Farmhouse Rescue
IC date: Spring 18, 1007
OOC date: April 8, 2012
PCs: Fidget, Hayseed, Jellybean, Lavender, Snowfield, Typhoon-Wave
NPCs: None
GM: None

"Me? Names Fidget!" Like the first time Jelly met the mare, Fidget pounds a hoof to her chest proudly. Fluttering about the group she almost bounces with the anticipation of mischief on the high seas. Rubbing her hoofs together she smiles wider still. Oh I think I would like that captain, my captain. singing as she floats upside down, humming of her wings ever present.

Typhoon-Wave is wandering by the port, casting nervous little glances at the Harbor, an old bucket gripped tightly in her teeth. She looked rather like someone who had plans for the day — and was dreading them immensely.

Jellybean giggles at Fidget's antics, then blinks. "Typhoon?" He gives a little flap of his wings to join her, happy that for the moment at least the little mess of clouds are happy to just randomly snow on that one spot over there. "Are you okay?"

Watch out, Horseshoe Harbor, there's a mare on the warpath coming to town! A chill fills the air as the tiniest bundle of rage the world has ever seen marches down the main street and onto the boardwalk, dark blue mane swaying as her gaze drifts up and down the harbor for a certain pegasus. Her horn has a subtle blue glow about it and with every hoofstep Snowfield leaves a dangerously slippery patch of ice on the pavers in her wake.

Lavender's rather gleeful conversation with Fidget, admiring her flying, is sidetracked by the presence of Typhoon…and then Snowfield. She starts to speak up, loudly!…but it catches in her throat before she can even start. Snowfield does not look like a pony she wants to trifle with right now, ice-locked ship to answer for or not.

A new shop has been set up in town! A little stall but two steps up from some fillies lemonade stand. A large wooden stand declares; 'Relationship Advice 5 bits, Match making 10 bits, Kissing lessons 15 bits, Love poultice 20 bits' in bright pink lettering . In the stall a young mare sits, unable to sit still. For hooves clip-clopping together happily awaiting a customer.
Fidget the shops keeper is flitting about her stall talking with the good Captain Lavender and Jellybean. Blinking at any new comers she waves them over quickly. "Come comes all are welcome in my shop! What do you need? Relationship advice maybe? Help wooing your special somepony?" a hopeful smile on her face as she returns to her post. "Maybe for your chilly heart" pointing to Snowfield "A love poultice? Guaranteed not to be a love poison or your money back!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and looks up, ears perking as she spotted him. "Jellybean!" Well, that was what she /tried/ to say. Around the bucket it came out more 'Merrlymeen', which resulted in a rather sheepish blush as she hurried to set down the offending container. "Uh, hey. Hi. I'm… fine. I'm fine. How're you?" Because she is as always so articulate and not at all awkward and babbly, nope.

She blinked and glanced up at the shopkeep's calls, blush deepening and ear tilting curiously. Love potions? What?

Jellybean smiles. "I'm doing all right. Did you want help with getting some seawater for the clouds? I'd be happy to help, you know, and I could show you how to use the machine." And then… oh, there's Snowfield. Jellybean offers her a wave. "Snowfield? What's wrong, Snowfield?" Pauses, remembering something he was supposed to ask her. "Can I borrow a hairbrush?"

Snowfield gives Jellybean a look of utter contempt when the pegasus asks if anything is wrong. "You know EXACTLY what's wrong," she says, horn flaring slightly. The ground around her ices over about a foot in every direction, coincidentally reaching Typhoon's water bucket and freezing it through. "And no, you can't have my hairbrush, what sort of dumb request is that?" That same withering glare is directed towards Fidget when the love potion is offered— Snowfields cannot feel love, silly pony.

"Now now, young mare you do seem quite smitten with the young Jellybean, and here I thought he said … well never mind that I guess." Giving a sign as people continue to lack interest in her shop. "Perhaps its time I have moved on." Glancing down to the filly and giving a nod. "Till next time good Captain I hope to offer my services soon." and with that she flies off.

Typhoon-Wave blinks. "Help? Oh, sure, I… I guess that'd be… n-nice, sure, um…" She squeaks and stumbles back from the suddenly-frozen bucket, eyes wide. "Woah! Wha…"

Lavender backs up to what she judges a safe perimeter. Then leans forward past it. Conspicuous purple pony just can't keep her eavesdropping to herself, but she does avoid asking questions…for now.
Jellybean blinks. "Wait, Snowfield, are you cursed too? But that means that you didn't give it to me, so…" He blinks. "I'm so confused. I need hair from whoever did it to get a cure made."

"Me? Give it to you?" Snowfield asks, incredulous that Jellybean would imply she cared about him enough to curse him. "Of all the nerve! This is all your fault and you have gall to blame ME for it! And you knew about it the whole time!" She clamps her teeth down on the pegasus' tail and begins trying to drag him back towards main street. "Come on," she says angrily through the mouthful of tail. "You're going to help me get this fixed." Lavender and Typhoon aren't given a second glance from the tiny unicorn, her focus is solely on the task at hand.

Typhoon-Wave blinks. "Wait… wha… curse? What're you guys… what's going on?" She hesitates a moment, looking uncertain if she should follow or not. It… was an excuse to put off making clouds, if nothing else. "Where're you going?"

Lavender turns to look at Typhoon…moves up closer to her. "Wait, they're trying to break the curse-thing? Whose fault do you think it is? I wanna see," she says in a low voice to the similar-hued pegasus. "C'mon, let's follow them."

Jellybean yelps when his tail is bitten and yanked! "Snowfieeeld, I'll come with you. Just please let go!" As it is he's walking backwards so that his tail doesn't get tugged on anymoe.

Snowfield spits out the tail once she's sure Jellybean is coming along for the ride. "You probably infected that Hayseed mare as well, she was walking funny last week because flowers kept springing up around her." She gestures with her horn towards the icy hoofprints that she's leaving in her wake. "Which is exactly what's happening to me now. Walk faster, her farm is outside of town and we have a lot of ground to cover."

Typhoon-Wave looks down at Lavender, nodding slightly. "…R-right, okay." After all, that little pony seemed upset. And magical. And icy. She didn't want anything to happen to Jellybean because the Unicorn got too angry.

Lavender doesn't know Jellybean that well, but this was starting to look like an Adventure, and if there's anything pirates do, it's Adventure. Of course. So she trots /obliviously/ onwards after the two.

Jellybean lets out a little whimper when his tail is finally let go, turns around and gets to following Snowfield. "I didn't mean to spread it around, and I've been trying to avoid doing it ever since. I just haven't figured out who gave it to me yet."

"So you assumed it was me?" Snowfield says sharply, glancing over the shoulder and giving Jellybean a mean look through her mane. "I'm glad you think so highly of me." She marches straight down the harbor's main street, the icy aura around her likely causing ponies on the street to retreat indoors as she passes.

After a minute of quiet stewing the unicorn asks, "What made you think that you'd need my hair for a cure?" She finally catches sight of Lavender and Typhoon trailing behind them and scoffs, "You might not want to get too close, your magic will get all fouled up as well."

Typhoon-Wave blinks and pauses for a moment. "I… dunno if I /have/ magic?" she ponders aloud to nopony in particular, "I'm not a Unicorn… fouled up how?"

Lavender freezes for a second, when Snow sees her. Freezes as in a deer in headlights, not—Well anyway. It's only a second, because once she hears that explanation and doesn't think she's about to be zapped, she comes a little closer. "Don't be silly, I don't have a horn or anything…and I'm not a pegasus. So I'm good, right?"

Jellybean blushes. "I didn't think it was you at first, but the zebras were saying that it'd have to be somepony who knew about magic and who was unhappy with me, and you're the only pony I know who knows magic who seems unhappy with me, but I guess you just seem kinda unhappy all the time." His eyes are doing that wobbly tear-filled thing. "I didn't mean to accuse you, Snowfield, I'm sorry!"

"That's because I AM unhappy all the time," Snowfield says dismissively as she leads the way out of town. "You'd be unhappy, too, if you had to deal with half the shenanigans that I do." Typhoon's protests are met with a simple, "Jellybean's not a unicorn, either, that didn't stop him from messing everything up." She responds similarly to Lavender: "I don't know what would happen to an earth pony, maybe you'll just be a carrier and bring ruin to everypony you come across." The little off-white pony considers this for a moment before adding, "It'd be dramatically appropriate for a pirate, at least."

The farmland was… well, farmland. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except… except it's early spring. So the crops really shouldn't be doing /this/ well. …Or growing this /many/ things, certainly not all of these crops are seasonal? And there are flowers. FLOWERS. /EVERYWHERE/. So many flowers.

Hayseed's house was out beside one of the flourishing fields. It was dark currently, but that is unlikely to be the first thing anypony would notice. No, before that, one would probably notice the /FLOWERS/. And the vines. Yes, definitely the vines. Snaking around the house, growing out the windows, sprouting up here-and-there around the place, thick, green, flower-covered vines. Uh-oh.

Lavender cowers back. That's enough to make her stop and reconsider, at least a little. "Ohh noooo, I don't want to make my ship sink~!" she wails quietly. She looks up to Typhoon as though SHE'D know what to do.

Jellybean says "You should be fine so long as I don't touch you, Lavender. I guess it gets spread with things like hugs and stuff." He looks at all the flowers. "…this does look like the Nabber's curse."

Typhoon-Wave blinks around at the rather impressive amount of growing green things. "…I didn't realize this area was so fertile," she stated after a moment, "especially without all that much rain…"

"I always knew that physical intimacy would be the death of me," Snowfield grumbles when Jellybean reveals his rampant hugging is the source of the trouble. She makes a mental note to look up the Nabber's Curse later, now that Jellybean has mentioned it. "This is why I don't like other ponies."

The sight of the plants growing so abundantly, so… out of controlably… causes the unicorn to falter. "Dear Celestia, did she suffer a magic cascade as well?" The mare breaks into a gallop towards the house, horn flaring as she tries to freeze the water in some of the vines and cause them to explode into snow and plant debris. Hopefully she can clear a path to the door that way.

The vines were resiliant, but as bright healthy plants there was plenty of water in them to freeze, and this proved a rather effective method of clearing a path, albeit not a particularly huge one, as they seemed eager to grow back into any place left too empty. At least what grew back was notably smaller. And less flowery. For the moment.

Lavender finds a spot to sit outside the house and watches, nervously.

Jellybean's wings flutter nervously when he sees the overgrowth everywhere. "Is she inside, then? How're we going to get her out?"

Typhoon-Wave hesitates a moment before spreading her wings and hopping into the air, circling the house slowly. "…Wow. This stuff is everywhere!" she called down. "I don't see any lights or anything, either… maybe she isn't home?"

Snowfield casts an annoyed glance at Typhoon. "Really? You think so? This is just like the harbor, with so much growth in one place she can't be anywhere BUT stuck inside of it, feeding the vines the longer she's here." The mare looks to Jellybean. "You're more agile than I, Jellybean, if I clear the vines can you fly inside and carry her out?

Jellybean nodnods. "Sure, I can do that, Snowfield. Gosh, I hope she's okay in there."

Typhoon-Wave droops a bit at the retort, fluttering down to land back on the ground. "…Oh… right…"

Snowfield nods and continues shredding vines in tiny snowsplosions. It's a good thing water expands when it freezes, huh? She makes her way into the house and looks around, trying to clear a path for Jellybean as she goes.

Jellybean flies in through the gaps created by Snowfield's work, busy little wings flapping. "Hayseed?" he calls out, "Are you in here?" What? Maybe she just went out to the market.

Roughly in the center of the house is a large column of vines, and this seems to be the point from where most of the other vines are sprouting. And indeed, the center of the column sported a rather pony-shaped bulge, including a rather pony-like orange nose and hooves peeking out of gaps between vines.

Hayseed blinked at the voices, wriggling faintly against the vines wrapped around her legs and torso. "Is somepony th-there? H-hello? Help! P-please… I c-can't make them g-get off…" She had apparently been trying to make a mad dash for the door, as the vines seemed to have scooped her up mid-gallop, making for a rather awkwardly splayed-out position.

Typhoon-Wave peeks through the door, eyes widening at the crazy mass of vines. "Oh man, this is nuts… wh-what do I do? Should I g-go for help, or… help g-get her down, or…"

"So she was suffering the curse," Snowfield says with a glance towards Jellybean. "I hope you've learned a valuable lesson about cuddling people willy-nilly." She looks towards the panicking Typhoon, who judging from her current demeanor is probably going to be no help in a disaster. "Fly back to town and find the gypsy's tent. Ask her if she can brew a potion or make a charm that makes an anti-magic field, have her put it on my tab."

Looking back to the pony trapped in the vines Snowfield considers her options. "Hayseed, my name is Snowfield. You helped me back on New Year's Eve, yes? I'm going to get you out of those vines, but I'm suffering the same curse you are so I'll need you to remain very still."

Lavender looks up to Typhoon with some level of terror. "What's going /on/ in there? I can't see…Is it bad?"

Jellybean flies over Hayseed and grabs on, trying to pull her loose. He's a wee thing but he's trying his hardest. "Hayseed, I'm so sorry I got you into this mess. I'll do my best to make sure that everything gets solved, okay?"

Hayseed obediently stops squirming, gulping a bit. "Snowfield… I r-remember you… b-big storm, right? All th-that lavender's s-still there… shoulda known s-something w-weird was g-going on then…" She blinked and gave a faint chuckle. "Dunno how this could be your f-fault, I think that there w-was the first time we m-met!"

Typhoon-Wave backs quickly out of the house, glancing down at Lavender. "There's… vines everywhere, and somepony's stuck in the middle, and something about magic going crazy and I have to find a gypsy and where's a gypsy anyways I don't know where to get a potion or charm or spell or…"

Snowfield begins to cast her spell again, trying to freeze the vines directly above Hayseed's head. Hopefully when the plants burst into snow they'll fall away and let Jellybean pull the farmer free. "Wait, what? You were already cursed BEFORE you met Jellybean?" Her momentary lack of focus causes the spell to get a little too powerful— Hayseed may get a little bit of a frost shock along her spine on the way out.

Lavender 's eyes widen and she runs around in a small panicked panicked circle. "Uh, um, don't we have someone like that back…somewhere? I don't know if she's a gypsy but she's an abaja and maybe that's kind of like the same thing because I've never met a gypsy at least I don't think I have…"

Jellybean blinks. "Wait, you WERE cursed when I saw you." Jellybean is really confused now. Also cold. Cold cold cold. Freezy spells.

Hayseed gives a startled yelp at the sudden jolt of cold, though she didn't have much time to think on that as she was pulled free of the vines. As she was a rather strong, sizeable pony as Unicorns go, her weight is likely to be a bit much for Jellybean to carry.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and freezes, looking down at her wide-eyed. "What? Where? What's an… abaja?" She looked about ready to panic again, then suddenly squeaked, half-leaping into the air. "The card!" She yelped as if it were some sort of revelation, taking off like a shot back towards town.

Lavender looks anxiously back at the house, reluctantly, then bolts after Typhoon at a dead run. A slow, earthbound, short-legged dead run.

Snowfield doesn't bother apologizing for touching Hayseed's backside with ice magic. She's a big girl, she'll get over it. "Can you move on your own? Keep moving if you can, try not to get caught in your own plants again." The little white unicorn makes her way for the door, trying to freeze the ground underfoot without icing over the surface— if she can put a layer of permafrost beneath them, perhaps it will help slow down Hayseed's plant growth and keep her from being caught in vines until the others get back with the charm.

Jellybean continues to tug on Snowfield, perhaps a little behind on events. Or not paying attention. Or maybe just not very bright. Either way, there is tugging and flapping and there is nothing dirty about this because we're all consenting ponies here.

Hayseed stumbles along after him, movements a bit stiff after being held in one position for so long; she kept up a somewhat prancy pace out of recent habit as she was half-dragged towards the door, trying not to slip on the forming ice. "I can… s-sorta move… d-dunno what happened… it's j-just the house, r-right, I d-didn't… mess up a-anything else too bad?"

"You haven't yet, but that doesn't mean you won't in the future," Snowfield says as she follows close behind Hayseed, horn ablaze as she tries to direct her own wayward spells into the ground just beneath the surface.

Jellybean flies out through the opening made by Snowfield's magic, happy to be outside again. Not much for enclosed spaces, but that might just be a pegasus thing. "So what do we do now, Snowfield? Did you have an idea of how to fix this? The Zebras said they could make a cure, but it would mean finding whoever started this curse."

Hayseed looks half-inclined to flop down right there and sleep or something, though the thought of getting vined to the ground was enough to keep her from doing so. "Curse? Wh-what's going on h-here, anyways?"

"I figured it was your fault," Snowfield says to Jellybean's inquiry. "But if Hayseed was cursed before she met you, then there must be a third party at work here." She looks to the other unicorn and continues without further explanation, "Have you made any enemies recently? Had you had any suspicious run-ins before your flowers started growing of their own accord? Planted any fields upon sacred buffalo burial grounds?" The words are spoken in a level, no-nonsense tone.

Jellybean says "I'm kinda confused too. I mean, if I wasn't the first one who got cursed, who gave it to me? Do we know if anypony else has it?"

Hayseed frowns thoughtfully. "Enemies? No… n-not that I know of." She considers for a long moment, prancing in place to keep the little vines from growing too big around her hooves. "…I did meet a Pegasus a few d-days before!" she remembered suddenly, ears perking. "I'd never seen her before. Nor since. B-but… she was nice enough. I don't /think/ she'd have any grudge against me… or any of you… and she d-didn't have any s-storms following her or anything."

Typhoon-Wave hurries back in from the direction of the outskirts, an odd little carved charm draped from one hoof. "I got a thing! She says it'll block magic, turn it off or something, I hope it's right, I didn't really know what to tell her 'cause I dunno what's going on and…"

Lavender drags herself along behind Typhoon, panting for breath. "Huff…Huff…Better work but…The gypsy woman knows her stuff…So probably…" Thud. Lots of running.

"Does this pegasus have a name?" Snowfield presses as she continues casting. "Was she doing anything suspicious? Could she have had something against the town in general, and was just using you as a means to an end?" The arrival of Typhoon Wave is well-timed. "Put it around Hayseed's neck," she shouts, "it ought to nullify her spells!" She'll deal with the totally pooped Lavender after the current crisis is dealt with.

Jellybean makes a little 'eek' noise and flaps over to Lavender, looking her over to make sure she's all right. Poor thing. "Thank you so much for your help, Lavender. Would you like me to carry you back into town?"

Typhoon-Wave blinks, laying her ears back timidly and looking for a moment as if she was very carefully weighing what she wanted to say. "Her name was Phospor," she finally answered. "Suspicious… well…" she cleared her throat slightly. "…She seemed real eager to meet the Mayor," she finally declared with a small shrug.

Hayseed blinks, laying her ears back timidly and looking for a moment as if she was very carefully weighing what she wanted to say. "Her name was Phospor," she finally answered. "Suspicious… well…" she cleared her throat slightly. "…She seemed real eager to meet the Mayor," she finally declared with a small shrug.

Lavender screams and scrabbles away from Jellybean, still mostly out of breath though. "Noooo! Do you have the magic flu too? I don't know what's going onn~nnn," she whines. "Don't touch," she finishes with a pout.

Typhoon-Wave hurries to hand off the charm to Hayseed, dropping it around her neck carefully before glancing back at Lavender. "I can take her… I don't have it… I don't think…"

Snowfield veers off from Hayseed and Jellybean and releases the direction of her magic. Now that she's not forcing it belowground the ice starts forming on the surface around her again, and she doesn't want to make anypony trip at the moment. "Alright, that's one crisis solved." She looks over at the other ponies. "I'm going back to my cottage to think things over. Hayseed, you should be safe as long as that charm holds, but you're likely still infectious so don't go hugging anypony. I'll be by later to see if you remember anything else about this Phosphor pony."

Her bright blue gaze turns to the panicking filly who desperately doesn't want to be touched by Jellybean. "And you, keep your nose clean," Snowfield orders. "I don't know why you decided to follow us today, but this curse is dangerous business. You're better off not getting involved."

Lavender cringes back a bit. "O-okay. Uhm…Miss Snow…Good luck with solving it, okay?" She gives big filly eyes. "We never see you in town and I guess it probably is because you're all busy trying to make this better after all so…Um…If that's why, and the harbor isn't just something you did because you're mean, then thanks."

Typhoon-Wave moves over to Lavender. "C'mon, I'll take you home…"

Snowfield givers Lavender a hard to decipher look, something in between curiousity and displeasure, before simplying going 'hmph' and running off in the direction of the Wintersong Forest. She doesn't need rumors spreading that she's trying to help, people might hassle her trying to be her friend in that case.

Lavender rolls over and looks up at Typhoon. "…Oof. Thanks. I should probably see my family anyway, I haven't really been home much since I got my ship…not hardly at all, now that I think of it. Oh well…" She does look /tired/, too, and yawns.