Four S A Crowd
IC date: Autumn 89
OOC date: 17/12/12
PCs: Hemlock Starchild
NPCs: None
GM: None

the curtain of snow continues in the Harbour. Creating a kind of unique winter wonderland. Well, some ponies may point out that the term 'wonderland' would be inappropriate for this town. However, for Hemlock, the newcomer, it works!

Hemlock canters into the town square with a bounce in his step. He's wearing a fabulous scarf that he got from /somewhere/. He chuckles and starts to run around and play in the snow. Anypony watching would probably stop and wonder what his problem is.

Really, anyone would say this town is far from a wonderland, unless they've lived in the harbor long enough. For Starchild, though, there's always something to be fascinated by, from the comradaries of rebuilding, to the persistence of happy ponies in the town despite its unfortunate series of events.

It's for that exact reason that he was spending some time outside today. The Curtain of Snow was still ongoing, and he didn't want to miss a minute of it. As he entered Main Street, it didn't take long for him to notice the green earth pony playing in the snow. Somehow it was a pleasant sight, albeit unsual. Without hesitating, he approached the stallion. "I must say, I've never seen someone so… in touch with their inner child."

Hemlock is rolling in the snow when Starchild approaches him. In the blink of an eye, he's flipped on to his hooves. He's all smiles and immediatly in Starchild's personal space. "Hey there stallion!" He trost around Starchild, looking the new pony up and down. "I'm Hemlock," he proclaims. "The magnificent! I'm not in touch with my inner foal, silly. I'm just awesome! Who are you?"

Quickly sporting a grin to the stallion's upbeat persona, Starchild happily introduces himself. "Very pleased to meet you, Hemlock. My name is Starchild." He gives the pony a brief once-over. "Not that I doubt it in any way, but just what is it that makes you so… magnificent?" Asking with a sudden tone of intrigue and burning curiousity.

Hemlock throws his forelegs aroudn his new friend. "Nice to meet you Starchild!" Oh, he just released the ego. Hemlock prances back and strikes a heroic pose! "I am Hemlock! Hero extraordinaire! I am tough, fast, smart, and my love for righteous ponies is unequaled. I am immortal, so I may continue my quest against evil for all time!" He gives Starchild a suave smile. "At your service," he offers, melodically.

Starchild gives an effeminate chuckle. "That's truly admirable, my dear." He takes a glance at the portside, and then the mountains mentioned by some commotion of townsponies. "You are most certainly in the right place. I'm sure there's enough injustice and discord here to keep you busy year round." He flips his mane over one eye and gives Hemlock a wide-eyed grin. "So tell me, just what kind of adventures have you come across here? I've dreamed of such excitement in my life… alas, ponies around here seem to think I'm all talk." He glances off to the side. "Although I suppose I can't blame them…" he mutters with disdain.

Oh, this is perfect! Finally, an appreciative audience! Hemlock's grin goes supernova. "Well well my handsome yound stallion, let me tell you."She puts a foreleg around Starchilds shoulders, and waves in front. "I travel the world with my companions, Bomani and Zula. We have fought pirates, saved villages from rampaging minotaurs, overthrown tyrants and even lead armies against evil!" Has Hemlock /really/ done all that? Doubtful, but it makes for a good story. He pokes Starchild in the chest. "A stallion like you? You're a hero waiting to happen!"

The veracity of these statements is no match for Starchild's ideals of a heroic lifestyle, just as his modesty is no match for his arrogance. "I'm glad to see somepony thinks so as well." Of course, the unicorn knows that he's in poor shape to battle and explore, but who needs to be in shape when you have confidence? "My dear, I would love nothing more than to join you in these adventures," he says, trying to mask his desperation with excitement. "I'm sure you could use someone well-read in the folklore and history of this area." Waving a hoof, he adds, "Every square foot of this town is wrought with a tale; but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that."

Hemlock laughs uproariously. "You got spirit kid, I like that!" He smiles, then moves away a couple paces. Her starts to rummage in his saddlebags for something. "Tell you what, I'll talk to Zula about it, she's kinda the leader." He pauses, realizing this doesn't fit with his 'magnificent' story. "I'm just around for when they have to do anything hard. We want to keep it fair, after all." Sly grin, good save, Hemlock.

"Oh, I'm sure. Not everypony is willing to throw his life on the line in the name of glory, but that is what makes it all worth it." Starchild grins as he sees a bit of himself in this pony. "Although, I must admit, I'm not the most geared for adventure. While I've spent several nights surviving in the mountains, I imagine there's more to it than bare survival necessities." His expression grows dull as his speech grows blunt. "I'll have to find a weapon."

Hemlock chuckles. What an adorable little wannabe hero. Still, it's how he started, minus some experience. He pulls out a vial of sickly green liquid. "Here kid, take this. Don't open it or anything. Approach any of my companions with that vial and they'll recognize that. Get's you in." He stands back on both legs, shwoing a body bare of any kind of weapons. "Who needs a weapon to be a hero? force is always the last resort! We'll get you ship shape in no time."

Starchild's expression lightens up once more as he realizes he is getting ahead of himself. "Of course, of course." As he receives the vial, he eyes it curiously for a few moments. That's when his mind makes the connection. Hemlock. Vial. Got it. Most importantly, this vial will be the key to him joining these adventures, the sudden realization of which makes him very giddy and excited. His smile looks like it could go beyond his ears at this point. "Oh, thank you! I'm most excited! Do tell, where might I find one them?"

Hemlock laughs, good thing he didn't bring out the bandolier of lknives. "You're a niceguy Starchild. You'll find us wandering around town, bomani and Zula are both zebras. bomani's the tall brawny fellow. Zula is the gorgeous one." He winks suggestively. "But don't try your luck mister, she's not interested." He closes up his saddlebags and resumes playing in the snow. "So what do you do, exactly?"

Starchild's ears perk up at the mention of 'gorgeous', then back down at 'not interested'. Oh well, at least he gets to talk about himself now. "I am merely a writer. Years ago I dreamed of being a lawyer, but let's face it, the real world isn't always the most intriguing market, am I wrong?" Without giving a chance for a reply, he carries on. "Poems, short stories, even lyrics, though I'm not the most musically inclined. Wouldn't you agree that a travel log of our adventures would make quite a scene?"

Hemlock pauses in his frolicing. He seems to be considering something. He's certainly not the smartest pony in the world, but when he does have ideas… For the second time today he jumps to his hooves. "I have an idea!" He prances around, so proud of himself. "You should be our bard! Yes! The saga of Hemlock, the mighty!"

Even Starchild sees a bit of ego at play here, but clinging to the chance of adventure, he goes for flattery, giving another hearty chuckle. "I'm sure it will be an epic spoken of for ages. I simply can't wait!" Noticing the accumulation of snow on his back, he removes it in one graceful thrust, rather than shaking it off. "And I certainly look forward to meeting these two, Zula and Bomani. I'm sure they will be an excellent addition to our combined strengths!"

Hemlock stops, did he just lessen Zula and Bomani in Starchild's eyes? Oh no oh no oh no. Ego can only go so far. He panics, galloping over to Starchild and looking the stallion right in the eyes. He keeps a cocky grin on his face, making it look almost casual. "Zula and Bomani are the greatest. Adventurers beyond compare, save me of course. They took me in to their little group and I am ever thankful. Their strength combined is equal to, or greater than my own." He looks around nervously, then sighs. Whatever he was scared of seems to be gone.

"Oh, even better!" Starchild adds, failing to suppress the girly squeal from his outburst. "Mother will be ever so proud of me. I must write to her as soon as possible! … Or perhaps father. He can water it down enough to save her from the heart attack that would come." He glances about, thinking out loud. "Yes, yes. He always did say that my lifestyle was all flash and glamour." With another burst of laughter, he goes on. "He was right. But that will all change."

Hemlock is just loving the enthusiasm of this pony. He firmly remember long night in the mud, desperate struggles and general times of not being fun at all. Let the kid keep his dreams for now. He pokes Starchild in the chest. "Maybe you should go do that kid. I have some important business to get back to."

"Oh, of course!" Starchild takes the earth pony in a strong embrace, still talking. "And thank you! Thank you so much! I never thought I would see the day when this would happen!" He turns around and trots away, presumably to his household, turning around once again as he moves. "Thank you, Hemlock! I hope to see you in the nigh future!"