Fine Ladies And Bachelor Parties
IC date: Spring 90, 1008
OOC date: June 19, 2013
Location: Carrot Corner Cafe
PCs: Jellybean, Winter-Solstice, Blackbird

You have both been cordially invited to join Jellybean at Carrot Corner Cafe, to discuss a matter of some importance. This isn't what he said at all, but that was the intent of the message. Right now he's sitting at a booth, idly toying with his carrot cake.

It's pouring buckets outside but that hasn't seemed to stop Blackbird's incredibly good mood. The door opens and the stallion fairly skips through, before spying Jellybean and trotting over. "Hey there, Jelly!"
Winter-Solstice saw a piece of paper that said "Jellybean" and "Cake" and "Carrot Corner Cafe" and that was basically all she needed to know. Spoilers: The 'jellybean' mentioned was the candy, not the pony, the piece of paper was an advertising flyer she has pinned to her corkboard because it has a neat picture on it, and it didn't even mention Carrot Corner Cafe at all- it's for a candy shop on main street. It's very likely Jellybean's invite never actually made it to her. It matters little because she's here now!

About 30 seconds after Blackbird enters, the door swings open. "CAKE!" announces Winter Solstice. She drops her umbrella- a dome of sheet metal on a handle, really- by the door, THUNK, and makes her way into the cafe. "Cake! I mean- Jellybean!" She pauses. "Oh, hey! And Bee-Bee! Long time no see-see. How you be-be?" She does help herself to a seat near he pegasus.

Jellybean looks up from his cake and flutters his wings excitedly when Winter and Blackbird arrive. He smiles. "Hi! I'm so glad you two could make it! I'm buying today: what'll you have?"

"Oh, hmmm, carrot cake sounds about right," Blackbird says brightly as he settles in. "Hey there, Winter! I be-be amazing, actually. How are you two? How soon's the wedding, Jelly? — I didn't miss it, did I?" Oh no! He looks briefly horrified.

"Carrot cake!" says Winter, bouncing a hoof off the table. "Thank you!" She leans forward and stares at the spot on the table before her where cake would go if it were here already and feels a bit said that it is not. The moment passes, and she smiles brightly as she looks up. "I don't think the wedding has happened yet. At least I hope it hasn't. I haven't finished my wedding gift or perfected the toast I'm gonna deliver." She leans back in her seat once more. "I mean I keep burnin' the crust. Wedding toast needs to be perfect. I'll let you know when I've got it down and you guys can go ahead and get married."

Jellybean giggles a little with another flourishing wingflutter. He shakes his head. "No, you haven't missed the wedding." He blushes a bit, and there's a pause as he makes an order for the two of you with a passing waitress. "Actually, that's what I was going to ask about. I was kinda hoping you two would be willing to be my grooms?"

Blackbird blinks at Winter a few times, and then grins — only to grin wider at Jellybean. "What, really? Me?" he asks with a laugh. "Only if you'll do me a quick favor."

Winter-Solstice falls quiet, staring at Jellybean. "Wha? Groom?" she asks, as though not comprehending. She knits her brow and looks to Blackbird, curious to see what his favor is.

Jellybean blushes. "Favor? Well sure, Blackbird. I'm happy to help." To Winter, "Well, we've decided we're going to do an Earth Pony wedding mostly, but maybe with the flight afterwards, so our friends can participate. And it says that Earth Ponies usually have a few ponies on either side of the aisle who help with making the wedding happen and are up there near the front for the service, so I was trying to think of who I knew who I'd like to do that, and I thought of you two. I mean," he adds, "I'm going to ask my sisters, too, but I wanted to ask you two as well."

Blackbird listens very closely to Jellybean. "Huh. I'd be happy to, Jelly! Thank you for asking me. But, y'know, I've never attended a wedding, myself? It's really good to know all that, cause…I was gonna check out a book at the library about it. I don't know many married folks." The mysterious favor is left unsaid, apparently dropped in favor of other conversation topics. FOR NOW.
Winter-Solstice's slightly worried expression reverts back to wide-eyed surprise. "Do I… do I get to wear a suit and tie?" she asks. "Do we get to plan the food and cake? Do we get to chase down guests who are late and haul them in? Do we vanquish interlopers? Do we…" Her voice drops to a near-whisper and she leans in to peer at Jellybean with a rapt stare. "Do we get to throw you a bachelor party?"

"I've attended weddings, but they were pegasus weddings. We do things differently." Jellybean nods. "I'm glad you'll do it." Then Winter has her say. Jellybean blinks. "Uhm… yes, yes, I hope not and what's a bachelor party?"

"I'm really excited to attend your wedding. And wear a suit and tie, plan the food and cake, and chase down guests and interlopers." As for what's a bachelor party, Blackbird too looks to Winter in confusion. He's heard /of/ it, but not what it /is/.

Winter-Solstice leans back in her seat and brushes a hoof against her lapel, or at least where her lapel would be if she had one. "Well, it's your big last hurrah before gettin' hitched. You go and…" She trails off. "Do… things? I don't know. I've never been to one. I've never been a bachelor? I hear there is usually alcohol and fine ladies and yelling and running around and maybe you wear a silly hat but most of that is sort of already available 24/7 further down the docks. I guess we could make it whatever you want it to be. What kind of a party do you want, Jellybean?"

Jellybean blinks a little and thinks about it. "Well… I don't know. I mean, I do like the idea of having a party, but I'd feel weird about any," he blushes, "you know, ladies at it. I mean like those kinds of ladies."

"Oh." Blink. Blackbird processes this. "OH. Okay. … Perhaps instead of ladies you'd like cake!" he says cheerfully. "And… boardgames? Maybe a guess-the-jellybeans-in-a-jar game."

"Oh! Yes! Cake! Boardgames!" Winter drums her hoovs on the table with excitement, then stops and wiggles in her seat instead, smiling so broadly she has to bite her lower lip to keep her head from flipping open. "Mmmmnnf! Maybe we can even go out on a boat for a bit and, you know. Poke around a beach! Or I don't know. Have a- oh. OH. OH!" Her chair clatters to the floor as she pushes upright. "A COOKOUT WITH LIKE ROAST SAUTEED CARROTS Annd" As she calms back down and seats herself on the floor, her voice quiets a bit. "Like campfire stories of adventures or… or I don't know! Something. Oh my gosh. Those fine ladies only wish they were at OUR bachelor party. Well, Jellybeans' bachelor party."

Jellybean's wings give another flutter. "Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun! I've never gone out for camping or fishing or any of that other guy stuff and it'd be perfect to do that before the wedding!" He gives Winter and Blackbird a huge hug, "Thank you so much! I'm so glad you said yes!"

Blackbird laughs and hugs them both too. Jolly Jolly Blackbird. "Yeah! That would be fun! We can even go treasure hunting or something! There's bound to be some around here /somewhere/." Even if he has to plant it himself!
Winter-Solstice hugs back! Set squeezers to BONECRUSHING DELIGHT- no, no. They're dialed back to AFFECTIONATE COMPRESSION, thankfully. "Treasure hunting! Sure! Camping! Guy stuff like that!"

The waitress, bringing the cake that was ordered, pauses before setting it down on the table. Guy stuff? From this group? Huh.

Winter drops back after the hug and grins brightly. "So, um, do we have a date yet? You know, so we know when to start getting things ready and stuff. Oh, golly! This is serious. I've never been to a wedding before. I'll have to write my parents and ask them how they did it."