Fidget S Gamble
IC date: Summer 40
OOC date: July 31
Location: Portside
PCs: Fidget Gamble

Portside. Cold weather. It's so cold… It's supposed to be Summer! But it's so cold… This hasn't stopped a certain rusty-red pony from wandering along the boardwalk next to the beach. His hat's tucked low over his brow, a toothpick hanging off one corner of his mouth. Wandering along, deep in thoughts…

"I always thought you cut a rather rugied figure." A voice chirps from above the brooding 'hero'. Fidget hangs upside down in mid air, her for arms holding her back legs as she sort of just spins slowly as she hovers above. "Dark and mysterious cloak and hat. Stubble on your muzzle, and a toothpick. Your like that stallion from the comic books." there is almost a kind of swoon in her voice, righting herself so she can skip beside you. "Crappy day huh? I think Jelly has gone and lost summer on us."

Rusty ears perk! Gamble's head lifts at the sound of the familiar voice, a smirk crossing his features when he spies Fidget falling in line next to him. "Crappy day yeah…" he agrees, the smirk turning into an outright grin. He works at the toothpick, keeping an eye on the boardwalk, with glances towards his friend. "Ya can't blame him for lettin' Summer go. Poor guy's gettin' married. He's got a lot more to think about than a few clouds at the moment, yeah?"

Gears grind to a halt. You can almost hear all the brain power in the filly working to processing words that just came from Gamble's mouth. "J-Jellybean is getting married? Like to an actual pony?" a combination of relief and disappointment crossing her muzzle. "That pony confounded my charts for MONTHS!" she stomps a hoof "Urge I am behind too many new ponies too little Fidget to go around." wings humming back to life she continues her pace after Gamble, dragging her hoofs along the ground. "Its good he found a special some pony. I only hope I can some day." she gives the rusty unicorn a quick glance trying to keep her cool.

Gamble snorts in amusement, unable to keep the grin from spreading across his muzzle at all the prancing and stomping. When you do manage to catch back up, he shakes his head slowly, ambling over to a nearby bench to settle his rusty rear end down into. "What can I say? There's only been a horde of pegasus flutterin' about town for the past couple weeks causin' all sorts of ruckus in the name of helpin' those two get married. I hear the actual wedding itself is this weekend." His ears flick, one eyebrow lifted towards the fluttery wing'd mare. "If you've been oblivious to things like that, how're you gonna know if somepony likes ya enough to be yer special somepony? Gotta keep yer eyes open!"

"I dunno. I think there is this one filly that might have her eyes on me but …" Fidget gives a shrug, and glancing back to Gamble a few times. "Do you have your eyes on anypony Gamble?" she seems to flutter closer, eyes EXTRA wide for good mesure. Eyes staring, starting into your SOUL. "I didn't notice I've been too busy with my shop." giving a nervous chuckle she hops up back into the air.

"That'd explain it." Gamble agrees with a slow nod, though he then sits up a little straighter seeing as his personal space is promptly invaded by an overly-curious pegasus. "…Uh… A special somepony..? I… Uh.." He's probably sweating under his hat, by the time his eyes tip up to peek at the skies. And a few passing pegasi. "…Nnnnope. Not yet. I mean, I guess Feathers is a good friend, but I dunno 'bout /special/. Bein' a griffon and all." He breathes out slowly. "…Kinda surprisin' you don't have one yet, Fidgie. I figure you'd just tackle somepony once ya figured out ya liked'em that much 'n that'd be that."

Fidget seems a little disappointed. "Oh. A Griffon?" how is she supposed to beat a Griffon! They are exotic and all that jazz. "Well heh, you rember what happened after that love poison thing a few years back. Pouncing ponies like that only hurts them." peeking up from under her long wild, and frizzy mane. "Lighting Chaser … never forgave me, he even left the harbor. In the end … I'm not even sure I ever even liked him, just the idea of a special some pony you know?"

Gamble blinks. Twice even! "H'uh. So you did have a special somepony once? Or you…" He scrunches his nose. "You went and gave someone love poison?" His head tilts. "Really? You? …I mean, was it just some off-the-wall prank, or what..?"

"Was this before you moved to town?" Fidget's ears perk and she blushes, hard. She figured everypony knew. "Well, It started because I did match macking before I did pranking." a meaningful look is given to her flanks where to hearts are entwined. "I got sick of seeing every pony happy and never having any luck myself so … I asked the wishing pony to help me snag a special some pony." she rubs at her foreleg guiltily "It was a horrible mess to say the least. I broke it by telling him the truth … then he just left. The house he built me is still about … he was a very good crafts pony." there is a tear in her eye before the bounce returns to her. "Anyway. Sorry to just drop all this moppyloppyness on you out of no where! I should be asking how your day is!" she rushes up and tries to give a hug powerful enough to lift a pony off the ground for a moment.

There may have been some subtle bone cracking in that hug! Waugh! Gamble gasps, his hat falling off onto the bench. "Uhn! S..sorry Fidgie! I didn't know…!" Then the moment passes and he manages to squirm free of the bonecracking hug! "…Gah. Okay! I see why tackling might..not work out as well." he pants out. Doesn't stop him from giving his friend a comforting pat on her shoulders! "…Anyway nuh-uh. We're on the subject now." He squints up, having caught his breath, "Lotsa things are clickin' in place. Yer talent's matchmakin'? But ya couldn't find yer own match. So maybe ya ought'a turn that talent to yerself." His features spread into a wide grin. "I can help! Find ya a few stallions to think about maybe… Unless ya got someone in mind. I'm pretty good at bein' a con pony, y'know. Comes with the drifter lifestyle."

"Turns out my talent is causing trouble, meddling one could say." The thought though makes her glow with a smile though. She would rather enjoy being a matchmaker for real. "You don't have to do that for me Gambs." a hoof going out to the rusty ponies shoulder. Eyes meeting for a just a moment. Her wings spread a little, catching a breeze that blows over from the harbor. Simply enjoying the sensation of it through her feathers. "I do kinda have one in mind though."

"Well, 'course I don't /have/ to." Gamble agrees, bobbing his head. There's the faintest bit of flush in his cheeks over the whole conversation. "I want to. Yer a good friend, Fidgie. I wanna make sure you get a chance at what you want if I can have any say in it." He spends a moment blinking at her spread wings. "I bet it's that Wonderbolt stud prancin' through town, ain't it."

Fidget leans back a bit in surprise. "There is a wonderbolt in town?" she makes a sour face the temptation playing at her heart. No! Fidget stay the course! "Well he is Wonder-Ful" thoughtfully she places a hoof to her muzzle. "Handsome and Strong too." eyes going a little dreamy. "A hero but doesn't mind getting a little dirty when something needs doing. You know him actually." a smile that is far to Cheshire for a pony face as the pegasi flits about the air space around you like she is swimming through water.

Gamble makes a face at the pun. "…Yea. I'm sure he's all that and a bag o' chips." There may be a sarcastic tone. But then he's still got this image of some big ol' studly Wonderbolt with Fidget hanging off his shoulders or something, surrounded by clouds flitting off into the sunset. He waves at the mental image. Puff! Then makes to give a poke to the swimming pegasus. "I don't know that many stallions in town." he admits. "Least, not personally. I mean, there's Teach, but I hear he's already taken too."

Fidget for a moment, and mind just a moment, considers Blackbird. No, no he is too old. A hoof is waved as her internal monolog continues a moment more and she reaches out with a hoof to boop Gamble right on the nose landing in front of him. "Its you silly." voice soft and vonerable. "Even when I thought you where way older than me, and you thought … I was a year from still being a blank flank." hoof covering her laugh from breaching her lips. "I think since the day I saw you walk off that boat."


Gamble's eyes cross briefly, watching the hoof boop his nose and pull away. "…Wait, what? Me?" Ears perked, a look of surprise making the toothpick drop out of his mouth and tumble to the boardwalk, Gamble blinks up at the little mischief maker. For a long moment he's silent. Then his cheeks color with a shade dark enough to darn near turn him purple. "…Aw now, ya gotta be pullin' my leg again." He's rubbing his cheek with the edge of a hoof, glancing elsewhere down the boardwalk. "I mean, of all the rugged, adventurous, go-get'em ponies that lurk 'round these parts…" he trails off.

"I'm a silly tricky filly, but I'm not lying, its the truth." Fidget states rather evenly managing for the moment to keep her composer. Leaning in she tries to angle herself to get a look at the bashful pony across from her. Failing she tries the next best thing and gives a little nuzzle. Not a friendly hello that friends might trade, or a vigorous gosling siblings might give one another after years apart, but a soft caress that could mean a whole lot more if one where to read into things. "And none of those go-get'ems can hold a candle to you." she adds in not much more than a whisper.

If Gamble could blush any harder he might catch fire. As it is, the tip of his horn may be smoking the slightest nigh-invisible bit of a wisp after he's nuzzled so softly. Stunned right back into silence! Turned from suave drifter to… What. A statue? It seems that way, a couple moments later has the rusty stallion exhaling a breath he wasn't completely sure he was holding. "F…Fidget…" he says, probably one of the only times he's ever said her proper name. "I… Um…" His ears flat back. "I'm really not…that much of a go-getter…"

Hey, at least he isn't running.

To her credit and against all odds Fidget manages to be patient with the fuming unicorn. The pair sitting in silence like two school children too embaracered to speak first. However she does let out her own breath at your words though her's is carried on laughter. "Only when it is important." reassuring with another touch to the shoulder. All this sitting still is starting to wear at her and she paces in little circles about the rust colored unicorn. "I-Its ok if you don't feel the same way. After what you said, well I had to tell you."

That manages to get the flustered unicorn to react! Gamble bows his head, letting his mane fall across his face for a brief moment, before a stray chilly breeze whips it back for him. "W..well.." he starts to say, but you're already pacing! In circles! Around him. Forcing him to turn his head to keep up. "..W..well uh… I dunno what to say! I mean I…" He creases his brow. "Yer an awesome mare, Fidgie. An' you've sure grown up since I first saw ya. Even if you were already technically all grown up… I ain't..rejecting ya." he states, softly, his head lowering. "I jus' don't know. Might be too much of a coward to keep up with ya…"

Fidget's ears droop, as does a noticeable amount of bounce from her wild mane. "O-oh. T-thats ok." the pacing continues at a much more frenzied pace. Any matchmaker worth her salt knows 'not rejecting' is the same as total rejection. "Shoot it was the silly love potion story thing wasn't it? Made me sound like a right loony. Pony feathers everypony thinks I'm cracked anyway." Pace, Pace, flutter flutter, spin, pace. "I- you. I'm sure your much more interested in Feathers anyway." she chuckles, perhaps a bit -too- cheerily. "I should be going."

Blink! "What..? No! That's not…"

Bracing himself, against something welling up inside that, at this point, wants him to turn and run for the hills, the rusty pony gulps a breath and waits for that moment you've stopped. He leaps forward, planting a fond, soft nosing to her cheek! He blinks at his own boldness, standing up straight, eyes locked on her expression. But then that yellow streak takes hold, his ears drooping back, the rusty pony turning to magically float his hat back to its rightful place atop his head. "…Yer the most interesting mare I know, Fidgie. An' the bravest…"

Nope. Nope none of that! A pair of wings stretch out and wrap about the yellow pony trying to pull him tight against her own chest. She doesn't say anything just hugs you. Not with all her might just a soft, almost needy thing. A moment passes before she lets up at all looking up at you with conflicted eyes. "I don't know what to make of you some days Mister." her hoofs brush down your fur and try and tidy up your cloak a bit. A kiss is planted on the horn Gamble hides under the hat just a moment before the hat is returned. "One moment your breaking my heart the next your …" she chuckles with the earnesty that only comes from worn heartstrings. Another sweet nuzzle is given, hidden under her veil of feathers. "So … are you sure you want to, I'm not forcing you to? I really want you to want … well me."

Trapped! In feathers! With…with warmth, and nuzzling, and a kiss on a faintly glowing horn. He doesn't so much chuckle as he does just straighten up somewhat, once his hat's again secure on his head. "…That's just how a drifter works, Ma'am. Notorious heartbreakers and ladykillers and all that." The snort he follows that up with shows what he really thinks though. "I dunno, Fidgie… I dunno what I want. Lemme think about things. I just know that…" He turns his head to return the sweet nuzzle. "…Yer a pretty great mare, an' I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't feel somethin' for ya."

With that much said, he manages to worm his way out from the feathery grasp, straightening his hat. "Don't worry, Fidgie. Ain't like I'm leavin' town or nothin'. Long as you stick around, we'll see what happens, yeah?" He dares to glance over his shoulder. "Maybe an adventure. Show me what yer really made of out there in the wilds. If I can keep up."

Lest he fall victim to any further emotional turmoil, Gamble turns tail and gallops off down the boardwalk, leaving a trail of cold dust behind!

"I'm a drifter too. I know you might leave I'll just fallow." Fidget puffs her chest out and gives prim nod. "I'll take you on such an adventure it will render the body and harrow the soul!" all too happy about such a thing she can sense the fidgeting in the rusty drifter. Giving him a nudge, "Get we both can't stand being in one place for long. I will see you soon ok?" less a question and more a fact she zips off in another direction wings humming like a cloud of bees.