Fish Fight
IC date: Winter 49
OOC date: 2/6/13
PCs: Swift-Wind, Gem-Song, Aliella, Quintesssent Rune
NPCs: Servant
GM: None

It's finally snowing in the Harbor once again! All sorts of ponies are out enjoying the snow, and shops and restaurants appear very busy with citizens once again getting accustomed to the weather. In the distance, a zebra filly can be seen with an older mare, and after a brief hug, the filly gallops into the center of Main Street, rolling a snowball in front of her. She appears to pick up quite some speed as the snowball grows in size, and by the time it's even bigger than her, she slips over it, and is caught in the giant snowball as it continues rolling, and crashes into a bench.
"Oof," a dazed Aliella moans as she wrestles herself out of the broken snow. As soon as she breaks out, her livelihood returns, and she prances around the center of Main Street in search of a playmate.

Quintessent-Rune blinked at the 'thunk' of the zebra filly hitting the bench she was seated on, accompanied by the snowball. Somehow, that seemed to be something of a theme when it came to benches, everypony seemed to run into them. Sighing for herself Rune turned from her sheets of paper with their complex diagrams and peered down at Aliella. "Are you okay?" she asked, as decorum asks of her. Would look bad for her not to offer help.

Not that she needs any help looking bad - or at least silly - considering the large blue fish plushy put on her head as a shield from the snowfall.

Swift-Wind was watching the snowballing filly as she pokes head over another bench, otherwise hidden. She's bundled up like an abominable snowpony herself covered in thick scarves, a snow-jacket, boots and more scarves some more colorful then others, but, only her eyes are visible from all her padding and cold weather gear. She's got her usual skateboard with her, but the wheels are gone, and only the board exists this time. She perks up a little and looooks at the little painted pony, all stripy like

Gem-Song is once again wandering the streets. After all, what else could he do? He sees Quintessent, and trots over to her. "Hey, Quint! What's up?"

"I'm fine!" Aliella gallops to the other side of the bench and hops onto it. "Hi, Miss Rune! Hi, Servant!" The filly positions herself onto the very top of the bench to meet eye-to-eye with servant. "Isn't the snow nice, Miss Rune? It's so much more fun than all that rain." She begins brushing some snow off of Servant, trying to hold her balance but falls over back into the pile of broken snow. "I'm OK!"

From her view of under the bench, she catches a few unfamiliar faces, particularly the near-hidden filly and her curious board. "Ooooh, wow!" With that, she hops gallops back in front of the bench and begins hopping up and down, pointing to the filly. "Miss Rune, Miss Rune, look! I found a friend. And she has a, a, a… I dunno! … Hi!" Aliella eventually catches notice of Gem as he approaches, but her attention breaks as she runs towards Swift Wind. "Hi! My name's Aliella! What's your name! What's that!?"

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head to the side slightly, peering upwards. "I would have to say, I found the rain more agreeable. The dryness of snowy weather is not particularly likable." That said Rune put the sheets of paper back into her scarf, and wherever it goes from there, before standing up. "And it would seem so. I do believe I have met this one filly before, as well. And you to, Mr. Song."

Swift-Wind practically squeaks as she's noticed, and discovered, she Pbbbbts to Rune, though it sounds rather muffled as her scarves get in the way. She tumbles backwards, and dusts herself off from the snow, ducks down and charges out to the side, her forehooves, and one of her hind hooves all on her snowboard, while one of her hind hooves kicks off and turbos her around to one side handling it like a pro as she swooshes in a wide arc.

Gem-Song jumps back in surprise at just how hyper the little zebra filly is. "Um, hello! What's your name?" he says to her, sitting on the bench beside Quintessent.
Aliella gasps as Swift takes off on her board, and runs back to Rune. "She must be shy. Did you make her board do that, Miss Rune? Is that how you know her?" She props herself back onto the bench and tries to sit like the older mare, finally noticing Gem once again. "My name's Aliella! Who're you?"

"Not really, Miss Aliella," said Quintessent-Rune. "We have meet, but I do not believe we get along. Though I do not get along with most ponies, so I hardly see there being a problem. And no, I did not enchant her board, and I have little understanding as to what she's doing with it…" The midnight blue mare turned her head, looking after Swift-Wind.

Swift-Wind makes that wide arc and arcs back and forth skillfully finally coming to rest-ish, unstrapping her forehooves gracefully, and kicking back so that the board lands atop her backside, and slides down into somewhat of a sling to one side, like she's done that all her tiny little life. But now she's more or less out in the open. She sees the second adult show up so she feels a /little bit/ safer now, cause her and rune-ie over there are less than friendly. She pulls her scarf of her muzzle so she can actually talk, "Heya Miss SomethingorOther Rune" she offers with a grin, then looks to Aliella and Gem

Gem-Song smiles. "Hi Aliella! I'm Gem-Song," he says, then turns to Quint. "And how are you this fine day?"

Aliella smiles at Gem. "I'm great! But Rune needs friends!" She turns to the mare with a frown. "Why wouldn't you get along with others? It's soooo important! Mama always says," the filly takes a deep breath, and attempts to speak in a lower voice, "Whether pony, zebra, or other, treat them just as sister or brother." She resumes her naturally squeaky voice and gives Rune a great, big hug. "Besides, you're so cool!"

"It would be Miss Quintessent Rune, though Miss Rune works fine," said Quintessent-Rune, shooting Swift-Wind a stare before looking back at the two other occupants at the bench. "It is not, the snow does not agree with me. In fact, I do not believe I would have been out of doors today had I not been forced by Servant."

The midnight blue mare glanced up at the fish-plushy shielding her head from the drifting snow. "The stubborn construct would absolutely not let me proceed with my work less I 'socialize' with others. A task which, forgive me for saying Miss Aliella, is not a great priority for me."

Swift-Wind tries again, "I'm Sorry Miss Q (unprenonucable, but she's trying) Rune" she sneezes, "That word tickles my nose" she then grins and nods her head again, "Rune doesn't tickle my nose, Miss Rune" she states a with a little giggle, then outright charges right up to Aliella, well almost, "Hi, I'm Swift-Wind, but you can call me Swiftie!" she practically squeaks.

Gem-Song looks at his watch. "Oh, sorry guys. Gotta go," he says, trotting off. "Bye!"

Aliella grins widely as the other filly finally introduces herself. "Hi, Swiftie!" She reaches for Servant to pet it, but in vain. "Well, I think that Servant has the right idea. If you don't have friends, what'll you do when you're bored, or sad, or lonely? Mama has friends, and she's aaaalways working." She waves to Gem as he leaves. "Byyyyeeee!"

"Farewell, Mr. Song," muttered Quintessent-Rune, sounding just a tad bit annoyed about being lectured on friendship by a filly. "I, personally, still believe that Servant is talking out of his tail-fin on this subject. Though I have little to actually object with as I made him by far to strong and independent for its, and my own, good." Rune reached up, hoisting the fish-plushy of her head as she got up and off the bench, depositing it on her back instead.
"And I have acquaintances, thank you very much. Though I do not require them to entertain myself, there is always things to learn," said Rune, "and research to bed done for those willing to do so."

Swift-Wind looks from the ztripey one to Rune and her fishiepulshie "So, what do you do for Fun Miss Rune?" she can't help but ask as she looks inquisitively to Servant then back to the elder mare.

Aliella begins poking the mare on the side. "Yeah, what do you do? I go diggin' and find lotsa cool coins and stuff! Don't you have old coins? We should show each other our collections some time!" She looks up to Servant and grins. "I can bring my toys, too! You can bring servant and we'll have a play date!"

"I study and design. As much as everypony seems to think magical artifacts appear out of nowhere, there typically is somepony who makes them. Individuals which such skill-sets as mine," said Quintessent. "That is what I do, and I enjoy it. It is certainly better than being at home with… Well, them." A shadow of a frown crossed Rune's face, swept away just as quickly as it came to be replaced by the normal, dispassionate if polite expression. "And Servant is not a toy, it is a highly sophisticated golem. It does not do play da-…"

Pwhomp! Seapony down! And golem plushy floping back and forth, almost happily - despite being incapable of expressions - atop of her head. "It… would seem my opinion is objected to. Fine, Servant would not mind a play date. I, however, do…"

Swift-Wind watches Rune and Aliella and her fishyfriend. "Hey Servant, do you even like that name she gave you?" she asks fully well intending to try and change it to something more ponyable, "Cause Servant just isn't right for a plushie as smart as yourself!" she informs the fish plush, "you obviously have a mind all your own

Aliella gives Swiftie a puzzled look. "But he is a servant! Rune says that anypony emp… employed by somepony else is a servant, whatever "em-ployed" means." She begins petting the plushy. "But he could use a real name. What kind of name do you give a fishy anyway?"

Quintessent-Rune scowled ever so slightly as she pulled herself of the ground. "It is a golem, it does not require a nam-…" Pow! Pwhom! Seapony down, again. Once more Servant bounced cheerily on Rune's head after having smacked her down with a snap of the tail-fin.

Swift-Wind merely grins at the seapony beat down, she is having enemies fun by the look of it. "Smack her on the right side of the head if you're a Boy, or smack her on the left side of the head if your a Girl" she asks the fishyfriend. "That-way we'll know what names we should come up with!" she chrruips out "We wanna help give you the name you desvere!"

Aliella pats Rune on the shoulder. "I dunno. Some things just aren't boys or girls. Like trees! And trees are living things, too, I think." She inspects the fish curiously. "Mama showed me a tree once named Meh… Meh… It was a really long name, 'cause it was really old."
Servant bounced a few more times before settling down, seemingly deep in though at this conundrum. It had never had a gender before! How exiting! After several long moments of sitting upon the groaning Quintessent-Rune it raised it's tail to pro-…
"Enough!" shouted Quintessent-Rune, heaving herself upwards, and hurling the plushy onto the ground at the same time.
Swift-Wind squeaks, and jumps backward, tumbling over herself and her snowboard, before she rolls to her hooves, holding her snowboard in front of her as somewhat of a shield, more or less hiding behind it, while her hooves tremble timidly in a pile of snow around her, she stares at Rune, then, then she jumps up and rushes forward to stand between the fishiefriend and Rune, "Don't hurt him!" she squeaks out still trembling, but gonna stand her ground so the plushie doesn't get hurt!

Aliella also scurries to the plushy. "Yeah, he doesn't know any better! He can't talk like us!" She begins petting the plushy, snuggling it tightly. "You'll get along great with Ufuu. Papa told me that's what I said when he gave 'im to me. I was real little."

"It is neither a he or she, it is an it. It is simply a servant golem, Servant. Now relinquish the golem, it is going on a time-out for being rude, unruly and for boping me in the head. Twice," growled Quintessent-Rune, giving the fish plushy a glare.
Swift-Wind looks back to the plushie she's defending, "Do you want to go back with that MeaniePony?" she asks of the plushie, "He or She was just answering our questions politely like a good-creature would" she Pbbbbts at Rune some as she now has strength in numbers standing there beside Aliella and defending the Golum for all it is worth, "He's cute anyway"

Aliella looks at Swift with a frown. "Yeah, but it is Miss Rune's. Mama always gives me time-outs when I'm bad, but she says it's for my own good. I still hate 'em, though." She finally lets go of the plushy and whispers to it, "You should think about what you've done. That's what mama tells me to do." With that, the filly trots to the older mare and looks up to her with a pleading expression. "If Servant behaves himself after his time-out, can we still have our play date?"

"Behave itself?" asked Quintessent-Rune, a eyebrow raised almost amusedly. "Servant does not behave, ever. Though I am willing to let him participate in such a… 'play date' if he lends a fin in my work. There is plenty off it." After a moment she put a hoof forward, rather expectantly.
"Now, may I have Servant returned to me, or shall I have to resolve this situation in a alternate fashion?" Rune continued.

Swift-Wind pouts, "no creature should be owned by another" she pouts quite strongly, "Thats Not Nice" she does not look amused by this, not at all. Rune is already on her 'not a nice pony' list and this certainly doesn't help that standing any. "Him, you're going to let Him, so he's a He hmm" she sounds like she's made /some/ victory with this conversation, even if a little one. She still tries to block the elder mare from the plushiefishie, "Only go with her if you want to Mr.Fishiefriend" she states with a stomp of her hooves,

Aliella squeals and hugs one of Rune's hind legs. "Yay! It's gonna be so much fun! Ufuu really likes guessing games. What does Servant like?" She turns back to Swift and raises a hoof. "Papa told me that Ufuu was mine, but that I should treat him right. Miss Rune is just a busy pony is all."

"Perhaps so, Miss Aliella. But Servant is not a toy, even if it is wrought in the shape of one," said Quintessent-Rune, surprisingly softly. "It was making it - though admittedly a much more rudimentary version - that garned me my own mark, when I was about your age. Servant is a golem, and golems are not necessarily benign even if Servant is. Despite his antics."

Rune eyes Swift-Wind for a moment before sighing for herself. "Please, do forgive me for this, Miss Aliella." The midnight blue mare closed her eyes, a hoof raised in the direction of the earth pony filly and the blue plushy she's protecting. A moment later a bright golden spark flared to life behind Swift-Wind, swiftly becoming a torrent of golden strands of light arching from the plushy, over the filly's head and right to Rune's outstretched hoof.

Swift-Wind right ducks when magic is applied, she's in a wide eyed bit of shock rather, and bolts back to where she left her snowboard, where she can again hide behind it from /that evil/ mare. The little earth-pony looks totally confused and still in this wide eyed terror looking stare from the golden magic enshrouded plushie, back to the form of Rune, and she stares in total disbelief at her. "How Could you do that!?" she squeaks sounding terrified "Earthponies can't do magic, its just not natural!" she shouts at Rune, "You must be Evil, only evil ponies do magic without being a unicorn!" she squeals out.

"Nuh-uh!" Aliella lashes out at the other filly. "Miss Rune is nice and cool! She just needs to have more fun is all!" She hops onto the bench and crosses her forelegs. "We have magic back at the village, and we're not evil." This is true for the most part, though the "magic" involved is very low-level, ceremonial, and often from external sources. "So that means you think we're evil too!" She looks back up to Rune and gives her another hug. "I don't think you're evil, Miss Rune."

A few moments after the light began, it ended, leaving a small glowing rune - one matching that on Quintessent's own flanks - on the blue fabric. Then it burnt out and with a soft pop the fish was gone. To reappear in Quintessent-Rune's outstretched forehoof, from whence it got thrust into her scarf and just… disappeared. Then the mare toppled over as she was, again, assaulted with hugs rather unexpectedly.
Lying on the ground Rune gave Aliella a rather even look, her black mane floating around her head as if submerged in water. "We are not, I believe, evil. We are just us, Miss Wind. Just like I have a golem by my side I have plenty of other arcane resources to draw upon, if you must know. They might very well contain objects to do what you just saw, could they not?"

"And, thank you for your confidence, Miss Aliella," added Quintesent after a moment of almost embarrassed silence.

Swift-Wind watched all that magic, "Zebra's are different" she hrumphs and actually cries on seeing the fish go poof and find its way back in the hooves of the dreaded dark Rune. She pouts a little, "I'm Sorry Mr. Fishie I tried to protect you" she whimpers softly wiping her eyes with a scarf. One of those scarves perks up and it too 'glares' at Quintessent-Rune, evidently one of Mbaya's 'friends' "Zebra stuff isn't evil, its just" she tries to put a word to it, "Neat" she nods some, and looks to Rune, "hers is just…" she shrugs

"From another land, I would assume," answers a low voice behind the bench. "Come, Aliella, dinner is soon." The voice begins the bench comes from an older zebra mare with flowers as a glyph mark. "Thank you for watching over my daughter, miss."

"Mama!" Aliella climbs over the bench and onto the mare's back. "Bye, everypony!" The older mare carries the filly out of town as she rambles on about her day. "And there was a board that went real fast, and then there's Servant. He's a fish. And we're gonna have a play date, and, and…"

"It have been… a pleasure, mam," said Quintessent-Rune, still a tad bit stunned it seemed. After a few moments she rolled onto her hooves and stood up. "And, have a good day Miss Aliella."
Breathing a out a deep sigh Rune glanced at Swift-Wind, though the gesture is obscured by her still-floating hair. "And good bye to you, Miss Wind. Thanks to your meddling I now have to go home and spend better part of the day to re-imbue Servant with enough power for it to animate once more." Shaking her head the seapony in disguise set of down the path.

Swift-Wind slouches in defeat, drops her snowboard and takes off in whatever direction is opposite of the dark magic pony is going. She at least isn't impolite, and 'respects' her much much elders,' "goodbye too, Miss Rune" she pouts some and snowboards off towards the farm fields and the foothills beyond.