Early Morning Waffles
IC date: Autumn 37, 2012
OOC date: October 26, 2012
PCs: Ginger-Spice, Starbolt
GM: None

Starbolt seems lost, and muttering. There's a lot of muttering, a whole lot of muttering. And Yawning, much yawning. After all the morning twilight is drawing even more near, hence why Bolt has all for hooves on the ground.

Fortunately for Starbolt, he's on the long boardwalk down by the harbour, a place where it doesn't really seem to matter what the clock is for there to be a friendly face about. As long as it's meal-time. "Well, hello to ye! I cannae say I've seen ye around before. Name's Ginger-Spice, an' I'm the finest cook ye'll ever lay ye'r eyes on!"

The voice came from behind, from the mouth whose corners were even now turned up in a cocky grin. The mare it belonged to shook her head, tossing her chili-red mane out of her eyes as she picked up the pace slightly to fall in nest to Starbolt, a small-ish red and yellow roofed wagon rolling along behind her. How she managed to sneak up on him is anypony's guess.

Starbolt blinks, One eye and then the other, turning his head to fix green eyes on the mare- He's easy to sneak up on this time of day. So long as he doesn't fly… oh but the puffy clouds look so comfy. "Good morning?" He says trying to get used to the Dialect.

Ginger-Spice just keept on smiling at Starbolt. "Yup, right fine morning it is! Mind, most ponies got to be asleep this early in the day. Actualy, kinda look like ye're asleep too come to think o' it." She halted in mid step, tapping her freckled muzzle for a moment before picking it up again. "Ye dinnae tell me yer name by the way, how 'bout ye tell me over breakfast?"

A happy young mare smiles back at you pushing aside her long unrulely locks of red and gold. Her formis oaken shaded a light yellowish tan looking much like old wood perhaps even with a slight grain or dapple. Upon her flanks is an hammer and some fancy looking scrawl as if turned from a lathe. Overall this equine form looks pretty normal only that this creature is DEFINATELY a tomboy, as she wears a heavy work vest with hammers, nails, and also wears some muddied looking work boots. She may cut a fairly dimunitive form, but this earth pony knows her trade and can turn out works of art in a hoof built sense.

Dovetail is both literal and figurative as its a well constructed joining piece that keeps corners together. This Pony would love to create for the amusement and enjoyment of others.

Starbolt shakes his head, rather violently, there's even a brrrrrpt sound. "Getting close to my bedtime," He explains, "Night shift… getting used to this city town whatever you call it." Food? He snaps out of the haze a moment, "Breakfast! That sounds excelent!" Typical male.

The gingerbrown mare's smile widened. "Dun' sound like ye need breakfast, then… Ye're in need o' a wholesale dinner!" Ginger-Spice proclaimed and bounded forward, the cart ratling behind her as she pulled it up right next to the outer edge of the boardwalk. Her horn flared a deep purple and within moments she'd unharnessed herself and… something else. Deep within the wagon came a click, sending the roof telescoping up on spring-loaded struts, bits and pieces unfolding here and there.

After a few blinks of the eye the transformation was complete, where had stood rather unasuming looking little wagon now stood a kitchen. A moment later Spice popped up the other side, her hair tied back with the purple kerchief typicaly found around her neck, grinning widely at him.

Starbolt spreads wings in supprise as suddenly a whole kitchen is almost magically plopped from the wagon. "Whoa, You don't mess around do you lady." He stamps the ground a moment and makes lip smacky zombie sounds of hunger. "I'm much oblidged Miss?"

"About food? Never!" she giggled, "And as I said, name's Ginger Spice, finest cook ye'll lay yer eyes on! And I'm thinkin'…" She rubbed her muzzle for several moments peering at Starbolt, "cinnamon 'n' chocolate waffles, perhaps? Whi' a bit of vanilla icecream an' yer choice o' jam!" Giggeling Spice licked her lips.

Starbolt isn't drooling, no really girls he's not. Okay that's a complete lie. "I think where do I sign up Ginger Spice." He offers, "I'm Starbolt, night shift weather pony at your service." Haunches plopped, he's sitting at the counter now, watching intently.

Ginger-Spice nodds with a smile before ducking behind the counter once more, her horn aglow. A moment later the waffle iron stands on the counter, whisks, spatulas and spoons floating around lazily in the air. Up on the counter comes the mixing bowl, soon filled with milk, eggs, flour, vannila suggar and a dusting of cinnamon spice. A quick whisk, crumbled chocolate in. The batter goes in as she levitates a tub of vannila icecream on the counter, followed by yars of strawberry, rhaspery and cloudberry jam.

All the while Spice have barely moved a muscle, only her eyes darting back and forth as the whole kitchen dances in a storm of tightly controled chaos. Out of the mess comes a plate upon which rested a trio of golden brown waffles, steaming in the chilly morning air.

Starbolt watches, every movement making it seem more and more delectible. Lets face it Starbolt, is drooling bigtime. "Wooow." He murmurs "Wheredya learn to cook like that." He asks, wings twitching.

"Back 'ome. Always liked a good meal, though I cannae say my parents were good cooks, so I took it in my own hooves," Ginger-Spice said with a giggle. "O' course, beein' a little filly it's hard to work a kitchen all by yerself… So I 'ad to improvise somethin', and tha' is the 'Come to Life' spell. Only good bit o' magic I know, and I've practiced it since I was…" her muzzle scrunched up as she thought, "'bout eight, I think? Well worth it, nae only for the good food, but for the look on everypony's faces when I cool it."

The last was accompanied by an cheery giggle and a grin as she eyed Starbolt for a moment, the kitchen activity dying down some around her. Apperently she's mad herself her own plate of waffles, which have had a generous applicance of icecream and cloudberry jam on them, it seems. "Jam?"

Starbolt looks as though he might cry, food, delicious unbelievably tasty incredible food. "Cloudberries, oh Celestia's feathers yes!"

There's a lot of fidgiting going on here. A lot. "Yes Ma'am." He wiggles his wings, "Sounds like a fair useful bit of magic if you ask me. Pegasus magic all involves weather usually. And bout the only useful thing I can do is lead the ships in at night." Oh tasty waffles so tasty….

Ginger-Spice heaved a very generous helping of icecream and jam onto his plate with a smile before sitting back. "Still a fair bit o' useful I figure. Only ever managed to cook or cause problem for myself with my own," she giggled, "and none o' that ma'am. Ye're making me sound like my mum. Spice's just fine."

Starbolt nods, "Spice it is," And manners last no longer he's digging in. "Ponyfeathers, this is delicious Spice." He manages between bites when his mouth isn't full. "Absolutely delicious."

"So… I just got in to town yesterday and I'm afraid I don't know much about HorseShoe Harbor."

Ginger-Spice nods and smiles, looking very pleased. "Happy ye like it, one o' my personal favourites, like my grann used to make 'em. An' I'm afraid I dun know much about it either, I only got 'ere a few weeks ago. What I can tell ye is that this place should be named Catasthrope Bay, really! Earlier the week somepony stole the town statue, 'fore that a big explosion tore main street appart, ponie's been dissapearin, whole town's been turned to foals, the town mayor's back from the dead… You name it, it's 'appened 'round these parts, apperently."

Starbolt blinks, "Oh. Sounds like I'm not quite in the right spot." He manages after having wolfed down the meal. "Best meal I've had in a while, thank you. What do I owe you?"

The gingerbread brown mare smiled and chuckled, a floating fork laded with waffles floating besides her. "Eh, consider this on the house. I hadn't eaten breakfast myself anyway. And," a cheeky grin spread across Ginger-Spices freckled muzzle, "this way, I know I'm goin' to get a repeat customer."

Starbolt grins rather stupidly. "I'll sa-" Kaboom. Just as the suns up the stallion faceplants in the empty plate. Fortunately for him he all but licked it clean. There is snoring involved.

Ginger-Spice flinched as the stallion planted his face on her plate. After a moment of hesitation she leaned forward, a hoof outstreatched as if to poke him, though not quite. She sighed and sat back, looking vaugely unsatisfied. "I guess this is what mum said they always jus' fall asleep after they've had their fun… Stallions."