Getting Along
IC date: Winter 61, 1007
OOC date: February 18, 2013
Location: The Mane Attraction
PCs: Magpie Ruby-Blossom Mbaya-Ndoto Quintessent-Rune

Quintessent-Rune trotted down the street, stoping at occasion to look around or peer down at a note fished out from her scarf. Small white puffs of swiftly condensing vapour issuing from her mouth each as she pants slightly. Blast it, why did it have to be so much more tiresome to walk around than swim?! And had she even gotten the right address, she couldn't find the place she was looking for.

With a sigh for herself the seapony mare turned and had another look around, not for a building this time but for a pony. Anypony that could… "Ah, excuse me Miss. But could I impose for a moment to ask for directions?"

Mbaya-Ndoto has been looking about town herself, her spies had told her much, and relied much information, but seeing it with your own eyes was always best, and in this chill weather, not many ponies were about, she startles a little at a question, "Oh, yes, directions?" she ponders "Wherefor you seek?" she responds kindly enough as one of her shoulder scarves perks up and gazes at her and Servant curiously.

Ruby is busy using a broom to brush away the newly fallen snow in front of the door to the Mane Affair; Kludge has done the hard work of clearly the snow properly with a shovel and Ruby is left with light clean up. She takes a step back to examine the front of her salon before trotting towards the front door.

"I do belive there is a mane stylist located nearby, though my source of directions seems to have failed to provide said directions correctly," said Quintessent-Rune, that typicaly polite if flat smile on her muzzle. "Would you know off it and be so inclined as to point the way, Miss?"

Mbaya-Ndoto perks a brow some, "Uhhhh Mane stylist, yes yes, nonzebras need that I see, hmm, I've heard of such, and I do believe you are close to said place, though" she shrugs, leans down and deposits four scarves upon the snow before her, for her to whisper, "Find this Mane Styling Shoppe for this young mare" and gives a quick nod of her head, and her scarves 'slither' away in all four directions acting very much like snakes in their locomotion, "We shall find this for you yesssss" she bobs her head

Ruby trots into her own shop and stops to ensure she hasn't dragged any snow or grit inside before proceeding to the backroom to put away the broom. The salon itself is warm and inviting unlike the cold, wet outside.

Quintessent-Rune glanced at Mbaya, an eyebrow slightly raised. The pony wasn't really a pony, it was a zebra. That was good. She was also a bit off a odd one, that… wasn't as good. The midnight blue mare didn't let that show on her face though and forced herself to look after one of the scarves as it slithered off. "Thank you, Miss. I do not belive I have gotten your name."

As she spoke her ears perked up at a slithering sound and turned about, one of the scarves returning.

Mbaya-Ndoto steps into a bow, and lowers one hoof to the ground further, letting the 'snake' scarf spiral up her extended hoof to about her 'elbow' where it nuzzles then points straight out at a hanging sign. 'The Mane Affair' for which the Zebra grunts some and kinda laughs, "Mbaya Ndoto at your sservisss" she offers politely, "we've been informed that that is the place you seek" she points at the sign which her 'scarf' snake is pointing too as well. She whispers down to that scarf again, "go find your friends and return" she issues that command to her scarf and it redeploys and slithers in a random direction, slithering right past Rune as the zebra starts to stride over towards this Mane Affair place, "And you would be?" she asks

"I'm L-… Miss Quintessent Rune, that will sufice for now," said Quintessent as she puished the door to the Mane Affair open and stepped inside, a slow sweep of her eyes taking in the room. "Excuse me?"

A smiling face peeks out from the backroom of the Salon "Welcome to The Mane A.." deflation "affair.." quietly looking at Rune from the far end of the shop before she steps out and begins to trot towards the front door - ruby red eyes falling to Rune's out of control mane. "I do suppose it's clear why you're here." as Mbaya appears as well she applies a hoof to her forehead - after all she unintentionally rhymed in front of a Zebra.

Mbaya-Ndoto smiles politely enough to the brightly colored earth pony and gazes around the shop, she eyes the proprietress with a soft chuckle, "Tiz not a habit of mine, to indulge in meter or Rhyme." the zebra remarks regardless of her spoken verse and merely grins to Ruby and to Rune. Mbaya still gazes here and there fascinated by the surroundings, "Very interesting" she comments as she looks over to Rune.

Quintessent-Rune gave Ruby a small, extra polite smile. Great, this mare was the stylist? And it was to late to leave, too. Rune would just have to hope for the best. "Yes, quite," the midnight blue mare said after a moment of gathering herself. "It seems to have grown into a bit of a problem, though I find myself rather fancying it after a fashion." As she spoke Rune raised a hoof, batting at one of the long near-ground bangs.

"It is not a hairstyle of old. Neither the short style worn since I left home, with rebelious intent. It is merely," she paused for a moment, thinking, "naturaly mine, I supose?" After a moment she squared her shoulders ever so slightly, not a particularly impressive display. "So, I am woundering Miss Blossom, would it be possible to purchase your services and expertiese in manes to 'touch it up' as it were? As much as I like it, it is starting to grow a wee bit ratty."

Ruby-Blossom waves Rune inside - seemingly less interested in hearing the mare's rantings and more interested in getting things rolling. "Right this way." trotting back into the salon and towards the shampoo bowl. "Have a seat and we'll get started. I'm getting the idea you might enjoy lavender scented shampoo and conditioner?" Her attention already focused on adjusting the now running water.

Mbaya-Ndoto is content to watch the proceedings, her bristle-brush mane most manageable for herself to handle, though she still looks about with perhaps a question until there's a knock upon the door that is, and her eyes peer door-ward curiously, she trots over to the door and opens it as if expecting a foal or some smaller creature that was unable to open said door themselves. No, just four scarves of hers for which she gently extends a hoof for them to spiral up her hoof to find themselves their places upon her shoulders. She trots back inside and has a seat to watch the proceedings

Quintessent-Rune blinked, seeming a bit uncertain for a split second before trotting after Ruby and taking a seat - depositing Servant on the floor next to her in the process. "I wouldn't know, Miss Blossom. Though I am willing to try it if you belive so." The seapony glanced over in Mbaya's direction. "Also, thank you Miss Ndoto, for showing the way here."

Ruby offers the zebra mare a friendly little wave of greeting before moving to recline the chair while guiding Rune's hair into the base so she can begin to massage the tresses while warm water flows through them. "I'll be very direct for a moment; when we first met your words and insinuations were insulting and hurtful to me." she huffs while gently working out the knots and twisted strands of Rune's mane. "But you were the one who didn't understand the situation so I should haven't let it get to me."

Mbaya-Ndoto retrives her scarves and has a seat waiting for Miss Blossom, as she seems to have questions or somesuch, Her mane is manageable, but she is still curious of certain things.

"In that case I must appologizie. I should not have said them," said Quintessent-Rune softly. "I think I let the new and unfamiliar environs get the better of me at the time, it was really inappropriate and uncote of me." And here was the tricky part, selling the fact that she'd actualy care about being friendly with the ruby-eyed mare - or just about anypony really. After a moment of silence, her expression more or less unwavering as she gathered her wits about her, she spoke again. "If it is at all possible, could we find a way to put this all behind us and find some form of - at least- coordial relationship for the future."

Another moment of silence from Rune. "I hope so, you certainly are by far superior to my last hairdresser."

Ruby has already moved onto working in the lavender scented shampoo while gingerly working out the remaining knots and tangles as her hooves move to gently massage Rune's scalp. "I'll admit I'm more than a little bull-headed, and it's obvious you're a little self-centric." said with a playful little smile - clearly this comment is something she can relate to. "That aside - I'm the type of pony who likes to do what I can for everypony in the Harbor, and that has included adopting three adorable foals - a sister and possibly two feral foals." She huffs cutely "I mean, ultimately the feral foals will need to make their own choice once they get a little more accustomed." Hoping Rune understands the foals were feral and it has nothing to do with Ruby's parenting skills! "I don't even have a foal of my own."

Mbaya-Ndoto watches the process "Miss, Blossom" she asks while she's involved, "i'm curious if you have a selection of mane dyed, particularly gold or Silver?" she ponders outloud, "And if so, how I may aquire such?"

That brought a slight furrowing of the brows to Quintessent-Rune's face, for a moment. Purposfuly surounding herself with foals, a few that can't even propperly care for themselves in society? That… "That is rather, if you excuse me for saying, mind-boggeling. I do not thing I would manage to stand a environment so packed with foals myself, one would be more than enough to go on my nerves I belive."

Quintessent's ever-plesant smile quirked slightly, giving the impression that somepony is trying to brush something over for herself.

Magpie peeks out from the base of the stairs. "Depends on the foal," she comments, then asks Ruby, "Hey, what's pan-a-chee?" she asks, hefting a book in her levitation by way of explanation.

Once more warm water runs through Rune's mane as Ruby washes out the shampoo, and once the hair is clean she moves onto working in a liberal amount of conditioner. "Do speak your mind while we're having this little heart to heart." seemingly catching the subtle little hints of body language even as her eyes remain fixated on the other mare's mane. "I won't deny that taking care of several foals is taxing - but the thought of them being homeless or alone is far worse." The eldest of the three foals coming to mind. "It's important that everypony have a warm home, and somepony that is there for them." Warm water once again cascading through Rune's mane.

Mbaya-Ndoto sees a later-foal appear seemingly from nowhere, "Ahh, "Penuchi, is a sugary sweet confectionary, very delicious" she nods her head to the presumeabaly eldest foal of the herd.

Another small frown crossed Rune's features. "I'd rather not, it is one thing to smooth over a past issue and another to lay bare ones fears and hopes, Miss Blossom. I do not, and please forgive me for saying this so forthright, do not trust you with my fears and hopes." Ouch, brutaly honest. "As for home, I rather prefere not having any dealings with my family as a whole. Then again, I am not a foal and the situation, I suspect, differs greately…" Quintessent-Rune tapped her muzzle for a moment.

Her head turned slightly, golden eyes darting to Mbaya, then over to Magpie. "Ah, and I suspect this is one of them now, am I right? Greetings, miss."

Magpie looks confused. "'…he always dressed with sugary food?' I don't get it."

Ruby offers Maggie a warm, inviting smile before hmming curiously at her question "Pan-a-chee?" she ponders curiously "I believe it's an exotic fruit? Come closer, let me have a look and I'll tell you proper." The chair at the shampoo bowl returned to the upright position as Ruby begins to dry Rune's hair with a towel. "Fears only hold power over us when we let them, you'd be surprised what talking about one's fears can do to alievate them. As for hope - well anthing that brings a pony a purpose and inspiration can't be a bad thing to share." she motions towards the salon chair in front of the vanity. "We'll move on to a proper cut and style now." turning to give Maggie her attention <3.

Magpie trots over and holds the book a little higher. She points at the page. The word is 'panache'.

Ruby's eyes briefly skim the book in search of the word - admittedly also curious about what Maggie is reading; already assuming it's Tale Chaser's gift. "Panache. I believe that's like a decoration for a hat or the like - like Robin Hoof wearing a feather in his hat, or a peacok's plume.' she looks thoughtful "I hope that's right. That sounds right." she scrunches her face. "I'm sure that about right."

Quintessent-Rune nodded slowly and sat, not ready to buy into whatever rosey dream Ruby is talking about though not showing it. With a glance down at the page Magpie presented she nodded for herself. "Ah, panache. The word carries connotations of both flammboyant behaviour as well as a splash of reckless daring. Though it also means a plump, such as one fastoned in a rather pompus hat indeed."

Looking up at Ruby she continued, somewhat curiously. "Also, who is Robin Hoof?"

Magpie rubs her head. "So… it's a daring feathered cap?" She looks around. What?

Ruby re-re-reads the sentence "Oh, in this sentence yes it's stylish or daring - that does make much more sense." she hugs Maggie tightly while blushing furiously and returns to Rune and begins to brush her mane in preparation for cutting, and soon enough she's gently snipping away. "Do you have anything particular in mind for your mane?" already working as she asks the question.

Magpie is looking back at the book again. "Hmm? Naw, I like my mane how it is."

"I belive," said Quintessent-Rune, "that the question might have been directed towards me. And if that is the case, I do rather like the flair it have currently - though the bangs could do with being perhaps a bit shorter, I'm starting to worry I'll begin tripping over them. Otherwise, just a minor tidying up."

Ruby nods as she really sets to work - the sound of shears gingerly snipping away teasing Rune's ear; Rune /is/ completely ar Ruby's mercy and were Ruby one to hold a grudge…thankfully for Rune she's not holding a grudge about this. The end result to com eshortly should be exatly what Rune asked for.

*snip snip snip* Strands of Rune's mane fall away as Ruby expertly tends to Rune's mane; despite not being Ruby's true profession the mare is quite profecient! A quick combing and brushing then Rune's good to go! Bangs cut short and the majority of the length retained - with some room for growth before it becomes a hassle again

Magpie ohs. She scoots back a little and flops across the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the main house, her mouth moving as she laboriously works her way through a paragraph describing some pirate captain or other and the treasure he supposedly sank off the coast of Baaarbados.