Ghost Hunting
IC date: Winter 80, 1006
OOC date: March 8, 2012
PCs: Siyana, Jellybean, Bedhead
GM: None

It's a crisp, cold evening that finds a certain little blue-braided zebra filly sneaking around in the residential outskirts of town. Siyana is hunched down near the snow-dusted ground, creeping rather comically in plain sight, apparently hunting for…/something/.

And flying above is that seer of seers, that prognosticator of prognosticators, Punxa… wait, no, that's somepony else. Who doesn't fly. Flying above if Jellybean, who's also pretty good and very sorry about the rain fiasco a few days ago. Looking down he spots the filly sneaking around. Giggling to himself he flies lower, but quietly, until he's close enough to talk. "Hi! Are you looking for something? You know, I'm good at looking for things."

Perched in a tree for a nap, Bedhead sleeps soundly despite the cold and the powdering of snow blanketing him. At the sound of giggling below his branch, he stirs a bit, rolling over and tossing around until he goes too far and topples off. He faceplants on the ground in front of the zebra and pegasus, not moving. "Ughh…"

"GAAAHHHH!!!" Siyana practically leaps out of her skin at Jellybean, whirling on him and shushing him raucously. "Jelly/bean/!" she huffs. "Shush! Or you'll scare away the gho— OOHHST!" As Bedhead crashes down in front of her, the zebra filly squeals and leaps onto Jellybean, wrapping around his neck like a fuzzy, trembling, outrageously-patterned scarf. "IT'STHEGHOSTKILLITHALP"
Jellybean likewise screams, flying around in circles for a good minute or so yelling "GHOSTGHOSTGHOSTGHOST!" before coming to his senses and wiping his brow with a hoof. "That's not a ghost, it's just a Pegasus. Hi there! Are you all right?"

Bedhead didn't seem to be in much hurry to move from his landing place at first; the sleepy pegasus just lifted his head and blinked blearily at the two in front of him, trying to get his vision back into focus. Until he heard the word ghost. In record time, the pegasus was on his hooves, leaving a perfect outline of a pony in the snow. "Ghost?! WHO? Where?" He whipped around in circles a few times before Jellybean played the voice of reason. "Huh? No ghosts? Oh. He turned back to the other two, looking sheepish. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Happens all the time." So often that he usually just went back to sleep whever he landed, but this was an unusual circumstance.

There was a pegasus zipping about with two shrieking heads there, for a moment, but now that Jellybean is grounded, Siyana… still doesn't let go. But she does peek around his mane to look at the other pony. "Oh! I thought you were a ghost," she offers breathlessly, with a little, bright smile. "There's a ghost in town recently… But, um, that happens a lot? Did you fall out of the sky?"

Jellybean says "Are you still looking for the ghost, Siyana? Do you want some help with that?" He smiles. "I'd be happy to help, you know." And keep you supervised by a grown-up, of course. To Bedhead he offers a somewhat puzzled smile. "So what's your name? I'm Jellybean."

"Uh, not exactly…" Bedhead glanced up at the tree branch, looking a little embarassed. Someponies seemed to find his napping habits weird, but he couldn't imagine why. "I was… up there." He tossed his head to point. "Never mind that though. If there's a ghost around, what're you two doing out here?" He'd have to remember to take his naps closer to town from now on, waking up possessed or something wouldn't be fun at all. At Jellybean's introduction, he nodded politely. "I'm Bedhead. Kinda new around here. Nice to meet you."

Siyana nods eagerly at the two of them. "A ghost! It's been weaving around and stuff…It's mostly up north by the Forest so far, but…" The little pony takes a deep breath and puffs her chest out, standing as tall as her little filly stature allows her to. "I'm keeping /watch/! In case, 'cause, the town. You know?" She pokes forward, and smiles at Bedhead, offering a hoof. "And I'm Siyana. I'm a pi— … um. Trader! A pie trader."

Jellybean says "Really? You trade pies? Could I buy one from you sometime? I like good pie." He sets down the filly, or at least tries to extricate her from his neck. "But like I was saying, would you like any help finding the ghost?"
Bedhead nods knowingly, fighting a lopsided smile at the brave little filly. He accepts the offered hoof and shakes it. "Nice to meet you, Siyana." He pauses a moment, trying to find the right words. "Well, uh… I'm sure the town's much safer with you around but it's getting pretty late. Maybe you should head back and get some rest."

Siyana blinks and glances around. "Um." Caught! She looks oooover to the ground beside her. "Well, I could make you a pie sometime…" Still, she rebounds and salutes Bedhead. "I would agree with you, Bedhead, sir, but ghosts tend to come out at night! And I can nap tomorrow. Miss Jellybean, you can be my deputy!" And, beaming proudly, she hooks a foreleg around her new deputy colt. "But you're right, we should probably get hunting. If you want, I bet someone can give you a comfier room for the night than a branch…"

Bedhead couldn't seem to argue with that logic - if there was a ghost, it probably wouldn't be around during the day. Still, the idea of such a little filly out in the dark with who knows what set him on edge. "Thanks, but I'm alright, really." "Comfy" didn't really mean much to a pony who could sleep while flying if he wanted to. Besides, he didn't really like burdening anypony. "Hey, why don't I help you two out? Finding that ghost." He surprised himself with the offer, normally he wouldn't get involved, but he had a feeling that if left to her own devices, the little pony would get herself into some trouble and he wouldn't be able to sleep with that on his conscience.

…well, to be fair, he probably could, but he'd still feel guilty.

See? Look at that: two guardian Pegasi for Siyana and her search for the ghost. "So what do we know about the ghost, Siyana? I mean, aside from what we found out at the haunted house which I guess wasn't that much at all." He gives Bedhead an enthusiastic nod.

"Two deputies? My lucky day!" The zebra hops in place a few times and then taps her chin. "We know it's around, and it's glowy purple, and it makes lights and things move. So let's tread carefully and proceed with caution and look for signs of danger!" Does she even know what 'tread carefully' means? 'Proceed with caution'? Who knows. But she's back to sneaking again, this time with a pair of assistants to keep their eyes peeled for maximum ghostage.

This can't go wrong at all.