Give And Take
IC date: 26/12/12
OOC date: Winter 7
PCs: Zypher Rising-Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

The streets are quiet, empty, still. Nopony wants to be outside in this kind of weather. That is, nopony except Rising Chaos, who trudges through the streets. She's completely bare, save for the jacket slung across her back. Her walk is slow, purposeful, with her head hung low. This isn't the mare from a month ago, this is a defeated pony. Still, what must be done must be done. As she arrives at where Zypher is staying, she knocks on the door, time to repay a long overdue kindness.

The sound of a bouncing ball can be heard, that of Thwack, Bang, Wham, Boing, then a pause, the ball dropping to the ground, a pause. Then the voice of a confused Zypher, "Knock Knock, Knock, wait wait, what?" you hear him bounce his ball again listening to its echo resound, then the door jerks open, "Oh, Oh, Hi Miss Chaos, come on in" He asks/ushers you into the room he's staying in.

The team set up him up rather lavishly for his 'time off' from the big leagues so to speak, and there's all sorts of comfortable stuff here and there, perfect for a ground based pegasus in the off season, even some captured cloud loungers about here and there for presumed guests, not that he has any of those down here, Zypher makes a motion for her to make herself at home or something.

Rising-Chaos doesn't even bother to look around the room, lavishly decorated as it is. "I brought your jacket back, you probably wanted it back." She turns and grabs it, offering it to the soccer player. Has it occured to her that it might have been a gift? Of course not, nopony would want to give her a gift, it's unprecedented.

Zypher pauses tilts his head in this clueless look furrows his brow and kinda smiles, "Uhh, Miss Rising-Chaos, Its the middle of winter, that's yours, I'd not ever take something warm from a pony who's out in the cold, that's just mean, that coat is y o u r s, I mean yours yours, not mine." he states sounding a little curious why someone who's not got warm winter clothing would return such things. He looks over to the coat rack and his is still sitting there perfectly fine. He bows his head a little, "I don't want ya being all chilled n stuff, specially when its so cold out, I, I couldn't do that to anypony" he offers softly and kinda rolls his soccer ball about under one hoof.

Rising-Chaos looks at Zypher uncomprehendingly for a moment, then down at the coat. "Oh", is all she seems to have to say about that. She slings the coat back over her back, guessing he probably has plenty to spare. "Thanks, then, I guess." She looks around the room, not really sure how to continue. She was just planning on returning the jacket then going.

Zypher smiles a little, "If I could give a coat to any pony in need, I certainly would, only got mine, and one spare case I ruined mine. The team doesn't like giving these out, cause they are like totally expensive or something" he rolls his eyes some, "so that's my spare, but like I said, I'm not gonna see a nice pony freezin' without warm clothings n stuff" he murmurs, and offers a seat, more pushes a cloud chair over her way, "Its perfectly safe even for ground ponies, The team magicians did stuff so that everypony can sit on em' n' lounge n stuff" the pegasus offers politely "I Know what its like being cold, I mean really being cold cold n stuff, cause I like grew up on the streets, n' hard times like that, cold really sucked like that" he nods some, "you were all helping ponies with the tents, and you were all freezin' and I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't give you that, You were doin' good n helping others and were freezin yer' tail off" he shakes his head hard, "I couldn't just stand by and let a good pony freeze, I couldn't let ya catch a cold" he churrs

Rising-Chaos looks uncomfortable with the compliments, but takes a seat. She hangs her head low. "I shouldn't stay for long though. Thank you for the coat." She shivers when he brings up memories of the abandoned reconstruction. "I'll be fine though. Don't deserve thanks from anypony." Suddenly she looks a bit frustrated. "Look at me, being sorry for myself. Stupid."

Zypher furrows his brow some and sits down next to her some what, there's space enough to not be in her bubble, but enough so that if he were to reach over, he'd be there for her. "Hey, now, I'm saying thanks for your efforts, I know that nopony is using the tents right now cause of that oddity whatnot thing out in the harbour, n' ponies are runnin scared" he shrugs some obviously not getting what's going on out 'there' but he continues. "I'm saying thanks, cause once I was one of those ponies whom would have been grateful for those tents, I got everything right now, that I could ever want, and I've passed on my paychecks to my parents, cause well, the team sets me up" he motions around, "not that I use most of this, this, stuff" he shrugs, "though ya gotta admit, the chairs are comfy" he kinda laughs some "Mmmsory if I don't get what yer' saying much, Team says I don't got much upstairs, whatever that means, but say I've got more then enough heart to make up for it" he laughs some with a shrug, "but well, If ya need anything, I guess, just let me know, and I'll see what I can do, ya know, strings n stuff, or whatever, or even me I guess, If ya need a pegasus dude for something, just let me know, I'm always happy to help out"

Rising-Chaos seems to deflate. Perhaps this pony is telling the truth? "You mean that? You mean you don't hate me?" She keeps her distance, moving away a bit more. "Somehow I find that hard to believe."

Zypher blinks twists his head around in that look that dogs give their owner when confused, or curious, yes, its that look of 'what the feathers?' "Hate you, uhh, why would I hate you??" he gulps totally confused (doesn't take much, but this time he's really confused) He shakes his head some, "Got no reason to hate you, you help others, or do your very best to help other ponies, I don't hate that, I love that about a pony, that's like the best thing another pony could do, is try and help others" he offers still sounding surprised that such a dark word 'hate' was used here, he doesn't 'hate' anyone, "I don't hate anypony Miss Rising-Chaos, I cer cer certainly, couldn't hate you" he affirms with a little blush coming to his eartips and cheeks

Rising-Chaos gets to her hooves, growling. "Obviously you don't know me very well then, mr Zypher." She growls, frustrated, getting affection she's starting to learn to accept. But getting respect for something she's not is unacceptable. "I don't help ponies unless it helps myself." She moves towards the door, frustrated and embarrassed by this entire situation. "I'll see myself out."

Zypher gets up startled like as she pretty much bolts for the door. he is just dumbfounded (mostly the former, but some of the later) "helping others always helps yourself though, It helps your heart" he calls as she aims for the door and looks down eventually just laying down before the door as she leaves. He merely lay there with a sigh and murmurs softly to himself, "at least she'll be warm" he murmurs with a little sigh.

Zypher then dashes after the wayard mare, using wings briefly to give him a better speed on the unicorn, he is faster afterall

Rising-Chaos blusters down the streets, head held low. At the sounds of pursuit she sighs. "I don't think you understand, I am a selfish, mean, aggresive mare. Ask almost anypony around town and they'll tell you. It would be better for you if you never knew me." She whirls around to face him. "Get that in your head already."

Zypher is evidently thick of head, but he considers the tirade of 'selfish, mean and aggressive' and then the 'best if he never knew her' "Ok, so I got that in my head, but what's it gonna do there" he asks then shakes his head frustrated like, "Selfish, haven't seen it, Mean, nope, aggressive, nope not that there either" he states with a little shrug, face to face, "Startles easily maybe, Over-reacts, uh huh probably, Cute, definitely." and since we're face to face her practically snarling in his face, he does probably the most stupid thing he's ever done before, and definitely most crazy thing he's ever done. He leans forward as if to steal a Kiss on the muzzle of Miss Chaos! an attempt to really mess with her mind or just stop her in her tracks, make her forget all that and just relax perhaps a moment?! either that or get himself so seriously screwed by a unicorn's magic (no not dirty minds here) he's going out on a limb here on this one, risking his life with a kiss!

Rising-Chaos looks confused when he doesn't react the way she expects him too. Everypony else gets mad, or hates her, or something predictable. Is this pony crazy? Did he just call her cute? All of her questions are answered by his bold move. He earns a slap for his trouble. Meanwhile, her entire mind if aflame with more questions and anger and a certain amount of satisfaction. If she was able to use magic right now, she'd be a lot more scary as she scowls at him. She starts to say something but stops, and instead sits down. Overcome by sensory overload.

Zypher is decked right firmly he too sits down just dazed for a moment there, one hoof coming up to his jaw as he massages it, "Oww" he flexes his jaw about, sniff sniff, snort, wipe a forehoof across his nose. He eyes his own snoot for a moment then looks up and over at her, the both of them just sitting there in the road staring at each other more or less. Sniff, sniff, snort, "Achooo!" he shakes his head

Rising-Chaos glares at him, still unable to say a word. Eventually she turns around, pouting. "That was embarrassing," she manages, choking out the words. The coat slides to the ground, she doesn't even look. Her face is deep red with a blush. By now she's pretty sure she didn't enjoy that.

Zypher practically sinks in place watching that coat slide to the ground, watching her, he quietly murmurs, "mmsorry" he blushes softly looking to his forehooves, "I meant what I said though" he murmurs "I, I didn't mean to embarrass you, I really didn't, mean to" he offers, "that, that's a mean right hook though, good control on the slap, any of our team goalies would kill for such poise and power" he comments as he continues to flex his jaw some. "I'm Sorry Miss Chaos" he murmurs

Rising-Chaos gets back to her hooves, though she's still flustered. She grabs the coat and puts it on as best she can without her magic. "Whatever, just, don't worry about it. Don't do it again." She sighs, why does all the hard stuff have to happen now? "I'm sorry too, just, not having a good time right now." There's a few moment of silence, then she growls in anger, whirling around. She hugs Zypher for a second, let's go then sits down again. "I hate you," there's no conviction in her words.

Zypher watches her closely nods a little then is hugged, and hated at the same time, "uh huh" he nods a little, and reaches up fix her coat so that its more comfortable upon her form. He uses his hooves, while his wings sweep around her in a pegasus version of a hug, and uses wingtips to smooth out the back of her coat. Then just hold her a moment, this could either end badly for the wings, or at a stalemate and not hurt so badly. Its a few month's till first practice right, they'll heal right, ahh heck with it! If she was warm before with the jacket, now she's cloaked in a feathery warmth that's definitely new, and different unless she's been hugged by a pegasus in recent history. He obliges her response to him, without much feeling, "uhh I hate you too?" he looks confused, but kinda shrugs, 'if that's what she means by *I like you too* than its OK I guess' and hugs again fully, leans in as if to kiss, but doesn't just leans his muzzle to your shoulder and neck offering a gentle nudge of some sort of 'reassurance' or something.

Rising-Chaos growls, not enjoying this at all. "And what do you expect to gain from this?" she growls. Shaking the hug off and moving away. She's shivering, affection and stuff is almost as unnerving as having her life threatened. "I don't like this at all."

Zypher tucks his wings back up and under his own jacket, "Gain?" he blinks puzzled, as he gets up and looks her over some, "maybe I only want to Gain a cute marefriend" he murmurs, "a friend, is all really I seek to gain from" he waves a hoof "From all this" he murmurs softly, "I, errumm, I didn't mean to make you uncomfort uncomfortable" he murmurs some looking back over his shoulder towards his rented place, he stops in his tracks again looking to the snow, "but, you, you looked so down, I wanted to try and cheer you up, and tell you I care about you" he murmurs

Rising-Chaos huffs, marefriend? not likely. "Don't get your hopes up Zypher," she growls, though she's hardly intimidating. Her blush makes her still look embarrassed and flustered. "But I appreciate the intent, thank you. I'll keep it in mind." She sighs, turning back towards home. "This is so stupid, why does everything have to be ridiculous right now."

Zypher nods a little, "I understand Miss Chaos" he murmurs softly "Just plain ol' friend works too" he offers softly with a bow as he sees her start to return to wherever she came, he watches her go for till she's out of view, then turns himself around and trots back to his rented loft to retire for the evening.