Find Your Path Oh Lost Pegasus
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Location: Silver Shallows
PCs: Goody-Horseshoes Dustdevil

Dustdevil sits at the edge of one of the dock pilings up above the docks, he's attired in something that ponies would often see being worn by that of the zebra traders, he looks indecisive, lost in thought as he stares out to sea watching the unchecked weather left to its own, or controlled via magical means by that of the seaponies, Its disconcerting to the pegasus as much of his life was dedicated to learning how to control weather patterns. Everything is weighing on his mind and he just stares out shoulders slumped looking lost. There's a weather system brewing out in the distance which he can be seen glancing at from time to time, that disturbance seems to un-nerve him, perhaps even fill him with dread, its evident that his falling to the storm really messed with everything about him. A gaze storm-ward and then off to the infinite distance seems to be all the lost pegasus is doing even regardless of the busy dockside before him.

"It's amazing how wild of a beast the weather really is. We can control her as much as we like, and she often obliges…but in the end, we still have not truly tamed her." Captain Goody quietly makes his way up the dock to stand next to the large post with a pegasus perched on top. "It must be tough…knowing that you've seen what nature can do first-hand, but you are fortunate that you have survived in the way you have. I have seen the results of those who aren't so strong or lucky." He sits down with a sigh, "Are you sure you aren't going to come back with us on this voyage?"

Dustdevil is a little startled by being addressed, as he's gotten used to being just an oddity that was ignored more or less by the seapony community. "I've not had much ability to fly because of that, every time the weather turns grey, I, I'm just not myself" he shakes his head and looks down to the Captain, jumps and lands just before him. He's not going to make the Captain have to look up to him, its not his style. He shakes his head, "I can't return like this, I'm not ready" he sighs, "There is a part of me that would like to go home really, but, when I go home, I want to be fit and ready for duty again" he shakes his head, "I can fly, but not far, and I" he slumps, "I'm just not me anymore, can barely think straight anymore" His eyes slip closed head hung, "I didn't just fall, I got lost" he sighs, "Lost in so many ways"

Goody-Horseshoes nods his head understandingly, "You're afraid that nopony will recognize you. Not physically, mind you…but mentally…emotionally." His gaze turns to stare out into the mostly calm ocean and the storm much further out. "You want to conquer and defeat the demons inside of you created by the storm…the ones that now make you afraid and unsure of yourself." The sounds of his words suggests he's suffered a similar experience. "The fact that you want to try and overcome your new woes rather then let them take over completely…I admire that."

Dustdevil slowly perks up, "You sound you know what I'm going through" he ponders out loud and glances to the Captain. "I want to be back up and running, but that storm took more than just my cutie mark, gave me more than physical scars, I can't seem to focus on anything for very long anymore, and a cloud, heck, a grey cloud scares me, how pathetic is that, me a pegasus, master of the skies and I'm afraid of the clouds" she shakes his head some and just lays on his belly looking out to the water. "I can't come back like this, I, I don't know if I'll ever come back, or ever be fit for duty again" he sighs deeply obviously saddened by this statement, "but If I need a ride back, Captain Trade-Winds and his crew is glad to have me aboard, they can sail by the coast and I can fly to anything I can see." he murmurs softly.
(OOC) Dustdevil: it should read "you sound like you know what I'm going through"

"Not the same scenario, no…but a similar situation. I know what it feels like to have a part of you taken away, knowing you'll never get it back, and I know what it's like to lost something of yourself and wonder if you could ever remotely be the same…but this is not about me, this is about you. You are one step ahead in that you want to fix yourself even if you are afraid." The captain explains, turning his head to his pegasus friend, "In my experience, I did not get back what I gave up but I still got something in return…and for that I am thankful. I hope you will be as well." He clears his throat, "Don't forget though…no matter how much it feels like it, you do not have to go at this alone. Even though the last step over must be your own, don't be afraid to receive help along the way, and don't be afraid to ask for it when you need it."

Dustdevil just sits there thinking on what you say. He smiles a little, "I, I think there Is something, something I'm missing here" he looks around and sighs, "Maybe I won't go back to what I was, but" he gulps seriously, "If you'll have me, when that time Is right for me to come back, would you have the need or use of another pegasus amongst your crew?" he asks softly, almost meekly.

A smile, perhaps a bit of a smirk, forms across the captain's face and he gives a nod, "I think you'll be just fine when you get back to town, be it now or later." He takes in a deep breath and his tone grows a little more serious, "Though, when it all comes down to it…if being a part of my crew is what you wish, then all you need is to say the word. All of us, all the Do-Gooders…we are lost in some way or another and thus tend to gravitate towards each other. If you want to join my crew, it would be an honor."

Dustdevil stands looks out to the ocean, his former fear of large bodies of water was defeated by the curse of the storm, that challenge overcame brutally, now he merely has some inner demons, some serious self doubt, but in this context everything is a team, its not just reliant on one single pony and perhaps that is what is comforting to him. He turns to you, snaps a stiff salute, still unsure of himself at his very core, but he is sure of one thing there is safety here with these ponies, and he can contribute to this team. "Captain, It would be My honor to serve you Sir" he is well practiced in his salute, "My resume includes, first-aid, tracking, rope work, mending canvas, survival, hauling, navigation, and an unyielding commitment to the Crew and its health and wellbeing. "Sir" he barks out

Goody-Horseshoes smirks before letting out a bit of a chuckle and placing a hoof on the pegasi's shoulder, "You do not have to call me "Sir", Dustdevil. While there is a certain amount of respect I ask for as a captain, 'Sir' is not a part of that. I am not a commander. I am a leader." He removes his shoulder and peers out into the ocean again, "No matter your skills, no matter your talents…there is always a place for ponies like you within my crew."

Dustdevil nods a little slipping into a little less formal posture, than his 'at attention' stance. "I'd like to talk to Captain Trade-Winds, thank him for what he and his crew did for me" he somewhat asks "I'll be honest with you though, these first days at sea are going to be really rough for me, just give me a bit of time and I'll work it through." he indicates, "I think I'm as ready as I'll be Thank you Captain, this, this just feels right somehow" he murmurs.

Goody-Horseshoes nods and places a hoof on Dusty's shoulder again, "There have been some delays in our departure, so my crew and I will be around a few more days than expected. You can take a little more time to prepare yourself and say your goodbyes. I had overheard Captain Trade Winds suggesting a get-together before, and if that is the case than I would be more than happy for our crews to have a gathering in honor of recent events."

Dustdevil smiles. This is perhaps the first time you've seen him smile before, this is actually really the most helpful thing for him, a crew, a family of sorts, a herd to belong to whereas he's always been a loner he finally will have /something more/ to live for. "That would be nice, something for both our crews to gather for" he nods, "I'll discuss it more with the Captain and we can go from there. He smiles again, "Thank You Captain" he notes softly truly feeling honored to now be a part of this crew.