Family Reunion
IC date:
OOC date: May 30
Location: Town Square
PCs: Starbright Samantha

- > Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square <-------——
A bustling town square! Hey look, a neat fountain!
The bustling town square holds a handful of buildings surrounding an important-looking fountain. At the center of the fountain is a statue of an adventurous looking

filly shading her eyes with one hoof and gazing importantly into the distance. On her bronzed flank is a scroll and compass, and around her neck hangs a pair of

Holes set equidistant around the pedestal spout water into the horseshoe-shaped pool around her. The water is littered with bitcoins, but it seems the pool is not

just for wishing; everypony is permitted to wade in and cool off during the summers, too.
There is a plaque here. Use +view plaque to see it.
Spring has sprung! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the air has a fresh, loamy scent.

Samantha has arrived.

Starbright is lounging on top of the fountain, a goofy sort of grin on his beak, his tail flicking idly from side to side. He's got a piece of paper in front of

him, the top half covered in a very complicated logic series, the bottom half in a shopping list that seems to start off innocuous enough (hot chocolate, graham

crackers), progress to slightly less sensible things (fancy chocolates, sushi) and proceed into the somewhat bizarre (expensive champagne, rare truffles).

A pegasus whooshes by overhead, then circles back too hover. Wait— that's not a pegasus. "Hey, Larry," a teasing voice calls from a few feet away. "Ain'cha gettin'

wet, there?"

Starbright barely spares a glance upwards when the pegasus loops by. He's much too interested in his increasingly wishful shopping list. He sputters when someone

calls him Larry, and literally falls over into the fountain. He pops his head out. "Who could possi… Sammy? Ah don't believe it!" He pounces the teasing gryphon,

still dripping fountain water.

Samantha hovers back a few feet. "Ew," she says. Then breaks into a grin. "It's great t' see ya, bro! What's shakin'?"
Starbright bahs and shakes himself off, like a dog, spraying water everywhere. "Well… Ah still cain't believe it. Ya know Ah was just talkin' about y'all! Ah've

got someone y'all've gotta meet." He shakes his head in wonder. "What're y'all doin' heah in the harbour?"

Samantha lands and shifts a little on her paws. "Well," she hedges. "Ah thought Ah'd come visit you an' see how things were here in the harbor. On account of,

well… ain't seen hide nor hair of ya in ages. An'… well… if it all works out an' such Ah might sort'er move in here too!"

Starbright tilts his head at the shifting. "Well, things are pretty great heah! Ah've got a nice room ovah at th' inn, an' Ah've met a bunch o' nice gryphons 'n

ponies 'n things an' Ah found a great place t' stahgaze, an'," he voice drops to a mutter, "Ah'vegotkinnacrushonthisonegryphonthatAhwanty'allt'meet…" Cough. "Have

y'all been gettin' mah lettahs? Ah just mailed anothah one back home."

Samantha 's eyebrow twitches. "What was that?" she asks. Then blinks. "Well, yeah, I mean. Ah s'pose. Dad has been. Ah've been, y'know, schoolin' and alla that."

She gives a proud little hop and taps the shiny guild badge on her chest.

Starbright coughs. "Nothin'." He ohs and nods, then beams happily. "Congratulations, li'l sis! Which guild did y'all pick?" He peers at the badge. "Ooooooh. Mamma'd

be so proud o' y'all! How're yoah studies goin'? All finished with school yet, oah do y'all have some moah to get through, first?" He considers. "Wait, wait, I know

this… Y'all're done, right?"

Samantha nods. "Ah did say so in mah letter." She pauses. "Wait. Ah did send you a letter, right?"

Starbright considers that for a moment. "Well, shoah y'all did. Uh. Ah think. Wait, hang on…" He peeks into one of his packs, pulling out a parcel of letters,

flipping through them. "Um… Um… Oh, yeah! Heah we go…" He pulls one out. "Oh, Ah didn't open it."

Samantha 's wings droop. "Well… why not?" She gives her brother a dismayed look. "You don't care what's happenin' to yer li'l Sammy?" She contrives to look small,

cute, and pathetic.

Starbright sputters. "That's not hardly faih, sugah," he says, pouting a little bit. "Of course Ah care 'bout y'all. Ah just got a li'l distracted." He hrmphs and

slices open the letter with a claw, then starts to read it. "Hey… y'all don't mention school at all in heah."

"What? Gimme that." Samantha snatches the letter and scans it. "…oh. Uh. Well. Ah coulda sworn Ah — Anyway it doesn't matter, ah'm here now! And Ah'm an official

tinker, and Ah can fix steam engines an' such."

Samantha brushes her feathers back with a claw. "D'you… have… any steam engines t' fix?"

Starbright acks as the letter gets snagged. He sticks his tongue out at his sister. "Well, congratulations, anyway, li'l sis! Ah'm proud of y'all!" He blinks and

ers. "Ah don't… uh… Well, lemme check…" He digs through his pouches again. Hrm. "All Ah got is this pocket watch."

Samantha sighs. "Ah didn't mean ON ya, silly." She coughs into a claw. "A-anyway, Ah'm not so good with, y'know. Fiddly bits. Ah like the big ol' machines, m'self."

Starbright ahs. He puts the pocket watch away. "A shame, Ah'd rilly like t' get that workin' again. Oh, um… No, Ah don't keep any steam engines in mah room,

eithah. Ah c'n ask around foah y'all, if ya want?"

Samantha says "Would'ja?! That'd be great! Yer the best big brother ever!" She hugs her brother tight. Then steps back. "…and yer soakin' /wet/!"

Starbright hugs back, just as tight. He laughs when his sister steps back. "Well, yeah, Ah did just go swimmin' unexpectedly, thanks to certain, unnamed sistahs o'

mine." He sticks his tongue out.

Samantha pokes. "Yeh, well, one o' us was sittin' on a fountain, so Ah ain't sayin' sorry."

Starbright snickers. Ahem. "Well, th' fountain's a safe place t' sit, normally, sugah."

Samantha bumps. "Weeeell… okay. Sorry." She grins. "So wha'cha writin'? Figurin' out where the stars go in th' mornin'?"

Starbright gives his sister a big ol', extremely damp hug. "Apology accepted!" And revenge achieved! "Pfft. Ah already know wheah th' stahs go, sugah. Naw, Ah

was… um…" He blushes. "Well, tryin' t' decide what t' bring on a date, rilly."

Samantha gaaaasp!

Samantha 's eyes twinkle mischievously "A /date/?! Is mah big brother growin' up already?!"

Starbright rolls his eyes. "It's only maaaaaaaaybe a date. Maybe. Nothin's set in stone jus' yet. W-we're just two friends, hangin' out. Alone. On a cloud fah away

from the harbor."

Samantha says "ooOOOOOooooh, well Ah won't wait up then. You don't need yer silly sistah gettin' underfoot, eh? Should Ah stay outta sight for a while?"

Starbright pounces the other gryphon again, ruffling her feathers. "Well, definitely not on th' date itself. But… um… Ah'd rilly like y'all t' meet huh, sugah.

Pappa, too, someday, but, heh, y'all're heah, so…"

Samantha giggles a bit. "Hey, quiddit!" she laughs, trying to fend off the affection. "That sounds kinda serious, eh? Eh?" she elbows you in the ribs.

Starbright oofs at the elbowing. "Well, Ah dunno 'bout serious. It'd be ouah first date. If'n it's a date at all. But…" He sighs dreamily, starting to blush

again, staring off into space.

Samantha reaches over and bops her brother on the head. "Wake up, Romeo." She giggles. "Ah'm happy you've got a cute bird to snuggle. Hopefully."

Starbright acks and rubs the top of his head. "Hopefully," he agrees, grinning sheepishly. "Erm. Anyway. Ah'm happy, too. Hey! We need t' find y'all a mate, too!"

He grins.

Samantha acks. "Oh, no no no, no thanks, Ah'm already in a relationship with Mistah Wrench. …uh, unless you know a really cute doctor or somethin'?"

Starbright snickers. And blinks. "Mistah Wrench?" he asks. He ohs and considers. "Ah don't think Ah've met any doctahs yet, but Ah'll keep an eye foah y'all."

Samantha holds up her claws defensively. "Ah was kiddin'! Ah was kiddin'!"

Starbright eyes you. "Mm," he says darkly. He's formulating plans, or possibly even Plans.

Samantha scowls. She doesn't wanna be part of any Plans. Time for action. "Hey, look, somethin' shiny!" she says pointing.

Starbright hmms. "Aha, Ah've got an… wait, what?" he turns to find the Shiny, all thoughts of Plans forgotten.

Samantha rolls her eyes. "Anyways…. Ah got a room over in Tinker town. So, uh… I'll be seein' you around, Ah hope?"

Starbright huhs? He ohs and turns back, giving his sister one more hug, slightly less soggy than the previous ones. "Of course, sugah! Ah'll take y'all out for

lunch someday soon, alright? Y'all take care o' yaself."

Samantha says "Ah will."

Samantha gives her brother a quick nuzzle.

Starbright grinns and nuzzles back, then waves g'bye.