Frost Dust And Snow Monsters
IC date: Fall 86, 1007
OOC date: December 14, 2012
PCs: Heartsong, Jellybean, Nightsong, Rumble Riot, Stormdancer
NPCs: Autumn Dust
GM: Diamond Dog

Once upon a time, a bunch of unicorns and earth ponies realized they weren't very useful when it came to the manipulation of weather. Pegasi were the only ones that could swing a cloud and drop snow like a pro on occasions such as this, the Curtain of Snow. At the same time, some pegasi realized they could really use some help with some of the work. So, the three all got together, and thus was invented Frost Dust. Scatter a handful of the fine, sugar-like granules and before you know it, you'll have a nice layer of frost on whatever you've adorned. Want some frozen ground? It can do that. Need some more ice on that pond? We can help you. Want a quaint little fog in the corners of your house's windows? Pony, we are -there.- All it takes is a handful of snow from the pegasi, a bit of magic from the unicorns, and some dumb sap of an Earth Pony to actually do the labor of spreading it around.

And so, two days into the Curtain of Snow, a number of helpful harborites- of all race types!- are doing just that. With sacks of the fine white powder in hand, they're scattering it to and fro, steadily helping to chill the town in anticipation of winter. It's easy work, but time-intensive, so it's a good excuse to get together and chill- ha!- with one's PFFs. Assorted shopkeepers are out and about, and a number of children are getting in on the act as well, tossing messy handfuls about. Thankfully the stuff is not so fast-acting that it causes anything more than a sneeze for anybody it inadvertently lands upon.

There's proper snow, too, of course, gathered up here and there, a few parts of the town square having beeing properly -snowed- upon, and a few foals- including mouthy Nightmare World refugree Autumn Dust- are putting together a snowpony. She, of course, is going to show them how it is DONE.

Jellybean's currently diminutive stature is a hinderance where weather is concerned: he can manage pushing clouds but as was scene at the Running he's not heavy enough to bounce anything out of them. So instead he's helping with spreading frost, flying overhead in the square and adding little handfulls of the stuff here and there. Today he has on a pink scarf to match the hair ribbon Ruby gave him.

From far above, Stormdancer leaps off the clouds supporting the weather shed, diving down with a fluffy grey snowcloud between her hooves. Her first official assignment for the town weather team! It's hardly an exciting one, but still! She airbrakes on drawing close to Jellybean, accidently squeezing her payload a bit too much and causing it to spit out a small flurry of flakes. Poof! "'eya, tiny Boss! Where ya want this?"

Heartsong has decided to try and help out with this whole 'changing the weather' thing! As such, she's in town today, humming to herself as she pushes a cloud along, saddlebag full of the strange frosty dust. Actually /making/ it snow! What a novel concept! It seemed strange at first, but now she's kind of getting into it. It's surprisingly nice to see things getting frosty again! Especially because now one can actually appreciate the /pretty/ of it. Of course, she's really got no clue what she's doing, as far as weather is concerned. But that won't squelch her enthusiasm! …Too much.

Nightsong slowly trots out into the square, trying to control her trembling as much as she could. She can do this! She can go out, and help frost things up! With this odd… cold… frosty stuff. She had never been all that active during the Winter. She liked to play to the weather ponies back in Canterlot, obviously, but had not ever thought she could HELP them bring the snow in. But maybe now she had a halfway decent chance to help the ponies here out. And generate business! …or look like a fool. Hopefully the former.

A gangly unicorn with a midnight blue coat and solid blue mane, with wide purple eyes that are often blocked by a lock of her mane.

"Here," says Autumn Dust, as she stuffs a stick into Nightsong's grasp. On the end of the twig is a Mitten. Which is a pony mitten, so it's functionally identical to a beer cozy, and also purely ornamental since if you went out and walked around with it on your hoof. Autumn is an orange earth pony filly with a braided red mane, a little wooly vest on, and a look of determination on her face. "Put that silly stuff down. You're on arm duty!" She gestures to her snow pony in creation and then stomps across the plaza to conscript someone else.

Several other ponies mill about, scattering dust in a lazy sort of way. This is a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. There is a rumor that there is hot cocoa later, but little confirmation. Everybody is always hoping for cocoa, though. A few look up at Jellybean, watching him, knowing he is technically in charge of a lot of this, and when he looks around he finds that people generally try to look busy but feel weird doing it. Looking good for the boss is one thing, but when that boss is, like, a fraction of your age?

Autumn Dust's second conscript is Heartsong. "Hearty!" she says. As another refugee from the Nightmare World, Autumn is familiar with the older pony. "These sun-baked chumps don't know what they're doing! Come over here and help me decorate the snow pony!"

Jellybean meeps a bit at the stray snow, but hmms as he throws down some powder in a nice little patch. He looks up at the sky. "…south side of town? Yeah. Near that one pond where the ducks like to hang out. But there aren't any ducks there now, since they left for the winter."

Stormdancer cranes her neck around, looking for it. "Duck pond what's got no ducks, aye!" With a backflip and a teeny spray of ice crystals, she's off! … How many ponds could there be around there, anyway? She traces a twirly path through the sky, humming a vaguely popular seasonal song- albeit badly offkey.

Nightsong blinks in surprise, tilting her head a bit. Arm duty? What in Equestria… oh! She shyly heads over to the in-formation snow pony, doing her best to form the arm right. A little more frost… ohnotoomuch! She winces as she frantically tries to paw the excess frost away with her hoof.

Heartsong blinks and looks down, ears perking. Snow pony! Whee! …Uh. Ahem. Right. Snowpony. That's fun and still totally adult thing to do. Right? …Right. Totally. Dangit it's good enough. She gives the cloud a light push into place and turns to glide down. "Sure! Okay. I'll help." It's decorating, right?

Autumn Dust nods with satisfaction. "You sure will!" she says, in response to Heartsong. "They'll never learn! Look-" The filly stomps back over to the snowpony- really, at this point, it's not much more than a column of snow- and reaches up to swat at Nightsong's hooves. "No! No, like this!" The filly seizes the mitten-adorned stick and wedges it in the side of the snowpony so it's sticking out. "There! An arm! Which is what you call a leg when it's doing this!" The filly reaches out with a foreleg and swings it around at her side, while giving Nightsong such a look. "Gosh, you guys just don't know ANYTHING about snow."

A few townsponies are scattering frost dust on the statue pool. Not too much, though! Just enough for a thin layer of ice to form. A moment later it melts away, broken up by the churning water of the fountain. One of them frounds and drops more dust in the water. Poof! It frosts up for a moment before breaking apart. The other scowls and upends an entire bag of frost dust into the water! With a white FLASH, a little torrent of snow erupts upward and into his face, bowling him backwards onto his butt. His companion laaaaughs.

Autumn watches this, then looks back to her snowpony with a frown. "See? What'd I tell you! Hmmm, we'll need a hat. What else do you think it needs?" She asks this of Nightsong, then reaches up with her arm- you know it's an arm and not a leg since she's waving it around like this!- at Heartsong. "Heartsong! Do you have something we can use for a mouth?" The little filly leans up to peer at her snowpony. "And which one of you put eyes on it already?"

A pair of bright eyes, coin-sized and gleaming white, peer down from the snowpony right back at the filly. They blink by way of winking out briefly.

Nightsong eeps and shrinks a bit back at the scolding. She knew she did it wrong! Okay, okay, she can still do this. She can stiiiiill do this. "I-I'm sorry, I-I never played much in the s-snow back home," she told her sheepishly, "But um… maybe a cutie mark? H-having to do with snow?" Like a snowflake! Or an icicle! Or… uh… what else is Wintery…

Jellybean nods at Stormdancer's departure, satisfied, then goes back to spreading more powder. The commotion at the fountain catches his attention, however, and he flies over to examine it. "What's going on? Is the powder not working? I've never seen it do that before."

Stormdancer gets up good bit of momentum on her snowcloud, before letting it go to hop on it, treating the thing like a surf board. Just with, yanno, more bouncing. "An' some -'ere- an' some -there-…" … Her attempts to corner, however, wind up with her clipping the edge, sending the cloud flipping madly through the air- and looping back towards the town square. At speed. And a downward angle. With its handler chasing after it and shouting. "Git back 'ere! Bad cloud! Bad!"

Heartsong blinks. Mouth? Hm. What to use for a good mouth. She looks about, scooping up a few pebbles and looking them over for ones just the right size. Making snow ponies is an /art/, after all! They must be precise! So caught up in her hunt is she that she doesn't even notice the incoming cloud.

Nightsong looks up in surprise at the shouts, her eyes widening at the path of the incoming cloud. Oh no, oh no, oh no! She looks over at Heartsong, gulping for a moment before hurrying to side-nudge the little pony out of the way of the icy cloud of hopefully not too much pain! She closes her eyes and tenses, lowering her head a bit.

"Bratwurst tried to dump all of it in. That's against the rules," explains the chortling pony, to Jellybean. Bratwurst, the fellow knocked on his butt, shakes some snow out of his mustache and pulls himself upright. "Not my fault this is takin' too long to freeze. I got things to do! I ain't got time for careful seasonal applications or cautionary tales about doin' it the right way instead of the fast way!"

Autumn Dust frowns and looks away from the snowpony that is looking back at her. "Now that's how you do a mouth, Heartsong! Good job. Those eyes, though? That's just stupid! Those aren't the right eyes! We need lumps of coal! We need-"

POMF. That's the sound it makes, right? When a snow-laden cloud hits you and bowls you over back into a snowpony and knocks it over in a big ol' white puff of mist and snow scattered in all directions. Autumn Dust is buried, the snow pony dashed into the pile with everything else. Its mitten-adorned stick arm goes sailing over yonder.

The scattered snow is still for a moment before Autumn picks herself up, groaning, snow ALL over her head. And then the snow itself starts picking itself up… stirring, then drifting up, swirling inward, forming a growing cloud of whirling white, a self-contained blizzard. That little blizzard is only softball sized at first, but is soon the size of a soccer ball, then a watermelon, then a beach ball, and then two white eyes appear on the top of it and start peering about at the nearby ponies.

Stormdancer pulls up as the unintentional snowbomb hits, holding her forelegs over her face- though peeking between 'em. Once the initial carnage settles, she at least -looks- apologetic, rubbing the back of her head. "Sorry, sorry- e'rypony a'-" Blink. "-right?" Blink blink. "… Wat."

Jellybean does his best to look stern: how successful this is shall be left as an exercise for the reader to decide. "Bratwurst, we want to make sure that winter goes perfectly. Can you please try to be more careful?" Okay, now he's using the big eyes, which aren't stern at all but are certainly effective.

But what's this? Ambulatory snow? "Is this one of those elephantals?"

Heartsong squeaks as she's pushed out of the way, stumbling and flaring out her wings to catch herself. "Wha… woah!" CLOUD. She ducks and covers, giving a faint squeak at the snowsplosion. She peeks slowly out from behind one wing as it starts to settle. "…Wh-what happened? Is everypony okay? …Wha… wh-what is /that/?!"

Nightsong meeps as the snowplosion covers her in a fine covering of frost. Oh… so… coooold… She shakes herself as best as she can, opening her eyes blearily. "I-is everypony alright? What's every… pony… staring…" That snowball has eyes. Eyes. And they're /watching them./ She hadn't seen anything like this since Canterlot! And that wasn't snow! She slowly steps back a few steps.

The gathering cloud grows larger still, soon pony-sized, soon bigger! The blinking eyes grow proportionally, white pools of light that switch back and forth as they focus on Heartsong, then Nightsong, then across to Jellybean and Bratwurst, studying everybody in turn. Limbs extend from the central, round mass of the self-contained snowstorm- extending downward like the hulking arms of a gorilla, while two smaller legs support it from below.

Autumn Dust is scooting back along the ground, eyes wide. "Augh! Another one! Why is your town full of these dumb things!?"

The bulky snow storm beast draws in more snow, swirling larger and larger still; its very nature means it constantly howls like a small storm, the air around it churning and tossing, pulling at scarves and manes and tails.

And, just when it's about three times as tall as a standard pony, it stops getting larger. The hulking brute of an elemental, body empty save for the snow swirling around within it, leans over, its movements somehow sluggish and ponderous even though it rather lacks actual mass, and leans its "head"- or at least the part of its body topped by the blinking white eyes- down to pick up the stick that was once the destroyed snow pony's arm.

It then looks back to Nightsong, and drops the stick at her hooves, and watches her expectantly.

Bratwurst watches all of this out of the corner of his eye, then looks at Jellybean, expression turning apologetic. "Sorry, Jellybean. I won't do it again." FOAL EYES: Super effective.

Jellybean is happy that Bratwurst understands the importance of civic spirit and careful attention to regulations in the name of safety and efficiency, but on the other hoof there are things more pressing than even the laws and ordinances of the Weatherpony Handbook right now. Jellybean is shocked that this is the case, mind you. He looks up at the elemental with maybe more than a small amount of fear but manages to keep from his previous and embarrassing 'screaming and crying' fits. He blinks once, twice. "Do you understand us?"

Stormdancer bobs about in the wind, eyes wide as she watches the elemental form. "- Somepony's gonna blame me fer this, I know't." Which might not be -totally- unwarranted, but still! More blinking, as it finishes up, and… huh. "- Anypony got a carrot…?"

Nightsong gulps shakily, slowly levitating the stick up and tilting her head, "Um… what… uh…" She sheepishly stuck it in his 'shoulder.' Maybe it wanted another arm? Maybe! Aheh… aheh… oh she was so doomed. She cowers away from it.

Ah, Curtain of Snow. Snow everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Good thing Rumble was rescued from the sewers before snows hit. That would've been a horrible place to spend all winter season. Since then, after various chewings out and whatnot, Rumble Riot has been attempting to help with town rebuilding efforts.

That invovles showing up /right now/, lugging a cart full of wood and stuff, right through town square. Gotta get some things built before the snows get too bad, don'tchaknow! He gets, like, ten steps in before he realizes that somethings not quite right. Like… There's ponies gathered. That's normal. And there's bad weather. That's actually supposed to be normal too. But the bad weather has, like, some kind of…form. And face.

That's…not normal.

It's so not normal, that he has to stop, and stare at it, as two thoughts battle in his brain. "It's a monster attacking the town! Run up and buck it!" and "You fool, you'll get in trouble if you buck it with all these ponies around! Stand back and blast it instead!" Oh decisions, decisions!

Though a perfectly valid inquiry, Jellybean's question towards the elemental doesn't seem to get much of an answer. The creature doesn't even look at the foal, focused instead on the stick and Nightsong. Either it's too interested in exciting stick action, or it simply can't hear.

After Nightsong tries to plant the stick in the beast's shoulder, the stick is caught up whirling cloud that comprises the elemental's body, and whips around, caught in the wind and tossed about. It swirls from the creature's shoulder, along its back, down one leg and up top once more; the creature rears up and peers downward at itself, bright white eyes blinking as it watches the stick. Eventually the winds propel the stick outward and upward- it tosses end-over-end as it sails across the plaza.

With a frightening show of strength, the beast lurches after the stick, knuckling on its swirling suggestion of forelimbs like a big gorilla, and romps on all fours after the stick. The creature leans down to snatch it up in its 'mouth,' then turns to romp back towards Nightsong and Heartsong. Before it gets there, though, it skids to a stop, looks down at Rumble's cart full of wood, stares at all of the wood, stares at Rumble, then looks back at the cart. The stick falls out of its 'mouth' and falls forgotten to the ground.

Jellybean blinks some more. He's good at that. Very expressive, the way he closes and then opens his eyes. "I didn't know dogs got that big. Or were made out of snow."

Heartsong stares. And… stares. And stares some more, because seriously, /what/. She only snaps out of it when the… /thing/ goes bounding off - she squeaks, gives herself a shake, and stumbles back a bit, eyes wide as she looks after it.

Nightsong blinks in utter surprise at its antics. It didn't want to smash them into goo? Well, that's something. What's NOT something is that that wood is going to go flying. She looks over at Heartsong, gulping, "We may want to find shelter…"

Stormdancer circles about, keeping an eye on the snow-ape-puppy-thing to go to land near the folks that -had- been working on the snowpony before all, well, this. "'f'n anypony's lookin' ta git some space, might be good ta move slow-like ta not git any 'ttention," she offers in a low voice. "- Anypony need'n a lift out?"

As the large gorrilla-shaped snowstorm lumbers about, playing with a stick of all things, Rumble unhitches from his cart, leaving it in the street a couple paces away. He starts stretching! Stretch! Stretch! Gotta stretch out those hind legs before you go kicking things.

Then the thing stops, and /stares/ at Rumble's cart. Rumble stops stretching! And stares at the snowstorm thing. Then to his cart. Thing. Cart. "…What?" He squints at the 'storm', trotting boldly in front of his cart. "Oh no you don't. Those are /my/ supplies! I need them to get on ponies good side!" He rears up on his hind legs, spreading his arms out. Don't make me blast you!"

Like he wasn't gonna do it anyway.

There isn't enough stick throwing going on. The beast lifts one windy fist and smashes it against the ground- for something made of wind and snow, it sure goes BOOM pretty loudly- and then the other. BOOM. It hops its small hind legs off the ground a few times, Bam Bam Bam.

It then reaches down, scoops its hands under the cart, and hefts it skyward with a howl of wind! The cart goes sailing through the air like chaff, wood scattered, raining about the town square. Watching ponies take cover, Bratwurst and his friend running off down the street, Autumn Dust squealing and running off and around to the other side of the fountain pool.

The flying cart smashes into the gabled roof over the entranceway to a storefront, wrecking it handily, a few more bits of scattered wood crashing through the windows. The beast is charging after it a moment later, rumbling along the ground, knuckles and feet thundering with the movement. It reaches down to pick up a long two-by-four and tosses its head, the stick sailing through the air to hit the ground near Rumble and slide to a stop. The beast then pauses, turned towards the unicorn, bright white eyes watching him. PLAY TIME YES NOW PLEASE?

Nightsong gasps and quickly does her best to levitate a board over herself and Heartsong, cowering down as the other boards rained down around them. Don't hit me, don't hit me! I really don't to be hurt today! I have so many more instruments to make! …speaking of, she left the harp out of its case again. Darn, she has to be more- BAM. A board landing beside her makes her jump in surprise.

Heartsong squeaks, managing a nod to Nightsong as she moves to scamper out of the way of the flying wood. The nearby board landing makes her yelp in alarm, leaping into the air and fluttering unsteadily. She's from a land where speed is a more effective escape than height, after all; she's more concerned about getting into the air in the first place than getting /far/ up into it.

Stormdancer hops and skitters about, dodging the debris, before taking to the air again, hovering a couple of ponyheights in the air as things settle- at least until the next round. "Jest throw't somethin' a'ready," she hollers at the unicorn up front in this mess, before spiralling up higher.

"Wha..HEY! That's my cart!" Rumble shouts, flailing as the big windy beastie just hefts said cart up from behind him! Then the cart goes flying, and wood scatters everywhere, forcing Rumble to stare in abject horror as his hard work is dashed to pieces. "… wood.."

His face scrunches up, "Awright you overblown blizzard! You earned this! Prepare to be bucked into last month!"

Thus does the angered unicorn pivot about on his front hooves, rearing back and letting loose with a mighty two-hoofed blow!

…against a weather system. Well can you blame him? It was solid enough to pick his cart up! Logically it should've been solid enough to kick too!

The creature's gleaming white eyes widen a bit as it watches Rumble. What, is this not fun? Are we not having fun playing? This is the worst game ev-

Paf! The unicorn's hooves connect with the swirling cloud body of the elemental. It's like kicking a giant pillow, soft and yielding, then gradually resisting. The beast rears up, flailing its big arms, and then… breaks in half. The swirling snow cloud that comprises its form divides into two, legs and lower trunk tumbling backward, upper body and beefy arms and blinking eyes falling forward. As the pieces separate, they lose distinction, and the eyes wink out.

Swirling clouds of snow drop around Rumble, still whistling like the constant wind they create, cold and biting and probably making Rumble wish he'd bundled up a bit more. They pool about on the ground, shapeless, blob-like, before one cloud- about two pony's worth- pushes up on four limbs once more- thick arms and small legs- and the other, smaller bit forms into the shape of a large potato. Both elementals blink their white light eyes open and peer about. The larger, gorilla-shaped creature turns, stares at Rumble, then whirls about to flee across the plaza! The other one scurries over the ground, breezing along in a weightless fashion, and starts investigating the fallen cart by the storefront.

Stormdancer just… blinks. And again. "An' now there's two've 'em. An' one's runnin'." Blink. "… Aw, hay." She zips off after the larger one, trying to get in front of it to maybe slow it down before it tramples somepony! "'ey! Stop!" Swoop! "'ey!" She's waving limbs, whistling sharply- Look at me, critter!

That's right, look what happens when the unicorn gets mad! Things get kicked! Rumble chatters in the cold that suddenly surrounds him, ambling proudly with his head held high despite the clacking of teeth. To where his cart once stood. …Poor cart. He spins around to point ahoof at the 'remains' of the snowstorm. "THAT is why you don't mess with…"

Then the dang thing gets up! Rumble blinks. /Stares/ even. "H..hey! You're not supposed to do that! I kicked you in HALF!" Grrr! When one of the elementals just starts dashing off, Rumble dashes after him, snorting fog out his nose. "Come back here and take your kicks like a monster!"

The fleeing elemental's eyes widen as Stormdancer moves to intercept it. But while the pegasus might have been hoping to stop the creature, it doesn't stop. It doesn't even slow. No, it speeds up! And then it vaults! It's only 2/3rds the size it was before, but it's still pretty big, and pretty powerful, and able to leap up and over the pegasus in a swift lurch of implied muscle. It even goes *thump* as it lands behind her. And then… huddles up behind the pony half its size, ducking down, putting her between itself and the advancing Rumble. The creature leans to the side to peer at Rumble with wide, blinking eyes.

Meanwhile, the other, more shapeless elemental starts poring over the upended cart, whirling away. It fixates on a wheel and swirls around- and, pop! The wheel is neatly shorn off of the axle, bolts and pins falling free. The creature swirls about happily and breezes over to the front of the overturned cart, where it starts undoing the screws that hold the harness to it. Pop, pop! They fly loose. Bit by bit, the thing is disassembling the cart, utterly enraptured as it does.

Stormdancer drops to the ground with an 'Ack!' as her airspace is nearly violated by a beefy sentient snowcloud. That… is cowering behind her? The blue pegasus looks fairly boggled at this turn of events! "'old up, Kickyflanks!" she calls towards Rumble, spreading her wings out wide. "I think yer, well-" Another look back over at the elemental. "- Scarin' it?"

Rumble screeches to a halt, hooves skidding in the snow-dusted ground! He breathes heavily, glaring at the hiding elemental, pawing at the cobblestone. "He started it! What's the big idea tossing my supplies around like that! I spent all day on that!" Snort! Huff!

Nevermind that his cart is being further violated by the other carefree elemental.

The hulking storm elemental returns Stormdancer's gaze when she looks back at it, but doesn't confirm her suspicions. It seems largely unable to talk. What it CAN do is go HOWWWLLLL like a windstorm, though. Which it does. Always. It likely forces the ponies nearby to raise their voices a bit to be heard. Oh, it's also cold, and tickles against Stormdancer's backside like a constant cold draft. Then again, it is full of snow and wind… so it sort of IS a cold draft. At the moment it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, content to hide.

The other elemental systematically disassembles the cart, which is soon reduced to component pieces- or at least, any that are still intact. This might make transporting the wreckage a bit easier, at least. Shucks, maybe someone can have fun putting it back together! Lest one think this is too convenient a service that has been provided, however, the elemental swooshes up and then begins to disassemble the door to the shop. The door was already smashed crooked on its hinges- inside one can see furniture, and darkened lights, and mercifully, nobody home- and soon it's hanging even more crooked as the screws that bind its hinges in place are undone, one after another.

Stormdancer shivers a bit, tucking her tail down. -That's- a mite refreshing. "'s actin' like a dog o' somethin'! Ya go 'round kickin' dogs fer makin' messes?" she shoots back. Another look back, and she reaches back with one wing to pat it on the 'head'. "'m sure it ain't gonna do't 'gain," she shouts over the howling. Poor critter! - Poor Stormie, if this is a ploy.

Heartsong peeks out from behind the snowcloud she'd hidden behind, giving a faint squeak. Ohno there's two of them now. Oh bad ohbad oh bad bad bad. "Wh-what… what do w-we do?" She calls down shakily. "Should I g-get help? …Are they hurting anypony?"

"What are… Are you /petting/ it?" Rumble ask-shouts, staring agape! "Aw c'mon! Didn't you-" Stutter. Pause. He gestures a hoof at the far-flung pieces of wood! "It smashed-" …Pause. He stares at the 'frightened' elemental and stomps a hoof on the cobblestone! "Why are you making this difficult!? Monsters aren't supposed to get scared and hide behind ponies!"

Apparently the hiding elemental is not so scared that it doesn't eventually decide to wander off. Short attention span, maybe? It saunters out from behind Stormdancer, knuckling along on its heavy forelimbs, and makes its way over to a scattered hunk of lumber, peering down at it. Reaching out, it picks it up with a big, heavy hand, hefts it, and then casually tosses it across the town square. The place is mostly empty by now- Horseshoe Harbor residents know how to vacate the premises when things start getting all… Horseshoe Harbor- so there isn't much to it. The flung board does land with a splash in the fountain pool, though.

At the same time, the sounds of things falling apart can be heard from the little furniture shop as the second elemental goes to town. A few smaller dust bunnies- little potato-sized swirls of dust and debris- skitter out the door and around the side of the building.

"Hey! HEY! I wasn't done talking to you, snowbreath!" Rumble shouts as the elemental starts to lope off again. "…Bah! See?" He gestures at it with a hoof, as more wood goes flying! "He's not scared! He's a stormcloud with a face! Now get outta the way!" He braces himself! It's time to try again! Only this time it's not a kick, it's the HORN. Teeth bared, Rumble lights his horn up and lets loose one of the only spells he really has mastered. A football-sized bolt of magical light force! "Eat magic, monster!"

Stormdancer sticks her tongue out at Rumble- but pauses, rolling her eyes up and around to track Big Snowy as it moves out. Blink. Cringe. Pulling her tongue back in, she calls up to Heartsong. "Try an' shoo 'em out ta the shore! O' find Risin', she's dealt with 'em a'fore!" Annnnd Rumble makes with the blasty. Time to be airborne! And -not- near the critter.

Heartsong blinks and freezes for a moment, giving a faint squeak. That… is distinctly not 'hiding', which is what she /tends/ to do when trouble springs up. But she has no idea where 'Risin'' would be! Or… or who she is, for that matter! So, she gulps thickly, closes her eyes, gives another small squeak, and dives for the opening-where-a-door-once-was before she can talk herself out of it.

BALL! The big beasty turns and lunges for the magical bolt, ready to catch it! And, well, it does. It just, you know, goes up in a sudden gust of snow afterwards. The animate cloud of snow disperses in all directions with a *Puff,* the constant howl of its stormy makeup deflating in short order. Snow falls down over the immediate vicinity like… like snow. And there is no more sign of the creature.

Its zapping does not go unnoticed, however. A pair of bright white eyes appear in the crawlspace under a house and peek outward. A swirl of dust coalesces atop the statue of Seafoam's head, eyes blinking to life and peering downward. An animate cloud of soot pops up out of no less than three chimnneys ringing the plaza. A mailbox pops open, and a cloud of shredded mail with eyes swirls out to skip along the ground. From two dozen different directions, little animate clouds of debris, dust, snow, soot, grass, thumbtacks, school supplies, and breakfast cereal emerge from hiding to look inward and see just what the fuss is all about.

Inside the furniture shop, a feast of entropy is interrupted as another dozen minute storm elementals look up from where they are industriously disassembling the goods and towards Heartsong. They stare for a moment, before bustling over, crowding around her hooves, sniff-sniff-sniffing with tickly little windy faces, trying to crawl up her legs and sit on her head. She is new and interesting and very popular, but the diminutive elementals might be a bit much!

Stormdancer looks about nervously at the sudden spike in the local elemental population. "Uh, Kicky…?" She twists about in the air, trying to keep eyes on -everything-. "'ow much mo' juice ya got?"

Haha! Success! Rumble Riot does a victory stomp! "Yeah! That's right! I got you /that/ time you…" Elementals start popping out of everywhere. "…you…" Rumble blinks at the sudden army of little glowing eyes. He sits back on his haunches and gives his hoof joints a crack. "I got enough." he states with the sort of bravado that probably says 'not really but dang if I'm gonna back down now'. "What I can't blast, I can kick! I just wanna know… Where'd they all /come/ from?"

Squeak! The little pegasus flutters her wings, prancing in place and for some reason trying /not/ to step on the little windy creatures. Heartsong was not expecting this many of them! Or to be covered in them! She gives a little "Eeep!", just trying to stay on her hooves. At least they don't /seem/ vicious?

"Hay'f -I- know! M' old boss caught one o' two've 'em, but-" Stormdancer shifts about in the air. "- See'f they'll calm down a bit 'fore ya start makin' with th' zappy?" She raises her voice, directing it towards the Little Furniture Shop of Horrors. "Ya a'right 'n there?"

The creatures stop, and stare, for a few more moments, before they go back about their business. For some, this involves wandering off. They all appear pretty small, no bigger than a big rat, so it's easy for them to sneak off and around corners or back into the nooks from which they emerged. For other creatures, they hop down and join in the fun, picking at little leftovers of the cart, further reducing any pieces not already utterly disassembled to bits. Another starts whirling its way along the gutter of a building, loosening its supporting bolts one by one, until the whole thing starts to sag down at one unattached end. A couple swirl over towards Rumble and Stormdancer and start investigating them the same way Heartsong is getting mobbed, just on a much smaller scale. Even if they're little more than swirling clouds of debris and pinprick starlight eyes, their curiousity shows through readily enough.

Inside the furniture shop, Hewartsong's fidgety movement seems to keep the creatures back a bit. They distance themselves from her hooves and any shimmying up her legs and sides fall back as her wings flap. The crowd of them feels like having several room fans turned on her at once, wind whipping about in various crossways directions. Already they're getting Bored and wandering off, though, some going back to disassembly and others vanishing between cracks in the floorboards or running out the open- well, removed- door.

There certainly are a lot of them. Probably more than any one unicorn can smash. Just how many are there? And how many more are hidden besides the ones that can be seen just here in this part of town?

More than any one unicorn can smash? Quest accepted! Besides, heck if Rumble isn't willing to try. He's got this /look/ This grim, 'I'm gonna wreck something' look. His horn glows again! "Awright! I hope all you dust bunnies enjoyed wrecking my cart, cuz' somepony just called the exterminator!"

Gleam! His horn flashes! And then? So do his hooves. Imbued now, with magical light! Rumble rears back, "Behold my ultimate magick! Rumble Stampede!" …Corny. But it does come with the burly unicorn putting those glowing hooves to use, trying to stomp on as many curious little dust devils (or their bigger counterparts) as he can catch up with! "I got some for everybody! Some for YOU and YOU and EVEN YOU!"

Heartsong manages to not fall over, but sure gets blown around a bit. Her mane is looking rather mussed. She gulps and clears her throat and swallows a few times. "I-I'm okay!" For someone with such a good singing voice, she can sure get squeaky. "There… th-there's lots of… of th-things in here!"

Stormdancer sneezes as sentient soot gets all up in her nose, backing up- And oh dear. She swoops towards the furniture shop, peeking in from around the top of the windowsill. "Uh… huh. I'm thinkin' this ain't a great place ta be, all'vea sudden … Las Pegasus is kinda nice this time 'a year." She goes to tug at the other mare, highlighting her 'time to go!' recommendation.

The dust devils are certainly stompable! The more curious ones are easily caught underfoot and are smushed quite easily- although they don't *smush* so much as cease to be, going up in little pops and puffs of expelled gas as whatever stormy structure that keeps them together gives out. Shooting them is a bit more difficult- they're fast, especially when they're alarmed. And a lot of them are, now. Their preferred method of dealing with attacks? Running away! That gutter on the side of the house is left half-attached as the dustbunny disassembling its moorings flees up and over the roof and out of sight. Still others wriggle under houses or back into mailboxes from whence they came.

It seems whatever state of alarm that has taken the creatures outside is also coming over the ones inside the furniture store. Those that hadn't already lost interest are looking with alarm towards the doorway of the shop, then scurrying away- breezing between broken chairs and underneath collapsing chests of drawers. The air whistles and sighs with their windy movements, until the gusts turn to whispers and then to silence as the creatures secret themselves in little hiding holes once more. By the time Stormdancer makes it inside, only the sound of something falling off a counter on the other side of the shop offers any indication there's anything there besides her and Heartsong.

It isn't until he realizes there's no sounds left that Rumble stops his rampage! Panting, snorting, the light imbuing his hooves flickers out with a final little hiss of energy. "Whu.. Did I win? I won! Haha! THat's right, you better run away! Show your beady little eyes around here again and I'll give you another taste of my awesome magical powers! And my HOOF!" Yeah! He lifts one hoof in the air triumphantly! "Oh yeah! I'm awesome! Oh yeah! I saved the town!"

Clinging to her wall-perch, Stormdancer blinks, looking back out at Rumble. Back in at the demolished, yet empty, store. Over to Heartsong. "- Las Pegasus. I'm jest sayin'."

Heartsong blinks, looking around dazedly. "…Well… there /were/ a… a bunch of th-them… really," she states, blinking a few more times for good measure. She glances over her shoulder out the door, reaching up to try and smoothe down her mussed mane.

Rumble grins. But there's nobody congratulating him, so that grin fades pretty quick. "Uh… I /did/ save the town, didn't I?" He trots over to the opened door, peeking inside at the two pegasus. "Hey! Any more creatures in there? Oh, and are you two okay?"

A coat rack in the corner of the store topples over and hits the floor with a bang!

Heartsong yelps and jumps into the air again, which would have been slightly more effective if the ceiling weren't caved in. This results in another yelp as she drops down a little lower, rubbing her head and blushing deeply as she glances back at the toppled rack. Not her most graceful moment. "Uh…"

Stormdancer flits down to the ground, giving Rumble and Heartsong both pats on the shoulder. "- Thinkin' we're fine." A pause. "- Also thinkin', I can do withou' knowin' where else th' critters're hidin' fer a lil' while. Either've ya know any'n what knows somethin' 'bout this kinda thing?"

"Not a clue." Rumble says, as proud as he can given the lingering joys of being a momentary hero. "But there's a lot of smart ponies in this town, I'm sure one of'em oughta know something useful!" He paces. Then stops with a little rearing. "Of course! Mr. Adventure! He's a teacher, teachers know /everything/! I'll go ask him what these things are!"

Heartsong shakes her head slowly. "I've n-never seen anything l-like these before…" She looks over at Rumble. "…Who?"

Stormdancer blinks blankly at Rumble. And again, for good measure. "- An' where's this fella? I'll leave Risin' a note, mebbe she'll meet up with 'im."

"He uh.." Rumble stalls, now that he's being asked more specific questions. He fidgits. "I don't know. But he should show up at the schoolhouse sooner or later. That's where I kept finding him! I think I'll go there now and wait for him to show up."

Heartsong nods slowly. "…Maybe, um… maybe I can ask the Professor."

Stormdancer grins. "Sounds like'a plan! See'f ya kin git yers ta meet't th' school'ouse, too," she adds with a nod at Heartsong. She takes one last look around, preparing to take off. "- Last one out's gotta explain this ta the rest've th' town!" Whoosh!

"What? No!" Zoom! Rumble's off like a rocket! To find ADVENTURE! …Or rather, Mr. Adventure. A.K.A. The Schoolteacher. He'll know what to do!

Squeak! "Wait! What? B-but I… but… g-guys!" Heartsong scampers out after them. "I don't even know what happened! Or wh-who anypony is! Guuuuuys!"