Enter Stormcloud
IC date: Spring 18
OOC date: April 8
Location: Main Street
PCs: Sunshine, Ruby-Blossom, Sadaka, Magpie, Rising-Chaos, Whirligig
NPCs: Stormcloud

It's a bright sunny springtime day out in the Harbor! Perfect for walking, or scampering, or generally being outside if one likes that sort of thing. Perfect for wandering around! Perfect for darn near anything really.

Perfect for a little white filly to roam the streets of Horseshoe Harbor with a kind adult escort, looking for a specific pony in town. One that had been so very integral in rescuing the little scared thing from her prior situation. So it is that Sunshine is trotting down the street, alongside Ruby Blossom this fine day, the little filly not straying more than a foot or two from the bigger mare, and all too willing to keep putting Ruby between herself and any stranger she doesn't immediately know walking by.

"S..so many ponies… B..but no monsters yet. So that's good." she stammers, her voice almost a whisper to her 'escort'.

Ruby-Blossom beams warmly towards the little foal. "Monsters are a ra…less common occurance around the Harbor. Just don't go wandering into the forest, and you shouldn't have much to worry about." she slows enough to buy a bag of candy from a vendor, and offers a piece to Sunshine while trotting along with her. "I know you wouldn't think it, but I've fended of plenty of monsters."

One nice thing about the spring weather: you don't need a cloak to keep from freezing in your bucket! Thunnini is poling her bucket go-kart along, pausing every so often to bask in the sun. Perhaps later she'll go for a nice, energetic swim among the piers and pilings, but for now it's wheel time.

Spotting Ruby, the seafilly starts poling her way towards the mare. "Hi, miss Ruby! How are you…" Her voice trails off as she sees the white filly. "Oh, hi! My name's Thunnini; what's yours?" Big, friendly smiles~!

Candy? DID SOMEPONY SAY CANDY? I think somepony said candy.

After Ruby buys the sweet treats, it doesn't take long for Whirligig to appear. She keeps tucked to the sides of buildings, plants, and anything else she can hide behind. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize that she isn't actually invisible to the other ponies around. A seagull flies above her head.


Whirligig shushes it with a hoof to her mouth and a stern look to her eyes.
Plod plod plod. Sadaka's looking slightly mopey as she makes her way down the path. Mumblegrumblehomework. She casts a faint glare back at her saddlebag as if it's the bag's fault for the contents within it. Hmph. How's she supposed to get her homework done right when her Papa's not home to help?

But she perks up slightly as she spots a somewhat familiar face. Hey! It's that filly from the salon. She smiles faintly and trots over thataway, homework momentarily forgotten. There's more important things than math going on over here!

Eek! New pony! Sunshine's eyes go really big when Thunnini poles up to say hello, prompting the little white filly to sneak behind the bigger mare's legs. With a piece of candy in her mouth, no less. Like she was going to turn down a bit of candy!

Fortunately, seeing as Thunnini's a foal like her, the momentary timidness wears off faster than it might usual, and a more natural curiosity takes over. She takes a single hesitant step closer to the seafilly's cart, blinking at it, then offering the barest hint of a smile. "H..hi. Um… I'm S-sunshine." she manages to eke out. Luckily there's a more familiar face coming along to provide some backup! Sadaka earns a shy wave from the white foal! She knows that one's friendly, yep.

Ruby offers Thunnini a friendly wave - she hasn't seen this little one in ages. "Afternoon, Thunnini." she grins all warmly to the seafilly, and upon noticing Sadaka offers the striped filly a warm wave too. "Little Miss Sunshine here wanted to go find a friend of hers, and I was accompanying her." this brings a look of puzzlement to Ruby's face. "What's this pony look like, anywho?" she asks Sunshine.

"Nice to meet you, Sunshine!" beams Thunnini. She waves at the approaching Sadaka, then gives Sunshine another smile. "Can I come along while you look for your friend?" the seafilly inquires.

So far, so good. Whirli seems to go unnoticed as she continues to keep watch on Ruby and Sunshine. She presses herself hard up against a wall, standing out like a sore thumb. It turns out purple doesn't exactly blend well into yellow. This doesn't seem to be a major point of focus for the 'earth' pony, her eyes locked on the delicious sugary treats. A pair of seagulls fly in, landing on the ground in front of her and staring at her expectantly.

Look like? Sunshine blinks up at Ruby. "Um… She was kinda whiteish pink, and…" There's an intense look of concentration on the little filly's face. Like she were trying to drudge up some /very important facts/ about this mystery pony. "…and…" Her ears splay. "She was very…nice?" She looks up at Ruby, one eye closed in a half-cringe. Is that even enough to go off of? Looking for a whiteish pink pony?

The little white filly blinks at Thunnini next! So much blinking. "O..oh sure." Is this how you make friends? They just show up? This is…pretty nice! She has no idea what she's doing though…aside from looking around at the strange ponies she hasn't met, like that odd purple one pretending to be part of the wall. Whom Sunshine stares at for a couple seconds, then hides from by scooting behind Thunnini's cart. Better safe than sorry!

"So light pink mare? Was she an earth pony, or did she have wings, or a horn?" In Ruby's mind little slats containing portaits of the Harbor Ponys are systimatically flicked down as she inquires to the nature of the mystery pony.
Sadaka smiles cheerily, waving back. "Hi, Thunnini, hi, Sunshine." She gives her wings a little flutter. "Oh, you're looking for somepony?" She glances between them, tilting an ear. Does she know any pink ponies? Nopony immediately leaps to mind! But she hasn't exactly been… socially active recently. Hm.

It takes a moment for Sunshine to recall the winged zebra filly's name, but she eventually perks her ears up and gets a bright grin. "Hi Sadaka! Oh, um…" She scuffs a hoof. "Yeah. I want to find the nice pony so I can tell her thanks!" Wow, that's quite the little group forming now, isn't it? Four total ponies! True, three of them are foals, and one's pregnant, but still! A force to be reckoned with!

"Caw. Cacaw. SQUAAAAACK!" One of the gulls shrieks at Whirli as if saying 'Oh. Why, hello there! EVERYPONY LOOK OVER HERE AT THIS PONY! THIS ONE RIGHT HERE! YEAH! HER!'. The pony attempts to shoo it away with her hind leg, still pressed tightly up against the wall and with no success. Another gull flies in, bringing the count to 4.

Ruby-Blossom leans down to gently nudges Sunshine with her nose. "Was she a earth pony, horned pony, or winged pony?" the pregnant mare asks again. The squaking draws her attention to the semi-familiar pony. "Oh it's that…one." she points while speaking to nopony in particular before letting her attention drift back to the conversation at hand.
Rising-Chaos has disconnected.

Oh dear, more questions. Sunshine scrunches her nose up in thought. "I don't… I think she had a horn?" the little one notes, again scuffing a hoof at the cobblestone. Only to look up again at the constant squawking of birds. We see you, stealth-pony. OR DO WE?

Amid the distractions of foals and seagulls, a figure rounds the corner with soft 'thunk-thunk' hoofsteps. A mare of a very dark, almost charcoal grey color, with a mane black as pitch. She only has two good legs, her back legs replaced by a pair of gleaming metal limbs, making more of a clatter than others might walking on cobblestone. The really odd things about this mare? Her face is covered by a mask, fitted to look like a laughing, or maybe snarling, creature. And her eyes. Eyes that are as black as her mane.

It's this mare that rounds the bend down the street, humming to herself in a soft voice that seems to somehow carry despite its low volume. "Such a fine day it's been~ Puppies have been kicked, candy has been taken from foals, and the elderly have been tipped over. If I could just find an orphanage to set on fire today would be perfect."

Oh how typical. But the sounds serve a purpose. Sunshine's ears perk straight up, the noise making her first shiver, then squeal and dive behind Ruby for cover! "Ahhhhhhh! M-m-m-monster-r-r-r! Don't let it eat meeeeeee!"

The all too familiar sound of metal rear-legs cause Ruby's ears to perk, and eyes to dart to Sadaka then towards the figure that has appears. "Things are always complicated, aren't they?" she sighs aloud before fixing her gaze on the other Sunshine that has appeared - her unmistakable ruby-red eyes. "Hello." she says firmly, loudly while staring across the street to the familiar yet unfamiliar mare.

Sadaka blinks and frowns, tilting her head. "Monster?" She perks her ears, then, and blinks - and freezes, wings flaring a bit and ears pinning back against her head, eyes getting big as she looks around in alarm. She knows that voice… and she /knows/ those hoofsteps. And for a moment she looks about ready to turn and run! Instead, she dashes over to Sunshine, standing in front of her protectively.

Whirligig pulls herself off the wall upon the strange mare showing up. She lowers herself down to the ground and practically belly-crawls behind a bush to hide. Hiding would be a bit more successful for her if the growing flock of seagulls wasn't following her around.

Sunshine is more than happy to have more ponies between her and the metal-legged 'monster' ambling down the street. The only thing keeping her from outright bolting is the fact that she's probably just too scared to think of it right now! She's trying to make herself look as small as possible, behind both Ruby and Sadaka now.

Meanwhile, the brief commotion, call of 'monster', and subsequent greeting by Ruby gives the dark grey mare a reason to pause. Her ears perk, swivel, coal-black eyes studying the small group. One can almost imagine the grin she has on beneath the snarling mask.

"Well hello there!" the odd mare replies, continuing to take slow, steady steps towards the group of fillies. "What have we here? The next best thing to an orphanage, I'd wager. Ruby, darling, how /nice/ to see you again! How's the family? Oh and you, Sadaka, you too… How are the parents? Still feeding fishes, I assume? Oh and look, you've grown some /wings/…" Those black eyes linger on Thunnini, too. This one she doesn't know! Not that it stops her from commenting. "You even brought me a fish in a barrel. Have I ever said how much I love this town? It's so entertaining!"

Naturally she hasn't noticed Whirligig yet. Or Sunshine for that matter. She's much too happy laying on verbal abuse to the easy targets she's already spotted to go looking for any!

It most certainly is entertaining. In fact, this town is a laugh. rising chaos always has a way to find some way to have 'fun'. So when there's a metal legged mare walking down the street, she follows. It always promises something interesting. All is not fun and games, all is, in fact, boring,

Until Ruby and the fillies are in sight, and the monster goes over to them. This promises to be, interesting. Rising comes closer, making herself obvious to anypony watching. A unstable nerd to add to the collection of fillies, seagull magnets, and pregnant mares. Perfect.

Ruby's gaze is firm as she spies 'Maddie' - her appearance filling in a piece of the puzzle started by Sunshine's arrival; while creating even more questions. "Care to tell to me what happened? I've missed you." Ruby is unnerved by the other 'Sunshine' but that doesn't prevent her from trying reach out with kindess. "Maybe you'd like to sit down, and have a nice conversation like we used to?"

Sadaka downright bristles. This doesn't /look/ like the Mad Mare she knows, but it sure as hay /sounds/ like her. She flinches a bit at the callous reference, and looks for a moment slightly teary, though from the glare she's giving it's probably more anger than hurt for the moment. But she doesn't move, one wing in fact spreading a bit wider to try and hide the little white filly more behind herself, because, you know what, she wouldn't put it past the Mad Mare to try to eat a filly. She really would not at this point!

Sunshine seems certainly grateful for the extra shield. She does her best to hide behind it, pressed practically up next to Sadaka in her efforts to hide! "Don't let her get me…!" she whispers, voice hardly more than a whimper!

'Maddie' gets about ten paces away from the small group, then stops. Her inky black eyes gaze at Thunnini and Sadaka for another long moment, then turn to regard Rising curiously. Like a cat debating which of so many fine rodents to chase. Ultimately they turn back to Ruby, the dark grey mare lifting a hoof to brush against her coat. "You missed a part of me, Ruby darling. I doubt you missed /this/ part of me. Perhaps you've seen the part I lost, hm?" Her eyes study her hoof for a moment while she speaks. "Something small, kind, and cowardly? I would give /anything/ to have it back… I've looked everywhere. Perhaps you could do an old friend a favor, hm?"

"I had a feeling you'd suggest I only cared about what ponies would consider the 'good part' of you, the part you've tried so hard to ignore and hide. But you know better than that - I care about you." she remains close to Sadaka - helping ot conceal Sunshine. She huffs loudly. "I think you and I should go have a heart to heart, Maddie; and I know this is the part whre you say -" in Maddie's own voice. "I don't have a heart." She gives Maddie a deadpan look. "You do - and you need to learn to embrace it…but for now, lets just talk about what happened…"

Whirligig pokes her head out from the bush and bellycrawls slowly over behind the other ponies. The already troublesome journey is made even harder by the seagulls standing in her way, failing to get the point that they should move. She pushes them aside the best she can and eventually finds herself next to Sadaka. Leaning in close, the mare asks with a whisper, "Why are we afraid of her?"

Rising-Chaos is a fine rodent indeed, though she is known to chase back. Whether that actually y'know, accomplishes anything, is open for discussion. She cannot help but overhearing, though, mostly because she's trying hard to listen in. Soemthing catches her interest, and moves in.

Rising strolls along around to stand in with the group, if possible. "Hello Ruby! It's been a while hasn't it? Who's your friend?" Less stupid than she can seem, she casts an eye over the group from her unblocked angle, and her horn lights up, ready to HIDE something. She's familiar with what happens when parts of ponies seperate.

The little zebra's glare never lightens, but she does cast a sideways glance to Whirligig at the question, twitching an earring-clad ear her way. "She killed my parents," Sadaka states bluntly, "and now she's chasing Sunshine." Then to said little white filly, she adds firmly, "She's not getting anywhere near you. I won't let her." She looks just about as fight-ready as tiny zebra fillies get!

Creep closer. Creep closer. That's Magpie's mantra as she stealthily approaches the iron-legged monster-mare Sunshine had whispered about last night. Truthfully she'd doubted the story, but seems pretty accurate. For now the little one has a couple defenders, so that's good. That's why she's been staying out of sight and following…

Magpie pages: I'm gonna leave it to you to tell me when and if I should amnesia dust Maddy.

Sunshine is so busy cowering behind other ponies that she doesn't realize there's other /strange/ ponies until they're already right there! Both Whirligig and Rising earn a very panicked look from the little white filly, drawing in a sharp breath, all set to squeal and run and be the perfect little target!

'Maddie' points a hoof at Ruby, but before she can say much there's suddenly two more ponies added to the group. Black eyes narrow ever so slightly, moving from pony, to pony, to filly. If she didn't have such a flare for the dramatic, she might be much more suspicious about all this. "Ruby… You make it so easy to be cliche about all this. It's true though." She pulls her hoof back to her chest. "I /don't/ have a heart. It's literally missing, running around, being good and kind and polite to everybody." She lowers her hoof to the ground, taking a more aggressive stance. "…Well I intend to make sure it /stays/ missing. Without that piece of me, there's no more regret. No more doubt. No more feeling bad. Just…joy. Now have you seen it? Or not?"

Ruby swiftly points toward the outskirts of town. "Well, that explains the skiddish little foal I saw yesterday. I overheard saying something about staying in a house on the outskirts of town, a lone wood house away from the others." The turqoise mare describes Rising-Chaos house as it happens to be remote, and will contain numerous unexpected, and unwelcome surprises that are sure to bid the group time to come up with a better plan. "But, you know that I don't condone this. If you want to be strong, and feel real joy - you'll embrace your other half when you find her…"

Sadaka blinks and glances up at Ruby, then back at Sunshine, edging a bit closer so that she can drape a wing over her as casually as possible - both a cloak and a deterrant, hopefully! - and keeping her voice low. "It's okay. Deep breaths. Just stay quiet, Ms. Ruby will make her go away, an' then we'll get you in somewhere safe, an' then it'll all be okay."

Well fine, Rising Chaos will go ignored then. So she turns her attention away from Ruby (who just directed a monster at her house, okay cool) and said monster. Instead, Sadaka revealing what Maddie wants is much more fascinating, Rising edges away and sits down, speaking to Sadake instead. "You're right, this little filly will be fine. I'll ensure it as well." Look at her, being nice. She leans down to offer the scared Sunshine a smile. "Hello there, my name's Rising Chaos, is this mare looking to give you trouble?"

Whirligig blinks a few times at Sadaka, idling sticking a hoof in Sunshine's mouth to keep her from squealing. Even the gulls at this point seem to be protecting the filly, 3 more dropping in from the sky to land between Maddie and the growing group of pony protectors. Whirli blinks at the gulls, "For once they seem to actually be /doing/ something other than following me…"

'Maddie's' coal-black eyes study Ruby for a long moment after she gives directions to a possible hiding place. One can almost see the thoughts churning, debating whether to trust the other mare's words, or demand some kind of real answers. Little does she know the owner of the place Ruby described is right there! Chatting up the little filly she was after all along! Funny how things work sometimes.

Eventually 'Maddie' stands up straight again. She chuckles, starting to turn away from the group. "Fine… I'll see what's at this house. If I don't find what I'm looking for, I can always do something /fun/ there. Fire's fun. Maybe I'll bring some fire. I haven't burnt anything that wasn't mine in /ages/."

Sunshine still looks like she's about to have a filly heart attack, but at least the constant 'nice' attention is making her not scream! She blinks up at Rising like a deer in the headlights, pressing herself even more against Sadaka. "P-pleasejustdon'teatme!" she squeaks out in a voice hardly above a whisper. Just before Whirligig goes as far as to plug her mouth with a hoof. Oh dear.

"Eeeeeee!" Magpie's battle cry is more like a terrified shriek as she bursts out from behind a box and charges at the Mad Mare. She spins at the last second and with both hind hooves, just like she promised last night, kicks Maddy hard in the knee.

The plan was perhaps less than well thought out, what with the whole… metal legs thing.

Magpie turns with a shout of "Run, Sunny!" and then does the same, staggering as she limps away, and letting out a string of language she must've learned down on the docks. On a bad day.

Ruby watches Maddie intently as she the mare stands with full intention of leaving. "Or you could ju…" annoyance, utter annoyance is the best term to describe the look that crosses Ruby's face when Maggie goes and blows the entire plan - it was a good plan too; send Maddie to Rising's house where she'd have to contend with Queen Pegasus among the other crazy ponies residing there. She just silently glares at Maggie. "She's not even here Maggie!" she scowls - clearly upset that Maggie went and did something foolish - like hurting herself.

Rising-Chaos keeps her smile static as Sunshine isn't settled down at all. So she sits back up, and stares forwards. Talking to ponies never seems to work, so she'll just wiat for actiojn instead. Magpie doesn't disappoint, but it's kind of the wrong answer. In a snap, Rising casts an illusion to change Sunshine's appearance. A forest green filly with baby blue mane? Couldn't be Sunshine, her name's, uhh, Forest Child, Rising's good at names. "Just don't move, and you'll be fine," she hisses under her breath, loud enough for Sunshine to hear, hopefully.

Metal legs do have one flaw to them. A swift kick to the right joint is really all it takes to take one out! If only for a moment. Thus does 'Maddie' go toppling over, her voice a shout of surprise and anger! "Why you little brat! I oughtta…what? Sunny!?"

Sunny! Whom may or may not have been almost calm up to that moment, and now in the guise of a green filly, perks her ears sharply at Magpie's voice telling her to run. Instinct takes over, the little green filly spitting Whirli's hoof out, flinching away from the others, and bolting off down the street! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Run, don't move, it's all so very confusing and the poor little foal's at her limit. Now she just wants to /get away/!

Sadaka blinks, freezing wide-eyed for a second and looking a bit torn. In fact, she seems to kind of want to go pounce 'Maddie' while she's down! But that moment is fleeting enough. Instead she takes off after the now-green filly, this time remembering to fold her wings tight enough to not trip over them - that would be inconvenient about now!

Magpie stumbles to the nearest alley. She glances back, and as soon as she thinks she has a chance, she hauls herself into a large garbage bin and pulls a tarp over herself. It's not the best hiding place she's ever had. Also not the worst, really. Despite the reeking garbage that's oozing around her shoulder. Stinky is okay, since getting eaten by a monster mare is the alternative.

Ruby couldn't be more upset at the moment; she glances at Sadaka and softly hisses. "Get her, and go back to the salon. Hide in the back room, under the stairwell." She then rushes towards Maddie while Sadaka sprints after Sunshine. She skids to a stop in front of Maddie and points a hoof while calling out commandingly "Thou shall not pass." In a perfect Gandhoof voice no less. Her expression goes deadpan again and she continues to point. "You and I will be having a conversation now, and you will be behaving yourself." her tone couldn't be more motherly at the moment.

Whirligig darts her head back and forth, looking between Maddie, Maggie, and Ruby. Her entire body turns as Maggie takes off, soon followed by Sunshine. "Hey. Where are you going!?" As the foal gets further away, she calls back, "YOU DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOODBYE!" The mare plops her rump down, apparently oblivious to any impending danger. One of the gulls cries loudly into the air.


Somewhere in the distance, another gull calls back.

Sadaka nods over her shoulder at Ruby, then dashes off, hooves skittering on the cobblestone. She's pretty fast, luckily! Wings are good for making bounding steps speedy. "Th-this way!" She hisses over to Sunshine, trying to nudge her run off in the direction of the salon. "W-we gotta get inside and h-hide!"

Sunshine naturally has no intention of stopping now that her little hooves are on the move. She may end up running until she's out of breath. Run, filly, run! GOod thing Sadaka's faster with those wings, so she can help guide the little scared filly into safer places! "Yesyesgottahidegottahidenoooowwwww!"

'Maddie', however, is not running anywhere. She does get back on all her hooves again though, glaring down the alleyway Magpie disappeared into. She can't very well go chasing after the little scamp with Ruby now in her face, Inky black eyes glitter. There might even be a small mote of red somewhere deep within them. For the smallest moment, they look past Ruby, back at Whirligig and her seagulls. And to the fleeing, flying zebra. Later… They'll all get theirs later!

"There's nothing to talk about, Ruby." the metal-legged mare growls. Her voice carries a bit more of an echo when she's 'excited'. "Or do you really think talking to me like this is going to make some kind of a difference?"

It's at that very moment that Ruby socks Maddie straight in the jaw with all her might, and it certainly helps that she throws all her weight into it. "Listen to me you stupid jerk!" she yells at the top of her lungs, practically frothing - anypony that knows Maddie would like be frothing from anger, but for Ruby it's exactly the opposite and it shows. The pregnant mare panting loudly from the stress she's currently under. "You dissapeared without a word! You ran away then show up with with an even worse split personality disorder, and tell me there's nothing to talk about!?" Maggie should be thankful she's hiding cause Ruby looks scary! "Do you have any idea how worried I was!? Did you even stop to consider that I missed you!?" she shakes her hoof angrily - seemingly unafraid of the very, very scary mare. "And you really think I'm going to stand by while you do horrible things!? You think you enjoy them but you're wrong! You're just trying to snuff out your other half because you're afraid to face the truth just like before!" She looks liable to blow!

Up above, the screetches of more gulls can be heard…

"Well Ruby, you seem to have the situation well in hoof here. I'll be going home." And Rising Chaos does just that, she gets up, and walks off towards home. Interesting, certainly, but she has important matters to attend to and her walking time is almost up.

Indeed, hiding seems a good idea! Sadaka half-leads, half-pushes Sunshine through the Salon door, scampering for the stairwell in the hopes she could find this aforementioned 'back room'.

Ka-pow! 'Maddie' gets socked hard, hard enough to flip backwards onto her back, landing in a harsh sprawl! She sighs out a breath, her mask knocked askew, revealing the face of the mare beneath. …It doesn't look much different than the mask, truth be told, with the same snarling sneer. Her black eyes study Ruby silently, flicking to regard Rising as she wanders off too, finally lifting to the seagulls. Stupid birds…

"Are you done?" 'Maddie' asks as she gets back up to her hooves again. "Because as fun as this has been, I have a heart to hunt down. I live to do horrible things. It is my calling. My /talent/. And it's working, even on you."

Whirligig takes a few steps back after standing up. Sure, she likes to be where the action is…but now ponies are getting punched in the face and that's not good. Before she can even get a word in edgewise, seagulls. First, it's just a few more…maybe 6 or 7. Then about 15 more show up, followed by about 20 more. They're all standing around on the ground and staring at Ruby and Maddie with those little beady eyes.

"Squaaaaaa~" one of them cries, and suddenly they're all huddled around Whirli.

She screams.

Ruby-Blossom huffs loudly "You're wrong. It's not your talent, and it's not working on me!" she shakes her hoof menacingly. "You're to naive to see the truth, and no matter what lie you tell yourself - I'll keep you from hurting yourself." Ruby's angry for sure, but it's anger out of affection and friendship - not hatred.

"Fine. You do whatever you want. I'm going to go this way now." 'Maddie' growls, turning her back on the other mare. "We'll see if you can protect me from myself in the end. All the love in the world can't save /everybody/."

With that, 'Maddie' starts to wander back down the road from whence she came. Maybe to go pay the house on the outskirts a visit anyway…

Ruby scowls at Maddie's backside as the mare retreats, and huffily she mutters. "Love is what binds us, and keeps us strong…you'll see." she watches Maddie trot off, and her legs suddenly feel like they're unable to sustain her weight and she gently flops down right there - in the middle of the street. "Idiot…" she mutters tearily.

Whirligig flails wildly as she continues screaming. Rather than freak out and fly away, the seagulls actually begin to perch on the poor mare, engulfing her in their tiny feathered bodies. Though muffled, the screaming goes on.

A passing old pony couple pauses to watch the poor mare being engulfed by seagulls. The grandpa of the pair shakes a hoof. "Hey! Hey you silly gal! That's not how you get a flock of seagulls manecut!" …The couple then continues on, muttering about kids these days, and the crazy things youth does.