Fireside Stories Part 2
IC date: Winter 78
OOC date: March 7
Location: Town Square
PCs: Frolic, Plot-Twist Solar-Wind Jellybean Amber-Shot Lorelei Magpie
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em, Torn-Sail

Almost a week after the Mediocre Blaze at the Docks That Only Consumed One Building, the Dockmaster is finally out and about. Did he really need a full week to recover? Probably not. Much of that week after the first couple days was spent complaining about achey joints, horrible medicine, and hitting on the nurses. He was subsequently booted from the hospital, and assigned to 'bed rest' for the rest of the week. Until today.

Today the Dockmaster is out and about. Having given up his warm bed and doing of nothing to get back to work like a proper pony, but not before doing one very important thing! A visit to the Mayor, and with it an invitation to the ponies that had helped him out on that fiery day with a promise to 'explain everything'. So that's where he is, and where the scene starts.

With a cranky old Dockmaster, sitting in front of the Mayor's porch, waiting for the Mayor to show up, and for anyone he can get to listen to a promise of an Interesting Story…

Patrol duty, ever since last week's interesting inferno o' oddities, Solar-Wind has stepped up his arial patrol runs throughout the town. Of course he's got his full flight-fire-fighter regalia on full of utility and purpose, harness for water, muzzle filters, goggles everything he's just plain ready, and out checking for random fire hazards, foals playing with magnifying glasses, glasses, matches, firecrackers, everything, he may as well be the ruin-er of fun itself right now, he's just been so paranoid as of late.

Solar does see someone he at least recognizes on this particular pass, that of the Dockmaster, Torn Sail was it, hmm, he's horribile with names, so he swoops down to the steps and offers a stiff salute to the old pony and a greeting of "Good afternoon Sir, hope you're feeling better?"

As it happens, Jellybean also has an appointment with the mayor. A very important one, about things that need to be di-actually, no, it's just more paperwork. There is always more paperwork in Jellybean's life: it's a good thing he's such a good sport about it. Though his mouthwriting STILL leaves something to be desires. He lands not far from the mayor's office, wings a-flutter. "Hiya Solar Wind, hiya Mr. Dockmaster," he offers as a cheerful greeting.

Dockmaster Torn Sail, for that was indeed his name, eyes Solar's descent and salute, offering the firefighter a grin and a nod of his head in greeting. "Hey, champ. Yer the one that actually pulled my hide out of the fire, ain'tcha? I hear you put out quite a lot of fires too! Good work, good work." The old pony turns his head, spitting at the ground. "Sure could use a few more like you around. Then we'd never get burned when some silly thing gets it in their head to light a match in the wrong place!"

Then Jellybean shows up too, giving Torn Sail another reason to grin. "Hey squirt! How's the weather going? Got any good stormclouds ya could hang over my house?" He rolls one of his shoulders, "I sleep so much better when it's stormy."

Solar-Wind offers a quick bob of his head, "Aye Sir, Happy to be of assistance" he nods, "Just doing my duty" he offers again, "So besides those odd fire-sprite ponies, it was set ablaze on purpose?" he asks curiously.

Jellybean scuffs a hoof in the snow. "Sorry mister Sail, it's mostly clear skies for the next few weeks." He smiles a little. "But I'll see if I can find one out at sea tonight and bring it in for you, okay?"

"…and since the weather was so unseasonably warm thanks to all of that stuff with the seaponies the farms have actually been pretty productive over the winter without having to resort to magic. We ought to be be able to cater proper meals for everypony during Winter Wrap-Up without having to resort to imports." A yellow pony familiar to some as the bartender from the Champagne Bay walks out of the manor accompanying the mayor. He sticks his head into his saddlebag and pulls out a rolled up piece of paper, continuing with his teeth gingerly clenched on it. "Pop said he'd be willing to halve the out-of-season surcharge for a catering contract."

"That sounds quite agreeable," said mayor agrees, stepping daintily along beside the bartender, everpresent bodyguards in tow. "Saving the trouble of imports and having everything set up already will let us put more resources into the Wrap-up itself!" Lorelei is excited. This is her first season change on land! Which, of course, means everything must be /just so/. She reaches over to take the paper from him and look it over, but pauses when she spots the gathering crowd. "Oh! Hello, everypony."

The bartender lets go of the contract when Lorelei takes hold of it, glancing at the assembling ponies. "Did our meeting run late?" he asks, looking in the direction of the town to see if he can spot the clock tower.

Solar-Wind spots his wife at the edge of the crowd, the seemingly ever-present lurker in the crowd's and gives a little indication that maybe she should join him up near the Dockmaster, Torn Sail, up here near the front steps of the mayor's office. As he seems to indicate that arson is involved, and that perhaps Solar-Wind could use some serious Backup in that of his wife, Plot-Twist.

"Aw, that's a shame… Well don't go too far out of your way, wouldn't want to inconvenience anypony with a silly old pony's whims now." Torn Sail says, the hints of a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. He keeps most of his disappointment in a stormless evening in check though, in favor of answering Solar's more immediate question. "You betcher firefighting flank that blaze was set on purpose. Saw the culprit with my own eyes! Even if I hadn't, she's got a record around here…"

He trails off when the Mayor thusly arrives! With a bartender, and goons, and everything. "Ah! Just the filly I was looking for!" Torn Sail turns about to face the entorage of officials and whatnot, flashing his biggest grin. "Mayor Lorelei! I have a problem you need to address!"

Jellybean smiles. "Oh it's no trouble at all. I know how important the right weather can be." He hops eagerly when he sees the mayor arrive, pulling the paperwork out of his messenger bag. "M'dm mrer, hmf thm…" He pauses, taking them out of his mouth and tucking them under a wing, "Madam mayor, here's the forms I need you to sign so I can get our next shipment from Cloudsdale." He looks around at all the other ponies. "When you've got a moment."

Plot Twist is in fact lurking. Lurking should be her talent. Twist flaps her wings and stands next to her special some pony though when she is noticed though. "So I try and get everypony to help find awnsers and I get ignored noooow everypony cares." the want-to-be Sherrif rolls her eyes. "How can I be of help?"

Solar-Wind simply maintains himself at the front steps his interest piqued from that of Dockmaster, to the emerging Mayor, then back to Dockmaster curiously. His expression is more the look of, 'whats he got up his sleeves?' He motions to Dockmaster Torn Sail, "he seems to have some idea as to whats going on, remember that fire from last week?" he notes to her, "he's got something on it"

Lorelei blinks and perks her ears. A problem? Oh dear. "Oh dear," is in fact her reaction! "What sort of problem? How can I help?" She glances to Jellybean, nodding and smiling faintly. "Oh, yes, of course! Just a moment, I'll get those taken care of, of course!" Being a mayor requires so many things to be signed! Luckily, that's one of the easier parts of the job, if time-consuming. She looks back to Torn Sail. "Now, yes, what is the problem, sir?"

The bartender waits patiently for the crazy old dockmaster to complain about his crazy old things. He's passingly familiar with Torn Sail, at least insofar as knowing that the stallion is generally regarded as ornery and prone to exposition and expects this to take a while. At least the Bay is between shifts right now so he has plenty of time before he needs to be back.

"I remember the fire. I tried to get a posse together. So much for being sheriff huh?" Twist chuckles and gives a shrug to her love and returns her attention to the dock master and his lead. "SO! This fire tell us what we need to do so we can stop the ponies doing this."

Full attention on him, Torn Sail puffs up his chest and stands as tall as he can on those grizzled legs of his. "Mayor. We have a troublemaker in our midst." he snorts out, projecting his voice for the crowd. …See, with so many ponies paying him attention, he's got to play up the dramatics, right? "She was banished from the Harbor something like ten years ago, but now she's back and starting fires all over again! The fire at the docks was all her fault! You should put together a hunting party to find her before she sets something else on fire!"

With that spoken, the old pony nods, turning towards the crowd. He points at Solar specifically. "He saw it too! Fire and everything! Just ask him!"

Solar-Wind gives a curt nod, "Pulled him from the fire, took out one of the warehouses, and did some side damage in intermittent places." he reports with authority as he offers a stiff salute to the Mayor. "There was another incident however that also would be of merit to find the cause, there were some variety of magic fire sprites involved" he offers, "something not encountered in my former firefighter training" the fireguard notes with a hint of curiosity and annoyance.

Jellybean nods to the mayor and listens to the story being told, looking fretful and concerned. "Should I be making sure that we have more rain on-hand in case of an emergency?"

Ten years ago, huh? The bartender scratches his head. There weren't too many fires back then. They really didn't become a regular occurance until Salty was mayor. Not that many ponies here would no that, since so much of the town's population arrived relatively recently. "Was that… the schoolhouse fire?" he hazards.

The mayor's ears pin back and her eyes widen. /Fire/. Her mortal nemesis. How could she have forgotten the scourge of this fair town? And somepony actually /setting/ them? /On purpose/? Why would you do that? "This /is/ a problem."

She frowns thoughtfully, nodding grimly at Solar's descriptions. "…Fire sprites? What in the seven seas is a fire sprite?" Jellybean's offer gets a quick and eager nod. "Yes! Yes, that is a very good idea. Yes, plenty of water on-hoof. Can't be caught off-guard." Fire is a tricky beast, after all!

Solar-Wind nods some, "these fire-sprite things seemed to be made of fire itself, they looked just like foals but of fire, infact they were thought to be just that as they /Frolic/ed about the dockside setting ablaze anything they touched for any duration." the fireguard reports, "We were able to deal with them via a full barrell of sea water for which they rapidly turned to steam." he offers and steps back a pace with his report complete.

"Harrumph." the old Dockmaster harrumphs, nodding his head towards Jellybean. "We should always have a good raincloud or ten handy. If it ain't a lousy arsonist, it's some crazy nutjob, or some idiot playing with things they shouldn't be, or a random spark. Fires are seasonal these days!"

Torn Sail turns and spits to the side again, lifting his gaze to the bartender. "Hah! That's the one! Worst Pre-Salty era fire we ever had! That little runt's lucky nobody actually got /hurt/!" Now he's got his ire up, Torn Sail's gaze growing distant even as he parks his flank on the ground. His voice takes that 'old storyteller' tone… He's about to go into a long story! "She was banished ten years ago. Almost to this very day…" he begins, his voice trailing off.

He knew it! The bartender knew this was going to take a while. He looks towards the clock tower again, verifying that he does, in fact, have enough time to sit through this.

Jellybean likes story time. He sits down to have a listen.

Oh great story time. Twist sighs and takes a sit to listen through the tale of times past.

Solar-Wind settles in with his special somepony to 'ride out the storm' as it were. Ears open, and listening

Storytime indeed! The old coot looks almost wistful, looking up towards the snowy skies. "It happened ten years ago, before all this nonsense with crazy ponies, before we knew seaponies were real… When ol' Stone-Cog was Mayor. Back then we didn't have any crime. Everybody respected the mayor! Because if ya didn't respect him, you were probably a troublemaker who deserved whatever you got." He nods, firmly. "We had a buncha foals who weren't too bright. Couple of'em kept getting into trouble left and right. One in particular was this little filly named Fireside Frolic. Little troublemaker that she was, kept causing accidents for others and bein' a general pain.

Torn Sail pauses a second to cough, in that charmingly disgusting way old folks can do, then goes back to the story without skipping a beat. "So one day this little runt must'a been pushed too far, because she set the old schoolhouse on fire! Just lit it up! Burned it right to the ground, she did, and back then fire was a BIG DEAL. Punishable by many things! The Mayor decided on branding her flank and kicking her out of town for the trouble." Another slow nod. "We thought she was gone for good. But she's come back, and the first thing she did was set another fire and burn another building down! She didn't learn her lesson at all!"

Magpie scoffs quietly. "Only a big deal back then? Like half of town didn't burn down this past year!"

Torn Sail gives a grunt. "That's the point, whippersnapper! Back then we had maybe one fire a decade if we were lucky! These days it's fire everywhere!"

Solar-Wind winces at the thought of branding, 'nooooo thanks' "I presume she's the mare that took off while I was in and rescuing ya?" he asks, "the same that charged off towards the Wintersong Forest?" he asks to gain more knowledge on the situation. "did this mare every have /any/ friends here?"

The bartender perks up about halfway through the story as he is reminded of the details. "I remember now. Pop said the only evidence against Fireside was that she was nearby at the time, and to brand and banish a little foal was way to harsh a punishment either way." He looks in Magpie's direction as the mare scoffs at the idea of fire being a big deal. "The town only started burning down regularly over the last two or three years, since Salty took over. She was kind of bad luck that way."

Magpie was scoffing at the idea that fire isn't a big deal NOW.

"Bah!" the old coot grunts, again! Torn Sail turns to squint at the bartender, "There wasn't anybody else around! If she wasn't the one that did it, why'd she stick around to watch it burn, huh?" He turns his head away, lifting a hoof to scratch at the underside of his chin. "Though uh… I guess branding might've been a little harsh. It wasn't my choice! That was the Mayor's decision. He was a little bit of a hard-flank."

The Dockmaster shakes his head. "Either way it don't matter. Fireside's back, and still setting fires. I saw her do it /this time/, that's all the proof I need that she hasn't changed at all!"

Solar-Wind glances to the Dockmaster, "was it her that envoked those odd Fire-Sprites?" he asks, "as those things were the only things I personally saw set anything ablaze" he offers, "but then again I only saw them bouncing and lighting up anything they touched" he comments softly.

"Of course it was her!" Torn Sail says, turning towards Solar, "She let a whole herd of'em out just before the building collapsed on us! We're just lucky you an' all those others were there to put out her fires."

The bartender rolls his eyes. "Why was the foal named 'Fireside' hanging out at the fire's side, I wonder why." He doesn't press the issue any further, though. That's ancient history. Prehistoric, even! Mostly because all the history burned down a couple years ago. And last year. And several times this year.

Lorelei is frowning, listening to this with an ear tilted and a thoughtful if somewhat displeased expression. The fires go /that/ far back? A crafty creature indeed. And now somepony's setting them intentionally - as if they didn't happen enough on their own! But something about the story isn't quite sitting right with her, it seems, because she's looking a bit uncomfortable thinking it all over.

Speaking of semi-familiar ponies. A certain red unicorn seems to have picked this time to make her way up the path towards the manor. She's arranged her cloak just-so, and tried to tame her spiky mane - to no real avail - and is trotting towards the mayor's house with a look of determination on her face. Which, admittedly, falters a bit as she spots the gathered crowd. Gee, she wasn't expecting this place to be so populated.

Jellybean looks worried, wings trembling a little. "That sounds scary. I'm definitely going to get some more rainclouds, then."

Solar-Wind says "She set free a herd of firesprites, and just where did those come from?" he asks as he is extremely curious as well. "I'm not saying that I am discrediting your account of the fires" he hmm's "something just doesn't quite make sense" the fireguard offers, "why should she come back now, and why would she seemingly attack you?" he asks of TornSail before lookin gup to Jelly,"

The bartender waves a hoof dismissively at Jellybean. "There's no way it's Fireside. Somepony would have noticed if it was her. She's got an arsonist's brand on her flank where her cutie mark ought to be and I haven't heard a word at the bar about anypony seeing a mare like that. Old Man Sail here is just being a crazy old stallion again." Irreverent little git, isn't he?

"So its a kid we are after?" Twist tilts her head rather unamused by all this. "I did my share … I lead my share of foal hunts." a hoof going to her temples taking a deep breath. "I will lead a group of ponies to search for her. If … well unless some pony else rather."

Having sufficiently stirred the bee's nest, so to speak, Torn Sail nods his satisfaction. "That's all I know about it." he says, looking over the crowd, gaze falling on Solar. Then a little bit behind Solar. "Well why don't you ask her yourself why she went and attacked me?" he asks, pointing a hoof. "There she is! That's the firestarter!"

Magpie edges to the side a few steps.

Solar-Wind glups a bit, he's used to dealing with fires not ponies whom start them, but he does as suggested and turns to face the mare whom he saw running away. He steels himself for this, trying to prepare to question the presumed arsonist. "I did see you leaving, and I did ask you to stop" he states out loud to the oncoming mare, "You could have assisted in rescuing this gentleman" he points his muzzle towards TornSail, "Why did you run away from helping a pony in need?" he asks with a gulp.

Torn Sail puts on his best 'hurt old pony' expression. Indeed, why did she just turn and run and leave an old pony in a burning building! Look at that pouty lip.

Frolic freezes mid-step at the accusation and the point, ears pinning back and eyes narrowing. "What? No, I… I didn't mean… I wasn't… I mean, I don't know what you're talking about." But then Solar speaks, and her ears flick right back up, tattered left ear twitching irritably. "He was fine! Nothing fell on him. He got out!"

Solar-Wind says "He only got out because I pulled him free of the wreckage, two other ponies only barely escaped" he states calmly, "I called for you after we got free of that" he states, "but you continued to run, I wanted to be sure you were alright, but still you ran" he shakes his head some, "He wouldn't have been just fine had I not swooped in and rescued his flanks, he was barely conscious when I retrieved him" he intones. "What were you afraid of?? You didn't have anything to be afraid of at all.""

Twist is shocked the pony they where talking about walks right into their conversation what is the chances of that happening? The ex-captain glances to Lorili and back to Frolic. "Do I need to detain her or?" taking a strep closer wings slowly starting to loosen ready to bolt, but not flairing out to scare anypony into running. A glance to Solar to see what needs doing.

The old coot opens his mouth to retort, but Solar beats him to the punch. So he answers Twist instead! Even though Plot Twist had been talking to Lorelei. "She's an arsonist! Of course she should be detained! For questioning!" Torn Sail stamps a hoof. "Before she gets away again to start MORE fires!"

Jellybean looks at Frolic. "I remember you. You didn't really start those fires, did you? You seem like a nice pony."

The bartender cocks his head to the side curiously and tries to peer around the group to get a better look. "Is that really Fireside? Huh, she didn't fill out half bad…"

Lorelei blinks, looking rather startled at this development herself. "Well, er, I… um… well, I /suppose/ we should… er…" She glances somewhat helplessly back at her two ponygoons. Okay, dealing with criminals? Not her strong suite. She miiiight need to work on that, being mayor in /this/ town.

Frolic, however, is looking more upset by the minute. This was not how this visit was supposed to go! Nopony else was supposed to be here! She glares over at Solar, "Well of course I ran!" The idea of being 'detained' sends her prancing backwards, horn gleaming. "No! This… this isn't what… I just wanted to… you s-stay away from me…" Her eyes land on Jellybean and she lays her ears back again, flustered. "I-I…"

Solar-Wind steps down off the steps and takes a few slow paces toward Frolic, "Did you start the fires, or have a hoof in their creation?" he asks of her directly, pretty much tuning out all other commentary. "I realize fire tends to frighten some ponies. Why did you come back here?" he asks honestly, "Are you injured, I see that your ear may need tending to, I, I can be of assistance there so, it doesn't become infected" he offers politely, ignoring all other protests. He is a service pony afterall, and he will do his best to serve.

Magpie slowly pulls a bowl of bar nuts over to her with a flicker of her horn, watching the confrontation closely.

Somepony said yes (kinda) and Twist sighs reluctant to attack a pony for once in her life it seems. "What you want and hwo things are, two very different things kid. Now come quietly and I'm sure we can all stay friends." walking up past Solar toward the filly. The large mare pulls out some rope, expression unreadable behind her shaded goggles.

Said ponygoons, Rock'em and Sock'em, blink back at their Boss, then to each other, and then out towards the crowd, crazy old-timer, and the 'villain' in question. They both shrug. They haven't been given any orders yet!

Torn Sail starts to muscle past the group, coming to stand next to Solar-Wind. "Why don'tcha tell'em? Huh? Tell'em how you started the fires'n kicked me down so I wouldn't tell nopony!"

Wuh-oh! This can't possibly end well! The bartender knows an volatile patron when he sees one, and this little pony seems like she could be set off at any minute with the way her horn is gleaming. "Now, now, let's not be too hasty," he says in his best symapthetic barkeep voice. He pushes his way through the crowd on the mayor's porch to try to get in front of Solar-Wind. Sure, the firepony is acting sympathetic /now/ but just a second ago he sounded awfully accusatory. "Let's hold off on any probing questions, huh? The poor mare just needs a second to compose herself" He shoots Torn Sail a glare when the dockmaster begins getting riled up. "That means you, too, Sail."

Magpie suddenly shrieks, "RUUUUN!" and hurls Sock's ale mug at the back of Plot's head, snatching Rock's peanut bowl and carrying it with her as she charges towards Frolic and the door.

This little pony is indeed looking volatile. Horn gleaming a firey orange, eyes wide, she backpedals quickly away from the approaching pegasus. "I… I… I… s-stay back!" She flashes a glare to the Dockmaster and snaps, "That's not why I kicked you, you old coot!" But perhaps that is not the case to be arguing right now. "I was just here for the mayor!" (Lorelei looks a teense alarmed at this.) And then there's flying mugs, and she yelps and jumps back, horn flashing with a quick burst of flame.

Rock'em and Sock'em blink. "Hey!" Rocky shouts! "She stole my nuts! I've been looking for those! Come back here!" And off goes Rock'em after Magpie, of all ponies. Sock'em continues to blink. "…Uh. Boss? What'cha want, me to do?"

Torn Sail stamps a hoof, "I will not calm down, just look at her!" Then the fireworks begin, prompting a loud 'A-ha!' from the old Dockmaster. "She's after the Mayor AND she's already got the fires ready to burn! Get her!"

Solar-Wind Gasps and steps back a pace, "I, I only wanted the truth!" he shouts back, then all He-double-doubble-hocky-sticks breaks loose, he spreads his wings rapidly in hopes that he'll deflect that incoming mug to protect his wife, as he shoots a glare at Magpie, "Whatare you Doing?!" he shouts and then there's that flare of light before his eyes, "Wait, What?"

The bartender ducks when the gout of fire comes out of Fireside's horn, reflexes honed by years of dodging chucked mugs and shotglasses. He's also trained to not get involved in other ponies' disputes, of course. That's what bouncers are for. When his attempt to defuse the situation fails he takes a few steps out of the way to wait for the fireworks to subside.

Twist is struck in the back off the head with a mug. Not usually something that would faze her rabble have tossed more than a few mugs and rocks at her head. It does how ever force her to turn her head back in confusion to see where it came from. That is right when the gout of fire gets her when her head is turned, her uniform catching fire and forcing her to drop and roll. "Pony Feathers!" Ripping off the uniform as she drops to keep it from melting to her fur. Mane and coat alike burnt all over "Somepony stop her!"

Solar-Wind Yeoowls outloud as he's flameburst at close range, his uniform catches the brunt of it, but his wings, oh his wings out flared to protect others like that, the insides/underside of his wings are singed, and oh that smell of burning feathers, Ewwww!" The fireguard bashes through anypony in his way as he aims for the townfountain and crashes forehooves through the ice, and dunks himself outright in a bout of steam. His head erupts from the other side as he pulls himself mostly out all but his wings, with a seriously ticked off look all in all.

Magpie practically headbutts Frolic as she makes for the door. What part of 'RUUUN' did the filly not understand?!

Frolic stands stock-still for a beat, eyes wide, before spinning on her hooves to dash back off down the path. Run. Yes. RUUUN. That is a wise instruction indeed. She tries a tight turn around the edge of the building, likely hoping to make off down the alleyway, but is drawn up short as a jutting bit of stone catches her cloak. It's a sturdy cloak. This results in some tugging and writhing, and then quite a tumble forward as the cloak tears away. She sprawls out on the ground for a second or three, the dark flame-shaped brand on each flank visible now, before trying to get her hooves back under her to take off doing that RUUUN thing again.

Magpie follows the filly. Belatedly realizing that this maaaaay have been a mistake.

Naturally Torn Sail makes to start after them too, but Rock'em catches up to Torn Sail at the wrong moment, the younger bodyguard tripping right over the old coot and sending them both tumbling down in a heap of curses and shouts! "You're letting her get away! She's gonna burn the whole Harbor down, mark my words! Mark my words!" Torn Sail's ranting echoes throughout the Square!

Solar-Wind pulls himself from the fountain, he's wet, dripping wet, cold, singed, and looking seriously ticked off, he turns though and rushes to his wife to inspect the damage. That fire-filly may have escaped today, but now there's going to be vengence, and fireponies and they are /going/ to find her and put the chill on her! Solar works off his own singed and damaged uniform from himself, cringing here and there as something tugs here and there, oh his wings are /sore!/

Twist stands back up frowning at her ruined parts of her uniform showing more of her purple coat than most ponies are used to. The wet beer both fed the fire with its high alcohol content and hindered by the wet. With a frustrated grunt she eyes Magpie running away with her. "No no." she waves a hoof and smiles. "I know where they are going. Lets wait a bit and head to Rubies. The way that filly sticks to her they are no doubt heading there." wrapping a wing about Solar and giving him a look to make sure he knew she was ok. "Lets not make allot of noise about it either. "Ms. Lorili I assume you got no problem with us taking custody of her now?"

Lorelei blinks, snapping her mouth shut quickly. It was hanging open, see. Very undignified. She clears her throat and nods curtly. "I-indeed. Yes. If she's found she must be apprehended. Are you two alright?" She looks the firepony and the self-appointed sheriff over with a touch of concern. Can't have her loyal citizens getting injured in the line of duty like that!

Solar-Wind is a little snarly, and looks a bit menacing looking as he hasn't retracted his wings, the whole underside looks /sore/ and singed "I'm grounded for a bit" he grumbles sounding a bit peeved, "but I'm still on duty" he remarks "We'll get er' the big pegasus fireguard states with a bit of a snarl. Its not entirely intentional, but that really hurts!

The scared captain smiles with grim pride. "After a dragon breaths on you, a little flash like that is nothing Ma'am." Glancing back to her fire pony knowing he has had much worse too, but still there is worry. "I will start surveillance of Rubies Salon. Solar get something on those wings I am going to need a pony used to handling fire at one hundred percent if she tries to start a fire somewhere as a distraction for escaping. Mr. Sails please make sure the ships are all secure, I don't want them to be the target, they will go up like match sticks."

Rock'em and Sock'em return to Lorelei's side, a little bit on the dejected side of things. Torn Sail stamps around the Square for a while longer, mutters something about the schoolhouse again, and starts to wander off down the docks. "I did my part, I warned the mayor, the rest is in her hooves. I'm goin' back to work. Until it burns down!"

Solar-Wind snorts and nods some to his wife, "Yes Maam"