Foals In The Snow
IC date: Autumn 85
OOC date: 13/12/12
PCs: Zypher Rising-Chaos Ruby-blosson Unown
NPCs: None
GM: None

Snow, yup its snowing outside alright, whoda thunk it. But out in the midst of this crazy weather there's some sort of fun happening. Snow ponies are being built, and there's some black and white ball bouncing through snow drifts here and there being chased by some insane pegasus, charging through the snow drifts singing. "~catch me if ya Can~" He bounces the ball on forehooves, off the sides of buildings, and off his forehead causing a right rukus where-ever he travels at.

Iceicles fall dangerously close to background ponies, foals, and adults alike dodge his non-sanity, but he looks like he's setting up for a game of some sorts, "Anypony up for a good game of Soccer?!" He asks, "Be it Pegasi Soccer, or groundpony soccer, Its Like, Always a good time to play!

Who would have known purchasing a winter coat, hat, and boots earlier this week would have been the smart thing to do? Well certainly Ruby, Kludge, and Maggie are all the better for it after their shopping trip earlier this week. Ruby trots through the snow with saddle bags full of recent purchases - snow days are prime shopping days for those willing to brave the cold! The mare glancing down at one of her booted hooves. "I didn't think I'd be all bundled up this soon." Then again timing is everything - the shop was rebuilt, and winter shopping both finished in the past few days.

Out of sight of nearly everyone, a small, cautious furrow creeps through the snow. Whatever's at the head, much of the snow falls back in behind it as it goes. It's slow, careful work, though there's a little 'poof!' of snow as an icicle lands beside the creature's progress, making the critter inside jump just a little and halt its progress for now.

Rising-Chaos was not so wise as to buy winter clothing. Instead she just wore a heavier robe over her cloak, which practically obscures her entire body. She wanders along the street, on her way to one of her last errands before the onset of the long snow. The thought of a soccer game is decidedly not appealing to Chaos, so she steers clear of Zephyr.

Ruby's attention is torn away from her brand new boots and towards the small furrow in the snow; instantly her ears perk as she watches the thing stall at the falling icicle. Carefully and silently the turquoise mare approaches the small furrow. (I wonder if it's another one of those dust bunnies…would this be a snow bunny?) The thought of a cute boots with faux-fur trim coming to mind and bringing a smile - she'll have to remember that.

Zephyr keeps bouncing his soccer ball upon his muzzle but changes his approach to this game of his. The ball bounces straight up and the pegasus follows slightly then performs a solid kick rightly powering that soccer ball across the street against a building where it strikes at an angle, veering off to one side, at another angle, down to a still exposed bench, up to the eve of another building then back towards the snowloving everpracticing pegasi soccer league pony. "Come On, Somepony, Really, is this town /That/ Boring?!

As Ruby approaches, there's a little jerk from under the snow, and then complete stillness… followed by a low warning growl. "Rrrrrrr…" Snow filters down on the growling creature's head, making it hard to make out besides the growling.

Ruby briefly glances over her shoulder at the energetic pegasi shouting and causing all sorts of trouble. "Reminds me of a certain pegasi." she mummers under her breath while intently watching the growling little pile of snow. She leans forward slowly and gently pipes "Hello?" her voice sweet and curious as she attempts to avoid startling whatever it is she's facing.

Rising-Chaos keeps walking past, catching sight of Ruby hunting something in the snow. She prances back as a soccer ball flies dangerously close to her head. "Careful with that thing," she growls. She starts to move past Zephyr, keeping an eye on the energetic stallion.

As Ruby gets closer, the creature in the snow pulls back and snarls a little louder. "Grrrraaahhrrrr!" It sounds positively animalistic…with just a hint of pony under there. It still is hidden under all that snow though, pressing itself lower if anything.

Zephyr just laughs at Rising-Chaos, "Aww Come on, I've got it totally in control, I mean Totally Duuuude, ette" he chuffs out loud, then rolls his eyes as he just bounces the ball on his muzzle, forehead, back and fourth. Hmm it appears obvious now as to just why he's apparently so braindead as that ball is launched off his muzzle strongly to whack back to his forehead with what seems to be a dull echo. He furrows his brow, on actually hearing a growl, "Wha, Whazzo growly in a ponytown hic-ville like this backwater?" he wonders out loud. as he finally tucks that ball under a wing and tromps through the snow toward the growling poof and the now gathering ponies

Ruby-Blossom gently nudges at the snow surrounding whatever it is that's buried below. "Hi there…?" half-expecting to find Maggie - the only pony who's known to have growled at Ruby on a near-consistent basis. "Who's hiding under there?" her voice sweet - perhaps even a tad motherly as she attempts to uncover the mystery of the snow!

CHOMP!! Ruby gets a /hard/ bite on her leg for her trouble, and the creature that rears out of the snow in its swift and growly backpedaling is a foal — but not the one she expected. It's impossible to tell what colour she is under all that snow and dirt, but it looks like maybe some kind of dull grey? Merlot-coloured eyes glare wildly at Ruby as the foal skitters backward, baring her teeth. "Grrr, grrrahh, rrraarr!" she snarls.

Despite a loving, caring demeanour - Ruby is prone to yelping loudly when she gets big by somepony that definitely isn't Magpie! The mare rubbing her own leg while gazing at the young foal - a long, curious gaze with no hint of anger. She shakes her hoof before reaching back into her saddle bag to pull out some bread. (Sorry Maggie!) she winces knowing Maggie was likely looking forward to one of her favourites (dry bread and butter). She holds the bread out towards the foal. "It's okay little one~."

Rising-Chaos has already turned away from Zephyr, she doesn't have time for some sports crazed pony. Of far mroe interest to her is Ruby's yelp, making her whirl around. Chaos peers curiously at the foal. She's not about to make a move, but looking at her could never hurt, besides, this little thing looks fascinating.

Zephyr trots over to the commotion, a yelp from a startled mare is more then enough of a reason to find out just what the heck is going on, so over he tromps through the snow. "Now, now, now, seems /somepony/ Finally recognized me" ego twit, errr ego tripping "yes, Yes its me Zypher number 4 on the team! Yes, yes, I'm here on the off season" he laughs, "I do give autographs, yes, Of course I do"

"Rrrrr!!!" The foal backs into a rock and, by this point, looks somewhat like an abominable snowpony. As ponies start closing in, her growling turns to a more threatening high-pitched sound, teeth bared. When Ruby extends the bread, the foal swipes at it, cat-like, and knocks it into the snow. Then, lightning fast, she snatches it and grabs it to herself, glaring at everypony and looking positively vicious for a tiny foal. "Rrrrr! Rrrrrr!!"

Ruby-Blossom shoots a very, very menacing glare Zypher's direction as he begins to close in; it's the kinda glare that would make a seasoned Shadowbolt think twice about approaching. She shifts to put herself between everypony else and the wild-child pony. Softly she chirps "It's okay. No pony is going to harm you." lowering herself towards the ground to make herself appear smaller and less threatening before attemtping to inch a little closer.

Rising-Chaos is keeping her distance. No way to know what such a wild pony will do. She shoots a glare at Zephyr. This guy thinks he's got an ego? This is nothing. "Who are you?" she replies, sweetly. Meanwhile, she keeps an eye on the foal the whole time.

The foal, who has no idea what Zypher is on about, wrinkles her snout in a snarl at Ruby, clutching that bread. Still, the soothing voice at least is starting to get to her, even if she's still incredibly wary and hackled. "Grrrowr!!' she yowls threateningly, sounding uncannily like a mountain lion.

Zypher looks to Rising-Chaos, "oh uhh I thought you may have recognized me, Star Player on the Seaddle Cloudbusters!" he kinda poses all heroic like, "I'm Zypher, ya know, Number 4, Pegasi Air Soccer League, that ring a bell?" he asks/tells or whatever. He is still curious of what is going on with that snowponyfoal thingy but distraction, of mare and stuff, eh, foal will be there tomorrow I guess right? what-ever. Mare talking to him, like Wow, well duh, nopony else to talk to!. His mind is whirring (you could probably hear the gears clattering, ((need oil, and a few more gears for it to work right anyway))

Rising-Chaos glares at him, apparently somepony can't detect sarcasm. "Never heard of you." She doesn't look impressed at all. Sports aren't really Chaos' thing. She turns away from him a bit. The foal might not be here tomorrow, but slightly annoying stallion are here forever.

Ruby inches closer whenever the foal seems like she'll allow it - big ruby-red eyes fixated and without a hint of predatory gaze or malice. "Go on. It's alright - that's bread all yours." she smiles warmly. "If you're hungry I'll feed you, if you're cold I'll warm you." to say Ruby's smile is broad and childish is an understatement. She grew up on her own among many uncaring ponies - it seems this foal may be even more feral; well at least she won't have to tangle the bitter resentment Ruby harboured towards the well-to-do ponies.

The foal grabs the loaf in her teeth — it's about three times the size of her tiny head — and she starts trying to scramble out of her furrow. "Rrrr! Rrrr!! Rarr!" she muffles around the bread threateningly. As Ruby gets closer, she takes a swat at the pony's nose.
Zypher blinks some kinda startled, kinda gasps, "Never hear of, of Me" he repeats quietly, "Uhh ok, r Really, Ok, that's all good, Yeah, totally" he kinda chokes on his own ego a moment there he's used to being famous and a big star player back on the circuit, but backwoods town like this, and a mare that's never heard of him has just thrown the stallion for a complete loop. "Uhh, so umm Uhh If uhhhhh, Ok ,well like Yeah, nice to meetcha" he mumbles some and kinda glances over to the growly beasty pony. "Uhh Didn't know ponies could be cats too, Is this like normal out here in the sticks, n backwoods ponies are all freakishly feral, Ooh Ooh, Wow, so this is like the Great Wild out here!

Ruby accepts the swipe with all the good graces she can - continuing to smile softly at the clearly agitated foal. "It's okay." she pipes again. "Ruby's your friend~ Calm there little filly~o There's no need to be outside where it's chilly~o Come with me to where it's warm~o There's no need to weather this storm~o" Certainly not her best rhyme but she's trying her darndest. "Come on sweetie. Come with mommy, and we'll get you all cleaned up. All the food you want, and no wild animals…well except Maggie."

Rising-Chaos chuckles grimly to herself as Zypher is sent into stuttering, mission successful. "Of course, mister Zephyr." She intentionally pronounces the name wrong. "My name is Rising Chaos, nice to meet you." Her chuckles turn into growls at the mention of 'the sticks'. "Hardly the sticks, and this is hardly normal." Or at least, Chaos would like to pretend it isn't, crazy town. "Either way, I'm from Canterlot."

The foal doesn't seem to know what to do with this singing. She looks aggressive, confused, and still growly. But for now, no one seems to be approaching her so she stays put, stiff and threatening.

Ruby's ears twitch when she hears Rising admit she's from Canterlot; trying to recall in the back of her own mind if she knew that. She gently flops down right there in front of the feral foal - big ruby-red eyes watching the strange little foal intently while she humms a soft tone - hoping to try and calm the little thing while occasionally piping. "It's okay, sweetie…" beckoning the filly closer.

Zypher oh's and Uhh's some, Well compared to Cloudsdale, and Canterlot and Seaddle, this place is backwoods, I mean groundponies gotta get through that awful Everfree Forest just to get here!" he shudders all bodily like, and spells it out, "C R E E uhhh Creepy " he doesn't get far trying to spell it out like that, not his thing evidently. "So do I call you Rising Or just Chaos, Or Fan to be?" he laughs, some with a big grin on his muzzle, "I can even score ya tickets to the next local match,

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "I think I'd rather sit at home and read." This is actually true of a lot of activities, but her delivery makes it sound like an insult. "I am no fan of yours, mister, not interested." She takes a step away, bringing her closer to the foal. Chaos gets lower, following Ruby's example.

"Rrrrr…" The snow-covered foal glares over her bread at Ruby, piercing stare flicking between Ruby and the louder Zypher. She's still totally still, but when Ruby flomps down, she jumps a little and growls. But she's not running…yet… And she's also not coming closer.
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Ruby-Blossom carefully unwraps her scarf and sets it down before nudging towards the foal while mimicking putting it on. "It will keep you warm." she offers with a big friendly smile - still attempting to get through the feral foal.

Zypher looks as if he just got kicked though by Rising-Chaos's reaction to him and his offer. "Nuh, No, Not a fan, of, of, Of any sport?" he is dumbfounded by this revelation, "reading , r really, I I, urr, I guess, but only Nerdy ponies do that stuff, Oh, Oh Wow, you're a Nerdy Pony, Hahhh Hahhh, Rising Nerdery!" he just laughs out loud! "Rising-Nerdery Nice to meetcha!" he just busts up laughing

Rising-Chaos manages to not change her expression at all at Zypher's taunts. She's had enough practice with this. "How very clever, nopony has ever thought of that one before, ever. I am nearly proud of you," Chaos deadpans. "I would suggest you leave before all your hot air melts the snow." She sighs and moves closer to Ruby, getting lower and dropping her voice to a soft whisper. "Ruby? Perhaps it's best if you leave the foal alone? At least for now, the little one doesn't seem to be responding."

The scarf gets the little foal to spook when it hits the snow and she snarls and scrambles up the little bank she's made for herself. Shooting off like a rocket, she takes the bread with her as she seems intent to make a getaway, sans scarf.

Ruby-Blossom chirps loudly at the feeling foal "It's okay sweetie!" she then flops into the snow in failure - she pretty much knew it'd end like this; but hay she fed the poor thing! She glances to Rising and pouts adorably. "I know…" a looking of longing to be had - it's no secret that Ruby can be a tad foal crazy! She huffs and picks up her scarf - dusting off the snow before wrapping it around her neck again. She looks skyward and shakes a hoof "Luna as my witness - I will have that foal." looking downright scary convicted at the moment.

Zypher is hit again by that snark, dang she's good, like really good "Aww thats sweet" he laughs some though sounds a little confused, (doesn't take much) "So uhh, we'll chat later sometime, right?" he just smiles unable to take a hint somewhat, then he waves to the foal-crazy Ruby, "Heya Mom" he just grins

Rising-Chaos gives Ruby a hug. "I'm sure she'll come around, you seem to really care about foals." Chaos knows what determination feels and looks like. When Zypher doesn't stop talking she frowns, a small growl escaping her lips. Chaos decides to just ignore him, he's a mere annoyance after all. "Come on Ruby, want me to walk you home?"

Ruby-Blossom gives Rising a small nod before offering Zypher a friendly enough wave. "Sure thing, Rising." Letting the mare accompany her back to the salon.

Zypher Just looks between the two mares confused that he go nothing from Rising-Nerdery, and at least a wave from the other one, "Uhh, later Ruby" he mentions having heard her name from the nerdery one. Though the stallion still looks a bit confused. He collects his soccer ball and takes a flight towards the portside area and likely some setup place were he can stay for the off season or something.

Rising-Chaos escorts her friend home, pointedly shooting one last glare over her should at Zypher.