Foal Shower
IC date: Spring 46, 1008
OOC date: May 6, 2013
Location: The Mane Affair
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Sunshine, Windrose, Kludge, Magpie, Tale-Chaser, Jellybean, Straylight, Winter-Solstice, Typhoon-Wave, Snapdragon

Par-tay~ As if ponies need an excuse - well they have one tonight, foal shower! At this very moment Ruby paces in a small circle around the living room which. "Isn't time yet? It's time, right?" she looks at Windrose expectantly then snaps her attention to Sunshine who receives cheek smooshes at the hooves of Ruby. "You got the cake right, you said you'd pick-up the cake. Oh dear Luna!" She then flops back onto the couch and drapes a hoof across her forehead while waiting for presents - err guests to arrive! Sitting gives her ample time and to stop and admire the decorations - which aren't gender specific, cause heck if Ruby knows what the foal is going to be - it could be a zebra for all she knows.

A long moment of calmness before Ruby flails excitedly - all active and excited despite everypony teling her to calm down; after all what's the worse that could happen - going into labor?

Indeed! Cake! Sunshine, cheek-smooches and all, gives Ruby a little nudge. "Of /course/ I remembered the cake. I just have to go pick it up now. So… Um." She glances at Windrose. "…Hold down the party 'til I get back. 'kay? Thanks~" Trot, trot, trot.

Windrose ois, and swats Ruby playfully with a wing as she gets all anxious/nervous. "Would you stop worrying, you're hear to -enjoy- the party -for- you, not try and run it!"

We're not going to comment on the possibility of it being a zebra or otherwise. Pony genetics are weird, yo.

The decorations might not be extremely fancy but they're all brightly colored and cheerful.

She just rolls her eyes as Ruby pulls a Rarity Melodrama Moment(tm) on the couch.

Someone knocks at the door. Politely, and from a fairly low angle.

Somepony else is also standing at the door. Also politely, though one doesn't really have any way of knowing this.

Kludge trots over and opens the door. Given the politeness of the knocking… "Hey, Jellybean!" he says as he finishes opening the door.

Magpie sits up by the side of the couch. She puts her hooves on Ruby's tummy, rubbing a little. "Complain, complain, complain," she sing-songs with a giggle.

At the door is… Tale Chaser. He blinks up at Kludge from behind his plate glass spectacles. "Uh? Oh- ah. Hello?" he says, not wanting to correct Kludge on the matter. He has a wrapped box before him, large enough to reach up to about his withers, done up in what appears to be shimmery sheafs of blue paper layered over one another. "Is this, um- did I get the date right? Is this the foal shower?"

Kludge blinks, then quietly chuckles to himself. "Sorry about that, Tale Chaser. Yeah, this is the right date and time; c'mon in."

Aaand right behind newcomers…

*clatter* *thud* *knockknockknock*

Someone new brought something big, apparently. Maybe it's a gift.

Ruby's response to Maggie's belly rub is a big, tightly squeezing hug given to Magpie. "I haven't yet begun to complain, but if you want I can." she take a deep breath in preperation.

Behind Tale-Chaser is Jellybean, with a gift in his mouth. He flutters his wings eagerly and mumbles a greeting around the present before prancing into the house. "Is there someplace where I can put this?" he mumbles.

Magpie covers Ruby's mouth with a hoof. "Naw, it's okay," she says, and pulls Delphinium into the hug too. "Save it for after the party."

"Sure, Jelly - the table over there should work," replies Kludge, pointing to a table with no food on it. The craftspony then opens the door again.

Tale Chaser follows Jellybean in. "Thanks," he says, to Kludge, smiling up at him. He's soft of half-lifting, half-shuffling his box across the floor, and sets it down off by the table with the food. Or that once had food. The seacolt takes quick stock of the present crowd before making his way over towards the couch. "Hi, Ruby. Um, congratulations. Again? Hey, Maggie."

Ruby nudges Maggie's head down so she can see over the filly, but she retains the tight hug with one leg while waving to Tale-Chase and Jellybean as they arrive. "Daw! The most adorable colt and stallion I know!" she hugs Maggie tighter - smooshing her close and temporaririly preventing her from obtaining the ebloved Tale-Chaser.

Jellybean prances over to the table and sets the present down on the table. "Okay." That having been done, he joins Ruby for a hug. "Congratulations. Typhoon says 'hi' and she should be joining us in a little bit."

Magpie lets out an 'eee!' and attempts to pounce Tale Chaser, which would be easier if not for Ruby's death-hug. She winds up flailing her hooves. "Ahhh! Lemme gooooo!" Her new stuffed toy tumbles from the couch to the floor in front of him. It's a lavender plush seapony with teal mane and teal fin-highlights.

Tale Chaser stares down at the plush seapony for a moment, perplexed. He reaches down after a moment and picks it up, first to look at it, and then to reach out and offer it to pinned Magpie. "They, uh- they… make those?" he says.

And here come the guests. Perfect. And nothing weird has happened. So far. Lets hope that sticks, Windrose thinks to herself. Then smiles as she hovers a bit in the air, to keep out of the way of the groundbound guests. "Just make yourselves comfy and socialize, we'll have cake and get to gift givings in short order."

The next guest is a somewhat winded gryphon in a flight jacket, carrying a battered steamer trunk with far too many luggage stamps. She peeks into the room, at everypony present, then tries to drag her trunk in quietly, flashing a beaky smile at anyone who looks her way.

Kludge lends a hoof to help carry the trunk in, closing the door behind him - but still leaving it slightly ajar.

Magpie gives TC a quick little nod. "Yeah. Ever since the spire… thing. Um. Her name's Delphinium. It sounds like dolphin but it's really a flower."

Tale Chaser boggles for a moment. "They're… merchandising the spire thing?" he says, bewildered. He stares at the plushie a bit more. "She's, um, cute."

The slightly ajar door is suddenly knocked open! BAM! Winter Solstice stands in the doorway, looking surprised. "Oh! Oh! I knocked it right off its hinges!" she crows. She reaches in to grab the handle and haul the door shut, waits a beat, then KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKS again. "Ruby, it's me! Winter! I'm here!" calls the big mare, voice only slightly muffled by the door. "Can I come in? I brought a present!"

Jellybean hops eagerly. "Winter! Hi Winter! You're here too! That's great!"

Ruby release Maggie - granting the filly the freedom to reunite with her beloved; cause that's totally not exhageration. The extra loud arrival of Winny brings a delighted chuckle to Ruby. "Come in!" she calls out - but seated from the couch it's liable further action will need to be taken - thus she promptly nudges Maggie's flank with one rear hoof "Go let Winny in before she huffs and puffs and blows the whole house down."

Magpie starts to answer TC, "Well, a lotta ponies think you guys are heroes, and anyhow now we know you're there so -" She's released! YAY! She leaps on Tale Ch- "Answer the DOOR?!" But! But! She waves her hooves at TC! …. grumble. Runs to go let Winny in, hopefully pre-door-breaking.

knock knock Knock Knock Knock KNOCK KNOCK…. and theen forboding silence. Magpie opens the door to find Winter reared up on her front hooves, back legs lifted and drawn in like pistons about to fly. The big mare teeters about on her front hooves for a bit, then drops her head to peer at Magpie upside-down from between her legs. "Oh. Heya, Maggie." She drops to all fours and grabs something in her teeth. "Nife to fee you." Tug tug tug. The big earth pony lugs a Thing into the entry room; it's nearly as tall as an average pony, and draped in a sooty brown cloth that obscures it beyond a few suggestions of… of spikes. It clatters in a metallic fashion as Winter positions it off to one side, then turns to grin at the room. "Right!"

Tale Chaser watches all of this from the couch, eyes a bit wide. He holds securely onto Delphinius in the meantime. He could put her down but that sort of seems like it might be disrespectful.

Windrose slaps both hooves to her face briefly as Winter, as usual, forgets her own strength. Good thing Kludge is a carpenter! At least the dragons are sticking to their nap, and hopefully Sunshine gets back soon with the cake…

Straylight drags her trunk to a corner and starts unpacking it. Looots of shiny glass and brass bits, some with warning stickers. For some reason some are wrapped in camouflage-patterned cloth. The gryphon hums as she works, putting them together. She scopes out the room, meanwhile. It's a party, there's gotta be food!

Ruby waves to Winny then holds out her front legs "Hug, you big lug!" wiggling her hooves exceitedly at the big mare. "I almost forgot how big you were! You need to come by more often!"

Oh, look, the door's already open! That's convenient, because it means ponies are still arriving, and and it means she's not /that/ late! She was /sure/ she was going to be /that late/. Typhoon Wave scurries up to the door, looking a little bit harried. Parties! Social situations! Isn't being late some sort of social faux pas? Or is she fashionably late? Who knows! She peeks her head in, then tries to edge in as unobtrusively as possible, looking around for Jellybean.

With Straylight's trunk out of the way, Kludge gets a cold glass of juice for Ruby and brings it over to her, pausing a moment to stay out of the way of Winny's anticipated hug.

Magpie throws herself flat at Winny's pose, then finds herself just… boggling at the gift. Whatever it is. She trails after the big mare in some bemusement, wanders over to TC and squeezes him tight…. "Huh."

Jellybean is nearby and makes a beeline for Typhoon when she gets in, leaning in to give her a nuzzle. "Hi honey. Glad you could make it." More nuzzling and then a brief brushing of wingtips follow.

Tale Chaser smiles brightly as Maggie draws near. Finally! HUGS! He squeezes her back, and as h e withdraws, leaves Delphinius perched on her head. "Heroes? Really?" he asks, still sounding a bit surprised, but pleasantly so.

Meanwhile, Winter romps over to Ruby and rears up with forelegs spread wide. She looks about ready to give Ruby a big enough squeeze she'll pop the foal right out of her then and there, but when she actually goes in for a hug it's careful enough that nobody is injured or catapulted across the room. "Heya, Rubes! You're so busy with the family these days. It's getting pretty big! I can't even collect potted plants without them running off after a week or so."

Speaking of cake, seeing as the door is still open after more ponies arrive, another great object's shadow looms within the doorway. It's the cake! Being wheeled in on a platform by one metal-legged mare. A three-layer cake, with a pink lowest tier, a blue middle tier, and a pink/blue striped top tier. It's gotta be as big as a pony. Which, given the appetite of ponies for sweet things, is fitting enough. It's topped with a stork carrying a little bundle with a foal head peeking out.

Sunshine peeks from behind the cake once she's got it wheeled in, taking a quick headcount of guests so far. Not a bad showing! Awesome. Then she starts pushing the cake to a more proper place, mindful of other ponies. "Cake coming through! Move your flanks ponies! Don't touch it if you value your hooves until the mare of the night says so!"

Ruby-Blossom snugs Winny in return and pipes cheerfully. "That's because you have to water them. Coffee does not help plants grow." she nuzzles Winny before releasing the much bigger mare in favor of taking the cold drink - she didn't even have to ask for it, sweet! She reaches out to tug at Kludge's front hoof and draw him close for a whisper.

Ruby-Blossom whispers "Thank you for coming out~"

The timid pegasus brightens, returning Jellybean's nuzzles. "I'm sorry I'm late. All this planning stuff is so complicated. But, um, I made it!" Typhoon smiles over at him, blushing a bit. "Looks like a lot of ponies came… good. This is something to be happy about." Foal shower! Everypony should celebrate!

Kludge nuzzles Ruby. "This is a pretty big event for the family - why wouldn't I be here?" he murmurs in return before giving her a quick kiss.

Straylight has her camera finally assembled. It's a large, sturdy and vaguely menacing thing that she wields with practiced ease, hovering just near the ceiling. Ooooh. Cake! She points the camera and snaps the great big cake and expressions of the ponies around.

Magpie squeezes TC. "Well /yeah/! Y'know, chaining the storm for as long as you did and all that… /I/ think you're heroic." The way she looks at the colt suggests she means the singular, not plural, you.

Jellybean nods agreeably. "I know, right? I'm just so happy! It reminds me of when my big sister had her foal. I love being an uncle."

Winter-Solstice scoots over away from the couch to make room for everypony else lining up to give things and hugs and drinks and children to Ruby. She drops her duff onto the floor and stares at the cake.

Tale Chaser blushes noticably at Maggie's admiration, and leans in to give her another hug. As he does, he looks past her, at the cake… from layer to layer… and to the top, where he spots the stork. His eyes go a little wide and a bit of color drains from his face. After a moment of frantic searching he looks to Maggie and whispers, furtively, "Are they- you don't… the… the stork, you're not going to- to let a stork steal the foal, are you?!"

Windrose eyes go wide as Sunshine returns. "Whoa. When you said you were going all out for the cake, you weren't kidding." The pegasus darts for the kitchen briefly now that the cake is here, and returns with trays of plates and silverware that are set near the cake. "Feel free to have some while we watch the present opening."

Shoots a glare directly at Winter. "And you make sure to leave enough for everypony else, miss bottomless pit."

Magpie gives TC a long, bemused look. Delphinium sits on her head quietly. "The stork do what?" she asks, unable to make head or tail of the question.

"Of course not", the gryphon tells Tale Chaser from above. "The cake is for you, the stork is for me."

At this moment Ruby may be having grandeous delusions about being some grand emperor with subjects coming before her to present gifts to curry her favor; or so the grin on her face suggests. The cake is certainly eye-catching. "That is a /cake/ - I mean, the only time I could hope to see a cake that large is at a WEDDING." subtle Ruby, real subtle. She peers at Sunshine "No ponys going to pop out of the cake and yell surprise, are they?" she stretches to the side to poke at Winny with a rear hoof. "No you can't pop into the cake first."

Typhoon smiles brightly. "I love foals. More foals is always a happy thing." She eyes the cake as well. That is quite a /large/ cake. The wedding comment makes her blink and perk her ears as she picks up the word. What? What? She has to get a cake that big? Really? Oh dear. She hadn't even /thought/ about cake yet. Aaaaah.

Winter Solstice shoots a glare back at Windrose. "I'll have you know I DO in fact have a bottom, Windy," she asserts. She pushes to her feet, whirls about, and points at her backside with a hoof. She is distracted from denying Windrose's claims by the nudge, and turns to pout at Ruby. "I wasn't gonna eat the cake first! Sheesh! Although if there IS somepony inside we should probably make sure they're okay. I bet it gets kinda cramped in there."

Tale Chaser stares at Magpie, equally bewildered. He glances at the stork topper for a moment, then up at Straylight, who is kind of scary, and then back to Magpie. "Storks," he says. "Big birds, they- they fly down and if you swim around near the surface they'll scoop you up and carry you off and eat you…" He quiets. "That- you… oh…" Blushing intensely, he looks away, reaching up to adjust his glasses. "I guess you guys wouldn't… really have to worry about that, would you…"

"If there is anyone in there, they're going to be a mite uncomfortable in a bit!" Sunshine calls, wheeling the cake to the most appropriate place for display and distribution. But her work here is not yet done! When Windrose returns from the kitchen with plates and whatnot, Sunny produces a big ol' knife from somewhere, and begins slicing up the various layers for the task of passing cake pieces out.

Magpie blinks at Tale Chaser. "There's storks big enough to pick up a seapony?!" she squeaks. "I thought they were just like… y'know, pony-sized!"

Jellybean also stares at the cake. "Typhoon? We should probably start planning things. Or maybe my mommy can talk to your mommy about it. I bet they'd know."

"Well, uh, it- it's only the small seaponies," says Tale Chaser. "When you're… you're young, that is… and it's… mm-mostly something your parents tell you to… prolly keep you from… swimming too far away… and never really happens at all." He grows more and more sheepish the more his explanation trails out, until with a squeak he falls utterly silent, and fidgets in place.

Winter Solstice pops up besides Jellybean. "I think you guys should get married on the edge of a volcano," she says. "And when they're all, you may now kiss the bride, BOOM. Lava."

More hoof flailing from the couch. "I don't know anything about weddings - but I'll totally help Typhoon. We could like hang out, and eat ice cream and plan things!" As if totally forgetting she's due any moment now. "Lets do it~" flail flail flail. Her attention is drawn to Sunshine who begins to serve up cake - *gasp* both hooves move to her muzzle. "I thought we were going to have more than cake." Then again she has no idea what is supposed to happen tonight.

Ruby-Blossom mummbles. "Scariest thing in the sky is probably Twist anyways."

"Why storks, though?", Straylight asks. "I thought sea ponies would have stories about pelicans."

As Ruby starts cutting the cake, the gryphon flits closer to get a shot from good angle. Snap. Snap. She flashes the would-be mother a smile.

Sunshine blinks at Ruby, knife hilt in her mouth and all. "Do you /fee/ thph cake?" she asks the very exciteable mare. "Who's gonna have room for anyfing elfe wiph a cake thif sife?" And then there are plates with cake slices being set on the nearby table for just such an occasion! yay cake!

Winter-Solstice raises a hoof after Sunshine's question, looks around, realizes it was rhetorical, and lowers her hoof, slightly disappointed. She thought this was leading up to the introduction of a second cake.

Magpie puts in, "A wonderful bird is the pelican; his bill will hold more than his bellican. He can keep in his beak enough food for a week. But danged if I know how the hellican."

Ruby rolls off the couch to poke at Maggie's flank. "Enough food for a week." she then quickly scampers away from Maggie and towards Sunshine and her pointy blade.

Typhoon blinks over at the cake, then Jellybean, nodding slowly. "Yeah. Yeah, uh… planning." She blushes faintly. "I dunno if, um, if my dad's gonna know much about weddings either. But… I guess we'll figure it out!" She blushes and smiles sheepishly over at Ruby. "Hey, uh, I'll take any help I can get. Though you're gonna have other things to deal with," she adds with a giggle and a cheery smile.

Kludge looks at the cake with an estimating eye. "There's enough cake there that even if only half of it went in our mouths we'd still be pretty full," he agrees, the impish idea of a food fight crossing his mind and quickly being discarded.

Tale Chaser looks up at Straylight. "Pelicans will ALSO eat foals," he says, before lowering his head and staring at Magpie, blinking a few times. "Did you just recite a poem…?"

Thumpathumpathumpathump. THUMP. Thudthudthudthump. A distant "Aaaaoooaa!" comes from upstairs. It would seem that somepony is awake. …And possibly fell out of bed. Thumpthumpthump.

Jellybean nods again, accepting cake graciously. Nibble. Nibble-nibble. Smile. "Ooh, this is really good." He's seated, now, a wing folded over Typhoon's back.

Straylight makes sure to get a shot of ponies with comically open mouths, about to nom the cake. She hms to Tale Chaser. "You need more of my kin around. We find pelicans tasty too." She lands near the mare of the occasion, looking at Magpie. "Rubbing Ruby's belly like you did brings good luck to her, right?" Without waiting for an answer, she reaches underneath and tickles.

Magpie sticks her tongue out at Ruby. "ONE of us is a big fatty," she retorts, then gives TC a little nod. "Um… Yeah, I guess? Why?" THen a glance up at he ceiling. Oh no.

"…" Windrose's ears lay back at the thumping upstairs. Hopefully they don't figure out how to get downstairs all too soon. With a huff into her bangs she flicks her wings and slips over to where Ruby is sitting. "So, how about we get started on the presents? Looks like we've got plenty to go through tonight!" Just be cheerful, no pony has to know otherwise.

Tale Chaser turns to look to Straylight with alarm. How does that phrase go? One should not eat monsters lest one themselves become a monster? Something like that. He puts all thoughts of monstrous birds and the monstrouser birds that eat them out of his head andlooks to Magpie. "Well, uh… it… that…" He stares at her for a moment, then blushes and glances away. "You're really pretty."

Winter Solstice, in the meantime, is cramming a piece of cake into her mouth. Forks? Plates? Naaah, y'just eat 'em! She does pause mid chew to wheel her gaze up towards the ceiling, listening with a perked ear. Listen. Chew. Swallow. "Hey, is that one of the feral foals?"

Kludge glances upward, but shrugs slightly. Snapdragon is up there, and other than having fallen out of bed, doesn't seem to be raising a ruckus. What could possibly go wrong with not tucking him back into bed?

Ruby glances at Windrose from behind the cake and blinks cutely; muzzle messed with brightly colored frosting and a chunk of cake in each hoof. "Wut?" she noms quietly and swallows "Well, I suppose I don't need more cake…" she eases away from the side of the cake opposite the side Sunshine is carving - leaving the big lewdly eaten chunks missing as she trots to the kitchen to wash her hooves and move onto presents.

Magpie awwwwws! She hugs TC tight… OOh, cake. Drops the colt and goes for a plate!

Sunshine squints as Ruby trots off. "…And /that's/ why I opted for a giant cake." she states, with enough slices of cake out and about now that she can put the slicer down and nibble at a piece herself. "Hurry up Ruby! Everybody's wa-a-a-iting~"

Typhoon settles cozily in beside Jellybean to nibble at her own cake, smiling. She doesn't need to do anything fancy - she's content to be here celebrating such a happy occasion. For once, she's glad to see so many other ponies all in one place! "It is! I like the frosting." She makes a mental note to ask Sunshine at some point where she got it. Knowing a good cake place can't hurt.

*snap* Cute colt and filly hugging, check. Straylight nudges the seapony towards the cake too. "Don't worry so much, none of them will get you here! Enjoy the giant cake." She cants her head this way and that. "It looks like a giant hat. I hope I don't get a hat craving after this."

Griffons eat hats, too!? Post-nudge, Tale Chaser is all ready to panic when- oh. Wait. Hats. Eh, he's not too big on hats. Hey look, cake! He trots over to join Magpie and retrieve a piece. He goes for a pink slice, because he, too, is pink.

Winter Solstice has since gone back to cramming cake in her mouth. Om nom nom. Strangely enough, her hooves remain clean afterwards. She apparently specced into Advanced Facestuffing at some point and does not suffer the usual hoof accumulation penalty.

Jellybean continues to quietly nibble cake. "So Magpie," he asks, in between bites, "how is school?"

Magpie chokes on cake. "How what huh!?" she says eloquently.

The thumping gradually fades out. Then picks back up again, somewhat more insistant. One might guess Snapdragon'd been stuck in the blanket for a while there - he seems to have gotten free of it now, at least enough to actually run about. And there is a good amount of running about being done! And the occasional yowl. "Waaaaauuuuueeeeeeaaaa!"

Does he know how to open doors? That might be an important distinction here.

Suddenly Ruby! Over by the presents - poking and prodding, but when did she leave the kitchen? "Winny's first!" throwing her hooves against the brown cloth and attempts to tug it off in a dramatic fashion; hopefully the thing isn't top heavy cause that might end not well.

Jellybean blinks at the response. "School? The thing where you go and learn things? How is that?"

Kludge is watching the party, but he is keeping an ear open for sounds of trouble upstairs. Just the major culprits, like injury or large things breaking - smaller noises, like gently-opened doors, might not catch his attention.

Magpie ums. She scuffs a hoof. "Ruby mostly.. y'know… does that. I don't got to, like, /school/ school.?

VWOOSH! The sooty drop cloth isn't really a proper present-wrapping, but looks more like something draped over a table or something in the shop to help keep soot off of it. But, hey. You try wrapping the thing that is revealed!

It is Feremius, Iron Guardian of the Wee.

This is a crib crafted of finely wrought iron. Six sturdy legs support it and offer opportunity for it to be bolted to the floor. The sides are done in a woven latticework of iron bands, their edges smoothed and rounded by careful hammering. Thick iron bumpers ring the edge. Its side depicts a scene crafted of embossed iron, upon which a pony dressed in armor bears a bundled foal across a chasm in a heroic leap. Most significant is a hinged cage that can be unfolded and fastened over the top- creating an enclosed, protected interior. It menaces, of course, with spikes of iron.

"Muh fummfha mum gummabuh summfmum," says Winter, who then swallows, and smiles cheerfully across the room to Ruby. "An' the Boss said that what would be a good idea is a crib that could protect the baby if, you know, the town caught on fire. So if the town is ever on fire and the roof is falling in then you can put the foal in there and she'll have a good view of the action and be totally safe." Winter picks her plate up to lick some frosting off, and mumbles against it. "Though the spikes can be taken off if you don't want them on there."

"…. I'm not sure if I should be in awe that it's actually a sensible present, or stunned at the way Winter phrased the end of that explaination," is all Windrose can manage to come up with to say.

Straylight returns to a good vantage point near the ceiling. "I hope those are good presents", she comments, squinting into the viewfinder. "Instead of fruitcake and socks…" The gryphon gawks at the crib. "…oh wow. If I ever have cubs, I want one like that." *snap*

Jellybean inches away from the crib, as quietly and politely as he can manage. "That's really impressive work, Winter."

Magpie just stares at the … Crib of Doom. "Rubyyyyy?" she asks in an uncertain tone. "Are you having and evil overlord and didn't tell uuuus?"

Tale Chaser watches this, interested in the bizarre ways of land ponies as always, though he's more distracted by Magpie and Jellybean's conversation. He flushes slightly at some thought but keeps quiet, nibbling on a fork that doesn't really have any more cake on it.

Typhoon blinks over at the crib, eyes a bit wide. "…Yeah, very… impressive. Wow." Although, after a moment's thought, she has to admit - it probably /is/ pretty safe. I mean, nopony's gonna be going after a foal sleeping soundly in /that/.

Wow. Kludge gives an appreciative low whistle, impressed by the craftsponyship of the crib. "Now THAT… is a solidly-built crib," he declares.

Things upstairs have gone a bit quiet - after one last, somewhat impressive thump, that is. Maybe Snapdragon jumped for the bed and missed? Who knows. Either way, he seems to have settled down. Maybe. Hopefully.

Ruby-Blossom coughs cutely into one hoof while gazing at the crib; which will come in handy if the foals engage in A Game of Cribs. She offers Winny a big, bold smile "Thank you Winny, it's very much what I would expect of you! I'm sure it will be doubly useful is Maggie gets all sassy again." said with a certain amount of jest. She beams warmly at Winny while hoping Kludge crafted a crib more suited for a pony who doesn't need to do hard time. She edges towards Windrose's gift next. *rip!*

Winter smiles cheerfully, still slurping on her plate. "Thanks!" she says, eventually finishing the frosting leftovers and lowering it. "I've been working a lot on more finer detailed stuff, lately. Still a bit crude but it's totally sturdy! Totally. It, uh, doesn't come with any padding or anything, it'll need that. I'm not good enough at metalworking to make cushions and, and stuffing and stuff like that, yet…" She smiles even more brightly as Ruby thanks her. "You're welcome, Rubes!"

Magpie snrks. "If you lock me in there, I will become more powerful than you ever imagined!"

Sunshine, with a fork still hanging out of her mouth, is still staring at the crib. "What was I thinking?" she mumbles to herself. "Who could possibly ever be bored in a place where heavy metal cribs exist?" More thoughtful nibbles at her cake slice.

Tale Chaser is seated on the couch, now, and subtly playing with Delphinium.

If one stares at Feremius, Iron Protector of the Wee long enough, subtle calls to glory and conquest start to whisper in the back of their head. Either that or awesome guitar licks. Usually the latter. It would probably look cool with explosions happening around it. It is probably in the right town for everypony to eventually find out if that's the case.

Windrose ahems into a hoof as Ruby starts to unwrap her present. "Actually, Ruby, I've got to apologize. That's not really your present. That's just an extra box I wrapped because I -knew- you would not be able to resist trying to snoop beforehand." The pegasus ducks into the other room briefly, and then comes back pushing three foal strollers with her head. "-This- one is your present." They're not wrapped, but they do have bows tied on top of them.

"Consider the other two a belated name-getting present for the Dragons. But I think poor Kludge's back needs a break from baby carrying." Heeheehee.

"You were afraid she'd do scrapbooking", Straylight helpfully reminds Sunshine. "Or become all domestic and take up crocheting and pie." She raps a talon on the ceiling. "What do you have up there, a herd of wild mustangs?"

Ruby-Blossom opens an empty box - looks totally dissapoint and casually discards it to the side as feral foal bate. "If I was /trying/ to snoop I would have found what I was looking for." she harumphs cutely then ooos curiously as Windrose pushes a fancy set of strollers into the living room. "Those are cool." she ponders "I don't think I've ever seen horse-drawn strollers in town." she clops her front hoofs togethers. "Thanks Windy!" she dives for Talechaser's and Jellybean's next!

"You're right." Sunshine quips up to the hovering gryphon. "I did think that. How could I think that? She won't go scrapbooking when she's got inspiration for every epic rock ballad ever ready to keep her kids safe." She waves a hoof. And eyes the strollers. "Heh. Strollers. I'm surprised they didn't have strollers already!"

It's a box, carefully wrapped and and all that. Inside? A teddy bear, and a fairly big one. "I couldn't think of anything in particular," Jellybean says, looking perhaps a little embarrassed.

"You're not far off," Windrose deadpans at Straylight at the 'wild mustangs' comment.

Magpie nodnods to Straylight. "*A* mustang, anyways." She leans over to hug Tale Chaser. Blinkblink. "What'cha doin'?" She whispers, looking down at where he's playing with Delphinium.

Ruby-Blossom grins cutely "It's so much like you Jellybean - soft and huggable!" she squeezes the teddybear. "I'll make sure to share it with Maggum's too!" she grins warmly and gently sets the teddy bear in the crib of doom.

Tale Chaser has set Delphinium aside, and is looking at the other gifts with a gradually dawning sense of fear. He blinks and looks to Magpie. "Oh, I was, er, wondering what… her cutie mark would be…" he mumbles, shuffling.

The wrapping on his present turns out to be dried, papery leaves that peel off one by one, revealing A BOX. And inside the box is…

… a large nautilus shell? With a tough plant fiber harness sort of thing. It's a pretty shell, a soft pale green with a pearlescent coating.

Tale Chaser clears his throat. "I, um- I sort of thought- that this would be for Kludge, since where I come from foal shower gifts are for both mares and stallions, since the stallions… carry the foals a lot, and, um… it's a…" He waggles a hoof. "It's tradition that he gets a… a… well you wear it slung around your front, see, and the foal sits inside, and…" He's a fairly bright shade of pink by now. "I guess you don't actually really NEED one of them up here on the surface, do you."

Ruby-Blossom snickers cutely and holds it up in offering for Kludge. "Oh no Tale Chaser, it's WONDERFUL." she grins broadly - clearly amused that Kludge now has some seapony foal-wrangling gear.

Magpie awwwws! "That's the cutest thing ever!" she announces, and hugs TC tightly.

Kludge takes the shell-sling and looks it over. "Good craftsponyship, and a fairly well-thought-out gift," he nods in approval. "Might have to adapt it slightly for land-based orientation, but an excellent idea. Certainly better suited than my cargo-saddlebags."

Tale Chaser squawks at the squeeze, and smiles slightly as he shifts to return the hug. "Ah, um… well… I'm glad you like, then. I guess you could- maybe it would work like a normal saddlebag with a bit of adjustment…" He shushes and leans into Magpie's embrace for the moment. Good thing he didn't go with his first idea, the conch shell filled with sand. He wasn't sure how he'd explain THAT one to land dwellers… but then, he thought somepony else would have been bringing one, too, so. I mean, it's the *obvious* gift.

Straylight looks thoughtful, then grimaces. "I nearly forgot! I have a thing too." She dashes over to the steamer trunk and pulls out a small, cylindrical thing wrapped in camouflage cloth, tied with a ridiculously bright pink bow. She presents it to Ruby. "For you."

Winter-Solstice doesn't know anything about no seapony nothin'. She's on her fourth piece of cake, now, not because she's full but because she's feeling a bit guilty from nomming so much when everypony else has slowed down. She's also wheeling one of the strollers around. A jar full of combs and scissors has been strapped in.

"Aaaaaoooooaaaaauuuu!" That wail is no longer distant. In fact, it's from right upstairs. /Right/ upstairs. Like, right there at the top of the stairs. Yup. Followed by thumps coming down the stairs. (He knows how to open doors, apparently.)

Snapdragon makes it about halfway down the stairs before he realizes there are a /lot/ of big ponies down there. He freezes in place and stares down with wide eyes, wings flared. "Waaaaah! Eeeeaaaauuu." You wouldn't think 'hi' would be that hard.

Magpie rolls her eyes. "Oh, hello Snappy. I didn't hear you come in. Or stomp around your room for fifteen minutes. Or anything. You're so stealthy."

Well, /that/ gets Kludge's attention. "Aaaoooooo! Hi Snapdragon!" he calls to the foal with a wave of a hoof. He holds his arms open so the ex-feral pegasus has an inviting place to land if he so chooses.

Ruby waddle-trots past Kludge and his out-stretched legs and right towards Snapdragon; fully intent on hugging the semi-feral foal! "Come here you! We have cake!"

Jellybean watches the rest of the gifts being unwrapped, nestling up against Typhoon happily.

Tale Chaser giggles slightly. "Snappy?" he says. "That's cute…" Cute name for a TERRIFYING PONY, that is.

Sunshine settles herself on a couch, watching the merrymaking and giftgiving and everything. "D'aw. Such adorable presents. …Well adorable and epic anyway." Then comes Snapdragon! "Welp. Glad I had a piece of cake while it lasted."

Straylight's present is a kludge pieced together from spare optics: a rainbow-casting nightlight.

Magpie giggles. "His name is Snapdragon," she explains to TC. "It's a flower." That's kinda the standard answer to pony names, seems like. If you can't figure it out, it's a gemstone or a flower.

As Straylight presents the gift Ruby ooo's curiously and examines it intently. "What's it do?" she pokes at the contraption whiel looking at the griffon.

Terrifying pony? This little guy? Pfft. Look at him, he probably thinks all of you are just as terrifying! Snapdragon scampers quickly down a couple more stairs before apparently deciding stairs aren't worth the trouble, and taking a flying leap! Luckily he only skipped about three of them. So it's not much of a drop. He flutters his wings gracelessly as he thumps to the ground, hooves splayed out. "Aaawaaaaheeeeoooo!" he announces - because clearly nopony would've noticed him yet he needs to announce himself - and then scampers off thataway, in the general direction of Magpie. Which naturally also means the general direction of Tale Chaser.

Tale Chaser pulls his legs up and tucks them under himself because of he leaves them dangling he fears they may get bit.

Straylight reaches out and flicks a switch with her talon. It's a sonic rainboom! Wait, it's a dim rainbow, projected across the ceiling and a wall. "It, um, looks better with lights off", the gryphon explains, looking a little sheepish. "I thought about having it do stars, but they can see stars almost every night anyway." Then, suddenly, feral foal. "Who's this? He's so cute, just like a cub!"

Kludge reaches over and ruffles Snapdragon's mane as the semi-feral foal goes by, then follows at a discreet distance - far enough to not crowd Snapdragon, but close enough to react if needed.

Winter Solstice shifts her position so that she's standing somewhere that makes the pattern of light that falls on her own self look especially rad. Look, when you have a white coat, you need to take these things into consideration. "Hey, check it out," she says, gesturing to a band of red across her chest. "I've got one of those thingies."

Ruby offers Straylight a warm smile and grins "That's really cool. I look forward to using it." she gently places it in the Crib of Holding along with the teddybear for safe keeping; this concidentally denies Winny her extra coolness. She waddles after Snapdragon along with Kludge -intent on getting close enough for the missed hug! "I do want to thank everypony for coming, this has been tons of fun." she grins ear to ear while trying to snag Snapdragon.

Magpie reaches down to pull the foal up into a hug. She acts all sarcastic towards the kids, but honestly she cares…

Kludge gets a nudge and Ruby gets a glance, but Magpie is the one who gets a hug first! Hey, Snapdragon knows what he's going for. Big sisters give the best hugs, come on, that's just fact. Ruby surely can't argue /that/. And then he looks over to Tale Chaser. "Awahwahwaah." He blinks over at the seapony as if expecting some sort of reponse to that.

Tale Chaser adjusts his glasses. "Wha?" he asks, as he scoots back a bit from Magpie and Snapdragon. Just a few inches.

Magpie snorts. "TC, he's a foal, not a /lobster/. He won't hurt you."

Straylight flits up to the ceiling again for more pictures. The feral colt, in particular, fascinates her. And since Kludge seems good at Feralese? Why not. She clears her throat and looks as if addressing Snapdragon. "chirpChirpSKREE?"

"What's wrong with lobsters? Lobsters are nice," says Tale Chaser, shuffling about slightly in his seat. "I always wanted a pet lobster of my own, but they don't… allow pets in the, um, in the dormitories back in the Academy…"

Suddenly Ruby! The moment Straylight attempts to take a photograph Ruby's plum right in the way - obscuring Straylight's shot as Ruby throws her hooves around Maggie and Snapdragon for one very crowded hug - given Ruby's belly at the moment. "How dare you pass me for a hug!" she huffs cutely while squeezing; loosening one leg to grab Tale-Chaser and pull him into the hug too!

Kludge joins in on the hug, because why not.

D'aww. Sunshine slinks up behind Straylight. "Hey. Family photo time. Make it a good shot~"

"Wah!" Snapdragon answers back. No, not 'wha', wah, wah, get it right. Hmph. And then, group hug! He squirms and flutters his wings, but doesn't seem to be making any sort of escape attempt so much as just failing to sit still as per usual.

Straylight certainly gets the little pegasus' attention, though! His ears perk and his eyes widen, and he looks about curiously - just about everywhere but up - before giving an answering, "Mrrrawrawwr!

Tale Chaser is caught. He squirms about for a few futile moments before relaxing in the hug. One foreleg gets thrown around Magpie, the other bashfully reaching out to hug Ruby back. He "ums" at the mention of a family photo, but decides to just shush for the time being.

Winter Solstice is busy carving a bit of cake off and heaping it onto a plate. She's got the drop cloth that covered Feremius, Iron Protector of the Wee thrown over her back. "Yo, don't squish Magpie," she calls across, to the group hug. "I may need her to join my party someday so she can go sneak into places and unlock the doors from the inside and stuff."

Magpie smiles for the camera, leaning her head on TC and with her hoof around Snappy.

Ruby shifts about as not to block the shot and waits for the photograph to be taken - and then she's gone! Vanished! But easily found in her own bed sprawled out in preperation for bedwarming cuddles.

Straylight d'awwws. Family photo time! She ought to make it a good one. She holds up the camera, fiddles with something. The colors will be nice - with obligatory super-bright flash, of course.

The light reflects off of Tale Chaser's glasses as the flash goes, giving them a terrifying opaque white quality int he eventual picture. He is left boggling at Ruby's disappearance, glancing around. "That's, um- oh, wow. Tricky. Especially considering how big she's gotten…"

"She's just that good," remarks Kludge with a small smile.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna follow her lead," says Winter, having loaded up on cake to go. She offers everypony a wave. "See you later, folks." Balancing the cake on her head, she bumps the door open with her backside and whistles as she heads off down the street.

Jellybean nods a little, getting up. "That sounds like a good idea. Ready to go home, Typhoon?" He leans over to give Magpie a friendly little mane-toussle.

Typhoon smiles and nods. "Yeah, I think so. This was nice. Um… thanks for inviting us," she directs to Kludge and Windrose, in the lack of Ruby to thank.

Straylight beams at everypony. "I thought you noticed. She went that way." She waves a hand vaguely towards the stairs. "Looks like I'm about out of film. I shall have pictures for you in a day or few." She moves over to start packing her equipment up.

"Glad all of you were able to make it," smiles Kludge as he waves goodbye to the departing guests, then starts to clean things up.