Glimmer of the Eyes
IC date: Autumn 53, 1007
OOC date: 11/11
PCs: Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist

Solar-Wind finds himself at the icy beach again, he's managed to escape the /crazy/ back at base yet again, and managed to dodge both patrols and the latest craze, the zombies of the wastelands. Solar-Wind is just here contemplating his life in general, not particularly caring, watchful of his surroundings of course, but for now, he is just out on the ice roughly in the center of the harbor, where the lighthouse sits, or would sit back at the harbor. He's just watching the infinite horizon, and the darkness, that foreboding darkness.

         There is a whole lot of crazy happening back at the nightmare camp too. Even captains of evil armies need a little respite now and then from grumpy dragons, monstrous generals, and zombie invasions. Some times you need to go out into the endless waists just so you can hear yourself think. She walks instead of flies. Trying her best to fight off the cold. She stops for a moment noticing the other pony and pause wondering if its a zombie or … "Solar?"
Solar-Wind turns blinking hard a few times before he just goes wide eyed, jaw hung agape, "Twist, wait, what?" he kinda half smiles, "You having one of 'those' days too hmm?" he asks softly as he glances her way. He's a little unsure as his eyes dart one way then the other looking for other members of her patrol, he'd been so careful he thought to himself and looks a bit concerned for his safety for a moment before just looking back to you with a little sigh, "It has been that way for me, It seems" he mentions

         Twist recoils a little at the sight of Solar. "S-solar…." sounds a bit more shocked than surprised. He does look like a zombie after all. "No they didn't get you too did they … I was supposed to …" her voice squeaks a little, rather out of character for the big mare. A few steps are taken back and she tilts her head. Your strange words only seem to confirm her suspicions. "I guess I am having one of those days." a leg is lifted and a blade extends. She is alone and its just the two of them.

Solar-Wind turns some, and slouches out of his blankets, "I'm still me, no zombie, just have to dress the part" he swallows hard seeing those blades, he was stupid, totally unarmed, "what was I thinking?!" he mumbles out as he stands up to turn, "Its just a costume, base-siders have to use them to help avoid the zombies" he offers in explanation. "Twist, Please, don't do this" he swallows, showing his hooves, and his wings spread wide, a lack of wing blades is notable. He's weak before you, could still do good in a fight, but he's unarmed as it were and the results of such a fight would be pretty messy for him. "I'm all me, all together, one piece. He completely disrobes before her. Down to his kinda scuzzy thermals, and them too as he tries to back-step to keep away from those blades.
         Twist pauses and eyes you. Head bobbing as she scans you for cuts or gore. The blade retracts and she gives you a hoof to the face instead. She snorts and falls to the ground. "You scared me." her voice is soft almost lost and her head falls into the snow. Goggles come up and she gives your now totally disrobed body another look over and smiles. "Put your winter ware back on you goof or you will catch your death a cold." her eyes continue to watch, even as they go back on. Not until your dressed does she get up again and put her goggles back on.
         Solar smiles as he chills out before you and pulls his garb back on, he's only got a few scrapes and scars here and there, mainly /you/ induced or his escape, or the other encounters he's had with other bolts and that raid and such, that and one of his flanks has its cutie mark seriously halved by a nasty scar as promoted by your blades. "Sorry, more you startled me too, I didn't expect anyone 'alive' out here" he offers, "I can see your confusion though" he nods as he pulls his garb back on with a quick shiver. "Well, besides your patrols" he notes pointing in a rough direction in the distance, "but I think I've mostly skirted their ire, I hope" he smiles, and pads slightly closer, "Sorry to have worried you like that" He watches as you put your goggles back on, which causes him to frown some, as he rather likes your eyes. "Been that rough lately?" he asks, pointedly not asking specifics or things about camp.

         Plot Twist gives a nod. "Things have gotten bad Solar. You have no Idea what it is like in our camp." she shuffles her hoofs. Bowing her head she looks guilty, "I shouldn't say anything." sighing she eyes you for a moment she hits herself in the head. "What am I even doing … with a Sun worshiper." she groans and turns her back and takes a few steps to the camp. "Please can you just go home? I don't want to see you dead again."
Ruby-Blossom pages: The cook ware box under your desk looks like a giant robot box in the picture.
         Solar pauses as he speaks, "I worship Sun, and Moon equally, remember?" then she starts to slip away again, he pads up to her grips her shoulder of her uniform and does something stupid, he uses his bulk to pause in place hoping her momentum will swing her around to him, where he can lean forward and /Kiss/ her on her muzzle, yes, special somepony style kiss and everything. Time pausing kiss, yes that kind. Oh how he wants to break that spell, that curse, whatever Will has done to her. Fleeting moments of her showing through Will's deception, "Don't say anything, I'm not asking, notice that please, I'm not asking you to be a traitor to your cause, no deception, no hiding, there's nothing here that we can't speak of, I won't talk about there, just you, only you ok?" he pleads
         Plot Twist pulls back in shock even as you press in. She is trapped as her lips meet yours and you can can feel how conflicted she is. Then something perhaps that is a bit of a miracle in the frozen waists of this place. She melting into the touch and kisses back. Her wing flared wide and her fur still painted red seems to blush even more. "Me?" she sounds confused and a bit startled, even shaking a bit. "I'm … what do you want to know?- No plans though." she points a hoof and frowns.
         Solar leans into you wrapping you up in much bigger than yours wings. "Shhhhh, not now, I care about you I don't want to hurt you, I want to know you for you, not for what you've done out there" he indicates with a level glance towards the camp, he kisses her nose again softly "I want you to be safe Twist, I want you to be free of that glimmer in your eyes that you can't control", his eyes look glassy but containing his rage/fear/sadness about your control "I just want you to be, you" he mentions flushing with emotion embarrassment, /devotion/ "I won't ask you anything that will hurt your head, or invoke /her/ wrath." he states as he feather hugs you. "We've both been gone too long though, I must slip back to my base, and you yours, but promise me you'll return here soon ok?" he asks with all hope.

         The pony in your arms can not remember the last time she let her guard down and let herself be venerable. The mention of being gone long though causes her ears to perk and flick back in annoyance, arms wrapping about you tighter. Then she releases and pulls away. Grey eyes exposed, rings of her natural purple coat where the goggles protected from the ink bomb circling them like raccoon mask. A line of tears trail down one side of her face, the scared side is dry though. A dull glow of green still circling about the one iris. "Solar … please don't judge me if we see each other out there before …" the glow stronger. The feelings of hate and anger making the control stronger. She presses in and it dies down a bit and she sighs. "Just … be safe Solar." poking you hard with a hoof, control or not she is still gruff and not at all gentle. Wings splaying out again she rockets off again leaving you in a snow dusting.