IC date: DATE
OOC date: 3/29
Location: Silver Shallows
PCs: Dustdevil Goody-Horseshoes
NPCs: Manesail, Fullsail, Crows-Nest, Trade-Winds

Silver Shallows, the Seapony central of trade with other races, cultures and ground dwellers alike. Not a normal place to see a pegasus, but still here is one of these out of place creatures. The flier has taken to getting back to his normal stature. He's a bit weak, but the exercises he's been performing runs down the docks followed by a jump into flight at the end of the dock, a brief circle and a landing pace again. He performs this maneuver several times before taking a breather to rest and stretch out his wings.

Dustdevil is indeed out of place here, but seems to have made at least a few friends of the seapony community, though mostly of the Zebra community, several of which seem to be working on a small sailing ship which they are tending to. Occasionally Dustdevil will check in with the crew of that ship just to check in, or will fly a circle around their masts ducking and weaving for skills practice, and occasionally dipping to the deck to refresh. The stray pegasus is now attired in some sort of odd zebra clothing but with slots for his wings, his cutie mark is still visible and recognizable from a distance even though it now has a triple scar like a claw mark has ripped into his flanks.

Though rare, now that the Maelstrom has been taken care of and the seas are back to normal an occasional ship makes it's way to or from Horseshoe Harbor. A small tattered cargo vessel bellows a grouchy-sounding horn as it pulls into port. Most of the crew looks like a rough but well-seasoned group of traders judging by the drab garments they wear. Up in the crows nest sits a mostly black pegasus with a yellow muzzle and 'socks'. The look on his face suggests he's not here quite as often as the rest of the crew. In fact, this would be his second time here. Two more pegasi float down from above, a pair of pintos; one white black and the other white with red-brown. They land on the deck and disappear momentarily into the ship. Moments later, Captain Goody Horseshoes comes up to watch the final arrival.

Dustdevil recognizes other pegasi on the fresh ship in the harbor, and he figures he'd go pay a visit to the other flyers. He trots down the dockways before finally helping the deckhands with the ropes for securing this ship here to dockside. He gives a rough but welcoming shout to the ship's crew, "Welcome Ponies!" he offers politely, really the seaponies should be the ones doing the welcoming, but seeing ponies from the mainland really brings Dustdevil a good feeling, the feeling of no longer being alone truly.

Goody-Horseshoes shouts out an "Ahoy!" though doesn't step up to the edge quite yet. Like a proper guest, he doesn't get in the way of the normal operations of the ship's crew and stays to the side as they help tie of the ship and secure the gangplank. It isn't until he's on his way down the ramp that he catches sight of the previously MIA/KIA pegasus. The look of remembrance crosses his face but judging by the perked up brow he can't quite figure out why he seems so familiar.

Dustdevil is working smoothly with the deckhands, but eventually breaks from that duty, to assist with the gangway, when he pauses looking up, to the crew. His mouth opens, as if trying to say something, and finally half gasps, "Captain?" he asks as recognition dawns on his face "Goody-Horseshoes?" he asks looking absolutely stunned enough so that he just plunks down sitting there before the ship at dock. The other dockhands being that of zebras a gryphon and likely some seaponies in 'quad' form. The pegasus just stares dumbfounded.

Goody-Horseshoes's jaw drops in his own shock upon hearing the voice. The memories come rushing back like a tidal wave. Before he can even get a word out, the Sail brothers Manesale and Fullsail float down from the ship. "Captain…are ye alright?" Manesail asks, "Ye look like ye've just see a gh…" Fullsail nudges his younger brother and motions towards Dustdevil. Both shut their mouths and stare with wide eyes at the other pegasus.

Fullsail spreads his wings and hovers circles around Dusty, "But we…I mean…ye…what…YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TE BE ALIVE!" he accidentally cries out in shock. Manesail follows suit, "We saw ye disappear! We looked all over for ye and couldn't find ye!" Goody, just as dumbfounded as the lost stallion, takes a few steps forward, "Dustdevil? I…I don't understand. I…/WE/ thought the storm took you. How did you survive?" He's obviously perplexed.

Dustdevil stands up seeing ponies whom recognize him, and he recognizes them too, "I, the storm, It" he half turns showing his flank and the triple scar of claw marks, "It battered me and threw me, I couldn't even fly straight, It just took me out. I woke up at sea, with, with no bearings to where I was" he shakes his head, "Floated for days, couldn't fly, everything hurt" he continues "there was some driftwood I got ahold of to keep me up, and, I don't know how many days I floated" the pegasus shudders intently in recalled memories.

A member of that Zebra crew has been watching the reunion and has trotted up to lean against his pegasus friend, "aye dis' waterlogged pegasi was all washed up when we spotted im' Fished him aboard and helped him back to health, We been fixing our ship since the storms and bout ready to sail again" Trade-Winds mentions to continue Dustdevil's story, "he been a member of our crew since that day, and he be real helpful to our crew, saved each of us in his own way" he murmurs out, before pumping a hoof to the sky, while the rest of his crew gave a hearty shout. Evidently Trade-Winds was the captain of their stripey crew.

Goody-Horseshoes takes a few steps closer to the pegasus, blinking almost in disbeleif that he's really here right now. He walks a circle around him, definitely taking note of the marks across his flank. No matter how much he can't believe that this is all happening, the aura that Dustdevil gives is no lie that it's really him. The unicorn captain gives a tight hug to the pegasus, patting him on the back with a hoof in the process. "This is…this is /wonderful/ news. We all thought you had died…taken by the sea in a manner much more cruel than what it seems really happened."

Manesail calls up to the crow's nest of the ship where Crow is still perched, "Oy! Crowie! Come down here! Ye've got to see this! You won't believe your eyes!.
Dustdevil is still a bit lost evidently, and the memories are obviously very hard on him the pegasus just breaks down before the crew, he is captured in that hug and he just holds, this is quite overwhelming for him, seeing ponies whom he thought he'd never see again, here back, with him.

Trade-Winds smiles and steps away offering a quick bow to the reunion of ponies. "Dust, do invite your friends for late-meal, guests are always welcome aboard the Galvanize." With that the Zebra Captain steps back to his ship.

Dustdevil is just stunned "I I didn't think I'd see any of my friends again, I, I knew that ships went there again, I just" he shakes his head, "something just didn't feel right, going back there" he gulps "that seapony girl, uhh Eddy, I think it was, did she get back aboard safely?" he gulps, "I really tried to save her?" he gulps, "and my wing pony, Moonglow, did she, Is she ok?" he asks looking between the gathered ponies

Goody-Horseshoes gives a nod as he releases the hug but before he can get a word in otherwise, Manesail interjects, "Yeah. Eddy's more than fine. I wish I got to see her more often, but seeing her once in a long while is better than nothing I suppose." Fullsail punches his little brother in the arm. Goody frowns lightly, "As far as Moonglow is concerned, I have not personally seen to her myself since we got back into town. I know the experience was traumatic for her and I regret that I have not made more of an attempt to keep her more company." The frown grows into a smile, "But, she is alive, yes."

Dustdevil steps a few paces back looking between Manesail, Fullsail and Goody. "alive everypony's alive, and the harbor, the storm, the Black-Heart?" he asks with a gulp, "Sodium-Fizz, is she alright too" he mentions, "she was a friend once" he murmurs looking down a little then back up, "Wh When are you due to be returning to the Harbor?" he asks as he stretches his wings a little, "is it soon?"

Crow finishes up his business in the crows nest and hovers down to join the others, "Ye wanted ta…oh. OH! WOW! HEY! Look at ye! You're…alive! Ha!" He notices Dustdevil and waves his wings at him, "Good to see ye made it out in one piece! You were a goner for what we all knew." Goody smiles a bit at Crow's enthusiasm before giving a nod to Dusty, "Everyone good that was alive is still alive, and the Harbor's doing better than ever. We defeated the Black Heart and in turn, the spire and the storm." Before he gets to the last question, his face grows serious, "You sacrificed yourself for the safety of the others, bravely and fearlessly. You put your life on the line and thanks to that we all survived.

As captain of The Maid Mareian and leader of the Do-Gooders…" He salutes ceremoniously, "I give you full Captain's honor and whether you choose to stay here or return to Horseshoe Harbor, a full ceremony and banquet will be held in your name. You are always welcome on my ship when you need, and are in my favor." With that out of the way, he smiles, "We should be here for a few days at most. I'm looking for a few parts for The Maid Mareian."

Dustdevil just looks stunned, it seems to be the going thing for the pegasus lately, He waves to Crow offering a grin to the other pegasi as he takes to a little bit of hovering. He turns to Captain Horseshoes, "Captain Sir, I, did my duty" he offers some pointing to his flanks, "Search and Rescue is my duty, I, I just did what I know best, only thing I'm good at" he intones with a little smile. "tiz my life" he adds to that before some blushing is done no not used to be recognized for anything really. Most of his life has been in a support role backing up ponies that really knew their stuff with search and rescue, or service flying.

"I'd be honored to return to Horseshoe Harbor, just, just not this time" he sighs, "I'd like to come back when I can perform my duties to my fullest, and I'm not there yet" he mentions, "My wings are still out of whack, and I need some time to heal, get better, Next time you put into port here, then, then I'll go back." he nods "In the mean time you can tell anyone back home that I'm ok, and just recovering" he offers, "be sure to tell Moonglow that I'll be back soon, I, I really need to talk to her again" he offers politely as he returns that salute. "Thank You Captain"

Goody-Horseshoes shakes his head as he puts a hoof on Dusty's shoulder, "You went above and beyond the call of duty and risked yourself for the sake of others. You're the best kind of hero there is, Dustdevil." A frown crosses his face as he makes an admission, "I'm not entirely sure if, and when, there's going to be a next time, at least not for a very long while. It's not often that a ship sails between here and the Harbor. I was lucky enough this one time to know the captain of this vessel and asked a favor of him so I could round up the last parts I needed for my own ship. I…I'm afraid that if you don't come back with us now, you'll be here for a very long time." He lets out a sigh before straightening himself up, "But, it's a decision that is yours and yours alone to make.

Even if I try to sway you in one direction, I will still honor your final choice. If we do return without you, I will surely let Moonglow know that you are alive and well. But, in my opinion I think it would be best if you were the one to tell her yourself." He looks around as the ship finishes deboarding, "I hate to cut our reunion short, but I am on limited time and need to find the parts. I will certainly see you again, hero." He gives another quick salute and makes his way off the docks and into the marketplace with his three stooges in tow.