Foalish Horror Terrors
IC date: Winter 39, 1007
OOC date: January 27, 2013
PCs: Unknown, Windrose, Kludge, Stray
NPCs: None
GM: None

The scream from the kitchen is just par for the course, over these last few weeks.

Raising unholy terror, the finnicky feral foal has started getting into EVERYTHING. Into cupboards, onto countertops, knocking over furniture, shoving over items, getting into the fridge and spilling things everywhere… No place is off-limits to the scruffy filly. And when someone pulls her away, or tells her no? She screams and yowls and bites and throws the WORST TANTRUM EVER. Unsocialized? Too nice a term!

Windrose isn't even trying to deal with this at the moment. She was trying to rest up after having to drag Rising and Daisychain back home last night, and put up with Queen Pegasus' presumptious acts, then pull a morning shift for the weather team on top of that. But despite exploiting her position as 'bed warmer' to use Ruby's bed when she's not around and holding a pillow over her head, there was little getting accomplished in the way of napping with all that screaming and temper tantrum throwing going on repeatedly in other rooms.

Kludge is sporting several bandages from the biting and the kicking. He's tried holding Unknown in a hug and purring (or trying to, at least) to calm her down… but that usually results in her squirming and flailing and biting and kicking and eventually her getting free. The longest he's been able to hold on was about a minute and a half, and that resulted in a lovely pair of black eyes from a double-strike worthy of a trained fighter. At this moment, he's currently cleaning up the worst of the lastest mess, making sure that any broken items are picked up so as to not leave things for Unknown to hurt herself on.

Hurt -herself- on?!

And as for the foal herself, she's flung herself on her back in the midst of an overturned chair, shouting at the top of her lungs. On the (very tenuous) upside, it is possibly the most pony-like sound she's made yet. It's not a growl or a hiss, but a genuine holler, like a two year old whose found her voice. "WAAAAGGGHHHHHHUUUAAHHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHH NUUUUAAHAHHHHHHHH"

Sorry about your nap, Windrose.

Windrose tries to pull the pillow down tighter, but it's accomplishing nothing at all. Nnnnnnnh. After a bit of teeth clenching and grinding she finally just tosses the pillow off in a fit. "Oh for the love of Cadance! This is rediculous!" She hops off the bed to go see what the ruckus is -this- time. Instead of, you know, just going to find a cloud or something. Because it's flipping cold outside. And like hay is she going to go try to crash at RC's right now.

Kludge walks over and picks up the crying foal, holding her and humming. "I know, I know, you miss Ruby," he murmurs. "I miss her too, y'know? But I'm also here for you, and even if I can't purr, I'll take care of you."

The foal flails and flops on Kludge, and finally goes slack in his arms, though her voice doesn't stop. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" she yells. "WAAANYAAAGAAAHHHHHBWAAAHHHHH" Today's game is: let's make sounds with the letter AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOUR EARDRUMS ARE PIERCING. Just wait til tomorrow's game: EEEEEEEEEEE.

"On the bright side," Windrose snarks sarcastically as she steps partway through the kitchen door, "At least she can't form actual words yet."

"Might still be an improvement," remarks Kludge. "At least then we'd have a chance to figure out why she's crying." He keeps hugging the foal and humming, even giving her nose a little boop.

The foal flops back and forth a little, pushing at him with her forehooves as she looks up to Windrose in the doorway. She makes incomprehensible yelling sounds and points at her with a hoof, rear legs windmilling in the air and doing nothing. And then she falls backwards with a dramatic shriek, hanging limply in Kludge's arms as though shot by a bullet.

…Yep. Still shrieking. /Children/.

"… I was being sarcastic, Kludge. Of course it would be better if we could actually understand her." Windrose winces, leaning the other way when the foal starts shrieking all over again. "By Luna's lucious—does she -ever- run out of breath or get tired? Seriously. This has been going on all day."

Kludge looks at how Unknown was flailing around, then looks back at Windrose. "I think she wants you to hold her," he suggests, walking over to the pegasus and holding out the foal. "And with all of the crying, it kind of takes the edge off of the sarcasm detectors."

The foal squirms and flails, screaming as she leans toward Windrose, forehooves flailing. And as soon as Kludge gets close to her, well… It's ticking on toward a minute twenty now. So close, but she suddenly rears and kicks him square in the chest with both rear hooves, using it to spring out of his arms and down to the ground with a graceless thud. Then she's making a break for the door, taking the path between Windrose's stance, yelling all the while.

"Oh no you don't you little squirt." As the foal tries to run underneath her tall stance Windrose does the quickest thing she can to react.

She sits down. Possibly on top of the brat to pin her.

Kludge trots over and grabs a nice, thick blanket, then goes over to Windrose. "Ready to bundle her up when you are," he nods to her.

WHUMPF. The foal finds herself irrevocably pinned. And breathless to boot, for the moment! Aside from her hooves flailing and scrabbling, the pair get a few moments of blessed silence. It'll be easy enough to burrito the kid with the blanket, but she won't go easy.

Celestia blessed silence. That won't last, unfortunately. "Ready… and… now!" Windrose uses her wings to hoist quickly off the foal and give Kludge room to get in with the blanket before the brat recovers hopefully.

Kludge pounces in about as soon as Windrose clears, glomping Unknown blanket-first and doing a hug-and-rap routine, always keeping one arm on the foal while the other folds the blanket into place.

And that's about the time she's able to get some breath. This time, the foal doesn't yell or holler: she growls like a mountain lion and hisses, bucking and squirming in the towel. She's got no hope of getting out though: strong as she may be, she's just a wee foal!

"Maybe you should add a rope to make sure it stays on," Windrose grumbles, ears flicking back at the hiss and snarls. Though at least they're not as -loud- as the screaming at the top of the kid's lungs were.

Kludge keeps ahold of the foal-burrito, holding her close and doing his best to purr in a comforting manner. "The sooner you calm down, kiddo, the sooner we don't have to bundle you up," he murmurs.

The foal bucks and growls and squirms, but after a few minutes of this, she seems to be a little fatigued, and aside from panting, she's quiet and still. Triumph?

Windrose just rolls her eyes a bit. "Still can't believe Ruby and Magpie ran off and left us here to deal with this… squirt." She's really, really got to try and keep herself from saying worse things about the foal.

"They're adventurous types," Kludge points out, nuzzling Unknown's cheek. "Besides, it gives them time together, and Maggie had been feeling somewhat jealous of the little one here."

The foal is still under the blankets, though she lets out a plaintive "prrrew?"
Windrose sits up to put a hoof to her chest. "Hey I'm plenty adventureous!…. I just had enough of it for a while with that whole nightmare world fiasco. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes my feathers twitch." Which may be why her wings even flick a bit.

"You're more adventurous than I," Kludge demurrs. He nuzzles Unknown some more, managing the occasional purr, as if to tell the foal "you are loved, and you are safe." Not sure how well the message gets across, though!

There's a little wriggling and the foal manages to poke a nose out from the blanket, sniffing curiously. She doesn't seem to be making a break from the blanket, or even kicking up a fuss. In fact, she seems perfectly comfy there on the ground. "Mrrrr." And, surprise of surprises, she nuzzles Kludge back through the blankets once or twice. Shock!

"… Huh. I guess she's finally warming up to you Kludge." Windrose turns, fully intent on wandering back out of the kitchen. "Good, maybe now I can fiiiinally get some sleep. Ugh. This town's level of crazy has been running me ragged."

Kludge chuckles. "Try to get back to your nap, Windrose," he says. "I think things are under control here."

Kludge turns back to the bundled-up Unknown, nuzzling her again. "Guess you wanted to be a cozy foal-burrito, huh? Next time, try dragging a blanket over so I can bundle you up."

"Rrrrr," replies the foal, in not really a growl so much as just…a vocalization. "Bahwuhrmeerrrwrrraaahhhhh." Guess it's time to start testing vowels again. Quietly, comparatively.

Windrose walks out… but then she sticks her head back in a moment later. "You're sure you're going to be okay?"

"At this point, I think so," nods Kludge. He nuzzles the foal-burrito again, this time singing… sort of. "Aaaaaaeeeeeeaaaaaa," he vocalizes, curious as to if Unknown will match his vocalization.

There's a long pause. A long one. But, surprisingly: "Aaaaaaeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" she says in return.

Sniffsniffsniff SNEEZE. Huff. Sniff. Thumpthumpscrapescrapethumpthump. There's a sound at the salon door! A scraping and nudging and thumping as if some rather small creature is quite interested in getting inside - and quite unable to figure out what the hay to do with this big wooden thing in the way. ThumpthumpscrapeTHUNK.

"If you say so." Windrose trots out… though decides to just go flop on the couch instead of heading back to the bedroom.

Or at least was going to, until the knocking? comes from downstairs. She looks at the kitchen for a moment, then sighs and rolls her eyes as she hops off the couch and glides for the stairs. "Nevermind, I'll get it. You've got your hooves full."

A few moments later she opens the door. "Hello? Ruby Blossom isn't in right now but" Blink blink. "Hello?" She looks to one side, then the other, but doesn't think of looking -down- because kids don't come here by themselves, just with parents dragging them in for their mane getting too long and whatever.

Kludge smiles at the current success. "Aaaaaaooooooaaaaaa," he vocalizes this time, wondering who - or what - could be at the door.

"Aaaaaooooooooaaaaaaaaa!" warbles the foal, though the sounds at the door make her go still and perk her ears under the blanket. What is that noise?

The impending second thunk is cut off as the door is opened! And quite possibly unpleasantly. For outside is a young foal, hauled forwards on his front hooves so as to kick his rear hooves out at the door. If Windrose is a bit too close to said door, she might find herself getting quite a kick in the shins! Either way, he wasn't expecting the door to move before he even hit it, and the change of landed kick throws him off balance, sprawling him out on his rump with a huff.

The little colt is probably some shade of purple, though it's hard to tell for sure under the dirt. His orange-and-gold mane and tail are tangled up with leaves and twigs. And there's some wings under there! The feathers are no more clean.

"Oof!" Windrose gets kicked…. well not so much hard as she wasn't expecting it, which is enough to knock the pegasus over backwards and flat on her back just inside the door. She lays there for a moment, eyes doing a good impersonation of a certain blonde background pony from Ponyville before she finally clears her head again. She sits up just far enough to look.

And sees another feral looking foal sitting at the door.

Flops on her back again with a groan. "I should of just stayed in bed today."

The odd thumps and groans catch Kludge's attention. "Hold on a moment, kiddo," he says to Unknown, giving her a nuzzle for good measure. He trots over to where he can see the door, then blinks when he sees the new stray. "Huh. That's… unexpected," he admits. "Hey, kiddo, don't be afraid - feel free to come inside." After all, WWRD (What Would Ruby Do)?

The filly's ears prick again, especially as Kludge leaves her alone, and she squirms to her hooves and scampers toward the door. With blanket still attached. In fact, she runs right into a wall with a "mrwrr!"

Blink. STARE. The pegasus scrambles to his hooves, makes a noise that can only really be called a hiss, and darts off to one side to hide behind the doorframe. STAAAAARE. He looks about ready to turn tail and run! But his ears prick at the sounds from upstairs. He lifts his head a bit and gives a "Mrawr!" of his own, ears twitching.

Windrose puts both hooves over her face without getting up. "Great, there's -more- of them."

"At least they seem to be getting along so far," Kludge points out. He trots over to Unknown and helps disentangle her from the blanket. "Looks like there's a friend of yours here to visit," he says to the semi-feral filly.

That makes Unknown jerk up, blanket falling askew with Kludge's help as her back arches and she hop-hop-trip-thuds to the side and winds up rolling on her back on the ground. And staring at the other foal. With a scramble, she's on her hooves and leaping on him, teeth on his scruff with a delighted growl.

The pegasus topples with a yowl, pawing and nuzzling at her and rolling about with a series of growls and mrrawrs, strangers momentarily forgotten. Joy! Reunion!

Windrose finally gets up, but just sort of deadpan stares at the two rolling around on the floor. "Guess they know each other."

"Guess so," agrees Kludge. He contemplates things for a moment, then smiles and vocalizes down to the two foals. "Aaaaaaeeeeeeaaaaaa," he calls out, hoping to get Unknown's attention. Perhaps she'll come over, and her pegasus friend will follow her?

There is tussling! And biting! But it seems to be joyous biting. And when Kludge calls out those vowels, she extricates from the little pegasus and bounds over. "Aaaaeeeeaaaaaaaaa!" she howls in echo, beaming from ear to ear. And then she blinks and looks over at the familiar feral colt, suddenly looking baffled. "Aaaaoooooooooo," she says to the pegasus, ears pricked, as though not quite sure how to address him, now that she's not quite a rocky mountain lion, not quite a pony.

The stray pegasus blinks, looking a bit baffled himself when she bounds off. Hey where are you going come back. He takes a step after her and then pauses, eyeing Kludge and giving a low grrrr, ears flat, wings flaring a bit. He'd like to follow her! He'd also like to stay away from that big strange pony. But he can't seem to decide which he'd like more, so he stands, crouched down defensively, eyeing them both and making sounds not far off from an angry cat. Something like "Mrraawwwrroooowww."

Windrose flaps her wings to hoist into the air and assume her typical hover. Seeing as, despite the one being a pegasus, doesn't appear old enough to actually fly yet, she should be safe. "Don't look at me Kludge, you're the one she started to get along with."

Kludge nuzzles Unknown while making a halfway decent purring sound, then looks over at Stray. "Aaaaaoooooooooo," he vocalizes, taking his lead from the sound Unknown vocalized at the pegasus colt.

Unknown skitters slightly when Windrose takes to the air, looking defensively up at her, before shaking herself off and looking back to her stray companion. She gives him /such/ a look. "AAAOOOOOO," she hollers at him, stamping a hoof. And she sits down next to Kludge with an impetuous glare.

The pegasus blinks and wilts a bit under the look. Grrrrrmrow. One can practically feel the grumblegrumble. He starts as well as Windrose takes off, own wings flaring out for a second as he takes a step back - but she stays up there, so he just eyes her uneasily. Mrow. He blinks back at Unknown, then up at Kludge, than back to the foal again. "…Aaooo?"

".. Huh. I guess the little fellow can't fly." Windrose isn't sure if she should be glad that she's right and safe for the moment, or feel bad that it's probably because if he's another wild foal he probably hasn't had anyone to try and teach him. Ugh, conflicted emotions, why must you interfer.

Kludge smiles at Stray, then sits down next to Unknown, nuzzles her again, and once more vocalizes towards the pegasus colt. "Aaaaoooooooo."

The filly glares at Stray and stamps again, before flopping over in the most impetuous, cross-armed 2-year-old look against Kludge as she stares at her sibling. "AAAAOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEAAAAAOOOOOO," she shouts at him.

The pegasus' ears flatten and he gives a faint snort, stamping his own hooves. "AAAAOOOOEEEEEEOOOOOAAAAA," right back, so there! He most certainly does not seem to be able to fly, at best he manages flutters - the wings almost seem to be more used for emoting than anything more practical. Stampstamp flutterflutter.

Windrose rolls her eyes. She's seen birds do that sort of thing often enough to get the general idea. "Great, I think they're postulating for dominance."

Kludge sighs. Looks like this will require the hard way. He nuzzles Unknown again, then walks around Stray, closing the door to help keep him in, then puts his head down and pushes the recalcitrant colt forward, vocalizing "AAAAOOOOOOOO" as he does so. You'll join your friend and like it!

The pegasus does not like this! He yowls and goes stock-stiff for a second at the pushing, before snapping to action - and darting straight over to the other foal, practically hopping about around her. "AAAAAAAEEEEEOOOOO." Flailflail stampstamp. /It touched meeeeeee/.

The filly just stares at the other foal as he hops, and then pounces on him and pins him down with a flomp. And chews on his ear. <3

Windrose folds her forelegs over her chest as she hovers. "If they weren't crazy that would be kind of cute."

Kludge just chuckles and walks over to grab the blanket, nuzzling Unknown with a purr as he passes. He then returns to the two foals, dropping the blanket on top of them and quickly making a double-foal burrito, bundling the two of them together, then hugging the pair and purring.

Ack! Pinned! The pegasus mrows and flails and paws and gnaws. Until there is a blanket. GASP. What is this sorcery?! He blinks and goes still, twitching his ears and squirming a bit. And… giving a faint purr of his own! Purrrr.

Purring! All the purring makes Unknown purr right back, and she curls up and yawns. All this making a ruckus and being a total jerk makes the filly tired, and so she curls up with her compatriot and gives a soft sight of contentment under the blanket.

Windrose says "Gee, who knew wrapped up in a blanket would shut them both up." Windrose huffs into her bangs. "Well, if Ruby ever had any doubt for when you two ever have actual kids of your own, that's pretty disproven. *yawn* Now, for that nap." The pegasus turns back for the stairs. "Have fun with the squirts, Kludge.""

"Good dreams to you, Windrose," replies Kludge as he carries the foals over to Unknown's bed. He carefully puts them on the middle of the bed, then gently unwraps them and places pillows under their heads. He nuzzles each foal gently as he tucks them in, quietly going "aaaeeeaaa" and "aaaoooooo" to Unknown and Stray respectively. It might not be names, but it's a way to call them.

Stray blinks and squirms a bit, twisting his head around to look back at the pillow. What is this? He lifts his head a bit, just so he can flop back on it properly. FLOP. Softness, confirmed. He blinks up at Kludge, but doesn't pull away, ears twitching as he nestles lightly into the covers.

And Unknown, familiar with this, just curls up and nestles against her pillow, yawning and snoozing beside her long-lost buddy.