Fireside Stories Part 3
IC date: Winter 79
OOC date: March 14
Location: Bramblebrush Schoolhouse
PCs: Frolic, Plot-Twist Solar-Wind Thistle-Fair Ruby-Blossom Blackbird Magpie
NPCs: Torn-Sail

"FIRE! FIRE! The schoolhouse is on fire!"

What again? Another fire? It's only been a week since the last one! And yet, that's what the young pony galloping through the streets is claiming, barrelling towards the general location of ye olde fireponies to spread the alert of yet another burning blaze set forth upon the fair Harbor.

This being just before Winter Wrap Up and the Week of Giving, the school area was largely free of Harborites! By the time the alarm came, half the building was already burning bright, engulfed in a general wall of flames that are quickly moving along. This also means that there's a distinct lack of snow to keep the blaze from bending to the whims of random breezes…

Fire? Blackbird sits up on his couch in a sleepy haze. Fire. Schoolhouse. Fire? Schoolhouse fire?! He blinks awake rather suddenly, and after a quick check to see that Sadaka is safely asleep in bed, he bolts out the door! The schoolhouse is on fire — /his/ schoolhouse!

Polar-Breeze and Ice-Spiral have been on patrol pretty much non-stop since the recent outbreaks of random arson and fire-issue-matic harbor issues. Solar-Wind is also involved hauling heavy water barrells up from the harbor to provide direct water support and something else. Since Solar's wings are still on the mend he's gone to being a ground based firepony while his charges, take to the sky pulling up water from the bay and dumping it in precice divebombing runs at the school, each taking turns at dumping and refilling dumping and refilling, here and there.

Solar meanwhile has setup in front of the school and is manning a large 'billows' looking device with a forehoof and the ground, that has a pair of hoses running from it and into the large water barrels slung heavily upon his stout shoulders, there's a hose in his mouth as he pumps and aims that stream straight at the school house with a straining effort.

Fire? Fire! This… is not exactly a new development to a particular red unicorn teen. Said unicorn is dashing back and forth behind the blazing building in a tizzy, eyes wide, horn gleaming. "Oh man oh geez oh gosh come on…" But here come more ponies, and Fireside Frolic freezes mid-pace, concentration faltering for a moment. Not good!

Magpie is dancing on her hooftips in nervousness. "Come on!" she's saying. "We have to get OUT of here!" Her horn limns and tugs on Frolic's tail. "Come ON!"

Yes, fire! The untamed element! Provider of warmth! Destroyer of houses! Pony's immortal enemy! Right now the schoolhouse is on fire!

The alert brings about several extra pairs of eyes and hooves, namely the cranky old Dockmaster Torn Sail and another small brigade of sailors come to help with the water-toting fire-fighting efforts. Naturally the old coot's complaining the whole time. "I told 'em! I told'em all she'd be back, settin' fires all over the place! But did they listen? Noooo, nobody ever listens to ol' Torn Sail! That's why I'm workin' the docks instead of making my fortune on the waves where I belong!" The Dockmaster, bucket balanced on his back and all, shakes a hoof at the other firefighters! "Why didn'tcha listen to me!? You could'a had her locked up already! I could be rich and famous and not working here!" …what?

The efforts of Solar, Polar, and Ice Spiral certainly show an impact right off the bat, the blaze engulfing half of the schoolhouse hissing steam in protest to the watery assault! This will keep the blaze from spreading to neighboring buildings pretty effectively, and a corner of the charred building comes into view.

Then comes the sound from inside. Like a soft groggy whimper, quickly followed by a very foalish shriek! "Ahhh! Help! Heeeeelp! Everything's on fire!!"

"Tank one's gettin low, suckn' air" shouts Solar, "Drench ME" he shouts to his team as Polar-Breeze arcs back to Solar hauling a full tank of water, which she proceeds to dump more or less at Solar-Wind, It indeed does drench him but also nearly full-tanks his first water barrell. Ice Spiral is still making his rounds, as the stout firepony shouts out orders as he re-situates himself closer in to the blaze, he's soaked down and pumping that billows to pressureize his water flow again, He links the hose up to his harness so he can direct bucket weilding harbor sailors, "Go for the windows, whats not broken break, put water in there" he shouts out. "Go Go Go!" he shouts as he pumps more water straight into the roofline

Blackbird, having raced up the street, skids to a stop in front of the enormous blaze that is the Bramblebrush. And for now, he just has to…sit. Wide-eyed. Agape. Apparently his state of shock means he doesn't hear the cries from within right off, though.

Fireside-Frolic blinks and looks back at Magpie, hesitating a beat. "Uh… r-right, yeah, right, um, let's…" She freezes again, ears perking as she whips her head back around to peer at the schoolhouse, eyes wide. A moment of silence, and then, "There's somepony in there!" she yelps, spinning on her hooves to dash for the building and raising her voice to hopefully be heard over the sound of a blazing schoolhouse. "Hey! Somepony's inside!"

Magpie yelps, "No! FROLIC, NO!" She hesitates, nervous hooves nervous hooves, then charges after the bigger filly… eeeee….

Maternal instincts are the darndest thing; Ruby has little doubt that Maggie can take herself of herself - but that didn't keep her from worrying all-night and spending the better of the evening searching Maggie until some -sane- pony dragged her home. Naturally any sign of trouble would suggest Maggie's presence; flaming school house? It'll do! The mare rapidly gallops up the path and towards the school yard once she's caught sight of the blaze - this makes for three running ponies all heading the same direction, and Ruby's far more interested in finding Maggie than a random fire; after all if you can't stop for EVERY fire in Horseshoe Harbor, you'd never get anything done.

Windows! Right! The helpful sailorponies promptly leap into action, chucking buckets of water at the blaze, then tossing a few objects through the windows of the as-yet unburnt side of the building. Crash, crash! Tools and rocks fly into the building! Which, funnily enough, causes more shrieking by the foalish voice within. "Hey! Watch where you're throwing things! That almost hit me!" Two hooves appear at the edge of one broken window, a filly's face peeking out! "Get me oooout!"

The fire inside the building seems to be moving faster than the one outside. Outside, the constant watering is putting out swaths of blaze, showing gaps in the walls where the fire had burned through, and causing some places to collapse in clouds of cinders. Inside…well, the foal squeaks shortly after peeking outside, disappearing again as smoke and a lick of fire billows out from that same window. Now there's coughing to go with the shrieking! "Get *coughcough* me outta heeere! *cough*"

Torn Sail, bucket still on his back, frowns at the ensuing chaos. "That contraption ain't working fast enough!" He grunts at Solar, "You need more water, stat! There's kids in there!"

Thistle-Fair's first instinct at the sound and flaming sight of trouble is not normally to wander in the direction of aforesaid fiery trouble. In fact, it's usually the exact opposite. Today, however, she's decided, perhaps extremely unwisely, to investigate all of the screaming and horrid burning noises. She comes up just in time to hear that foals are inside and stares up at the building in undisguised horror. "Bu'… bu' tha's a wee schoolhouse!" she squeaks. Who could have lit a schoolhouse on fire?! "P-please, ser," she says, trotting up to Torn Sail. "A'd laike tae h-halp."

Polar-Breeze had just refilled Solar's water barrel's "Cap, there's a foal in there!" she shouts down to him causing the big fireguard to stare and listen, "Need ponies on the hose, need another set on the billows!" he shouts as he unstraps his gear with heavy sloshing, "Need full refills" he practically barks out commands and is fully well used to having ponies obey said orders, its in his nature, his style, its just who he is. He watches the blaze and calculates in his head where things are travelling, "Spiral, go low, backside top eaves, nail it with a kick, and clear out!" he shouts to his fireguard pony.

Harbor ponies jump to assist the big fireguard stallion taking up his position on the billows and the water barrells, Their combined forces are stronger than the stallion's prior pumping efforts. Solar meanwhile gallops one way, then the other, then barks out another command, "Soak me, I need to go in!

No time to consider if this might be the dumbest idea she's had in a while! Frolic freezes for a second as the filly peeks out the window, then breaks into a gallop again, horn gleaming brightly as she takes a flying leap through said opening. She's good with fire! The flames around the window would push back a bit, as though rebuffed by some sort of shield. Graceful, she is not quite so much, and she catches a back hoof on the frame and topples head over hooves into the smoky schoolhouse. "Oof! …Yeah that was dumb." She clambers up unsteadily. "H-hello?"

Magpie yelps and jerks back as Frolic just … goes right inside. "AUGH! NO! You have too much to live for!" she shrieks.

It's maybe that cry that jerks Blackbird back to his senses. The stallion jumps to his hooves, ears perked. Kids, in the schoolhouse? The one on fire?! Head down, he races toward the building, with all the others. White Knight Syndrome, thine name is Blackbird.
…which is ironic, if you think about it.

The Ruby express is coming in hot with plenty of potentional to cause additional mayhem! Spotting Maggie she swiftly veers towards her while trotting at full speed - after all she's well aware how fast Maggie can run when needed. She's no intent on getting involved with fire unless marshmellows are involved.

Sailorponies scramble to obey the barked commands, helping to operate the strange water-pumping system Solar had set up, while others cramble to help Polar and Ice get more water to keep the darn thing full! This is doing a great job of making the outer fire start to fizzle, the soaked roof steaming from the heat and one side of the schoolhouse all but put out. The myriad of burnt holes shows just how much more fire there is inside though, even as it allows prime targets for water to blast through. LIke those support beams that are on fire. Those really shouldn't be on fire, should they?

Torn Sail grunts. "Heroics. Hmph. 'Least they ought'a get that darn kid out." He turns, and nearly bumps right into Thistle! "Wha! Uh? Ya darned fool! Ya should'a been here ages ago already! Here!" The older pony turns sideways, "Have a bucket and get to work! There's fire! There's foals! And somewhere there's an evil little filly that starts fires! If you see her, smack'er with that bucket!"

Within the building the fire and smoke are nigh oppressive. The open windows help keep the smoke from outright filling the entire schoolhouse, but breathable air is in limited quantity with so much fire all about, and the shrieking foal is using most of that to keep the loud wails going! "AhhhhHHHHhhhhhHH! Hot hot hot hot!" The wee one's trotting in an ever-tightening circle, with fire all around, threatening to seal her fate!

Heat! Fire! This is bad Plot Twist races from her camp in the woods to lead a helping hoof to the harbor ponies. Knowing a little about fire fighting from her hubby she skims the water to get her suit and fur soaked to help against the heat and smoke as she ties a wet cloth about her muzzle. "How can I help?" she says landing next to Solar.

Thistle-Fair eeps as she gets a bucket. "A-aye, ser," she says with a clumsy salute, before blinking. "Wait, scalp a wee filly? A couthna do tha'!" She huffs a little bit, eyeing the old dockmaster, before picking the bucket up in her muzzle and eyeing the blaze. She blinks as Blackbird leaps through a window. Well, might as well start in the most likely spot. She starts pouring water in after Blackbird, doing her best to create a safe harbour for him (and presumably any foals therein) might use to escape.

Solar-Wind Goes wide eyed, "Wait, No!" he hadn't made it yet to the front door, or windows, or well anywhere, he had only just now gotten to the school house while the ponies prepared to soak him down so he /could/ go in a bit more safely, "Thats MY JOB" he shouts frustrated with the insane and critically untrained ponies that go rushing past him through shattered windows and right past him through the front door. "Aww HECK, Soak em, aim at anything that moves, keep their hides wet if ya can see Em!" he shouts to the fireteam with the bellows pump.

Solar waves down Breeze, Punch holes in the roof here and here. he points at aft upper eaves, and fore upper eaves, Buck em hard, need escape points for the smoke, to clear the air in there, "there's too many of em in there now for us to do anything more than dump on more water. He runs to the hose, and drags it in to the front door, hosing down first the ponies that dove in, then aiming for the structure, "GET OUT NOW!" he orders

Magpie 's not actually running at the moment. She's trying to look into the flaming schoolhouse to see if her new friend is okay! And that means she's not paying attention to Ruby. And that means —

Fireside-Frolic perks her ears slightly, starting towards the wailing filly! And then suddenly water. She jumps straight-legged cat-style with a yelp. "What the hay was that for?!" She yowls over towards the… hose. She can't see what pony has it! But she's here for a reason, so she shakes herself off and scrambles /for/ said reason, horn gleaming as she tries to redirect the flames around the little foal. …Which results in more firesprite ponies popping up, gobbling up the flames around them before capering off cheerily for the next flaming bit of wood. Wheeee~ At least they're heading away from the poor filly? Yay?

And that means — Blackbird collide! A stupendous crash as Ruby slams straight into the stallion, and becomes entangled with the teacher whom she hasn't had a chance to get familiar with; then again this is plenty familiar! The turquoise mare tumbles and rolls and becomes entangled with Blackbird in manners which none of Blackbird's students should be exposed to.

Softly Ruby groans and tries to pull away only to find herself all pretzeled and without a cold beer.

THUD! Suddenly, Blackbird is entwined with an mostly unfamiliar mare, hooves flailing. "Sorry— kids— rescue— FIRE!" And he tries to scramble up, and fails miserably. He gives a frantic growl of frustration, flailing.

Twist watches as her pony flutters off above to handle things above. With a heavy sigh she is unsure how best to help but other ponies are running in thats what heros do right? With a bounding leap assisted from her wings she dives in through a window tucking her wings in just at the right moment to fit in the small school window. Crashing through a fillies burning desk she coughs and cringes at the sheer heat of it all. The melted scars from the dragon's breath on her side burn like they did the dayshe got them and she almost buckles. Peering up through her flight goggles that are slowly starting to fog up she sees Frollic surounding a filly with flaming ponies. "Hold on! I wont let them hurt you!" she stumbes forward blades releasing from their spring loaded sheaths and slashing at a flaming pony!

Fiery ponies unleashed! The cheerful blazes scamper about the burning insides of the schoolhouse, seeking fresh fuel for their flames! Away from the scared filly, indeed, whom now has a new reason to be afraid. Her eyes go wide as dinnerplates when the fire that had been surrounding her takes a literal form and starts to move, breaking down into outright tears, with that sobbing, quivery-lipped filly face directed straight at Frolic! "Waaaahhhhh I don't wanna turn into a firepony ahhhhhh!!" She's shrinking back towards the wall, away from her would-be rescuer! And then away from the other pony that comes crashing through to swipe at the firey equines too! "Ahhhh noooo I don't wanna be stabbed either! I'm sorry, I'll never do homework again!"

Outside, the constant streams of water are having a definite impact. A lot of the immediate threat of the fire is dealt with, many places smoldering and steaming, and water being focused inside too! Support beams are being put out, half-burnt school supplies are quenched… A little more effort and there won't be much fire left! Except, maybe, those fireponies…

…and that small mountain of fire sitting on what used to be a schooldesk. A half-burnt sign reads:

The Untameable Fo—ure

The rest is all burnt up!

Torn Sail eyes Thistle wandering to do her part to help, but before he can heap any more verbal abuse on the poor volunteer worker he bears witness to the collision of teacher and parent! Ooh that looks like it hurt. "…Harrumph. Fine! Gimme back my bucket and help those two instead! Goldarned silly ponies, can't they find better places to make out than next to a bloody /burning building/! And with kids present too! For shame!"

Thistle-Fair flashes a dirty look at Torn Sail. She tosses a last bucketful of water in through the window, then drops her bucket off as she trots over to Ruby and Blackbird, muttering something about 'shan feul auld misers machtin' muckle feulis mulligruns.' She tries to disentangle Blackbird and Ruby with a great deal of 'och'-s and 'A'm sae sorry'-s attached.

Solar-Wind goes wide eyed as he sees Plot dive through windows to join the ponies inside, he goes from firefighting skill to 'OH SMOLDERING FEATHERS' "Twist, Get out, get water, get buckets of water, its those freekin' firesprites again!" Solar presses in through the front door further into the bulding with the hose, at the end of his rope pretty much as he aims that water stream from structure, to desks, to ponies inside to keep them wet, and keep them from fire, He moves to one side to provide a direct line of escape out the front door while he keeps on hosing. He is still shouting out commands over the din of the building "Somepony soak me please!" he begs as he's carrying hose and is otherwise unprotected

"I have to save the kids!" Twist calls back trying to buck one of the flaming ponies to no doubt poor effect as she tries to close the distance to the foal to pick her up. Already the fire is starting to cause her suit to hiss as the water starts to evaporate, fortunately doused again by Solar as his hose's stream passes over her. "I'm not going to stab you I only stab fire ponies!" giving her best smile, though in this light and with those scars that is likely to be a pretty terrifying thing. Still she tries to fight her way closer to pick her up, and place her on her back to carry out, that is if she can get there.

Plot-Twist yells to Fireside, "You too! We got to get out of here!"

Magpie 's shouting at the burning house (not helpful) on the theme of "Frolic come back, please come back!"

Fireside-Frolic winces. Whoops! No, that didn't quite go right. "No, no, it's okay… c'mere, it's okay, I can't turn anypony /into/ those, they just… Homework? Yah!" She leaps back from Twist's approach, eyes wide. "Geez! You don't have to… Okay! Okay, it's okay, j-just c'mere, they… that one's after me, b-but come on, we g-gotta get you out of here, kid, it's okay…" she edges a few steps closer to the filly, then pauses and prances in place nervously. This was not planned! This was not in the plan! She doesn't know how to deal with kids!

Ruby and Blackbird are dislodged from one another. Ruby shakes her head "Ugh." one hoof raised to the side of her head to stiffle the mild nausea as her eyes swiftly search for the pony she intends to entangle in a hug, and possibly a wringing.

With Thistle's help, Blackbird manages to get out from Ruby, shaking his mane out. "Sorry— so sorry—" But that's about all he says before he turns and charges toward the schoolhouse — and the entrance thereof, probably zooming right past the fire ponies as he does so. ZOOM.

Twist grunts pulling back her totally fogged up goggles tossing them aside, "Like hay I don't." lifting the kid onto her back making sure she is stable before getting closer to Fireside to try and coral her towards the door. "I'm not after anypony just want you kids out of here!" Giving Fireside a pleading nudge with her head. "Comeon!" she moves to the door, trying to pass the kid off to Blackbird as he rushes in. "Take 'er!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm comin'!" Torn Sail grunts, swiping a full bucket from one of the nearby sailorponies to trot over and unceremoniously dump it all over Solar Wind! "There! Yer wet! Now what?" He peers over Solar's shoulder, into the burnt building, through hazy smoke and steam and fire and everything. "Is that… It's that filly! And those fire things! She's in there! You gotta catch her! You GOTTA!" He starts shaking Solar's shoulders! "Don't let her get away this time!"

Inside… The little fearful filly is not very convinced. However, her fear of fire seems a mite bit less than her fear of sharp objects! And scars! She squeaks out a noise once she's set down on Twist's back, handed off to Blackbird's back, and immediately leaps to Frolic's back, clinging for dear life! "IwantoutIwantoutIwantoutNOOOOWWWW!" she whines, closing her eyes shut.

The building, with hardly any fire left that isn't animated, gives an ominous creaky groan… And look! The prancing fireponies are totally following Blackbird around! A new playmate!

Thistle-Fair rubs her mane lightly once everyone is disentangled. She rushes back to grab the bucket again, muttering yet more uninterpretable purterbations at the dockmaster as she rushes over to the Blackbird's point of ingress. She stares, shocked, at the fire sprites, then shrugs and tosses her bucket of water at them. "Ser!" she shouts, "Try tae gae th' wee anes o'er here!" She dashes for more water, doing her best to clear the way.

Fireside-Frolic blinks in surprise, trying to parse what just happened. Filly on back! Well okay then. "Okay, okay, we're going, I'll get you out, I'm g-going!" she squeaks, turning to scramble for the door. Proooobably best not to leap out the window again when one has a passenger, after all.

Blackbird charges blindly through the flames and into the schoolhouse— and is handed a foal?? Who jumps onto Frolic's back. He blinks in confusion, squinting and teary-eyed. "Are there any others?" he asks worriedly, before galloping to the stairs that lead to the miniature loft. Just in case!

Solar-Wind drops the hose and practically screams, "EVERYPONY OUT NOWNOW NOW, Thing's gonna fall!" The fireguard stallion is trying really darn well trying to usher EVERYONE out like its a serious big ol' important thing then those darn firesprites, he takes to that hose again and aims at firesprites as he is backed against the wall beside that exit happily drenched and not cooking anymore thankfully, he is good enough to wingwave a little to Sail, then Blackbird, which isn't a bird and has no sense trying to fly and well this is bad. bad. bad!, The hose is dropped again, "What is EVERYPONY CRAZY?!?!" He charges into the not-blaze-but-blaze all the same, and unslings his last bucket of water, like a hurled weapon, aiming it for the nearest cluster of firesprites as he aims to take down, Blackbird, and take him 'through' that crisp looking burnt to soot back wall. Big ol' firestallion is miffed, why does nopony listen?

Torn Sail is asking himself the same question when Solar Wind charges in! "Nooo! You're going to miss her! You're… You… Grah! Fine, I'll do it!" Wait for it… Wait for it! NOW! Torn Sail launches himself at Frolic just as she's leaving the schoolhouse, fully intent to tackle the filly, and by proxy the filly on top of the fiery filly's flank, to the watersoaked ground! "GOTCHA!"

The firesprites, meanwhile, have been put outt. Solar's last-ditch soaking nails the last of them perfectly, leaving nary a spot of flame left to fight! The building, on the other hand, weakened by all the fire and fighting and whatnot, really is about to collapse all around silly Blackbird's ears! Ohno!
Magpie leaps back as the whole lot of them come charging out of the fire, led by — "Frolic!" Her glee falls a bit flat as Plot Twist comes out right behind. "…uh." She looks around at the crowd, then mutters, "I don't think I have enough mugs this time…"

Thistle-Fair blinks as Torn Sail leaps for two fillies. Well, she has a bucket, so she dashes over and banjoes him right across the head. Pretty hard, too. "Are ye a richt feul?" she demands, very uncharacteristically attery. She does her best to interpose herself between Torn Sail and the two fillies. "Dinna ye be hurtin' th' wee fillies, ye bluidy snoilket loun!" It is the most offencive thing she can think to say.

And right into Ruby's waiting front legs - that's where Maggie ends upw hen leaping out of the way. Ruby is both angry and relieved - she's relingry or is that angrieved? Well either way it shows, and her grip is snug and unforgiving. >:[

Magpie yelps and struggles! "Wah! No! Not now! Not noooow!" She struggles to reach for her friend, who is suddenly the center of a brawl!

Fireside-Frolic scampers out of the schoolhouse, panting softly and pausing to glance back at the filly to make sure she's okay. She then looks over to Magpie, giving a sheepish, slightly forced smile. "Hey, uh… y-yeah, that was d-dumb of me, so- yah!" Suddenly, tackled! Maybe stopping here wasn't such a good plan. She drops as the dockmaster lands squarely across her back. A filly, she can carry! This lug, not so much.

But one pony who went in hasn't come out. Nor does he seem to be heeding the smart advice to GET OUT. Blackbird frantically searches the loft to be /absolutely certain/ there are no other children to be saved, as panic grips his heart in an icy vise. Coughing, wheezing, tearing up, he's certain that the moment he leaves, there will be an innocent life taken! Somehow!

Because obviously, he is the gravitational center of everything horrible that happens ever.

Solar-Wind charges up stairs, he shouts to the evidently daft school-teacher, really this guy's a teacher, really?? but he shouts out, "We're leaving!" and with that, he charges full tilt right straight at the schoolteacher, and full on barrells into him, and then straight into the wall, head ducked like a ram, both protecting the smaller stallion, and using his larger form to plow through the blackened weakened structure of the front of the building. CCrraaash!!!! Solar Charges straight out and through into the air above the front of the school, untucking his broad wings as he holds on tight to the schoolteacher, as they both plummet to the ground, though with a bit more braking than just a straight fall. air brakes of the pegasus's broad wings at least ease the fall a bit before it leaves himself and Blackbird dumped rudely on the ground before the school

Success! For…a brief moment. Torn Sail barely makes any contact to interrupt Frolic's momentium when he gets clocked by a bucket! He promptly falls over, rubbing his head and glaring daggers up at the fool filly what hurt him so! "What are you /doing/? She set this place on fire! She's a criminal!" Other sailors are, of course, forming something of a half-circle around the event. There's not going to be much escaping this time around.

The building chooses that moment to collapse, what with Solar's dramatic exit out the other side of the building, carrying Blackbird and all. The whole thing falls apart, a great cloud of ash and ember rising from the wreckage.

Blinkblink. Wince. Frolic's ears pin back and she hazards a glance back at the ash cloud that was a schoolhouse an hour ago. "Uh." Ahem. She blinks and frowns, whipping her head back around to glare over at Torn Sail. "I didn't do it!" Because surely /that/ line will be effective.
Thistle-Fair puts herself between as many soldiers and the two fillies, one of her wings unfurling to further shield them as best as she can. "Whit proof d'ye've o' tha', then?" she demands, stamping a hoof. She gives the gathering sailors a nervous look, but she swallows and lowers her head, standing her ground, though she's starting to tremble, most noticeably in the wing. "Ye're th' ane whit wantit me tae skelp a wee -filly- wi' a buckit! I' disna feel sae guid, aye, ye feul." She looks back over her shoulder at Frolic, then turns back to the dockmaster. "Ye see? She didna do i'!"
Magpie finally struggles free of Ruby. "She didn't! I was with 'er the whole time!" Trustworthy company indeed.

Thistle-Fair points at Magpie, too!

WHUD. Blackbird's just having the worst lucky with bodychecks today. The stallion flumps in Solar's arms like a fainted damsel, under the force of the tackle, the wall-break, and the subsequent groundsmack. After a good long moment of being stationary on the ground, he wheezes a little. "…oy…"

Ruby-Blossom isn't naive, and that is exactly why Maggie is released. Ruby is already on her hooves and glaring at all the adults. "I don't imagine I have the best grasp of the situation. However, I get the feeling it's in everypony's interest to just calm down so we can have a proper chat." Trotting a little closer to Frolic and all the commotion.

Torn Sail sets a glare on his grizzled face, squinting at Thistle, then down at Frolic and the little schoolhouse filly, coughing after her rescue. Then up to the circle of sailors. And then over at Ruby and Magpie! "…hmph. Ya bunch'a tender hearts… She got away last time, and look!" He flails a hoof at the schoolhouse, "This is exactly what happened when she was banished the first time! She did it then! If she didn't do it now…" He glares down at Frolic, from between Thistle's legs if necessary! "…Then who /did/?"

Solar-Wind is right beamed, quite litterally in this case, he may be hard headed, but, that was a wall, and his head and body did go straight through it. There's a grumbling muttering mumbling and a bit of a weak shove to get himself clear of the /deadweight/ "Arrrrgh mehead" he grumbles waving a hoof "Medic!" he groans, "oh thassright, thassme" he swears under his breath, "Feathers" The stallion just slumps with a grumble

Magpie scowls at Sail. "Ten years ago. Yeah." She takes a deep breath then suddenly bellows, "SHE WAS SIX YEARS OLD YOU HORRIBLE OLD NAG! The mayor stuck BRANDS on a tiny foal and you think that's just PEACHY?!" She stands up as tall as she can be and glares at him. "Maybe she did start a fire back then, or maybe not! Even if she did, it was a little filly's mistake! And she was definitely not HERE when this one started so I don't KNOW what happened! Maybe you set it to get her in trouble, huh?!"

"Whit d'ye mean, banish't?" Thistle asks, looking over her shoulder. Oh, my, that is a wreck of a school housie. "Crivens. Erm. A-A mean…" She turns back to Torn Sail, lowering her head to ensure he can't see the filly. Also, ew, creepy old stevedore trying to peek under her plaid! "Why wad she ken who did tha'? A' A ken is tha' she riskit her laife f'r th' sma' wee filly thaur! Why wad she do tha' if she'd set th' gey auld feyre, an' a'?"

Plot Twist's head spins. She isn;t sure what happened just that she blacked out at some point. Shaking her head she apears to be outside? Did she make it out alive? Are the foals ok? The kids! the captain leaps up looking about "What happened?! Is every pony ok?"

Fireside-Frolic blinks down at Magpie, then over at Twist, looking a bit surprised. Nopony's ever stuck up for her before! Especially not two ponies at once! She gulps a bit. "Look, I dunno what happened. We were just walking by… I was gonna go try and talk to the Mayor again… and then there was fire, and I tried to stop it, but it just got bigger, and…" She twitches an ear, glancing back at the coughing filly. "And then somepony was in there, so… you okay, kid?"

A couple of the sailors do break away from the group, so they can march over and help get Solar and Blackbird back on their feet. "Hey, you guys okay?"

Torn Sail scowls… No! This isn't how it's supposed to go! He's not the bad guy here! He glances from Magpie, up to Thistle again, and back, and forth, and… He tilts his head, staring at Thistle Fair. "Lady, I have /no/ idea what in blazes you just said." He reaches out towards Plot Twist, tapping the sherrif-y type on her shoulder. "You! You got any common sense left in ya? The arson's right there! Do something about it! And all these crazy fools tryin' to be nice about it!" …See, now it's about being stubborn. Facts? Pfh. Those are for sissies! And lawyers!

With all the yelling, and with Frolic speaking up, the little filly whom got saved finishes up her coughing fit, looking up timidly at all the adults. She's breathing fast though. "..u..uh.. I'm fine. B..but I did it.." she all but whispers, ears folding flat to her head, trying to make herself look as small and innocent as she can on Fireside's back.

Ruby places a hoof on Maggie's head and FIRMLY tossles her mane - a tad rougher than needed but still affectionately. With a huff she speaks up while glaring at the Dockmaster. "If Maggie says she didn't start fire, then she didn't start the fire." she begins to trot closer. "So I sug…" she hushes cause more important ponies are speaking up - so she'll just be quiet and latch on to Maggie again.

Magpie blinks at the tiny filly. "…wait, what? really?" Mutters, "I never got homework like that..!"

Twist gives Sail such a scowl only the scared mare coudl give. "All I saw was a girl trying to save a pony in there you cowardice bagart." the captain's wings flutter angrily. "Any filly brave enough to run in there and braving the fire to save another is fine in my book." wrapping a wing protectivly about Frolic. "Now leave us be till I have had some water."

Ice-Spiral meanwhile is dashing the debris with water to keep the embers at bay, buckets, and water buckets and water, though at a less fevored pace than when the blaze was going, meanwhile Polar-Breeze sits with the two ponies whom had just taken that crashing-dash out the wall of the building. Water and towels applied to each of them giving them both a basic clean up, and making sure that the both of them, Blackbird and Solar-Wind are at least with the living, even if they both probably look like heck.

Blackbird allows himself to be tended to, though he cranes his neck and tries to listen in on the far more interesting conversation over there. No thanks for Big Solar just yet.

Thistle-Fair puffs up a bit, about to retort angrilythrough probably no more intelligiblywhen the wee filly speaks up. She looks over her shoulder, then turns back to Torn Sails. "A oucht tae skelp ye agin," she says, rather savagely. "Thaur! A richt confession! Ye're a begottit auld loun, ye are, an' ye oucht tae be richt ashamit o' yuirsel'! 'Tis a wee aye filly! Nae some murdrin' monster o' th' forest! If ye dinna hae anythin' usefil tae add, begone wi' ye." She huffs and turns her back on Torn Sail to look over the two fillys. "Are ye twa a'richt?" she asks, in a much, much kinder voice.

Suddenly eyes! The little filly whimpers! "I didn't /mean/ to! It wassa accident!" Now she's trying to disappear against Frolic. It's not working very well. "I made a science project and it exploded…"

Surely nobody knows how /that/ feels, right?

Outnumbered, Torn Sail scowls right back at Plot Twist. "Hmph. Fine! Do what you want! I'm goin' back to work! But if this town burns down cuz' you all got all soft-hearted against a known criminal, don't come cryin' yer big wimpy tears at me!" Huff! The Dockmaster stomps off the schoolgrounds, several sailors in tow. One of which glances back, grins, and gives a hoof's-up.

With the Dockmaster leaving, the little filly relaxes…a little. But just a little, quietly nodding at Thistle's question and offering a muted answer. "…mfine…"
Magpie sticks out her tongue at the Dockmaster. "Criminal indeed," she snorts, and stomps her back hoof once.


Fireside-Frolic gapes over at Twist as though the pony had grown a second head. Wat. "Uh… th-thank you?" She blinks and then looks back at the filly, tilting an ear curiously. Whoops. Accidental explosions. "Oh. Oh gee. Um… h-hey, it's okay. You didn't do it on purpose. And nopony got hurt." Much. "…The Mayor's nicer now. …Right?" she glances over to Magpie, then up at Twist. "I mean, uh, we could just say I did it if it's a… problem," she adds faintly, glancing back at her flank and clearing her throat a bit.

Thistle-Fair folds her wing back down when the Dockmaster storms off. "A'richt," she tells the little foal with a faint smile. "We oucht tae gae ye back tae yuir parents, though." She straightens up to look out over the crowd…

And abruptly realises she's in the centre of a group of ponies that's attracting all of the attention. She makes a sort of mouse-being-stepped-on sound and shuffles her hooves, starting to edge away slowly. Maybe if she makes it to the treeline she can hide in the bushes.

"Can I arrest him for being a pain in my neck?" Plot Twist glowers, letting her wing stay about Fireside Frolic if she isn't trying to escape the large mare. "I'm glad you two are alright." giving a understanding nod to Fireside, trying not to smile, knowing that makes ponies more uncomfortable. "Ohya! Mayor is a total push over, I said HEY! I'm sheriff now, and I totally got the job." giving a laugh. "So many of us behind you she would totally understand." ruffing the kids mane.

Magpie mutters, "An' if she didn't I'd spring the kid anyways."

Home sounds really good right now! The little scared filly nods rapidly at Thistle's idea, pausing to accept friendly rufflings before springing off Frolic's back. "I better..get home! Thanks for saving me!" Zoom! She's gone…

Magpie looks relieved that New Friend Frolic is not gonna get in trouble with Twist. Now she sidles back, hoping to get out of sight before the new sheriff remembers a certain assault from yesterday…