Drunken Confessions
IC date: Autumn 52, 1007
OOC date: November 10, 1007
PCs: Winter-Solstice, Magpie, Jellybean, Windrose, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None


Guard duty.

Oh, Celestia, guard duty. Winter is standing near the big door, facing it. Every few seconds she leans forward and bonks her head against the door. Thump. Thump. Thump.

That's it. That's all she's doing. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thimp. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thomp. Thump. Thump. Thamp. Thump.

Jellybean hears the thumping and trots out to see what's making the noise. Oh, it's Winter. …why is Winter doing that? "Doesn't that hurt?" he asks.

"Does what hurt?" asks Winter. Thump. Thump. Thump. She tilts her head slightly to peer at Jellybean sideways as he approaches. "Bumping up against the door?" Thump. Thump. Thump. "A bit at first but now my face is mostly numb." Thump. Thump.

Magpie comes trotting up the corridor, following the thumping noise. She thought maybe zombies, but.. uh. "Winter, are you drunk?" she asks, forehead wrinkled.

Jellybean says "Oh." Pause. "Uhm." Paaaause. "Maybe your face being numb isn't so good?"

The smell of sour milk whafts into the cavern, sour milk and stringing chemicals. Which is rather strange considering nopony here is able to keep cows. The chemicals is most likely easier to explain, considering the ponies that's found temporary residence within the base. Speaking of which…

Sodium-Fizz hobbled into the room, in large because of the pronounced limp of her left hindleg and the fact she got a clay bottle hocked in a pastern. While the state of sobriety might be questionable for Winter, it's absolutely not for the squinting alchemist. A unsteady hoof came up, running across her ears, the right one sporting a jagged edge after last nights messy escape. "Wha's goin' on 'ere…?"

Winter-Solstice stops thumping the door with a *sigh* and draws back a few steps, then tosses her head to realign her mane in a suitably messy profile. There's a line of red down the front of her face, tenderized skin glowing through her pale coat. "-There is quite literally absolutely nothing else whatsoever ever to do in here besides this,-" she hyperbolizes. "And no, I'm not drunk, Magpie." Winter reaches out and points at Soda. "She is. That's what drunkenness looks like." Winter brightens up and calls out to Soda. "Heya, tipsy! You've been hittin' the sauce, I see! Good, good. I was worried I was gonna be the only bad example here today."

Magpie gives Winter a long look. "Um… Maybe you… should be..?"

Magpie gives the big mare a hug around one leg.

Jellybean looks over at Sodium and blinks. "Have you been drinking grown-up drinks?" He doesn't sound dubious or unpleased, more just confused and curious. You know, like usual.

Winter-Solstice waggles her hugged leg, reaching over wih another to pat Magpie on the head, and then squints at Jellybean. "Aren't you NORMALLY grown-up, 'Bean?"

Windrose meanders through the base, drifting with light flaps of her wings so her forelegs are free to hold the large sheet of parchment between them and occasionally scribble at it with the quill held in her mouth.

The alchemist squinted at Winter-Solstice for several long moments before picking herself up from the cold floor, setting a mendering course towards the trio of ponies. "Ayup, I 'ave… And I'm not tipshy… I'm shloshed! …out of my head. Like tha', my headh's a messh at the moment…"

Sodium-Fizz came to a halt by them before droping to her haunches, taking a swig from the bottle. By the way her muzzle scrunches up it tastes awful. Lowering it again she peered at Jellybean, then up at Winter. "Aint he a bit… you know… short fo' bein' grown up…?"

Jellybean blinks. "Well, yeah, but even then I haven't had any grown-up drinks. They smell funny to me."

Magpie explains helpfully, "He's usually bigger, apparently."

Winter-Solstice puts her hoof back down and shrugs at Soda. "Iunno. Snowfield's a li'l dinker too and she's grown up. Frankly, if you ask me, EVERYBODY'S too short." She watches Soda for several long moments, brow gradually furrowing. "Where'd you even get that stuff? Did you cook it up? Did you actually make rock booze? I dunno if I want to try any myself, now. It smells a little, uh, like a little sort of like something you don't normally ingest unless you want to be like throwing up. For hours." Turning her head, she watches Windrose wander by, but doesn't say anything just yet.

"It smells like the stuff they use to clean silver," Magpie puts in.

Windrose's ears perk up as she overhears conversation, and looks up over her paper, twitching the quill to the corner of her mouth so she can speak clearly. "Jellybean never took the cure for the foalifying curse. Yet." Followed by a cute scrunchy-face of confusion. "… rock booze?"

Jellybean blushes when he realizes he's being stared at. He takes a step back and to the side, hiding behind Winter's legs.

Sodium-Fizz nods. "Rock booze! Took quishe a bit o' thinkin', but I figured tha' out. Disholves rock righst into booshe. Kinda… It's a bit…" The grey mare peered at the bottle for a moment. Indeed, it's a bit… Most likely the smell of it would be enough to peel the paint of a wall, really.

After a moment she turned her gaze to Winter, a hoof comming out as she prodded her in the chest-ish… "An' I donsh' care! I'll take throwin' up for hours, rish now. I dun want to be in 'ere." She tapped her own head with the tip of her wing.

Magpie glances up at Winter. "Sounds like you feel the same way… what happened? Why're you two upset?"

Winter-Solstice nods at Windrose with a bright smile. "You can apparently ferment rocks. Did you know that? I didn't. It's an alchemy thing." She looks back to Sodium just in time to get poked, and peeks down at her chest, then up at Soda. She shifts her stance to better protect Jellybean from the SOCIETAL ILLS of ALCOHOL ABUSE. Today, on a Very Special Episode of 'Stuck in Horseshoe Base Forever'… "What, in here? In the base? Neither do I! I…" Oh. Her head. Winter reaches up and pokes Soda in the forehead with a hooftip. "Have you tried reading a book? Reading is a way to take a magical adventure to another world. Also all the books they have here have some pretty wacky ideas about what a world with sunlight is like, so it's really kind of magical sometimes, like it'll make you go 'whoa what.'" She watches Soda for a moment, then reaches out again, braces a hoof against the pegasi's shoulder, and insistently pushes to the side, as Winter is curious to see if she can tip Sodium over entirely.

Windrose half-lids her eyes. "Wacked is putting it lightly."

Sodium-Fizz snorts as Winter decends into talking about the wounders of literature, taking the moment to run her hoof over her torn ear again and actualy downright glaring at Magpie, "Nuthin'… No sthtupid ideas, no sthupid zombies, no sthupid me an'-…"

She doesn't make it much further before she topples over. It took a few moments for her eyes to focus, this time to hit Winter with the glare. "Whatsh that for…?"

"For Science," says Winter, watching Sodium with a bright smile.

Windrose says "And this is why drunk pegasi shouldn't fly, either"

Jellybean peeks over at Magpie from behind Winter, seeing that the grown-up ponies are apparently going to keep talking about liquor. He gives her a little wave.

Magpie waves back to Jelly. She trots over and hugs Sodium. "What kinda stupid idea about stupid zombies?" she asks the sloshed pony, patting her neck.

A moments of silence, then a slate grey hoof rose, pointing at Winter - or more precisely at her forehead. "Ye're bleedinsh…" Fizz said, "ye shouldn't be bleedinsh, ye're to pretty to be bleedshin… And the zombiesh will get you, I don' wantsh to see more zombies… Bitey, chompy zombies…"

Sodium-Fizz shuddered again before turning her eyes to Magpie. After a moment she smiled if shakily, one of her spred wings streaching and curling, pulling Magpie close. "We wenths outshide yesterday… Wash stupid.

Winter-Solstice sits down on the floor besides Sodium. "Besides, I can't get drunk myself, remember? I gotta get drunk -vicariously.- You gotta take all the tipsy tumbles for me, Soda. Maybe later you can go drunkenly hit on a coat rack or something. I'll be your wingman." She looks at Soda's wings for a moment, then shakes her head. Reaching up, she pokes at her reddened forehead, then draws her hoof back. "No blood. Just a bruise. It'll be fine."

Windrose rolls her eyes a bit. "Maybe we should go make her lay down for a bit until she goes from drunk to hung over."

Magpie eeps. Cough. She waves a hoof at the … fumes. "What? You mean the whole "beam of light over the forest" thing? That was zombies?" She pauses. "That wasn't stupid. We needed to know about that."

Jellybean nodnods to Magpie. "What she said. The more we know about what's going on the better. Well. Maybe not me. The more I know what's going on the more scared I get and the more I wanna hide under a blanket until it's all over."

Winter-Solstice shakes her head. "We didn't really learn anything, though. Evil Snowfield was in there. She has a… a chamber in the hive with sunlight in it. Like there's a sun portal or something. But we couldn't find anything out. She ran us out pretty fast-like and we ran back here." She sighs, and shakes her head again. "We didn't get anything on that trip except bite marks! And experience points, I guess, but I sure as heck don't feel like I'm any stronger."

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, "Yesh… tha's abouths it… Little infoshmation, bitsh marks and more scarsh." The mare hugged Magpie closer, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "Iths not fun out there… I jush was to go back home, I think. Back home where theresh no zombies, no stupid ideash, no being cooped up in this stupid plashe with stupid Ruby, an' stupid me and stupid Redmane and stupid pretty Winter…"

Windrose huffs. "We -all- want to go home, Fizzy. But just sitting whining and getting drunk about it isn't going to help us get there."

Winter-Solstice squints her eyes. "Pretty stupid Winter?" she murmurs, then shakes her head. She peers across at Windrose. "There's not a lot else we can do right now, though. Might as well brainstorm, right? Someplace where it's warm. And where there's food. Technically. I think Soda has the right idea! Experiment with strange chemicals. Maybe in a suitably altered state we'll get the BEST ideas." She turns and smiles at Sodium. "Can you make any hallucinogens?"

Magpie ums. "I think she said you're stupid and pretty, Winter. Not 'pretty stupid'.

Jellybean blinks. "What's a hallucininogen?"

Winter-Solstice smiles at Jellybean. "Something tha tmakes you see things that aren't there." Lifting her hooves, she waggles them to either side of her face. "Like a book, which takes you on a magical adventure to another world! Except the adventure chases you back into this world and you cannot escape from it no matter how much you scream and cry. But you're the only one that sees it, so everybody else is like, whaaat is uuuuup with that. Then the voice of Celestia tells you what your spirit animal is."

"…" Windrose rolls her parchment up and tucks it under a foreleg -just- so she has her hooves free to slap them to her face in an epic double facehoof. "I don't think getting us all drunk and high is going to help. You guys are crazy."

"It 'elps me, dunnit?" came the curt response from Sodium-Fizz. "And I dunhs see why we shuldn't! We're stush here and only we cansh do somethin' about it… and I'm all out o' ideas. Might as well jus' do whathever we want…"

She sighed and pulled Magpie in tighter in the hug. "Like… I wanna play hide an' seek whi' Maggie… I likesh 'er… If I 'ad a daughter, I'd wantsh her to be Magpie."

Magpie shifts, looking uncomfortable. "Um… thanks," she says with an awkwardly strained expression. "Why don't I just… uh.. go hide right now."

"If -I- had a daughter, I'd want her to be a DRAGON," says Winter, sitting up. "RAAAH." She sits back down and smiles again at Windrose. "What are YOU working on, Windy? Are you doing a map? Of the base? I already did that, ten times. In my head. It doesn't change, ever."

Windrose says "No, when she was sober Fizzy wanted me to make a map of all the places we've found out and such," Windrose replies. Then peers at the other pegasus. "Not that she's in any sort of state to make use of it right now….""

"Well, it's not like she's going to be drunk FOREVER," says Winter with a roll of her eyes and a lopsided smile. Her eyerolling seizes up at about the 2 o'clock mark, though, and she frowns and turns to look at Soda. "Right, Sodium? Is this a permanent thing? It isn't, is it?"

"I wish it were! Thensh I donsh have to be my own sthupi self anything…" Sodium-Fizz groaned and, after a few moment, losened the grip on Magpie, giving her a brief nuzzle - and a accidental hit of the paint-peeling fumes. Once again having most of her limbs free she rolled onto her chest and picked herself of the ground, finaly.

Windrose crinkles her snout. "Next time you want to get drunk, can you at least make something that doesn't smell so harsh?"

Winter-Solstice sits up, too, watching Sodium with a furrowed brow. "Uh oh. Now where are you going? I'm not sure you're in a good enough condition to, like… walk."

Magpie wheezes and squirms away from Fizzy, coughing. Oh Celestia that's bad…

Sodium-Fizz huffed and turned her muzzle upwards, "I can walk jus' fine… thank you very muchs!"

Two stepps later proves that, yes, she's in no condition to even walk.

Jellybean meeps and nudges Sodium with his snoot when she falls over. "Should we get her to bed?" he asks.

"Ha ha ha! Oh, Sodium," says Winter, bumbling in. "You're such a kidder." She reaches down and, assuming she doesn't get kicked about, goes about manhandling… marehandling? marehoofling? Marehoofling. She marehoofles Sodium up onto her back, then, as one might don a pair of saddlebags. Winter then nods at Jellybean. "That's the plan, Stan. Here, take this." With a twist she reaches back and divests Sodium of her bottle, if she still hands it, and passes it off to Jellybean. "We'll give that to the professor later and tell him we made a bomb or something."

Windrose waves her forehooves at Fizz. "See, told you she should just go lay down."

"I think we could melt ice with it," Maggie suggests. "…also, possibly rocks."

Jellybean's eyes start watering when the fumes reach him, but he nods gamely and trots after Winter with the bottle's strap in his mouth. How could anypony even think of frinking this?

Sodium-Fizz eeped as Winter hoisted her up and dumped her over her back. "'Ey… give that backsh! Ye're not old 'nush to 'ave tha'… Neithser for the alcohole contentsh or the exploshive potentshial!" The grey mare doesn't manage much more than waving a hoof inefectualy in Jellybean's direction before she winds up sulking, slumping across Winny's back. "I'm fine 'nought to walk… really!"

"Nope, you are totally not!" corrects Winter. "Half the foals around here like getting piggyback rides, anyway. Just think of it like, like… like a… like a chance to relive your youth. Or whatever." She then turns away from the door- GUARD POST ABANDONED WOOP WOOP- and filters her way through the milling ponies, out of the main chamber, and towards the bunks set up in the lab in the next room over. She isn't interfering with anybody following, though, so if someone wants to tag along, then that is totally stellar. "No barfing, though," she says along the way. "We can't have anybody barfing in an enclosed space like this. It'll be bad news for everyone."

"I'll try…" came the sulky repply from Sodium-Fizz before biting down on her lower lip. From somewhere in her alcohole riddled mind came a question. "Why'd ye keep helpshin me out…? I'm a clompleths wreck!"

Winter-Solstice makes a face. "What am I supposed to do? Just sorta go 'oh hey Soda's all a wreck let's just ignore her until she goes away?' That woudln't even actually happene even if it was something we actually WANTED to do." She approaches a bunk- whose?! Who knows! Lots of them just sort of get hot-swapped between ponies as everybody's various sleep schedules collide and mingle- and moves to shoulder Soda into it. Winter is not a gentle pony, but fortunately the landing zone is as soft as a straw mattress can manage, and she tries, at least. "Anyway because you're my friend and I want to make sure you're okay. There's not a lot else for me to do here, you know? I can do this, though!" She then plonks down next to the bunk and raises her voice, shouting across the base. "SOMEONE ELSE GET GUARD DUTY FOR A BIT, I AM BUSY."

Jellybean rears up on his hind legs to put the bottle on a handy dresser out of reach of Sodium, nearly falls over and realizes that this isn't going to happen, then sets it down next to the dresser instead. "Just get some rest, okay Sodium? I bet you'll feel lots better after a nap. I know I usually do."

Magpie trots over to the door, plants her hooves, and sits down firmly, glaring death-glares at anypony who dares approach The Door.

Sodium-Fizz sighed, "I guessh… Thanksh Jellybean…" She winced at Winters shout, always with the shouting with that one! The expression Winter-Solstice earns is an odd one, somehow Fizzy manages to both glare, pout and look extremely bothered at the same time.

"Thanks, Jelly," says Winter. She eyes the clay jar balefully for a few moments before turning to look back at Soda. Winter is not very good at Thoughtful Expressions, but she can fake it sometimes. Now is one such a time. "We're all feeling pretty bad about things, Soda. We're totally in over our heads. I mean, like, this isn't what any of us came to Horseshoe Harbor for but here we are." She quiets. "Actually I came to Horseshoe Harbor for excitement and adventure so this is sort of what I was looking for but I think I maybe sort of didn't bring the right skillset? Anyway that's not important. Point is you shouldn't be all like, like… like I'm so useless! about this. Because we're ALL useless. In different ways. And you can be useless with your potions and sometimes, they help a lot. Like with the dragon. That was basically the best kind of uselessness since it helped a whole bunch. AND it was fun. Even if it made me burp a lot and I slept for like three days after it wore off all the way."

Jellybean nodnods agreeably. "I'm not that useful most of the time. Unless it's with the weather or finding missing things."

Sodium-Fizz pouted. "I'm notsh usheless. See, the thing ish, I'm mosth likely in the top three mosth dangeroush ponies in the base. But… the thing ish… See, the thing ish… I'm completely bonkersh." A grey hoof tapped her forehead.

"Do you knowsh the lasth time I had a speshial somepony? Not countin' Silver Cauldrun, 'cush 'es a mind-controlin' dead plot-'ead! I tell ye wah'… Never."

Winter-Solstice, settled on her haunches, leans back against the wall, forehooves tapping against the floor in front of her. She peers across the lab and idly counts the broken rubies that adorn the wall. "Who's Silver Cauldron? He's an ex?"

Sodium-Fizz scoffed, "Exh husband, actualy…"

Winter-Solstice turns her head, furrowing her brow. "Ex husband? You were married? Really? What happened?" She squints her eyes a bit as she thinks. Where do pegasi put the rings? … where do earth ponies put the rings? … who invented rings in the first place since nobody can really use them? Unicorns. -Unicorns.-

Jellybean blinks at the conversation currently sailing right over his head. "I'm gonna go help Magpie at the door." He trots out to the front and gives her what he no doubt thinks is a salute.

"I toldsh, you… He was a mind-controlin' plot-'ead… Litteralshhy! Three months after we meet 'esh dead, and tha's a good thin'." Fizzy scowled. "I dunsh' like to think 'bout it."

"Seeya, 'Bean," says Winter, waving to The Littlest Weatherpony as he goes. She then looks back to Fizz. "Okay, well, uh, I guess that's good, then. We won't talk about that!" Not for now at least. Winter files it away in her -quest log.- "Anyway, there's not, like some kinda RULE that you have to have a special somepony. I don't think most people here do. So it's not that bad, is it?"

Sodium-Fizz rolled onto her stomach, still looking sulky. "I knowsh… I jush wish I did at timesh… All kindhs of 'normal' poniehs have somepony… I'd liksh tha', if nothin's else than to showe it insho the face of my therapsits…"

Winter-Solstice makes a face. "Maybe you'd be better off wanting one because it'll make you happier? Unless your happiness is about showing up your therapists. In which case you should probably get new therapists 'cause they're not really meant to be… like… adversaries."

"Tell tha' to them! Alwaysh proddin' an' pokin away and shakin' 'eri heads." Soda sighed. "Can't help but to get angry at them…"

Covering her head with her hooves she groaned. "I'm startin' to get a headache fro' all this now, too."

"You probably need something to drink," says Winter. "That is water and not crazy booze distilled from anything inedible. Hold on." She pushes upright and heads out for a minute.

And then she returns, a minute later. How conveniently times! She's balancing a cup of water on her head, and she sets it down on the hodgepodge nightstand beside the bunk. There's a straw and everything. "Better stay hydrated."

"Thanks…" Sodium-Fizz smiled thinly, her hooves dropping form her head as she pushed herself up and leaned over, placing a kiss on Winter's cheek before grabing the glass. Straw in mouth she let herself sink back to the bed.

Winter-Solstice smiles at the kiss before she frowns because Sodium sort of has nasty breath right now. She settles back into place, sitting beside the bunk, braced up against the wall. "You know that trip to the Hive was kind of a washout," she says. "But I was thinking about it earlier, when I was bangin' my head on the door- that was kind of fun, by the way- and I'm thinking it was a good thing we had you there along with."

Sodium-Fizz glanced up at Winter, not looking particularly certain for her part. "Yeah, righ'… I only woun' up freakin' out, lot of goo' I did there… An' you shouldn' bang your face like tha', I like it the way it is… Looksh good."

"Bruises add character," says Winter, reaching up to tap at the spot where she was poundin' on the door. The puffy pink tenderized spot is mostly better by now. She lowers her hoof. "And yeah you did freak out and I'm not gonna be like, 'that's really a good thing.' But I think if you weren't there I woulda gone off the handle and started trying to mash that dumb filly." Winter frowns. "And I still want to and I hope we do. She's bad news. I was hoping she wouldn't be bad news but I was wrong and that's really too bad. News." She sighs. "But that was pretty dangerous in there and I'm not sure it would have worked. Maybe I coulda got her but the zombies woulda got me, although I bet I woulda taken most of them out, first! Actually maybe I could have made it! But I don't know for sure. But I do know that I wouldn't have even tried to get out except I knew I had to help you and Ruby and Pinkie make it out. So I did. And maybe I could have taken 'em all but I definitely know for sure I'm alive now and it's because you were there to help remind me that there's more that I have to worry about then punching evil at least sometimes."

Winter shakes her head briskly. "Don't get me wrong, punching evil is still REALLY IMPORTANT, though. But here you and Ruby and Pinkie were also important."

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly. That… made a kind of sense, for the most part. A hoof came up, prodding the jagged edge of the bitemark in her ear. "I… dun' think youdsh have made it… We barelshy made it ash it wass…"

She shot Winter an evaluating stare, "Well… maybe you would have. But… yeah, I guessh some good came out of it. Buths never you think's this place could do withoutsh you as any more than it cuold ush, okey?" Fizz pouted. "There'd be no eye-candshy about whi'out you…"

Winter-Solstice shakes her head. "I'm not gonna start trying to measure who would do better without who 'cause that's dumb and I just want to have all my friends here and keep them here, and not have to worry about anything else, so there." She folds her forelegs across her chest. So there. After a few moments she relaxes and peers at Sodium in the manner of someone trying to deduce what exactly is going on in a science experiment they have no real undstanding of. "Why're you calling me eye candy and pretty and kissing my cheek and stuff? Do you like me or do you just like everybody?"

Having used that particular look more than once herself, after all learning and advancing alchemy is all about scientific experiments, Fizz knew one thing. She was in deep water. So deep that the bottom was more a question of 'if' rather than 'where'. "I… I dusnh… know whatsh your talkin' 'bout…" She looked away.

The bunk shakes and creaks beneath Fizz as pieplate hooves brace themselves against the mattress beside her and Winter leans in to peer down at Sodium, who, bad breath be danged, cannot look away from Winter, who has angled her face to peer down at Sodium. "You sure?" she says. "Because honesty is always the best policy." There is a certain solemnity in her voice which is always there when s he tells someone honesty is the best policy… which is fairly often, actually, since this is basically the sum of her romantic advice to anybody ever. That said, it doesn't seem like she's *digging* for anything in particular.

A soft whinney escaped Fizz. For a moment she entertains the idea of going for… for some potion or something, something to get away. But… most likely there's no getting away from this one short of leaving the base for forever.

It… was kinda tempint for a few moments.

Feeling a blush starting to burn on her cheeks she sighed, "I… guesh? You look goo'… Like, realysh goo', like tha' one mare in Stalliongrad, all big ansh stron an'-… And you're nishe, even whens I'm a pain…" She draped her hooves over her head. "Not shure what I shoul' be thinkin'…"

Winter-Solstice folds her forelegs on the edge of the bed and settles with her head resting on them, so she can watch Sodium without WATCHING SODIUM. "Oh," she says. Normally when she tells someone to BE HONEST, they double down on their insistence and that's that. This is the first time it's ever actually inspired someone to change their song. "Well…" Her brow furrows. "Why'd you say something else the first time? Why don't you just go, like, 'Hey Winter, you're real keen'?"

"'Cuash I'm not qutie tha' drunk…" came the muttered response. "And I guesh I'm worried… I always worry about everythin', 'caush theresh always -shomethin'- going wrong."

"Not gonna lie, that's sort of a silly reason to not do anything," says the Bold Pony. "Of course something might go wrong, something always might go wrong! But you do it anyway because you definitely know something's going to go wrong if you don't do anything at all, right?" Winter turns her head and rests her cheek on her folded forelegs, peering down the length of the bunk and onto the lab floor. She's quiet for a little while- and like an actual little while, not just like a Winter little while, which is like four seconds. "You know this would be a real good time fo me to say something like 'well it's a good thing you told me so I can get away with this' and then I could give you like a big ol' kiss, but, uh, maybe after you're, uh, brushed your teeth a bit first."

Sodium-Fizz lay still for several long moments, whatever mental process going on in her seeming to be slowly grinding together in a big cognative mess. It was about time for that too. "Mayshbe it's silly… but what'sh the chances you couldsh actualy stand me, in the endhs?"

The grey mare sighed and. "Yeah, brushin' my teeth would be a goo' idea… And maybe sleep… I dunn think I did tha'… Just grabshed the bottle."

A moments of silence, then, "Winny… do… do you thinhs you could giff me a hoof… I thin' I need to throw up…"

Winter-Solstice pushes herself upright and off her lean against the bunk, and standing up, smiles cheerfully. "Sure, one sec." She shoots off in a blur of white and red; from the next room over, there's a *bang* and a "Hey!" and a "SORRY" and then Winter bustles back in, a big stewpot on her head. She has her head tilted back so she can peek out the bottom, down her nose, and tell where she's going. Drawing near Soda's bunk once more, Winter drops her head to drop the pot beside it with a *bang.* "I think I could actually stand you pretty well," says Winter. "You keep telling me you're pretty unbearable but it's not like that's a deal-breaker. Ruby is sneaky and keeps disappearing all the time and I'm pretty sure she's hiding stuff, and Snowfield is suuuuuuuuper grouchy, and Jellybean screams all the time which isn't brave and heroic at all which is too bad since there always needs to be more heroes. But I think if any of them didn't do any of that it'd be weird since I kind of like it when they're not perfect since it makes me feel less bad about the things that make me not perfect, too. So if there are things that make you not perfect, that's okay, and I can put up with them." She stops and stares at the pot for a few moments. "Except I think I'm gonna go for now since if you're gonna be barfing you don't need me to, like… stick around… and cheer you on. I can if you want but I bet you can do it on your own. And you should sleep and I should get back to guarding since when I was on my way to the kitchen just now I saw nobody was guarding the door and that's probably not a very good thing."

Sodium-Fizz smiled shakily, pushing her mane out of her face. "Thanksh Winny, fo' everythin'… I… hopesh I'm a bit more shoober next time… Goo' ni-nigh…"

The pegasus didn't make it any further than as she dubles over the pot, heaving. For Fizzy it would be a rough night, indeed… and more, depending on how much of the conversation they just had she'll remember to fret over.

"Yep! No problem, Fizzy. Happy to, uh…"

Winter watches for a few moments. Okay, it's barfing time! Winter slips back a step, then another, then turns to trot off while Soda is otherwise occupied. That's right! Always leave on a high note!