Early Birthday Wishes
IC date: Summer 86, 1008
OOC date: September 14, 2013
Location: Horseshoe Harbor - Main Street
PCs: Freeze-Frame, Hawthorn, Magpie, Makuru, Page, Ruby-Blossom

<log begins mid-scene>

Page hears this, also blushes because she can see that she caused a misunderstanding. "Happy birthday oh Celestia I don't know your name and now you think I just waved because you had cake I'm not a greedy little pig honest!" She hyperventilates for a moment, then tries to calm down. She fidgets. "Would you like a book? I have plenty of books."

Hawthorn blinks at Magpie. "Well, you didn't ask," he tells her, confused at the distress. "And it's not really my birthday yet. That's on Monday, but I hafta work on Monday, so I got cake today, instead!" He watches Page hyperventilate curiously, then hands her cake. "Hi! I'm Hawthorn, and I'd like to be your friend, and I don't think you're a greedy anything, I was just wanted to share my cake with people." He smiles. "And I love books! But you don't hafta give me any of yours, it's fine, honest." He climbs up on the bench and smiles happily. Yay, friends!

Speaking of hyperventilating, around the corner to whatever room Hawthorn is at stands Freeze frame, a small present box gripped by the ribbon in her teeth. her legs shook as she looked down, trying to muster the stones to round the corner.

Magpie ohs. "Well. You still shoulda said. I'mma get you somethin' before monday." She smiles. "Sooooo hi Page. Have you met Hawthorn? This is Hawthorn. He's good at magic. "

Page gives the colt a shy little smile: she seems to have more or less calmed down. "Hi. I'm Page. She said that already. But it's true. I'm Page. And I'd love cake, also friends." Another smile: she doesn't have her retainer in today, it'd seem.

Hawthorn blushes a bit at the compliment. "Not THAT good," he says, modestly, looking down at his hooves. Ahem. He ohs and nudges Page and Magpie. "Go on! Eat the cake! It's wicked good, I promise!" He peeks at the remainder of his cake. Still lots left! It really is just huge.

"Did somepony say cake?" a voice from behind the bench says. Makuru puts his hooves on the back of the seat and leans over the front of it, directly between Hawthorn and Page, like the interrupting zebra he is. "Hey! It's a cake! Is it your birthday?" He doesn't wait for Hawthorn to repeat the story about working on Monday before he throws his hooves into the air: "Happy birthday!"

Magpie hesitates, then throws her hooves up too. "Happy birthday!" she cheers along. "…sorry, you're gonna have to make your own confetti. Or butterflies. Or butterfly confetti. Or confetti butterflies, and when they touch something the pop into confetti."

Freeze-Frame winces a bit when Makuru barges in…. her face flushes red as she stands behind the series of mailboxes she's hiding behind, whimpering. eventually, she does finally start to try and walk, her forehooves trembling as she holds the little giftbox's ribbon clenched between her teeth.

Page accepts the cake with her horn, holding it up with some apparent difficulty and having a bite. "Ooh, this IS good! Thank you so much!"

"Oh! Wait!" Makuru exclaims. "I've got a thing for that!" He pushes off the back of the bench and gallops away. "Hi, Freezie! Bye, Freezie!" he shouts as he obliviously passes his blushing friend.

Hawthorn eeps as SUDDEN ZEBRA. He giggles and smiles when he gets wished a happy birthday, though. "Thanks! I'm Hawthorn, would you like some cake?" he asks, already slicing some without waiting for an answer. He looks confused as Maggie tosses her hooves up into the air, then giggles. He caaaarefully sets the cake down, then concentrats for a moment, creating a half dozen light pink butterflies that scatter confetti as they circle Magpie. The confetti doesn't last long enough to hit the ground.

Hawthorn beams at Page. "I know, right?" he says, before catching sight of Freeze Frame. He waves brightly at her. "Hi! What's the box for? Did you want some cake? Let me get you some… oh, bye, zebra-whose-name-I-didn't-get-either!"

Freeze-Frame whimpers as she marches herself foreward. she puts the box down in front of hawthorn before blurting out, "G-gift!" in a shaky voice, her face just stuck in it's eternal flush. "I-I… I mean… I got you a gift, Hawthorn… as both a happy birthday gift a-and… and…" she whimpers a bit, never making direct eye contact.

Magpie grins and reaches over to bump Page. "See? He's so good at that!" She paws at a confettifly and grins, then sets to work nibbling on her cake. 'cause, y'know. Cake.

Page blinks twice. "You MADE made this, Hawthorn? That's amazing!" She has another bite or two, relishing the yummy cakey goodness. Mmm cake.

Hawthorn awwws and smiles at Freeze Frame, blushing faintly himself. "Aww, thank you! You really didn't hafta do that, though," he says. He ohs and perks up, slicing FF a piece of cake and floating it over to her. He huhs at Page? "Made? Oh! No, the innkeeper did that, as a gift to me for my birthday," he explains, beaming happily. "I've never tried to make a cake before." He considers it for a moment, then shakes his head. "Probably I shouldn't. Stoves look complicated."

The confettifly explodes into a bunch of confetti, then rises again from its confetti-ashes! Also, the cake is delicious.

The clip-clop of hooves on cobbles precedes the appearance of Makuru galloping back towards the group on the bench with a saddlebag upon his back. "Okay, I got it!" he shouts happily as he shrugs off the bag and begins pulling stuff out of it: a large bottle, several smaller bottles, some phials of various powders, a dried flower and a cork.

Freeze-Frame gently starts to munch at the cake, trying to smile a bit now. She quietly waits to see if Hawhtorn opens the box. she then sees Makuru with his various bottles. "Wh… wha…? Makuuuu!" she scrunches her snout.

Magpie looks with interested at the unloading. "Ooh, got any rum in there?" she asks cheerfully.

Hawthorn blinks as Makuru coems running back. "Ooh," he says, distracted, peeking at the various stuffs, leaning in to try and give the flower a sniff. He looks back at Freeze Frame, then ohs, picking up his box and very, very carefully unwrapping it. He's meticulous, making sure not to damage the wrapping or the ribbon, and carefully folding them up in his saddle bags before peeking into the box. What is it? What is it?! He doesn't seem to have noticed Magpie looking for alcohol.

Page looks scandalized. "Magpie! Do you have any idea how much trouble we'd be in if a grown-up heard you say that?" She pauses. "In any town other than this one, I mean."

"Hi again, Freezie!" Makuru says when the pegasus calls him out and scrunches her nose at him. "Are you friends with Hawthorn, too?" Several of the smaller bottles are opened, releasing some strange and mildly sugary odors into the air. Two of them are dumped into the larger bottle, which was already half-filled with a slightly blue-tinged liquid. Several of the powders are tapped into it next in varying amounts, turning the concoction a murky purple. Finally a third little bottle is caaaarefully tipped so that only a few drops of its contents go in. The contents quickly changes from purple to blotches of all the colors in the rainbow.

The flower smells like a warm spring day! Should Hawthorn care to look at what he's sticking his nose into it will appear to be a slightly muted shade of orange which was probably much more vivid before it was dried.

The box contains a semi-decent drawing of Hawthorn dressed up like the mysteriosu mare-do well with the mask off! well… decent for what an 11 year older can accomplish with crayons and such… there's also a single tiny little ruby in the box next to it!

Freeze-Frame backs away… She feels intimidated by both the older mares, especially Magpie asking for booze. The tubby pegasus is hunched down a bit, looking like with a little bit of prompting that she'd curl up into the fetal position at a moment's notice.

Magpie peeks at the little scared foal. She leans over, smiles, and says, "BOO!"

Hawthorn huhs at Page, tilting his head. "Get in trouble for what?" he asks, looking confused, before his attention is drawn back to his present. He awwwws and beams at Freezy. "Thank you!" he says. He grins, then concentrates for a moment. The confettiflies vanish, then, suddenly, Hawthorn's wearing the costume in the picture. "Ta da! Ooh, this is pretty, too," he says, floating the ruby out to peer at it a little closer. "Thank you, Freeze Frame!" He turns back to peer at the concoction that Makuru is making. "Whatcha doin'?" he asks, before squeaking and nearly falling out of his seat when Magpie screams boo. The waver in his concentration causes his magic to fail, and the costume *pop*s out of existence, too.

Freeze-Frame smiles… he's… he's really enjoying her gift. "M-maybe… maybe after your birthday has calmed down we can AUGH!" She indeed flinches at the boo and contracts before expanding again, looking somewhere between 'I'm going to destroy you' and 'I'm going to run away and cry' her wings flair out as she stares at the piebald unicorn, frowning.

"You shouldn't have to make your own confetti on your birthday," Makuru explains as he picks up the flower from the ground between his teeth and carefully sticks it down the neck of the bottle. The cork is quickly wedged into it. "So I'm making you confetti instead!" He picks up the bottle between his hooves and begins to shake it around. With the addition of the flower the contents begins to shimmer and glow; the splotches of color illuminate in turn like an inebriated disco ball.

His friend's sudden yelp and wing flair pulls the zebra colt's attention away from his potion. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Don't scare Freezie!" he chastises. "That's our game."

Page says "You know, drinking rum. We're not grown-ups, after all."

Magpie tries to stifle her giggles and look contrite. She really does.

Hawthorn hmphs at Magpie. "That was MEAN," he tells her, reaching over to give poor FF a quick hug. He's quickly distracted by the promise of confetti. "Oooh, I didn't know confetti was made out of soda and flowers. Neat!" He turns around and places his forelegs on the back of the bench, watching Makuru make things. "What's rum?" he asks Page.

Freeze-Frame was about to lunge forward, but gets a hug instead from hawthorn, her face just glowing now as she hugs back for that brief, fleeting moment… she stumbles back now, a big smile pread across her flushed muzzle. "…mnever washin… nngh… mm…" she mumbles to herself, standing there dazed a bit.

Makuru shakes his head. "It's not soda! At least, I wouldn't want to drink it." He squints at the potion as the violently flashing colors begin to level out and become a steady throb instead. "Okay, I think it's done." The zebra grabs the cork in his teeth and yanks it out.

The potion proceeds to explode out of the neck of the bottle like a geyser, completely soaking Makuru's head in a rainbow deluge.

Page doesn't seem to be buying it, Magpie. She flails in surprise at the exploding potion, falling out of the bench with an undignified little 'thud.' "Be careful! What's in that?"

Magpie is about to start laughing when there's a sudden geyser of rainbows in the middle of the square! She lets out a yelp and dives behind the bench! "Augh!"

Hawthorn totally doesn't notice FF's fugue state, far more interested in liquid confetti. He meeps and magics his cake out of the way, so it doesn't get geysered. "A-are you alright?" he asks Makuru, before Page falls off of the bench. "Um. And are YOU alright?" he repeats to Page, offering her a hoof up. He blinks at Magpie, then shrugs and reaches down with his other hoof to poke her nose. "Beep!"

Success! This is certainly how Ruby would describe the little foray into Batcave - not only did she manage to sneak past bat ponies, she retrieved what might be an awesome clue. Then there's rainbow geyser and she hasn't faintest clue what to make of this. "uhh…" she cautiously trots towards Hawthorn's Cake Mountain - that's one big cake.

Freeze-Frame is thankfully the one pony who's used to this, and the explosion of rainbow has helped snap her out of said fugue state. "Maku, I was tryin' to tell you maybe that'd not be such a good idea, but then Hawthorn opened up my gift!" She giggles a little bit, but giggles a little more when she sees magpie get scared. "Not so nice when somepony else does it to you, huh?"

Page is on her back, hoofs wiggling in the air, unable to right herself with her overladen saddlebags. Comparisons to turtles would be appropriate.

Makuru sits in a stunned silence, the bottle still in his hooves and the cork gripped between his teeth. As ponies begin asking how he's doing the cork drops from his mouth. "That… wasn't supposed to happen." He blinks at the bottle. "I don't get it. The sundancer blossom should've made all the liquid congeal int—"

~-~ POOMF! ~-~

The rainbow goo on Makuru's face and head explodes again, this time into an immense mane of confetti. It makes him look like a very colorful lion.

Magpie's eyes cross when she's booped. She sticks her tongue out at Freezy. "Eh, dun' bother me much." She reaches over and pokes Page in the ribs. "Do you need some — BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Hi, Ruby!" Hawthorn says, waving a hoof. He starts to slice Ruby a bit of cake, floating her the slice on a plate. "Have cake! It's from my birthday, even though my birthday's not 'til Monday." He ooohs at the second explosion, then applauds. "That's like wicked awesome!" he exclaims, as he hops off of the bench and attempts to roll Page onto her hooves so she can get up.

Ruby hmms at Hawthorn. "Birthday huh?" Clearly Ruby is already hard at work considering the possibilities. She glances at Page then certainly looks at Makuru. "I could only imagine the outcome if you got near my little unicorn."

Freeze-Frame quickly fumbles her camera out and snaps a photo of Makuru! admittingly this isn't the first time she's taken a rediculous photo of Maku, so it's not that surprising. the polaroid photo slides on out of the camera amd freeze frame grabs it with a wing carefully to let it properly auto-develop in a safe spot. she then eyes ruby and waves a bit. "Hiii, lady.

"Makuru shakes his head and begins scraping confetti off of his head— but not before Freeze Frame manages to get a ridiculous photo! "Hi there, Miss Blossom," he says. "We were just giving Hawthorn some gifts." He beams when Hawthorn appreciates the potion even if it was a failure. The comment about Ruby's little unicorn brings the zebra's attention back to the stylist. "Huh? Why, when's Magpie's birthday?" He looks to the piebald pony. "When's your birthday? Do you want a confetti potion, too?" She can answer when she's done cracking up.

Ruby offers Freeze-Frame a friendly little wave and friendlier smile, and Makuru gets an identical helping. "Magpie is certainly my little unicorn, and her birthday was a scant time ago. However, my littlest unicorn seems to have a knack for coloring. Perhaps you should come visit her sometime." she offers Freeze-Frame a playful smile. "I'm sure it would be an opportune moment." She trots to Hawthorn to give the foal a hug then waves to the lot. "I'll be at home if you need anything." Mostly directed towards Magpie and Hawthorn, but she'll not deny the other foals.

Page flails around, wobbling back and forth. "It's not-" unfillylike grunt "-it's not funny! Could you please help me up?" She accepts Magpie's hoof and tries to lever herself over. She's a skinny filly and those are heavy saddlebags.

"Okay mom," Magpie says, as she braces two hooves against Page's saddlebag and heaves!

Hawthorn hugs Ruby back happily, floating the cake onto her back as she lets go. That way, she can eat it whenever she gets home! He bounces a little bit, clearly VERY excited about his birthday, and pleased with how it's going so far. He helps to heave along with Magpie, limning his horn up to add some magical umph to the roll. Goodness knows his scrawny little legs won't be able to push anything heavier than a biscuit.

Freeze-Frame doesn't bother helping with the page situation…. she'd likely only get in the way anyhow… she does however walk over and show Makuru the developing picture, a warm smile on her face. she nods to Ruby. "wait, miss! where do you live…?"

Ruby stops in mid-trot and motions down the street towards the salon and it's near complete expansion. "I own the salon on Main Street." she offers the little filly a warm smile. "Come by sometime, and I'll style your mane." She wiggles her hoof "Take care."

Page turns over finally, totters a step or two and then gets stable. "Thanks." She eyes her bags. "Maybe I should start paring down to the essentials. But what would I leave at home?"

"Maybe a couple less books?" Hawthorn suggests. He stretches, then peeks skywards to try and guage what time it is. "Oh! I should get goin', though. I still gotta find Straylight and Starbright and Camilla and Whistlestop and Dream Daze and Pumpkin and offer them all cake." He considers for a moment. "Oh, and Kludge. And Sunshine. And Hobby." He taps his hoof. "Maybe I outta make a list…"

Magpie ah! "Hey! Where you goin'?" She runs after Ruby and gives the mare a hug around the neck. "You can't just walk off like that!"

Page smiles sheepishly. "Well, thank you very much for sharing your cake with me, Hawthorn. It was lovely meeting you. Maybe I'll see you at school?"

Freeze-Frame quietly enjoys the slice of cake, smiling… she mumbles to Makuru. "Hey, maku…? Do you think he likes me?"

Snagged! "Geh!?" Ruby squeeks when Magpie latches onto her suddenly. "But I said I was heading home…" she objects quietly before giving Magpie a small pat on the head. "Take care of Hawthorn - I'll see you when you get home." offering her favorite a warm smile - don't tell the other foals.

Makuru is still trying to brush confetti out of his mane. "See you later, Hawthorn! Happy birthday!" When Freeze Frame mumbles to him he gives her an odd look. "Of course he does, why wouldn't he?" The zebra is probably using the wrong definition of 'like' there.

Magpie waves to Hawthorn. "I'm goin' home with Mom. See you later!"

Hawthorn nods at Page. "Of course! I'm lookin' forward to it!" He waves at Magpie as he passes. "Okay! See you 'round!" He waves at the other foals, too, apparently not picking up on their conversation, as he turns and bounces through the town, looking for other friends to share the gift of cake.

Freeze-Frame stuffs the photo away before she strts to flutter up, a happy look on her face as she just flies up… up… up… and out of sight.