at Magpie. "We had a little adventure that involved defeating a giant poison joke blob. I managed to snag tons of treasure among all the chaos. I'm sure Kludge can vow for the hectic nature of this particular outing - he may even doubt my ability to stuff my saddlebags to this extent as well.

Kludge chuckles wryly at the memory. "It's a tale of pirate treasure and Poison Joke blob-monsters, and a dead pirate who wanted to flood the world with nasty practical jokes. Bit of a long story, and I know I don't know all of it, but that was the biggest adventure I'd ever been on… until this one." He shakes his head. "Ruby, if it wasn't for the fact that this is you we're talking about, I /would/ doubt your ability to sneak that much loot. But since it's you, and you are a professional…" He gives Ruby a half-bow with a "thus and therefore" sweep of a foreleg.

Magpie blinkblink. She tilts her head. "Wait," she says to Kludge. "She's not lying?!"

Ruby-Blossom chuckles cutely and tries not to glow from Kludge's compliment. "I particularly liked the part where I was insulting the blob the whole time. Singing him into submission wasn't half bad either. Admittedly, I couldn't bring myself to melt down that cute little gold hair-clip I dug up before Flintlock used all the gold to blow a hole in the cavern wall. I don't know why, but I really like it." she glances at Magpie. "I don't have any reason to lie to you squirt. I like you, even if you hate me.

Magpie looks taken aback. "I don't hate you," she says to Ruby, startled. "I don't even KNOW you." She also suddenly wants to see this hairclip, but she won't say so aloud.

Kludge gives Magpie a kind smile. "She respects you, Magpie. Give her a chance to talk to you, and I suspect the two of you will get along just fine."

Ruby-Blossom despite not looking at Magpie - Ruby speaks "Kludge. It's okay. I've been through what she's been through - I can understand /why/ she wouldn't trust anypony who just tried to be nice to her out of the blue. Let alone somepony awefully interested in her.

Magpie scowls at Kludge, then shifts the scowl over to Ruby, lowering herself until she's peeking over the table at the mare. "She wants something," says the sub-tabular voice. "I just can't figure out her angle."

Ruby-Blossom props her chin up with her own hoofs, elbows on the table as she quietly looks back at Magpie. "I do want something." she admits casually. "I want you to live a better life than I did up to this point, and clearly I've gotten what I want as you've taken a liking to Winny and Jelly. I suggest you do your best to make friends when we get back. You'll be alot happier in the long run, trust me." blowing her hair upwards with a heavy breath.

Jellybean beams at Magpie. "Maybe she wants to be your friend?" Flappaflappa.

"Nothing wrong with having reliable friends," agrees Kludge as he grins at Jellybean. "And having good friends does make things more cheerful."

Ruby-Blossom spins about and suddenly snags Jellybean - pulling the foal into her lap. "Yeah. I'm envious of ponies with good friends." giving Kludge a small nudge in his side.

Magpie keeps the scowl. "Yeah, but /why/ does she wanna be 'friends'?" she asks, more to herself than anything else.

Ruby-Blossom tilts her head backwards until she's almost laying on the table with Jellybean in her arms. "I never said I wanted to be your friend, Maggie." she sets Jelly on the table before spinning around to face Magpie again. "I won't deny that I'd love to be called 'mommy' though." a soft laugh to dispell the truth behind that comment. "Here." suddenly flicking the hair clip at Magpie's nose. "You can keep that."

Kludge leans over to Magpie and stage-whispers "She's fond of foals and likes helping them - but don't tell her I said that." He then sits up and gives Ruby what's supposed to be an innocent smile… except that it keeps trying to be a huge grin instead.

Jellybean flails when he suddenly finds himself on his back, but gently. More of a 'hey what's going on' flail than anything.

Magpie blinks and aughs! She holds her head between her hooves. "Stop it! STOP IT!" She turns and runs away from the table, leaving the others to— do whatever!

…hey, where'd that hairclip go?

Ruby-Blossom visibly deflates with a heavy a sigh and looks up to meet Jellybean's eyes. "Everytime. Am I really that much of an ogre?" she asks the foal before hanging her head.

Jellybean shakes his head. "I think Magpie's just had a rough time, that's all. Maybe you're trying a bit too hard, though? Do you want me to talk to her?"

Kludge gives Ruby a comforting hug. "I think you're slowly getting through to her, even if it's slower than you'd like."

Ruby-Blossom puffs up her cheeks. "I know she's having a rough time. That's /why/ I'm trying Jellybean. I grew up alot like her, and if it weren't for you idiots I wouldn't of realized how lonely that was."

Jellybean wriggles out of Ruby's grip and flies in the direction Magpie went off in. "I'm gonna go look for her, okay?"

Ruby-Blossom nods "Thanks Jelly." she offers a small, stupid smile at Kludge. "I need to give up, I really do.

Kludge gives Ruby a nuzzle of encouragement (and notices that she hasn't slipped out of the hug, either). "You'll get through to her. Out of all the ponies I know, you're the best one for this."

Ruby-Blossom laughs warmly "Naw, I think I'll leave it to Winny. Magpie already likes that mare, and who can blame her?" she offers a grin. "Comfortable Kludge?"

"Oh, maybe," grins Kludge in return. "You do an excellent job of keeping spirits up, but even the best of cheerleaders needs somepony to cheer for them somethimes. Feeling better?"

Jellybean flies off, exploring the base. It seems like he's flying aimlessly and he more or less is, but even if he's a foal the intuition which is his special talent is remarkably accurate.

Magpie's in a store-room, sitting on top of a large crate and behind a makeshift lean-to that used to be a small chalkboard. She's just sitting, very still and quiet, and glaring at the gold hairclip hard enough to melt it.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof dismissively. "I was never feeling bad, not really." she gently nudges herself away from Kludge's embrace before propping chin up in her hooves again. In a rather off-handed matter she pipes "I don't dislike you or anything, you know." If anypony can translate that from Ruby talk to normal speak, it should be Kludge.

Jellybean lands, somewhat clumsily. "I bet it'd look nice on you," he offers.

Magpie transfers her glare to the tiny pony. "How'd you find me?" she asks, more dull annoyance than anger in her voice.

Jellybean is oblivious to annoyed glares. It seems to be a Thing with him. He hops. "I'm good at guessing things. It's my special talent."

Magpie gives Jellybean a long look. "Huh. okay." She sighs. "Every time I think I could like her, she gets all weird at me," she grumbles.

Kludge nods. "As long as we have each other, we can get through anything. Together. And really, what more do we need?"

Jellybean is still hopping around: now that he's had his nap it seems he's got plenty of energy. "Grown-up ponies are like that," he says, "they get weird bout things that they think are important."

Ruby-Blossom gently nudges Kludge "Don't take things so seriously. it's not like we're going to…" she ponders "Well, actually we might." she slips to her hoofs and streatches out.

Windrose meanders into the main room of the base, looking somewhere between bored and indifferent. "Hey guys."

Ruby-Blossom sees Windrose! Ponder Ponder Ponder. "Hey! Windrose!" she beams cheerfully "I patched up old thermal suits for everypony. You included, want?

…is that a cross-eyed Kludge statue? He sure seems to be stunned by what Ruby mentioned, even if it's just theoreticals at this point.

Windrose's ears flare up at that, and then she practically pounces on Ruby in response. "PleasepleasepleasePLEEEEASE? I'm going stir crazy not being to go outside and actually do anything useful because sitting inside doesn't really suit my talents any and it's driving me even crazier than the foal thing did." Whoa, run on there.

Magpie gives Jelly a look. Then she picks up the gold hairpin in her hooves. "Yeah, well. She can just… quit being weird at me." The filly jumps down from her hidey-hole. She scrabbles around under some junk in the store-room, and then goes trotting back towards the door, short one hairpin.

Ruby-Blossom is sufficently pounced; you'd think she'd have learned after Solar-Wind nearly hug-crushed her last night! "Ack! Yes yes yes, of course!" she giggles and squirms a bit so she can pull her arms free and hug the other mare. "There in a crate on the far wall. Just don't try to go outside alone, AND you only go outside when they allow it. We're on their terms for the moment.

Windrose hugs Ruby with her wings. "I don't care, I just want to be able to do more than sit on my plot!" Then zips out of the embrace to bolt to the crate and rummage around inside a bit. Holds up a thermal suit with her forelegs. "So how do these work with wings?"

Jellybean follows after Magpie. "Maybe if you tried talking to her? I mean, I know grown-up ponies don't always listen, but it's worth a try?"

Magpie sighs and rubs her head. "Maybe? I don't — Ugh." She groans. "I don't think I can explain it."

Ruby-Blossom rolls forward until she's on all four hooves, and then trots to Windy. She hmms "I think…ah." she grabs a different suit from the pile and wiggles her hoof through the extra holes present on the suit tailored for Windy. "Sadly no protection for wings - so you need to be really careful when slipping your wings out. Solar-wind can attest to that." she grins.

Jellybean continues to follow her. "Well, if I think of something that'll help I'll tell you." Pause. "I'm not good at thinking of things."

"Maybe you should try guessing," Magpie snaps, a little more nastily than she meant it.

Windrose merps and quickly stuffs the wrong suit she was holding to back into the crate and takes the one from Ruby instead. "Covering the wings entirely would be a bad idea anyways, it'd disrupt air flow and control. But that's okay, unlike some pegasi I am capable of trotting as well as flying." Rolls her eyes thoughtfully for a moment. "Okay, maybe not -like- it persay, but I'll take what I can get."

Ruby-Blossom grins at Windrose. "I'll depend on you to keep an eye on Solar-Wind too. He's really not good at being couped up." she trots back to the table to gently nudge Kludge "You okay in there?"

Jellybean whimpers, flapping his wings nervously. "I'll try?"

Kludge audibly blinks. "I… think so?" He gives his head one last shake to finish settling his thoughts. "Just gotta keep dealing with things as they come into view, and not worry about the unknown future."

Magpie's ears flick back. "Sorry," she mutters quickly. "Didn't mean it like that."

"Can't say I really blame him," Windrose replies, as she wiggles into the thermal suit to try it on. "Hey, this fits pretty good despite my long legginess, thanks Ruby!"

Ruby-Blossom offers a small grin to Windrose as she looks over her shoulder at the other mare. "Welcome." The suit is clearly second hand - likely far more hands down the chain that, but at least Ruby managed to sew it together and patch it up, much the same she did everypony else's suits - except Winny's; /that/ took cobbling two suits together for the big mare.

Magpie peeks into the front room where everypony is suiting up. She lurks in the hallway, covertly watching Ruby.

Jellybean bounces. "It's okay. I know I annoy ponies sometimes."

Windrose practices flicking her wings out a few times. "Now maybe I can finally do something useful around here other than taking sense into others." That sure seems to have picked up her mood at least.

Ruby-Blossom is in fact occupied with Kludge and Windrose - she had to give Windrose her suit after all.

Windrose gives Ruby another hug of thanks. "Some ponies may think you're weird, but I'm sure glad you're around." Pause. "Well, that and I don't really -know- anyone that got zapped here except you and Winny and somewhat Kludge." Another thoughtful pause. ".. I attract all the oddballs, don't I?"

Ruby-Blossom gives Windrose a flatpan stare. "You act as if there is a pony about these parts that isn't strange."