Feathered Friends
IC date: Winter 50
OOC date: 2/7
PCs: Daisychain, Gravity
GM: None
PLACE: Chaos Manor

The Resident Gryphon of Chaos Manor woke up with a start from his nap, and perks his head about drafting in breaths, something smelled as if somepony was baking something, something tasty. For now he pauses to see if said cooking pony may show her head as well all he knows of this manor seems to be mares, not a stallion amongst them. He shrugs to himself in his dark loft, unlit by even the light of day. Avian eyes are strong that way, as he Peers from the darkness.

Daisychain is in the kitchen, clad in apron and batter. Something's baking in the oven, and there's a good chance it's more muffins like the ones cooling on a rack. She's a busy pony, working on cleaning up the counters and dishes.

Gravity slowly sneaks his way to the entry door to the kitchen and looks inside. He is actually looking in upside down, as he has an odd tendency to do, upside down, looking from the top of the door way, not making yet a noise, though Daisy may well hear him approach as her hearing is better than most.

Daisychain doesn't hear the gryphon quite yet. The sound of the water running as she scrubs at dishes distracts her for the moment. She turns around to grab a dish towel and takes sight of him. Instead of letting out a scared squeal or jumping, her face gets a little red, "Oh…Hi…Gravity!"

Gravity smiles with that red mohawk of his appearing upon the back of his head, "Daisychain, Uhh, something smells very tasty" he comments as he gazes about and then notes that you are doing dishes, "You know thats one of my chores" he notes, "I tend to the house, the dishes, squeaky floors, rattling windows, the roof" the intones, "Maintenance Gryphon, my guild calling of all things" he admits sheepishly, "Even have a hand in some minor gardening" the burd offers with a shrug, before he backs up disappearing again, then you hear a telltale Thump of him landing on the ground level, where he enters partially into the kitchen to survey

Daisychain shakes her head at the mention of chores, "I…I made the…the mess…I'll…clean it up…" Her faces gets a little more red and her wings get a little droopy. As the gryphon moves to the ground and pokes his head in the kitchen, she explains, "I…I'm making…muffins." Then it hits her. "Oh…there…there's a cake for you…in…in the…the fridge…" Daisy's face turns even more red so she covers her face with a wing, eyes peering out from above though she seems afraid to make direct eye-contact with him now.

Gravity nods some, "Oh, alright, if you need any help" he peers at her closely noting the blush then he blink-blinks hugely, "Cake, For Me?" he asks sounding very very surprised, he looks to the fridge, then back to Daisychain evidently confused by this, "what sort of event is this, I, I'm not aware of anypony traditions for Oh, is this to do with the Parade of lights" he asks confusedly, cheek tufts actually puff a little in his own version of a blush

Daisychain shakes her head, still hiding behind her own wing, "No…it…it's just…just for…for…" COME ON DAISY! YOU'RE A BIG GIRL! USE YOUR WORDS! "For you…" She covers the rest of her face up this time. One might assume her face looks like a cherry now.

Gravity stalks over to the fridge and opens it peering inside, and slips it out gently in his usual burdy silence laying it gently upon the counter, You can hear an approving murr, and he turns, and noses his beak around that wing, one talon gently reaching up to try and gently push that wing back, then he gives a quick gryphon peck to your cheek, and a warm chirrup of "Thank You Daisy" he offers, then looks back to the cake, "Please Share with me than" he asks.

Daisychain looks like she just wants to curl up into a tight ball of bashfulness as she gets the peck on the cheek. She tries to get a few words out, but the only thing she can produce at first is stammering, "I…I…I…I…I…" Unsuccessful with her first attempt, she takes in a deep, deep breath to try and calm her self. "You…you're…welcome" the mare finally words out. "You…don't have…to share…it…if you…you don't…don't want…to…" She turns her head away again.

Gravity chuffs softly "Daisychain?" he asks out "I would enjoy sharing this cake with you" he offers, and pulls a knife from a pouch on his harnesses, its something most never see, but oh woah that blade is kinda wicked looking, a friend from the warrior guild gave it to him, likely that of Evergreen or some-such, He slices that cake in nice even slices slips some to a plate for you, and him each, nice even slices for each of us, then gently slips the remainder back into the fridge for later consumption, which he will most definitely enjoy later too. He clutches both plates in one talon rather skillfully, then pads out to the living room area, and makes several deft jumps up into his domain, that of the rafters. "Do be sure to turn the oven off" he asks before jumping up, "And join me" he adds

Daisychain continues blushing, "O…okay…". She watches intently as the gryphon pulls out the fancy knife to cut the cake. It's too late to offer to do it herself, so it's useless to now. The timer on the oven goes off…how convenient! She pulls the muffins out and sets them on an empty rack to cool, turning the oven off (Normally she wouldn't forget, but in a case like this, it's probably a good thing Gravity reminded her). After things in the kitchen are taken care of, Daisy walks out to the living room and hovers up into the rafters. There's a feather or two of hers already up there that she tries to hide.

Gravity slips into his darkened loft, and clicks on some light to help you see, he can see perfectly well, but knows well that pony eyes aren't designed like his, and does the polite thing for a pony. The gryphon's loft is a roomy affair, made of thick feather down pillows practically everywhere, and a wide table here and there, my this place looks to be a practical comfort capital. He comments, "Gotta do /something/ with all the spent fluff" he laughs softly "Burd problem, can make for other creatures comfort" he adds lightly offering you a 'nest' of pillows more or less and sets your slice of cake before
Gravity sets the cake down before you

Daisychain 's eyes adjust soon enough. She's used to being up in the ceiling while it's dark, so seeing it all lit up gives her quite the view. Either he never noticed her feathers, or he doesn't say anything…both options work just fine for her. "It…it's okay…really…". She settles down into the pile of pillows. A bit nervous, she looks around the room as if trying to not make eye contact.

Gravity settles in himself, and takes a bite, which instantly causes him to murr out like a kit in enjoyment, "GoodCake" he announces then looks back "Daisychain what is it?" he asks "Please, I trust you, please trust me" he asks softly

Daisychain looks down at the cake very bashfully. She takes a bite of it to give her mouth a distraction before she accidentally blurts out anything she doesn't want to. Cake can't be chewed forever, so eventually she has to swallow. With the bite gone, she looks back up, "I…" she has to think for a bit, "You'll…find out…eventually…"

Gravity settles into his vast nest-pillows totally relaxed evidently, "Why-ever are you so nervous here, Relax" he asks, "Please be at ease, I'm nothing to fear, I won't harm you, you know that, I, I hope you know that" he churrs out softly

Daisychain continues to blush. Should she tell him? Should she hold off telling him? Having these feels for…for a Gryphon…is just so…odd! The back-and-forth darting of her eyes at her plate suggest she's got a lot running through her mind at the moment, "I…I know…you won't…hurt me…I just…I…" She bites her top lip.

Gravity does that mohawk of red smile again seeing her discomfort or, he's not sure just what she's so awkward about "Lay back, relax, Its ok" he intones softly he shhhhh's her, "Don't have to talk if you don't want to, its alright really, I don't want to make you awkward in the slightest" the burd offers her as he happily munches his cake evidently quite enjoyable

Daisychain shakes her head, taking another bit of her own piece of cake. Chewchewchewchewchewchewchewchew…chewchewchewchew. She eventually swallows. "No…it…it's…me…making…me…awkward…"

Gravity perks rolls over and jaunts deeper into the loft. You hear a clink of glass-wear back there, then the Gryphon presents you with a mug with a long straw, and him self likewise, the scent says cider, though perhaps with an edge, and the color looks almost creamy in consistency, and its chilled too. "Perhaps this will take the 'edge' off, and You may rest here for the night thereafter, as its best not to try flying after you drink this" he offers with a little hint that he knows what he's talking about. (chocolate-mint-whiskey & bailies)

Daisychain perks a brow lightly. The smell is rather strong to her. Fortunately the smell of the muffins has been floating in the room, a pleasant distraction. She sniffs a bit closer to the mug to figure out what it is. It's very obviously alcohol, but being that she doesn't drink much it's a bit of a mystery. She takes a sip of it through the straw, a warm burning sensation starting in her belly and spreading to the rest of her body. "It…it's good…" Daisy says, seeming to relax just a bit.

Gravity relaxes as he too enjoys his mixed drink, "Just relax, don't worry about it, enjoy that cake, and just sip the drink, don't slam it or you'll be more than relaxing" he chuffs out softly. His ears perk some, and he flicks his attention down below, "somepony's home I think" he shrugs some, "no worries though"

Daisychain perks her own ears up, listening for anything below. She takes another sip of the drink, wriggling her nose and shaking her head as some of the whiskey hits a bit hard, "It…it's strong. I…I like it, though…."
You say "Sip, eat cake, sip, relax" he offers softly as he follows his own advice, "And relax, no pressure here, relax" he churrs out"

Daisychain nods. The blush has almost faded from her face, though there's a tiny bit of an alcohol glow about her. She's a lightweight after-all, not being much of a drinker. Her wings loosen up a little. She takes another bite of the cake. "So…how…how long have you been…here?" she asks, feeling a little more daring.

You say "In Chaos Manor, Hmm since Mid summer, fore that I hunted the Wintersong Forest, prior to that I sulked about The Everfree Forest, and fore even that, I came in on a zebra trading ship." he comments loosely. He doesn't show any outward effects, except for seeming to melt further into his vast pillow-nest. This stuff is strong, but oh so relaxing

Daisychain blinks her eyes a little slowly. She's certainly feeling a bit buzzed already. After listening to the gryphon's explanation she nods, "Not…not th' biggest fan of…Everfree…myself…"

Gravity nods, gives a little shiver which absolutely POOFS his feathers now looking like some fledge or something, yup intoxicated, "Everfree is a good place for hunting if you're prepared for it" he offers as he finishes off cake and drink in one fell swoop.

Daisychain takes another sip of her own drink; it's about halfway down now. She finishes off her slice of cake. "Well…I…I don't hunt. It's…it's a bad place to…lose your glasses…"

Gravity nods some, "My kind has a tendency to hunt" he notes, "actually made somewhat of a business around town with it" he kinda laughs some, "I keep all the mice and rodent population at bay around here, thats why Chaos has no mice in the house" he kinda gives this embarrassed look, "Don't worry I never eat in front of ponyfolk as I know most ponies don't much like what I enjoy to eat" he admits. "Besides the cake" he churrs, "Oh, right the glasses" he sighs some, "That would suck being blind in there" he hmmmmm's, "But its more to that isn't there, do you loose your sense of direction too?

Daisychain shakes her head, "No…it…it's fine. You…you're not a…pony…so…I wouldn't expect ya to eat…pony-food…" Her mind idles over the last question for a moment, trying to figure out how to word it, "It…it depends. I…I can hear really well…an'…smell…an' taste…sometimes even /feel/…really well. Because of my bad eyes…I…guess everythin' else sorta got stronger. It…it's still really hard to get around…without glasses…but I can still sense things." She takes another drink.

You say "You still can sense up from down, though right" he kinda oooooh's some and lifts a talon over his eyes, closing them tightly, "Cause just fly up till yer' clear" he kinda flops back sprawled totally now, wings loose, body limp more or less, and pretty tanked from the booze, and fly in a straight line on outta there, eventually you'll just breeze on outtathere" he slurs actually as he had finished that booze well before you as your still sipping. he loosely turns down the lights till its almost totally dark in here, there's a little bit for now."

Daisychain lets out a bit of a sigh, "I…I don't fly…or try not to…when…when I can't see. But…yes…I still know up…from down. I…I'd be ashamed ta call myself a flyer if…if I couldn't." Another sip of the drink and it's almost gone. She's starting to fade a bit. There must be a lot of tension that needed unwound.

Gravity is practically out, almost dozy, "Daiiisychain, you, You can come up here anytime you want, its ok, Its comfy up here" he churrs out, "isn't it?" he asks with a knowing smile, "not just in the rafters, but up here in the loft, I've got more than enough room" he murmurs softly

Daisychain nods, a little loopy. She blushes a bit, though her alcohol glow covers most of it up. With one last sip she finishes off the drink and melts a bit more into the pillow pile, "Th….thank you…"
Gravity sounds like a hatch-kit right now all cute little churrrpurrs as he gives a little 'smile' and dozes off into sleepygryphieness, Zzzzz

Daisychain gives a warm smile in the direction of the sleeping gryphon. It's not long later that she fades the rest of the way into a nice sleep.