From Good To Great
IC date: Summer 61
OOC date: August 20
Location: Main Street
PCs: Dream-Daze Rising-Chaos

It has been a good day!

First Dreamy went to the beach and played around in the sand, listening to awesome music at the ever-present beach party. PARTY! Then she went off to the local theater to watch a movie! MOVIE! And THEN she skipped over to the newly opened candy store and bought herself a little bag of Random Gumballs! CANDY!

Allowances are awesome, y'know!

Now the little mute filly, the bag of gumballs balanced on her head just behind her horn, is happily trotting along Main Street, nodding to other ponies and generally being happy about life~ What adventure shall come her way next?

Who knows? there's always opportunity for adventure in this town, if one is looking for it. Even if you aren't looking for it it's quite easy to get caught up in something. Such is Rising Chaos' fate most days, but she does try and lead a ncie, relaxing life. Like now, for instance, she is laying in front of her wagon on Main Street, practising magic by making a couple of coloure dlights float around in the air above her while she reads. Out of a continued desire to eat, most days, she has a little table set up with a few enchanted trinket from Spellbound by the Bay on it, she is part owner, after all.

Enchanted trinkets are bound to be shiny, right? Shiny things attract ponies almost as well as ice cream does. Thus when Dreamy wanders by the odd little table, her ears perk. Little filly radar goes off, turns towards the display, and brings little filly hooves with it! Trot, trot, trot~ The little mute girl beams up at Rising, somehow without dislodging her bag of gumballs, waving to the reading shopkeep.

Rising-Chaos has noticed Dream Daze before the little filly approached. rising has picked up the ability to be very observant, having Glyph perched on the wagon roof spotting for her doesn't hurt either. She closes the book, and looks down, tyring to remember the fillies name. "Hello, how may I help you?"

The forementioned 4 inch long, white cloth lizard jumps from the top of the wagon, and on to Rising's back (he was aiming for the lights, but spoiler, they aren't real).

Yes, help! Help. Hm. Dream Daze blinks, peeking at the myriad of little trinkety things, and then looks back up at Rising with that adorable smile. She…nods her head. Yep. Nod. She can be helped. Her hooves start pointing at the assortment of objects, while a little foggy question mark forms over her head. What are these things!

Then Dreamy spots the little cloth lizardthing, and promptly points a hoof at that too. AND THAT? What is that!?

Ah, right, yes. This is the filly that cannot speak. The mare floats a selection of little trinkets, with enchantments ranging from glowing, to making little sounds when tapped a certain way, to storing little notebooks. All very shiny, all completely harmless,since rising didn't make them. In fact, she seems to be wearing one herself, there's a little glass heart acting as a brooch to fasten her cape.

Glyphs scurries down it's master's face, and drops to the ground. Apparently it decided to go up her neck, just so her could crawl on her face, this is normal. After noticing Dreamy's fascnation, Rising can't help but crack a smile. "This is my golem, Glyph. It's very friendly, would you like to say hello?"

Trinkets are awesome…but plushie puppets that move around on their own are moreso. Dreamy's eyes widen and she nods her head vigorously! Of /course/ she wanna see it! She bounces twice on her hooves, that gumball bag rising and falling with every gumball landing right back into the bag! Bounce, bounce!

Glyph is only too happy to be making a friend, and he hops and scurries about between Dream Daze's hooves. He's probably going to get stepped on, he will be completely fine. It's really hard to hurt a golem unless what you're using is enchanted.

Meanwhile, Rising watches with a bemused expression on her face. She doesn't play, because she is bad at it.

Dreamy is careful with toys though, and that lizard looks too much like a toy. The little mute foal crouches down to get a better look, lowering her head, bag and all, to squint at the little cloth thing. She might poke at it though! With a single dainty hooftip. Nudge nudge! Nudge! Wide filly eyes staaaaare.

Glyph receives the poke, and leans in. He doesn't have eyes, so much as little spts on his head painted blue that look like eyes. However, he has a way of making it look like it's having expressions, and it looks fascinated. That is, until he tries to bite Dreamy's nose, making Chaos frown. There's no strength behind the bite, but it's not exactly ponyable.

Rising clicks her tongue disapprovingly. "Glyph, do try and behavce yourself. We wouldn't want to alarm our guest."

And yet! Dreamy seems far from alarmed. Her tail swishes behind her in wide sweeps, the little filly 'suffering' the bite, for what it is, in a nearly feline fashion. So patient! Those filly eyes peek towards Rising when she admonishes the little toy for trying to chew on pony though, holding /so very still/ otherwise!

Glyph, as usual ignoring his master, takes this as his cue to climb up. He's surprisingly agile, and can stick to surfaces (such as, for example a pony) like a real lizard. Isn't magic fun? He's having fun with it, and he scoots up Dreamy's face and in to her mane, where he starts checking out the candy, nosing at it in an effort to see what's inside. Other cloth thing, reveal your secrets.

Rising holds the trinkets there, tyring to watch the whole thing carefully. She doesn't want a crying filly on her hooves, it's happened before and is unpleasant. Still, Glyph is cute.

The gumball bag isn't even tied up, so it's easy enough to get to the treasure of a small trove of gumballs! Not that a little cloth toy can do much with them. There they are anyway.

Alas, now Dreamy doesn't have a cute cloth lizardthing to stare at, so she does the next best thing, carefully getting back up on her hooves and blinking up at the shopkeep curiously. She looks like she wants to ask something. But she isn't sure…how. A moment's hesitation later, the little filly's horn glows, and with it comes one of her 'daydream' visions. A mental image, really, of Glyph, with a question mark over its head. For Dreamy is curious what the heck this adorable thing /is/.

And maybe how she can get one~

Rising-Chaos really only catches on to the first question. As an aside, she floats a notebook and a pen over to the filly, to make communication easier. "Glyph here is a golem. that means that he's what is essentially a toy, but animated by magic. He has his own mind, and makes his own decisions, but I can command him to do things if I want to. He's very handy for my research, and nice to have as a companion."

Glyph, upon hearing that, gets excited and wags his tail. Lizards do that, right? this one does. After doing that he renews efforts to consoume gum balls despite his lack of teeth or lack of throat. His mouth is just a flap of fabric that opens and closes. It may, however, succeed in knocking the bag over if he tries hard enough.

The bag is pretty well weighted to the filly's head, but it's true! Enough effort can dislodge the marble-sized candies and cause the whole mess to go tumbling down! Luckily Dreamy's able to adjust herself, swaying to keep the candybag more or less in place. For now, anyway. She can't do that very well and pay much attention to things being floated at her though! The notepad and pen are blinked at, her first instinct to tilt her head curiously to better look at the items.

And that tips the bag over. Whups! All the candy tumbles down onto the ground! Probably the bag and lizard too. Dreamy's ears splay, wide filly eyes looking mournfully at the fallen treats.

Rising-Chaos keeps the notepad in place. "In case you wnated to write things down, so we can communicate. Unless you prefer your method." Rising almost smiles, until she sees Glyph being a fool, which makes her grit her teeth. "Glyph, I-" she sighs as the candies go tumbling. "I'm sorry, is there some way I can replace them?" One of the trinkets might be worth about as much to Chaos, which depending on how you look at it is either awesome or kinda sad.

Dreamy pokes her hoof at a couple of the fallen candies. Even nudges a few of them back into the bag, levitating the bag back onto her head like nothing happened. Nevermind the hints of tears at the corner of filly eyes for the candy's noble sacrifice to the dirt gods. It's a brave face, totally. And one that doesn't last long before curiosity gets the better of her again, poking her hoof at the notepad like it were some oddly foreign concept. For…communication? One ear flicks, the pen squinted at for a long moment. The magical glow surrounds her horn again, focused on the pen, levitating it up and to the notepad! Scribble…scribble…scritch…

When she's done, the pen is set down. On the notepad now? A heart, with a stick-figure version of Glyph in it, chewing on a gumball. It's horrible for art.

It works, Rising isn't asking for wuality here. Actually this prompt a very, very rare reaction from the mare. She chuckles, just a little bit. "You like Glyph, do you? I'm afraid he's not for sale, and it's very, very difficult to make another, although it could be done for you." She looks down at the spilled candy, in thgouht. "Tell you what. why don't you take Glyph around with you for the rest of the day, and have this necklace as a little thank you. He likes seeing new plces and meeting new ponies, and I don't give him the chance to nearly enough. You can come pick him up any time amnd keep him for the day. It's got an inate sense of where I am, so it will just come home at the end of the night." This serves the dual purpose of being a ncie set of eyes in the town, should the offer be accepted.

Glyph, is nosing at the gumballs, scurrying over to his NEW FRIEND and nosing her, then it scurries abck to the candy.

Dreamy considers this! It's…/like/ getting a new pet. Kind of. More like..renting one. Only for free and the pet is a piece of cloth. Then again in Dreamy's mind, it may as well be the most adorably animated creature /ever/. So the little filly nods her head, beaming widely, and patting Glyph on its head! New friend!

Rising-Chaos smiles. "Good, if you'd like, take your pick of the necklaces, they're rather pretty." She's throughly enjoyed the little visit, that should count for something.

Glyph, in response to being patted on the head, twirls in place for a while. After receiving magical encouragement from Rising, it clambers up on to the filly once again, and nestles in to her mane. This is his absolute favourite resting place.

This pleases Dreamy enough, having the little golem thing settled in her mane. Enough so that she gives a happy couple of twisty prances, ending up with her hooves planted next to the table of trinkets again. She beams a happy little smile, then peeks at all of the necklaces. Of course she's curious too, her horn beginning to glow. Only she picks up the pen with it again, turns to the notepad, and scribbles. Scribble. Scribblescribble.

This time there's a picture of a necklace, and it's /glowing/, with a question mark over it. Are these magical?

Rising-Chaos gets the general sense of the question! The mare can be quite clever sometimes. "All the things on this table are magically enchanted. They're fromt he shop I co-own with soem friends called Spellbound by the Bay, which is out on the outskirts of town. We made them ourselves." They are pretty, and pretty cool, even if they don't do much.

Dream-Daze pokes at a couple of the necklaces curiously… Magical or not, they /are/ pretty! She considers the options. Sparkley, or hearts, or.. She bites her lip, the little filly looking unsure! So she blinks up at the shop owner and points at all the pretty sparkley things. Then points at herself, using her magic to make a mental image of…well, herself, with a shadowy image of a necklace and a question mark over it. Which one should she get?

Rising-Chaos watches Dreamy being indecisive, and smiels to herself. It's nto a very good smile, being thin and cold, but ti's abotu as good as you get wiht Chaos. She amkes no move to help out Dream Daze, though.

Glyph, on the other hoof, does. He wiggles out of Dreamy's mane, and drops to the table, sifting through the necklaces until he finds one that makes pretty noises (courtesy of Chaos). He hold it up, with it being a simpler piece, looking vaguely like a small cloud, which if you tap the front, makes a little sound. Did Glyph do god?

Dreamy's eyes widen at the necklace. It makes noise! Like a windchime even. And a cloud! That's interesting. She likes it, and leans down so she can put it on (maybe with a little help from Glyph). She even gives the little cloth golem a nuzzle to show her gratitude!

Glyph somehow amanges to show that he's beaming! He helps the filly slip on the necklace, before nuzzling back and crawling up her face again to nest in Dreamy's mane.

Rsiing Chaos, who was totally behind all that, looks over feinging surprise. She's not cruel, after all, just usually mean. "Oh, did you find something you like? It looks very nice on you."

Of course the little mute filly beams again. One more happy bounce, and Dreamy does what comes naturally to little pony fillies whom know no better. She trots around the table of wares and up and hugs the shopkeep for all the nice things and interesting company! Total filly glomp!

Rising-Chaos has learnt to just accept hugs from fillies. No matter how unpleasant they are. It does help that Dream Daze is kind of cute. "Well, I hope you enjoy your necklace. Thank you for your company." She even hugs back, just a little.

A little is enough for Dream-Daze! Post-hug, the filly straightens her mane out, and her gumball bag, helping make sure Glyph is properly arranged somewhere. Then she gives Chaos a wave of one hoof and the quick mental image of a heart with the words 'Thank You!' printed on it.

Then she scampers off towards home, every step making little windchime-y noises! This has been a /great/ day!