Foals Everywhere
IC date:
OOC date: 06/09/13
Location: The Town Square
PCs: Hoarfrost Hawthorn Magpie Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: Ruby's Foals

Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square

A bustling town square! Hey look, a neat fountain!

The bustling town square holds a handful of buildings surrounding an important-looking fountain. At the center of the fountain is a statue of an adventurous looking filly shading her eyes with one hoof and gazing importantly into the distance. On her bronzed flank is a scroll and compass, and around her neck hangs a pair of binoculars.

Holes set equidistant around the pedestal spout water into the horseshoe-shaped pool around her. The water is littered with bitcoins, but it seems the pool is not just for wishing; everypony is permitted to wade in and cool off during the summers, too.

There is a plaque here. Use +view plaque to see it.

Spring has sprung! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the air has a fresh, loamy scent.

Hawthorn 0m 0s A rusty coloured unicorn colt.
Hoarfrost 0m 39s White foal, Red eyes, Carrying an Umbrella

It's a nice, if somewhat overcast day, and a certain unicorn foal is celebrating by sitting on his favourite bench and practising his magic. He looks excited exhausted, breathing hard as though he's spent run a marathon. His horn is lit, glowing pale red, and a flower roughly the same shade and colour is spinning lazily in front of his muzzle.

Overcast? That sounds like just the kind of day Hoarfrost is game for! None of that nasty sun to burn her poor filly self. The albino still carries her trade mark umbrella in her crystal white magical aura. Her patchwork saddle bags are heavy with … something. Lost of somethings? Its hard to tell. "Oooh!" a pair of blood red eyes state up curiously at the sight of the colt doing magics. "Your training too I see! Can I join you?" she tilts her head curious about your magic flower.

Magpie is leading a parade! Well. A procession, at least. Strollers with little baby foals in 'em, and then Ruby-mom herself. She looks cheerful, which slips just a little when she sees poor Hawthorn sitting there… She hesitates a moment before lifting a hoof. "Hey, Hawthorn!" she calls.

Double-wide stroller coming through! Ruby-mom as Magpie suggested is pulling the stroller, because after all ponies don't push carts as Lyra would be happy to point out in song. She's cheerful enough as well in the presence of no less than three adorable foals of her own. She offers the bench-bound foals a friendly wave.

Hawthorn earperks as he gets addressed by a pony he doesn't know! He smiles, somewhat breathlessly, and waves. "Uh huh!" he says, making room on the bench for the albino pony. "I'm Hawthorn," he says, before turning back to the flower, frowning in concentration. He blinks and looks over as he gets called out, grinning and waving a hoof at his friend. Unfortunately, that's too much for his concentration, and the pretty flower vanishes with a little *POP*. "Awww." His ears fold back for a moment, then he perks up. "Hi, Magpie! I have something for you!"

Magpie ooh? She trots over. "Sorry about the flower!" she doesn't sound sorry. "What's up?"

Ruby follows Maggie with her two stroller-bound newborns in tow; honestly quite curious about the interaction here~

Hawthorn beams at Magpie, then digs through his bags, offering a small package to the filly. "Uh huh! That strange shop keeper pony we met the other day said I oughta give it to you." He ohs and looks up at the other pony. "Um, hi! Uh. Are you Magpie's mom?"

"I'm Hoarfrost!" the albino unicorn chirps happily her own horn lighting up again. A cube of ice starts to form as her eyes cross for a moment. Blinking she smiles and tries to point to Hawthron and frowns as his own flower poofs. "Awww your flower poofed … Who are these ponies?" Glancing between Ruby and Magpie.

Motherly glow a go go! Ruby's response to Hawthorn's question is visible delight, literally a glow Ruby is - why yes, yes she's Maggie's mommy and Maggie her precious little sweetie. Thankfully none of this said out loud as Maggie would no doubt glower at the outburst of overly-sweet affection; so instead Ruby just smiles!

Magpie smiles to Hawthorn. "Did your parents ever show up?" she asks, with a slightly morose smile. She waves to the albino girl. "Hiya. I'm Magpie. This is my — mom, Ruby," There's a slight hesitation there. "And these are my li'l sisters!" She puts her hooves up on the edge of the stroller and grins down at the little unicorn filly. She grins at Hawthorn. "Aww, you didn't have to get me anything!" She opens the box while asking, "What is it?"

Speaking of foals! The stroller contains a pair of new born foals that stare out at the world with large eyes, utterly amazed by everything they see. One is a small blue and yellow unicorn, the other a start white pegasi.

It's lockpicks! Pretty, rainbow coloured lockpicks! Hawthorn beams happily. This will have no bad consequences at all! He shakes his head at Magpie. "Not yet. I'm not worried. They probably hadda go AAAALL the way around the mountain in the opposite direction and I dunno where the road goes, so they probably just got a little lost." He smiles at Hoarfrost. "This is my friend, Magpie! And I guess this is her mom, Ruby! Ooh, foals." He stands up to peek into the strollers, grinning. "Awww!"

Magpie squeaks. "Hawthorn! You shouldn't have — I- I mean you really shouldn't have! Those were expensive!" She's split between being touched by the gift and horrified that he spent so much on her. "I mean… Thank you! I just — ack!" She gives the colt a squeeze.

Ruby takes a moment to admire the lockpicks "Cute~" She'll just admire the pretty sparklys and keep the appraisal to herself, after all nothing is more discreet or useful than a bobby pin!

Hawthorn awws and rubs his mane, shrugging a bit. "Oh, it was… ack!" He eeps and giggles as he gets hugged, giving Magpie a hug back. "It's nothing, really. Actually, they didn't cost anything at… Oh, you think so?" he asks, smiling up at Ruby. "I thought they were pretty, too! I… guess you use them to clean hooves?" He shrugs.

Magpie freezes. "A— y—- yes. And… fetlocks. Yes." She coughs a little. "Uh… w-what do you mean they didn't cost anything? …did you steal 'em?" That sounds… approving?

Ruby-Blossom bites her bottom lip before giggling softly. She unlatches herself from the stroller and turns around to wiggle her hoof playfully at the bubbly little foals. "Why are you so cute~ Who said you could be so cute~"

Hawthorn blinks at Magpie. "Steal? No! Of course not!" He chuckles. "No, the shop owner said I could take 'em." He shrugs a little bit. "I was gonna buy 'em for you, though, 'cuz you looked like you really wanted 'em." He looks over at Ruby. "Oh. Babies need permission to be cute?"

Magpie says "They do if they're Ruby's. She rules with an iron hoof." Straight face, lie through teeth. "Well, still…. totally super-thank you." She gives Hawthorn another quick squeeze."

Ruby glances over her shoulder at Maggie. "She could afford them if she saved her allowence instead of blowing it all sweets." she sticks her tongue out before leaning into retrieve the little ones who instantly squeel in delight.

Hawthorn oofs as he gets squeezed. "O-oh," he says, looking up at Ruby somewhat fearfully. Is he gonna get yelled at for being cute without permission? He beams at Magpie and gives her a little hug in response. "Welcome, anyway. Glad you like 'em."

Hoarfrost snaps back to the world over focusing on her magic she had lost track of what was going on. "Oh- where we not doing magic no more?" she blushes and looks at the ponies gathered. "H-hi I'm Hoarfrost-ooh babies!" she squees and pokes her head over the carage. "What are their names?"

Ruby-Blossom squeeks "I umn…they haven't been named yet." she admits sheepishly while lifting the pair just high ennough to hide behind them. "I guess…I have something in mind…but I have to ask Kludge."

Magpie says "Oooh! What're you thinkin' Ruby—mom?" She grins and reaches for one of them. "Can I hold one?"

Hawthorn ohs at Hoarfrost. "Hi! Nice to meetcha! And we can keep doin' magic, if you like!" He ums and concentrates, frowning at a spot twelve inches from his nose. There's a little pop, and the flower reappears. "Tada! Oh…" The flower winks out again. "Drat. Ooh, babies!" He hrms, and concentrates, and a pink, cartoony bunny pops into existence in front of one of the foals, bouncing and pulling faces.

Ruby leans down to hand Magpie the little pegasi who's instantly becomes all flutterly and squirmy; mostly because there's STUFF! HE CAN SEE IT!
The bunny intrigues the little blue and yellow unicorn who instantly squirms out of Ruby's grip just enough to try and bite it - all things go in (mouth) here!
Magpie eees and giggles, hugging the pegasus filly. "Eee! Careful! Careful!" The pegasus just gets more squirmy until she finally puts her down on her hooves. "Okay, okay, okay! Just don't go far!" She hovers protectively over the baby pony, at the same time cooing over how adorable she is.

Hoarforst falls back form the carage and giggles as the illusion is bit. "Thats load more useful magic for babies. All I can do is make things frosty. I guess babies don't like being cold." she focuses for a moment and a few snow flakes fall. "Are they yours Ruby?" she looks up to the mare and smiles at MAgpie. "You sure have lots of kids!"

Hawthorn makes the bunny bounce a few times, before it pops away. "Oops." The unicorn wipes his forehead, breathing heavily. There's been a lot of magic used today. "Oh, I dunno. You could make, like, lemonade cold! That'd be useful!" he tells Hoarfrost, smiling broadly. He nods in agreement, too. "Yeah!" He looks over Magpie's shoulder at the little pegasus. "Hee. They're all real cute, too."

Freedom! The little pegasi colt is set free, and promptly falls forward in an undignified fashion - how do the pokey protrusion things work again?
Wide-eyed is the right word for the little unicorn foal - watching all the glowly horns and sparkly lights! *Squirm Squirm Squirm* "Aoooo" Glowy foal horn! Suddenly everypony is lifted right off their hoofs for about a two seconds before promptly being dropped back to the ground - this encites a squeel from the little unicorn, and a look of worried amazement from Ruby.

Magpie giggles into her hooves and strokes the pegasus pony's back. "Awww, did you fall down, sweetheart?" She gently lifts up the little pegasus and starts pointing, helping him see all the neat things!

"Magical Bursts?" Hoarforst blinks in surprise. "Thats odd for being so young." she takes a step back not wanting to be turned a rude shade of purple my a foal's whims. "Powerful one two. Are you going to do all the magic huh?" she speaks to the baby and lights up her horn again to blow some more snowflakes at the child playfully.

Magpie peers back at Ruby. "…Welp, she's not a useless unicorn, at least?"

Hawthorn eeps and flails a little bit as he floats, then flops onto his belly when the magic vanishes. Oof! He rubs his nose where it bounced on the ground. "I'm impressed," he says, grinning up at the others as he gets back to his hooves. He mmphs and stifles a little yawn. "I think I better get goin', though. It was nice to see you, Magpie! And nice to meet you, two, too." He ums, then gives Maggie a quick hug—it seems only right, as she keeps hugging him. He gives Hoarfrost and Ruby a quick hug, too, before turning to head back to the inn.

Magpie waves to Hawthorn, blushing a little at the hug. "Bye!"

Useless unicorn - why does it look like Ruby took offense to that when she's an earth pony? "Yeah." she huffs, still in mild shock from the little 'outburst' of the foal. "Good Night Hawthorn."