Food For Yer Thoughts
IC date: Autumn 28, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 17, 2012
PCs: Dustdevil, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

A rouge pegasus is seen just hovering mere feet from the surface of the edge of the boardwalk out over the sand actually, though only by a few feet. You may have seen this same behavior for the past few days as this very same pegasus has done so daily, just hovering there watching the distant horizion, flickking a glance to the crater where the new ponies arrived from, then back to the distant horizion. Its clearly obvious this equine is missing something, or someone dear to them. He is often seen cruising around town always with an eye out, looking, looking, but not finding. Further odd actions of this wayward creature have him holed up in the wreckage of a former building. He has shored it up some so that its safe enough for him to stay there without it falling around him, but now there he remains, hovering, just staring out to the sea.

"Ye know… Whenever I get down in th' dumps like tha', I often feel better after a good meal an' somepony to talk too. Cannae hurt to try it, or wha' do ye think?" The voice comming from behind Dustdevil is deffinatly female, and seems to belong to the cheery-looking unicorn mare sitting behind her, a pair of small plates floating besides her in her deep purple telekinetic grip. Ginger-Spice floated one of the plates over to him, the hayburger lying on it litteraly steaming in the chilly autumn air.

"So, what do ye say? Free meal for the reason ye're all down?"

Dustdevil turns in flight to regard the kindly unicorn before him, he issues a deep sigh but nods slightly to her coming to land before her and promptly tucking his wings away. He indeed looks quite out of sorts with himself, He nods again and looks around as he sits down. His stomache gurggles in want, desire for that warm and good smelling food apparently he hasn't done much on the way of eating or something.

"I have a friend, she's gond missing, and I can't find her, anywhere" he offers, "My job, my existance, hay even my cutie mark is one thing, Search and rescue!" he sounds exasperated, "but I can't find her anywhere" he notes, "I am without, and I don't know why" the stallion intones as he looks to her. "you Know this is all because of those new ponies whom came here, I don't blame them, but they arrived, and the rest of town dissapeared. Ponies, everything" he sighs, "she wasn't anywhere near this part of town when it happened, I was, but here I remain" he sighs.

"Worse than tha', I recon. Ye sound like ye like her. As in /like/ like her…" Ginger-Spice let one of her eyebrows shoot upwards questioningly, floating the plate over to set it infront of Dustdevil as she plomped her rear end down on the boardwalk. "Now, I won't pretend I know what's goin' on with all this," she waved a hoof around vaugely at the town, "I mean, I did jus' get here myself. Though the old-fashioned way."

"Though, I figure," she continued, giving Dustdevil a poignant stare, the corner of her mouth turned up in a small grin, "she wouldn't like ye beatin' yeself up o'er it. Innit so?"

Dustdevil nods some regarding the slightly said question regarding how much he likes her, "yeah, I wasn't able to say so just yet, and now, Now I don't know if she's even alive" he states sadly as he looks from hayburger to you "I, I can pay for this, I have the bits" he murmurs softly and nods some. "I know she'd want me to go on and keep being me, but I don't even know whats going on, I don't know my ups from my down's I can't even find her, the one I care so much about. I can't fulfill my duties, I can't even find her, if I can't fiind that, what good am I for my duty, my cutie mark, who I am" he states blinking down at the burger mentioning softly, "uhh, This is good"

Ginger-Spice chuckles. "Well, tha's good. I dun like the things myself, they're boarin' food! But ye know what? I still make 'em cause ponies ask me too, even if I want to make somethin' amazin'. Ye followin' me 'ere?" The mare flashed him a soft smile and raised her hooves, urging him to hold till she's finished. "Aye, I rightly know this ain't the same thin', I'm talkin' food, ye're talkin' ponies. But if ye cannae look out for 'er… ye must at least look out for yeself. Imagine wha' ye fillyfriend would do if she got back an' found ye got yeself killed o' heartache?"

Dustdevil ducks his head with embarassment some, "I know I shouldn't get so down and out, I mean, I just, everything built up, and now, I just don't know anything anymore" he sighs perhaps not entirely making sense, but then again how does love ever make sense from one to the next. He munches further stomache egging him on like a cheer squad as he pretty much pigs it down. He was obviously hungury, and he had been neglecting that essintial.

Ginger-Spice reached out a hoof, strokin' Dustdevil's shoulder as he scrafs down the hayburger. "Well then, ye better find a way to pony up an' find yer way again, I'll say? Be ready for 'er when she gets back, if she gets back." She fell silent for several moments before chuckling, rubbing the back of her head. "Then 'gain, I ain't no barman so ye might 'ave to take my advice with a bit o' salt."

Dustdevil nods some though that 'if' lingers some and he sighs, "yes, I, I'll be here for her when she gets back" he nods looking down, then back up. He fishes in his vest for some bits, "Oh, umm, by the way, uhh, I'm Dustdevil, folks just call me Dust though" he offers softly, "and thanks for the food, it really helps, I mean" he just sighs some, "I'd like to buy some more this time" he offers said bits to her

Ginger-Spice grins widely. True, she might not really have given the poor stallion some peace of mind, though at least she seemed to have kicked him partways out of his current funk. "Well then, ye're in luck! I still 'ave a few bites back in the wagon," she glanced over her shoulder at the small red and yellow cart standing there, "tha' I just so happen to need to get rid o'. Name's Ginger Spice by the way, it's a pleasure to meet ye."

Her horn lit up brilliant purple as she leveated over another plate, this one seeming ladened with rice and wooked vegetables, practicaly swimming in sauce. Spice,nutty sauce by the looks of it. In the same go she sends the now empty plate back, togehter with a few of the bits.

Dustdevil watches the mare conduct her business and smiles on her return rightly seeing that massive pile of food stuffs. "Oh my" his stomache contemplates the mountain before him, and he can't help but try a bite of the next dish. "Mmmmmgood!" he slurs out, then looks up, "Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor" he offers "its an /interisting/ town" he mentions with a little laugh on looking around. "yeah, definately interisting" he smiles softly "Ooh this is good too!" he announces loud enough for anypony within earshot to hear him!

Ginger-Spice chuckles and offers Dustdevil an mock bow, a cheeky smirk on her muzzle. "Why, thankye good sir! I'm 'appy ye're enjoyin' the patronage of my humble kitchen'. Also, thanks for the wellcome. The interestin' thin', though… I've kinda figured tha' out, myself… Ponies in thi' town are crazy. Not to mention everythin' seems to go crazy wrong 'round 'ere."

Dustdevil nods some, "I'm a recent import myself" he admits, "straight from Canterlot actually" he offers, "worked with the Bolts' auxillary teams, Ya know, the behind the scenes Wonderbolts, not the flight line performance crew, all that jazz" he notes. "the specilized stuff, like my search n' rescue gig" the pegasus smiles, "and agreed, this town is crazy"

The gingerbread brown mare nods and smiles. "I'm out o' Trottinham' myself. Or well, a bit north o' the place. Guess ye could tell by the accent, no doubt? Cannae be hard to guess. An' ye're with the Wounderbolts? Tha' is /awsome/, even if ye're not part o' the big team!" Ginger-Spice giggled elatedly, both her forehooves comming out and grabing Dust by the shoulder. "Praytell, ye kno' Spitfire? She's my favorite!"

Dustdevil smiles, then goes all bashful, "yeah that accent was hard to miss, my style is more loose n airy, Cloudsdale style, but totally bolts fare" he nods, "Yeah, she's one of the main recruiting ponies for the flight team side of things, We've flown together before n stuff" he mentions, "she right put me through my paces in the recruiting camp. Turned out I didn't quite have the stuff for the bolts proper, but I got their other team, ya know the hopeful's that have more than a little potential" he nods,"But ya know, its not just Pegasi that runs them right, There's unicorns involved with the Bolts, I mean good cooks too, they've got their own little team that practically nobody knows about. with Earthponies, Unicorns, and ofcourse us Pegasi too"

"Omigosh, omighs, omighs!" The chef pony squeels, her forehooves to her mouth. "I'd /love/ to meet Spitfire! She's all tallented an' amazin' an' pretty! An', an' I guess I'm babblin' hehe…" Ginger-Spice blushed awkwardly before coughing. "But, um.. Aye, I guess they do, dun' they? Thou' I'm still far from as goo' as I hope t' be, in my art…"

Dustdevil sits down and seems to get to thinking, "been awhile since i've been back to base" he murmurs, "I've reported in n' all but thats about it" he ponders then smiles standing back up. "wait right here, gonna be right back ok?" he smiles then crouches down waaaaay low chest almost to the ground, he turns as if he were about to fall to the ground, then like a crack of lightening the pegasus Skyrockets straight up quite likely just shy of a sonic rainboom, the pegasi however leaves a cloud of twirling dust in his wake spirialing straight up, then the cloud disapates as he arches away into the distance. A secondary shockwave ripples out from his blast off site speaking just how fast the pegasi aimed himself skyward. Air seems to be just a bubble that breaks apart once it's smashed by a high-speed pegasus.

Another shockwave ripples out from a distance along the water, you can see what looks like a wave coming this way, no its a rooster-tail of water sprayed high behind one flyer that is absoloutely MOVING so fast, and keeping so low so that his hooves practically touch the water as he cruises across the water front lifting higher so he doesn't carry the spray behind him into the waiting pony. He comes up hard and airbrakes with wide wingstrokes throbbing a colloumn of wind down enough that you can't help but feel that blastwave hit you full on. He rides that shockwave down to alight before you/.

Ginger-Spice lets out a shriek of suprise as Dustdevil takes off, the sudden rush of air enough to knock her off her hooves and leaving her sprawled on the boardwalk. Groaning she picked herself up, looking about in bewilderment. "Wha'? Where did he… Ah." She squinted skywards. Her muzzle scrunching up slightly as she spotted the plume of water comming her way. "Oh…"

The next shockwave sent the petite unicorn tumbling backwards of her hooves once more, leaving her plastered up against a nearby wall. On her head. Groaning.

Dustdevil erps some and trots over to help her to her hooves, "ersorry, forgot about the shockwaves" he mentions softly. "hope you're Ok?" he asks concerned, "I, just had to get something for ya" he smiles

"Jus' don't do tha' again, an I dun 'ave to punch yer lights out," she groaned as Dustdevil helped her on her hooves, swaying somewhat unsteadily. A vigerous shake of her head seemed to clear it for Ginger-Spice before she turned her gaze on Dustdevil, her eyes not quite lining up propperly yet. "An'… I dun' need anythin', ye know."

Dustdevil holds her steady with one hoof and a pair of wings out streached. Then he uses that same hoof to hold up a jersy. "this is a Wonderbolts Jersy, team issue, ya can't get this one in none of the fan stores, ya can only get this from a bolt himself" he smiles, to her as he hooves it over

That brought Ginger-Spice up short, peering down at the jersy before holding it in her hooves. "Huh… I though ye dinnae belong to the, ye know, core Wonderbolts team…?"

Dustdevil smiles, "Support still gets stuff, just I don't get the nifty flightsuit n goggles, thats a bolts core team exclusive" he notes lightly. "got everything but that thought" he nods with a bit of a grin. "I'd have to retake the entry test, and get a higher score to get that, but I'm happy with my assignment out here, so, thats not goiing to happen"

Ginger-Spice looks at the jersy for a few moments later before hoofing it back. "Well, I cannae take it whi' good conciense… Sides', um…" The mare blushed slightly. "I'm nae that huge a Wounderbolts fan… More a Spitfire one."

Dustdevil nods some, "Ok, than we have a deal, than, Next time I'm back home, I'll get it signed, how about that?" he asks some curiously

Ginger-Spice shook her head. "Keep it, I'm jus' happy that I've managed to spice up yer day with a good meal an' a ear to listen." The mare chuckled slightly, her playful smirk returning to her muzzle. "'Sides, tha' is a bit like cheatin'. I'm gonna get 'er autograph myself!"

Dustdevil smiles and nods repacking that jersy, "I'll be sure to let her know if you ever plan on visiting Canterlot" he mentions lightly

Ginger-Spice grins and chuckles as she stratches before trotting over towards her little cart. "Aye, ye do tha'."

Dustdevil smiles before you get too far, "Ginger-Spice, Thank you for the pick-me up! Thank you for the cheer" he offers softly as she wanders off, leaving him to aim for the sky and rocket away again, this time however there is a distinct echo skyward almost there, not quite the boom, but pretty darn close!

Ginger-Spice grined, leaning against her cart, her eyes following the pegasus. "Right ye are, happy to help."