Egos Painted Grey
IC date: Winter 14
OOC date: 1/2
PCs: Nocturne Plot-Twist Sodium-Fizz
NPCs: None
GM: None

All is calm tonight in Horseshoe Harbor. Most ponies are off in their homes, safe from the pouring rain, aside from a few late-night wanderers and bargoers, a few of which merrily stumble home. Amidst all of this, Nocturne sits under a tree, playing away on his guitar. It's an improvised, melancholic song. His attention seems gone, as he stares off into the ocean, puffing away at a cigarette. Beside him is an open case, with a few miscellaneous items scattered about inside.

"I see you out here allot at night." Another joins you up in your tree, the silence of her wings almost makes her approach undetectable. A strange jump-suited mare perches on a branch on the other side of the tree and looks off into the flawless night sky. "You a night owl too." she tilts her head your direction, exposing the scares the riddle the left side of her face, barely covered by the yellow tinted flight goggles she pulls down off her face.

"I suppose so," Nocturne mutters, taking a final drag of his cigarette before putting it out in his case. "Don't have to be, I've got the meds for it, but…" He catches himself rambling on and shakes his head, clearly not interested in talking about himself. "What's your story?"
Plot-Twist and Nocturne aren't the only ponies up late at night, though of the three of them only Sodium-Fizz definatly makes a show of 'not' being here. It doesn't work very well though, even under the ratty cloak that seems to have been made out of sackweave and… fur?… her protuding curly purple tail and the ever-prescent clinking of vials as she walks is rather a tell. Not that the cloak would do much to fool Twist, seeing as how she looks much like they did the first time they meet.

Twist sits on the branch so her back legs dangle and her forlegs prop her up. Some ponies think setting like this is uncomfortable but Twist doesnt' see whats so bad about it. Her tail is shorn almost into non existence though its slowly growing back. The Shadow bolt shrugs. "Murderer and assassin turned sheriff." she waves a hoof and tries to smile, though with the scars it just makes her look murderous. "Meds? For sleeping? Sure do have everything here in the land of the sun-er is that Sodium Fizz?" she squints at the robed figure and her ears twitch. "HEY! Why all the skulking about FIZZ?" she tries to point her out as hard as possible maybe even wake some ponies up with her drill sergent like voice.

"Wasn't what I had in mind, but alright," Nocturne replies to Twist, already rolling another cigarette. "If a certain unicorn sent you to take me in, I'm all yours." Upon the mention of Fizz's name, he finally notices the mare meandering near the tree. "Well, well, speaking of, what in Tartarus are you doing out here?" He flicks a match and inhales its woody aroma before lighting up his cigarette, followed by some frantic drags. It's somewhat evident that he didn't intend to be found tonight.

Sodium-Fizz sighs softly before striding up to the tree herself, a flick of a hoof sending the hood of her claok of her head. Celarly, she didn't intend to be found tonight either. "I was going to see a late night grocer, actualy… After the whole… food-monster thing I'm less than eager to show my face as you can imagine." She came to a stop by Nocturne and frowned, a hoof comming up to bat the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Ugh, those things'll kill you, you know. And I don't think Captain Twist would pull you in for that." She shot a glance up at the other mare. "Right?"

"Pardon me for sleeping during all the action of your Highness's day, but food monster?" Twist may stalk the streets for troublemakers and other rabble but doesn't get to talk with a whole lot of ponies about the troubles of the days. Rolling her gun metal grey eyes she gives a shrug, "I could? That is if yours a criminal and your giving up. Makes my job more boring, I miss getting regular use out of my blades …" a hoof going to the spring loaded blades strapped to her forhooves. "For smoking? Heck I used to, before I realized it ate half my meger pay. Military had a racket going with those, make most of our commisions back selling up those." she chuckled and pointing a hoof at the burning paper.

Nocturne flinches slightly as his cigarette is flicked out, but he immediately levitates it back and rolls his eyes. "Yeah, yeah." He tries to at least show courtesy by blowing his smoke opposite of their direction. "I heard all about that. Could'a been worse, I guess." He turns back to Twist, intrigued with the unusual history behind her. "I'm not a criminal. I just…" He takes another drag, but doesn't turn back as he exhales. "I just don't have any self control."

Sodium-Fizz rolls her eyes and shrugs. "Sure. Drop by when you want the chemical addiction part of the habit forcibly purged from your system. And be ready for some puking, too." The slight mare glanced upwards. "And if you don't get use of those blades, that's surely a good thing Twist. Ponies around these parts don't take kindly to disturbances and violence, I know that all to well. Like my latest big attempt at cooking with short temper, the food monstrosity. Wrecked a three buildings worth of windows and about six families worth of dinner and a grocery store before it got hunted down… Why'd you think I wear this ratty thing, to begin with?"

"You have a poor sense of fashion?" Says the pony wearing a black and yellow jump suit. Flapping her wings Twist nickers and lowers the crazy weapons in favor of keeping herself steady on her perch. "Oh come off it Fizz. Let the poor colt suck on his ash. I'm sure you inhale worse in your lab on a daily basis." hopping back off the tree she streatches and looks back up at Noc "If you have no self control and this is you at your worst I can tell you your not so bad off. Fizz looses her cool she unleases monsters onto the town aparently." giving her alchemist friend a whink.

Nocturne scowls at Fizz's remarks. "I can take care of my own problems, thanks." It's a pretty obvious lie, since he wouldn't be smoking in the first place if he could manage his problems. "As for your incident, I'm sorry apologizing is so ha-" He stops and tenses up for a moment, but eases up after another drag. "I'm sorry… I've been on edge lately. I promise I'm not normally like this."

He looks back at Twist and thinks for a moment. "No, this isn't my worst." After a brief pause, he gives a light laugh, and reaches into a compartment in his case that spans the neck of the guitar, pulling out a bottle of applejack. "Look at us. A bunch of ponies running from our past. Beautiful."

He opens up the bottle and takes a quick swig, shuddering a bit and chasing it with another drag before holding it in front of Twist. "Let's talk."

Sodium-Fizz issued another eye-roll as she planted her flanks on the ground. "Pah, a food monster is tame in comparison to my usual string of frustration, anger or panic-fueled catastrophies. Parasprite-munched buildings in Fillydelphia and fields of exploding, migrating corn testify to that…" She turns her head slightly, eyeing Twist with a small grin. "Oh right, and tearing the head of ponies."

Shaking her head she turned back to Nocturne. "And sure you can, just like the lot of us."

Twist apraises the bottle for a moment before giving an shrug with her wings and taking a long drag from the amber liquid. A content sigh is given and she smiles. "No Las' Pegasus Glow but it's not bad." hoofing it back with a grateful nod. "I can do talk. Not aloud to stab anymore." giving another look to Fizz, its hard to tell these days if her threats mean anything. After all when you first met she was nothing but blades. Now though she seems to be a good pony, right? "Hey Ruby's head is still attatched." may not have been with Fizz meant but its where her mind went right away. Hoofing at the ground she takes another long drink from the bottle grumbling.

Nocturne raises an eyebrow at Fizz. "Got me beat. Last time I was angry, I kissed somepony." He already appears somewhat relaxed from the subtle buzz, and he can only laugh at the pegasus' final remark. There's no denying that she's right with a guitar case full of tobacco and booze. He resumes some light-hearted playing of his guitar, quiet enough to supplement the conversation, with another slow, improvised melody.

He raises his eyebrow even wider at Twist's last comment, unaware of whatever went on between the two and Ruby, and he turns back to her. "I like you. Takes guts to stand up to something as filthy as smoking." He snatches the bottle and takes a hearty swig, and extends the bottle to Fizz.

Sodium-Fizz grabbed the bottle and took a swig herself before placing it back on the ground between them. "Oh please, you know I'm talking about Will. Though, I must admit, Ruby have given me reson for wanting to tear her head clean off, too. But I don't think I would like me doing that. She kinda is like a little sister I've never had. An annoying, sneaky little sister…"

"Kissed some pony?" Twist actually manages to blush, what is she a school filly? "Because you where angry? Man this place is all sparkles and rainbows. Where I come from ponies die when angers gets well … angry." Twist laughs and looks back up at the stars. Eyes scanning for something up there in the wide deep starry blackness. "-er Will. Of course. -heh almost forgot about her." ya right … "I let her live. Tom would have been hart broken. Only pony-er Dragon I could call a friend back there really. Not really one to have family either." seems Noc's bad mood was transferred to the now grumbling pegasus.

Nocturne grins as Fizz accepts the bottle, leaving nopony left out, and smiles even wider knowing that Ruby is okay, as he hasn't seen for her a few weeks. "Yeah, she's a character, alright." He puts his cigarette out and continues playing, allowing his song to progress into a more upbeat style.

"And yes, kissed somepony." He reaches back for the bottle to take one more swig before turning to Twist. "I knew she'd hate it. She hates a lot of things, and now I'm one of 'em." He's eventually surprised with himself for blurting that out so easily. It's probably the booze, but he's let this much out. "Rising Chaos, if y'know her." He turns back to Fizz, knowing that she recognizes the name, and shakes his head.

As he is slowly becoming more inebriated, he hastily rolls another cigarette, rambling on as soon as he licks and seals it, void of his train of thought. "I wanna make it up to her somehow, I really do, but there's no getting to that mare." He lights up his cigarette and takes a fairly long drag, forcing him to cough it out. "As you can see, that kind of stuff gets to me. I don't want ponies to see me the way she does. It isn't me."

Sodium-Fizz's ears pins back against her as her muzzle scrunches up. "Oh, her…" Apperently Arcee is not somepony Soda regards to highly, though judging from the half-glare leveled at Nocturne she still seems half-ready to take her side in things. Leaning over she snapped up the bottle and took another swig. And keep it.

Twist reaches for the bottle but its gone. Seems a Fizzy pony has stolen it for her no doubt nefarious uses. "WHAT? Chaos? Ponyfeathers colt you like them …" she waves a hoof trying to think of a swear that gets by the weird filter Celestia seems to have installed to keep her from swearing propper. "Crazier than me. I think she is in league with that evil spy and I know she is working for that dang pirate I can't get out of the harbor. Speaking of witch Fizz I need a whole lot of fire bombs."

"/Like/ them? Weren't you listening to me?" Nocturne ponders for a moment, still facing the Shadowbolt. Maybe he really did just have a thing for Rising, and couldn't stand her ignoring him. Unfortunately, that's the last thing he'll admit to anypony, himself included. He reaches to take the bottle from Fizz, but a moment's intuition stops him as he eyes the sulking mare.

"Eh, everypony in the harbor is crazy in their own way." Rolling his eyes in Fizz's direction as he speaks, he picks up a melancholic chord progression and begins strumming it, and after a while, breaks into singing, in a strangely accented tenor.

"Sorrow made your life a living hell,"
"Lights are fading,"
"Caught inside the black-holed inner self,"
"Ego painted greeeey~"

"And all around are smiling faces,
It all seems so strange,
All around are laughter-filled places,
You have to ask who's derange'~"

The voice chiming in was Sodium-Fizz's fraigle-like Trottingham-sounding voice, the mare sittling half-huddled over her bottle and taking a swig off it before sighing.

Twist's feathers ruffle and fluff out at the thought of that infuriating pony. It would almost make her look cute, a fluff ball of down if it wasn't for all those scars on her face ruining the effect. Taking another moment to sulk she sighs. She isn't good at signing but she listens to the pair sing the song. Her head lowers, resting on the soft grass. "You two sure know how to liven up a place."

Nocturne's nervous anxiety settles down after a bit of singing with Fizz, which he really didn't expect from her, nor himself, even. All in all, as far as he can tell, this night has been great. Even if it's the booze thinking for them, he feels euphoric over the moment he's having, discussing troubles with other troubled ponies.

"Thanks," he replies with a manic grin. It's apparent that there is no trace of social inhibitions left, and he's loving every moment of it. "By the way, if either of you wanna learn guitar, mandolin, or uh, flute… maybe even piano, I can teach ya. First lesson's free. I've got fliers all over town." He picks up a more positive chord progression, with an uplifting melody to its lyrics.

"Let your heart out, put your soul in it,"
"Time to fly again and let your mind go free~~~"
"No denying what this life should give,"
"From mistakes you will learn to forgive~"

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly. "Maybe I'll give it a go, not like I have anything else to do with my life other than tinker with my trade and run out of town when it blows out… and right now half of that is conspisiously abscent…" The mare fell silent again, taking another swig before placing the bottle back between them. She dosn't join in with this round of singing. It might be understandable, considering the general… sulkiness… she seems to be in. Uplifting and forgiving seems to far from her mind.

Twist stands again, being far too still for her own tastes. "I'm not much of a musician." Wing flaring she giving them a stretch and quick flap. "Sorry -erm I don't think you said your name. Mines Captain Twist." she gives a nod and takes another swig from the communal bottle. "Fizz why don't you help me with that nasty Pirate. You where all about fighting my old evils why not take a stand against somepony here?"
Nocturne's grin may as well extend past his ears after hearing Fizz entertain the idea. He quickly grabs a pencil and paper from his case and scribbles something down, handing it to Fizz. "If you ever decide to, here's my address." It isn't an address, though, rather a poorly sketched map of the town with various buildings labeled with atrocious hoofwriting, his house underlined several times, and an arrow pointing to it.

"Oh yeah, the name's Nocturne. It's been a pleasure to meet you!" His ears perk up at the mention of a pirate associated with Rising Chaos. He has a hazy memory of her from the bar, accompanied by a 'master' of sorts. It begins to add up, and he sports an eager look, as if willing to participate, but it quickly dies down. He doesn't want to even think of that mare at the moment.

"That, my dear Twist, is elementary," said Sodium-Fizz. "Fightin' you lot and everythin' could hardly make things -worse-! I mean, you lot were already set on beating the stuffin' out of us, so I might as well repay the favour. Here… Well, most ponies don't want to do that till I screw up… so I try not to screw up and get on with my life. So far… most seems to have not noticed, but it's only a matter of time I think. I'm just waiting for the other horseshoe to drop before being run out of town. Again."

The mare picked herself up, after stuffing the note into a pocket, and turned to head down the street. "Good… uh… early morning, to both of you, I guess."

"Three of a kind huh? A foal murderer a mad scientist, and … a smoker? Love struck?" Twist blinks trying to remeber exactly why Noc is sad. She is kinda bad with the details. Lifting the bottle she discovers there is no more booze. "Well I'm going to get some drink and then pass out. Need to forget some ponyfeathers." With a flutter of wings she is off, and into the bar.

Nocturne looks up at the sky, noticing that light is starting to break, but he's too tired to get up. He leans back on the tree and gets comfortable. "Seeya, Fizz." His attention is already pretty fuzzy, and his body is begging him to fall asleep. "And you too, Cap'n Twist." He puts his guitar away with what little energy is left in his, closes and locks the case, and closes his eyes for some much-needed rest.

"Wait a second," he shouts. "I'm /not/ lovestruck!"