Going Basecrazy
IC date: Autumn 49, 1007
OOC date: November 7 , 2012
PCs: Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz, Jellybean
GM: None

Question. Is there still something horrible outside? Is it still cold as the far side of the moon and full of more zombies than a… a… well, actually, any other thing that has zombies in it because Nightmare World is the #1 place for zombies? Yes.

So, guard duty is still called for. Winter is plonked down near the door as she usually is. Maybe it is character growth that keeps her in place, since normally she'd forget what she's doing and get up and wander away like five minutes after settling in. But nope, here she is, as she's been for hours. It probably helps that in the month-plus since everybody arrived, she's already seen everything in the base about ninety times, so there's nothing to really go look at, so hey, if she's gonna flop somewhere and be bored, it might as well be someplace where she gets credit for guarding while she's at it.

There's a book on the floor in front of her. Upside-down, but maybe it will be more interesting the third time she reads it if she tries to do it upside-down.

Jellybean trots out towards the mouth of the base, dragging a blanket with him. He gives Winter a friendly little wave and takes a seat next to her. "I can't sleep," he offers, by way of greeting.

Sodium-Fizz would typicaly agree that it's a very sensible thing to guard the door from anything trying to get in from the outside as well as any fool trying to get out, this is one time Fizzy finds herself somewhat annoyed by the prospect. Even a suprisingly ground-bound pegasus like herself can get the urge to streatch her wings once in a while. Guess that's out of the question.

"You and me both, Jellybean. You and me both," she muttered as she trotted across the open floor, her wings ruffling uneasily.

Sodium-Fizz scowled at Winter. Subject avoided, but even a eyeless statue in Canterlot could have seen that dodge. The Canterlot in their own dimension. "Oh, I've tried that. That's now what's keeping me up. These are." Her wings flared wide. "I'm starting to itch for some real airtime… and that makes me sound uncomfortably much like Solar-Wind."

Winter-Solstice scratches her chin thoughtfully as she watches Soda, then brightens up. "I've got an idea!" She pushes upright and stretches briefly, then begins to prance in place. "Here's what we do! I grab your rear hooves, and hold on tight! And then you flap your wings really hard! And you can take off, but I'll be anchoring you in place, and you can flap all you want and won't go anywhere! See, I know it will work since once upon a time when i was young I had this friend whose mom had to keep him on a leash sometimes or he'd totally run off and never come back until like three days later and then he'd try anyway and shoosh! He'd be flapping around at the end of the leash and just sort of anchored in place like a kite."

Winny don't get a scowl this time. It's more of an unamused, level stare. "Winny, as much as like you, I'm not letting you hang of my tail. I just want to get -up- for a bit. There's a difference." Sodium-Fizz planted her flanks on the floor, batting a dusky purple lock of hair out of her face. Her mane was starting to get a bit long, maybe it was time to ask Ruby for help with that… "It's… kinda like running? You could run all you want around the room here, but it wouldn't be the same as going outside and running as far and fast as your legs can take you."

"Well, no. Because outside you'd need a snowsuit or you'd freeze up like a popsicle," explains Winter. She stares at Soda for a few moments. "We could get some ropes, tie them around your middle? Then I don't even have to hold on, you can just do it- ahhh, who'm I kiddin', you're right. That'd be dumb." She drops back down with a thump and sighs. "I guess you can go out if you want, but you gotta promise to be careful." She quiets a bit. "Ruby's gonna be by soon with Pinkie and then we're gonna head out to the forest, then, you could come with us then if you want? I bet we'd have, like, all kinds of crazy chances to use your cool potions!"

Sodium-Fizz nods slowly, a small smile creeping onto her muzzle. "I thought Ruby mentioned that. And yes, I supose that would be the most sensible option. I'll get some air time, and I might be of some use to somepony," that prompted a soft chuckle. "I'm growing really tired of brewing healing poltices and elixirs and what-nots. There's not that much interesting variety to find there any more, I've gotten disturbingly much experience making them."

Fizz turned slightl, flashing Winter a smile. "And yes, I'll be careful. I'll just bring a few things, nothing dangerous. Everything should be fine. What's the worst that could happen? Besides, it's Ruby you should be worried about, that filly have a tendancy to get herself into trouble."

Winter-Solstice hops upright once more. "Yay! It'll be an adventure! You just wait. I doubt it'll even be all that dangerous or anything, which is too bad, since the dangerous ones are the best ones. But it's still better than the base." She prances about in place and her grin turns to a look of desperation. "It is so crazy boring here, Soda, you have no idea." She probably does. "I think we need to get home soon because if we don't have more stuff to look at and things to do sooner or later I'm gonna be like bkcheewwww." She makes an explosion noise with her mouth and gestures away from her head like it was exploding.

"I have no idea, Winny? I spend almost all my time stuck down here. More so than you, I get the feeling. I know full well how boring this place gets, though I supose it's a bit aleviated by the fact I rather enjoy what I'm ding here, for the most part." Sodium-Fizz couldn't help but smile though. "As for… heady explosions problems, I supose we could try and find a way to break that up. I was playing around with a way to make alcohole… but I'm not certain it would be the best of idea to unleash that particular gieni around here. Everypony's already going a bit strange."

Winter-Solstice makes a few more head-explodey gestures, settling back onto her haunches to employ both hooves in t he process. Either that or she's simulating stretching taffy with her hooves. Actually, soon enough it isn't clear at all what she's pantomiming. "That'd be neat! Actually, I dunno. Maybe? Alcohol doesn't actually work on me I think, so I don't drink much. It just sort of gets my tongue wet but I don't ever feel buzzed or anything." She turns her head slightly and stops waving her hands around. "Well, I did drink a WHOLE LOT once and I got a little lightheaded and then I just sort of blacked out a short while later, but that was, like… that was a whole lot. But until then nothin'. So if you DO make some booze, make it REALLY REALLY INTENSE." She grins brightly and rocks upright once more, and resumes her pacing about. She slows down a bit and narrows her eyes. "Wait, what would you even make it out of? Can you ferment those leaves?"

Sodium-Fizz scuffed a forehoof against the floor. "Um… I'd cheat? It's practicaly impossible to do anything with those leaves. Trust me, I've tried. I have some ideas for a few more classical styles of alcohole… and I've experimented with one wholey based on alchemy. Problem is, the rock-based spirits it produce tastes awful. It's like trying to drink grit, flavoured with rotten milk and a sharp chemical aftertaste." The smaller mare shuddered.

"…I sorta kinda want to try that now," admits Winter, glancing about with as sheepish a smile as she can manage. She glances about, then perks up. "Could you make snow-based alcohol?!"

"Really?" Sodium-Fizz's eyebrows shot up under her mane in suprise. "I supose… that could be aranged, if you want to. As for snow, the only use I can think of -that- is pykrete. Or maybe ice-cubes to put in the neigh-undrinkable rock spirits."

"No? You can't make snowbooze?" asks Winter, looking crestfallen. "Oh, well. I think that… that might like, like it might make you like a hero. Someone who can turn snow to spirits. Pirates everywhere would love you, or at least the ones that sail very far north." She perks up in short order and wiggles in place. "Hey! Magpie says you're all sweet on Ruby. Is that true?"

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly at the expresion on Witers face. At least up to a point. She blinked in suprise. "What? No, I don't like Ruby!" Fizzy's ears flattened against her head. "Or well, I like her but I don't like her like her! I like her in a likeable fashion, but not like her like her liking kind of way. That is all slander and lies." The grey mare pouted, seeming somewhat flushed.

Winter-Solstice leans forward, her smile fading a bit, and widens her eyes just a little, staring just a bit. "You're sure?" she says. "Honesty is the best policy." She sounds very solemn all of a sudden. "I mean I thought Ruby and Kludge were an item, but maybe I'm wrong. Magpie knows a lot about these things, you know."

Sodium-Fizz leans backwards, looking a tad bit nervous. She'd always imagined it would be her -mother- that would pull her aside like this some day, or something of the likes. Not, well, Winter-Solstice! "I'm sure! I don't like her like… that. I'm seven years older than she is, for starters! That filly just needs… help, I guess?" A small frown creased her brow for a moment. "She's nice and all, but at times I get a feeling it's not all sincere."

Shaking her head she turned her attention back fully at Winter, at least as much as the somewhat confused (and flustered) pony can manage. "As for what's up between her and Kludge, I don't know? And Magpie? She's good at… spoting relationship stuff? What?"

Winter-Solstice's intense stare disappears into another smile a moment later. "Okay! I believe you. You wouldn't lie about such things, I'm sure." She drops her smile a moment later to peer thoughtfully into the distance, although since there isn't much in the way of distance down here in the base, it means she's staring through a startled-looking base pony on the far side of the room without realizing it. "She is pretty secretive, though. I kinda wonder… like… why." Her thoughtful gaze turns frowny for a moment before she looks back to Soda, eyes wide. "Wait, how old are you? You don't look that much older than I am. See, even if there was a difference of seven years it all works out, I think? Like the plan is… it's… half as many plus seven? I think. I'm, uh, I'm 22, so that means I could date someone as young as 18? And not get in trouble with the relationship police?" She squints her face up. "who is Magpie, I guess?"

Sodium-Fizz let out a sigh of relief. The problem with Winter, if any, seemed to be that whatever it is she's doing, it's intense. That could be more than a little interesting in some cases, and she dearly hoped her dark coat didn't give that line of thought away, and downright terrifying in others. Like just now. "I… what? Oh, I'm 26… And now I feel like an old nagg," she smiled, "all my friends are younger than I am."

"Magie, the relationship police…? Never tell her that, okey?" she added after a few moments.

Winter-Solstice's eyes focus dangerously. "I think I will sometime, just to see what she'd do." She grins brightly at Soda, then drops out of her moment of INTENSE FOCUS with a little skip and a prance. Or maybe she's pretending to kick something evil in the jaw. Hard to tell. Prancing and fighting probably look similar in Winter's case. "Anyway, that means you can go as low as 20. I actually… I actually think Ruby is younger than that except I'm not entirely sure. So yeah, she sort of is a bit too young for you. That's okay, though! I'm kinda glad that, like, you're that old? Not that that's old. But most everybody around here IS pretty young, even when they aren't all CURSED with YOUTH like Jellybean still is. Makes me feel kind of… kind of silly, actually." She makes a face and scratches the back of her head with a hoof. "Like everybody around here… like Ruby, she owns a salon, you know? And Kludge can build some amazing stuff, and here I am older than all of them and I haven't done anything like that." She drops down into a seated position and seems suddenly morose.

Sodium-Fizz recoils slightly at Winter's stare, letting out another relieved sigh as she turns it away. Intense, indeed. "I guess… that's just how things are? Once you find your talent, one you figure out what you want to do with life. I know my sister got into play writing, successfuly at that, when she was sixteen. As for you, I hardly think you haven't acomplished something. You're one of the most impressive mares I've ever met, and I've run into more than one while travling." Flashed Winter a gentle smile and shuffled over to sit next to her.

"Well, yeah. But I've already found my talent. Normally these things are like 'Oh, hey, my talent is for something super duper marketable, I'm gonna go staaaart a business!'" She puffs up one cheek and switches that puff of air to the other, and back and forth in rapid succession, then releases the caught breath with a *pop.* "Maybe I could be one of those circus performers that takes cannonballs to the flank." Her eyes widen. "Ooh! The circus! Obviously! And hey, if I'm -impressive,- all the better! Thanks for the idea! I'll have to look for one when we get back home. And if we don't, we can start one here." She turns to grin at- and, as is the case with basically everybody, down- towards Soda. "I like to travel, too, and that'd give me an excuse. What about you, huh? You've been out traveling? Where've you been? I like your accent. I passed through Trottingham once. I liked everybody's accent, except they kept saying I was the one with the accent, not them."

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softy, a smile spreading over her muzzle as Winter's own did. "Well, I guess you could do that, yeah. As for me, I've traveled. A lot. Alchemy might be a very marketable skill… up to a point. Most major cities have one or two practicing alchemist, soaking up the whole market for potions and elixirs. Having wings I decided I might as well take my trade to the smaller towns and settlements. While I havn't been to literaly everywhere… I've been everywhere." She scowled. "Not always plesant, but…"

"As for the accents, I guess that's always the case, isn't it? Rarely notice your own accent when surounded by it. I rather like my accent, feel like it puts me appart. Usualy I try to hide it though, it just get annoying when ponies go 'are you from Trottingham' when I walk around with a clear Trottingham accent." Fizzy chuckled.

Winter-Solstice screws her face up. "What? No! You should always use it. It's distinguished. And you always need to be PROUD of WHO YOU ARE." She puffs her chest out and sits up nice and tall as she says this, mouth turned into a frown. "That's the rules." She calms quickly enough and smiles brightly. "You've been everywhere? Have you been to Bardington? That's where I'm from! It's way way up in the northwest about as far as you can go before it's always too cold to ever hang out. It's a lot like here, actually." She waves a hoof at the door nearby. "Well, except the sun rises and there aren't any zombies and it's not horrible forever all the time. But this place reminds me bunches about it. We didn't have any alchemists there when I lived there, that's for sure! You could go there. But you should stay in Horseshoe Harbor instead since that'd make it easier for me to come visit you."

"I supose I could concede on the accent, it's one of the few things I really don't mind. Other than that, I'm not entirely happy being me," Fizz admited with a sigh. Continuing on quickly. "As for Bardington… I think I might have been there, two years ago? Three? I remember comming down northwards pretty empty-hoofed though. And I remember it being blessedly free of zombies and horrors yes. And… to be honest, I'd actualy considered it. I've had a suprisingly brisk trade in Horseshoe Harbour."

Winter-Solstice perks right up. "Good!" She stays perky, then pauses. "Wait! You don't like being you? Why not? That's not a very nice thing to say about yourself! Is it because of the, uh, the, uh, uh, the cognitivive science-itis syndrome? Or whatever it is you called it?" Winter leans back a bit, peering at Sodium with an appraising eye. SHe already has a height advantage and definitely does when she's being all downward-peering like that. "It doesn't seem THAT bad but I guess you'd know better than I."

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly and smiled thinly. "I guess it comes down to point of view… I usualy go through one or two major bouts of… mad science… a year, and a few smaller ones. They usualy leave me in a bad shape, too. Some days I just feel like a neurotic wreck." The smaller mare picked herself of the floor, a flick of her tail dusting of her backside. "Heck, I went through a small episode earlier this week, just after the Nightmare showed up… It was suprisingly mild, I'm not sure anypony even noticed. Kinda leaves me waiting for the other horseshoe to drop."

Fizz fell silent before shaking her head, setting of in the direction of the tunnels leading to the room she's occupied for her alchemy equipment. "I'm going to have another go at that rock spirit, I think. I'll see you when it's time to head out."

"Okay!" says Winter, smiling cheerfully. "See you later! And I promise that if your other horseshoe drops I'll catch it! And, uh, if you go science-crazy I'll totally tackle you and pin you down until you're feeling better so you don't go off and, er, nefariously mix… something… in a little bottle!" She waves a bit more and realizes how little she actually understands about science. Oh well!

Winter-Solstice also waves about at Soda as she goes. Goodbye, goodbye!

Sodium-Fizz turned halfway about as she reached the tunnel, giving Winter a strained smile. Still a smile though. Eloquent and entirely tactful Winter is not, but she does have the heart in the right place and that much is clear. "Thank you, Winter. I'll no doubt sleep better knowing that."

Winter-Solstice looks pleased as punch, knowing she has given her GOOD FRIEND Sodium cause to sleep soundly at night. She drops back down and drags her upside-down book close and goes back to reading, but instead of reading she's thinking about adventures and circuses and Trottingham accents, so she's not really absorbing much info anyway.