Drinking Gone Bad
IC date: Autumn 40, 1007
OOC date: October 29, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

To call Sodium-Fizz pensive would be something of an understatement. Ever since the raid on the encampment the mare have more or less been holed up in her laboratory, working away into the wee hours of the night (or so the clocks claim), only to wake up before dawn (again, so the clocks claim) and getting right back to work. In addition both of her apprentices have more or less wound up sulking around the base when not carring to their duties, seemingly barred from the laboratory just as well as everypony else.

It is not very healthy behaviour, that much is clear to anypony. Even less so when the pony in question is able to make explosives and other weird concoctions.
Solar-Wind 's duties have faded to merely tending to day to day cuts and scrapes and basic first aid. He does keep with his patients to make sure they are recovering, and it has kept him fairly busy in the medical bay. Today however he has reassigned his two assistants to cover his duties and has actively saught out his 'friend' Sodium Fizz. He appears at the doorway to her private sanctuary, and gives a firm knock on the entry. (by firm knock it could be said he's re-adjusting the stonework in the cave) could be his strength, or just that he wants to be clearly heard over what ever is going on inside. "Fizz?" he asks poking his head in the doorway just a little

The room beyondis small and cramped, a table standing pressed up against each wall and laden with earthware and glass, tubes and pipes criss-crossing the room and binding various vessels of bubbling liquid together. It seems empty though.

Or at least, it seemed empty up untill the point where the lithe mare spun around from where she'd been lying nere a very small open flame, tending her small earthware pots. Sodium-Fizz scowled for a moment, pushing her haggerd mane, far more unruly than normal, out of her eyes.

"Solar… What are you doing here?"

Solar-Wind steps a few paces inside gazing around "my I do like the decor" he pipes quietly, "love what you've done with the place" he laughs slightly, trying to lighten the mood, "Stopped by to see if you have any more of your healing eliixer" he comments, "we've run fresh out of the stuff" He comments, though continues to stand there looking at you, more looking you over, inspecting more or less. Concern is plain in his eyes as he inspects your form, mane, tail, and most definately your eyes. "no, actually I came because I was worried about you" he states, "since the raid you've been, not yourself" he puts it simply

Sodium-Fizz wave a hoof vaugely over to one of the corners of the room, turning back to her small pots. She deffinatly look like she's been through the wringer for the most part, though what he manages to catch of her eyes show a supprising pressence of mind. "There should be another batch over there," she grumbles, if hurriedly. Fizz clearly doesn't want him around long enough for him to start asking questions… though that turns out well, obviously.

Groaning loudly the alchemist ran a hoof through her curled mane. "Not really, Solar," she sighed, "I'm feeling worrying much like myself…"

Solar-Wind continues to pad in, "we still have some of the elixer, it does quite well with pains n' strains, I've had a bit myself as my wings have felt a bit out of whack a bit. The raid did a number on em, and that bolt that managed to get me down briefly didn't help any" he comments with a little grumble in his voice. Evidently he's not used to being tackled by anyone, let alone some pony much smaller than him. Its a point of contention with the big guy. "I, err" he looks down then sits down across from you, though pretty darn close really. "I, umm" he furrows his brow seriously, "I brought your medication" he finally grunts out" and he turns and ducks his head back pulling out a small white bottle with the Royal scrawl work upon it. He reaches back into his saddle bag and lifts out another bottle, of matching design, only bigger and alot heavier. He sets it before you aswell. "Keep the small bottle with you, this big one, tests out ok too, though is VERYpotent,

I do believe it was likely used in combination with that of unicorn or perhaps even alicorn magic to achieve an effect" he notes, "there are /potions/ that have interisting abilities or grant the user certain gifts when coupled with unicorn or alicorn magic, the big stallion notes. "this one we share, I, urr, I know I can handle a few sips of it before I get a little bleary eyed, so I want you to go easy on it" he asks, before yanking the top off and sliding the big bottle across to you.

Sodium-Fizz blinks for a moment before cracking a small smile and getting up. A moment of digging around the tables produces two small glass beakers, practicaly the size of tumblers. "Right, I won't mind a shot of that one. Maybe it'll keep my mind of when the other horseshoe drops."

Solar-Wind 's head tilts in confusion, "remember only a little bit" he eyes the glasses, "Dang Fizzy, can you really hold your alcohol like that?" he asks with a stunned look in his eyes?! "Oh good goddess" he pours roughly two shots worth into your glass and the same to his. He gives the grey licuid a stern look, "Just go easy on it, its got some serious kick to it, and it takes a moment to take" "Cheers?!

Sodium-Fizz glanced at the beakers, "I don't have anything smaller, you know…" The mare pulled her own glass back, peering down into it. For getting her hoof on alcohole she looked suprisingly unthrilled to be honest, though she did flash Solar-Wind a smile. "Cheers, Solar."
Solar-Wind stands up, grasps his cup in his muzzle, and tips it straight back, HARD and FAST. its down. He swallows the full thing. setting the beaker down, "wait for it" gulps again. "waaait for it" and then it hits probably a full minute of him standing there, when BAM he sits flat down on his flanks, his entiere body shuddering intently, as if he got cought out in the snow without a thermal suit on. Eyes blink open and they are pure white and glowing for a few momments before he gasps out deeply with his full breath. he coughs a few times, "Gah, annnnghrrrgh?!" he sits there panting intently a tiny voice like that of himself as a little foal issues from him, "Oythatsa kick!" he pants eyes still glowing dully enough so that you can only see white glow.

Sodium-Fizz stared at Solar-Wind for several long momens, then back down into her own glass. Reaching out she snapped up his beaker, pouring a quarter of her own drink into it before putting her glass away. She looks downright worried as she throws it back herself, gingerly placing the beaker back on the table.

The result wasn't particularly unpredictable, she aknowledged a few moments later as she laid sprawled on her back, wings spread wide under her and forelegs folded across her chest. Thankfuly, though, it felt like she was thinking through syrup. That, that was good! She giggled brightly in relief.

Solar-Wind sits there panting for a few minutes, then he blinkblinkblinks rapidly and shakes his head violently, "Oy ponyfeathers, didn't do /that/ before" The stallion has a serious lean going for him now, "myangle is off" his voice /still./ sounds like that of his foal-ish youth. "Squeaky, why squeaky, Oh I thought I finished that?" he eyes his glass, takes it and downs the rest of that grey licuid. It too hits him quite hard, it seems to have a greater effect on males for some reason as Solar is really getting an odd tinge to him, his eyes won't stop glowing and leaking light, "Ooh I think I can see Magic?!" he notes in more of an adolecent voice, its a very cute voice" but He's leaking light from his eyes, it looks like puffy clouds leaking forth. "Oh wow!

Sodium-Fizz keeps giggeling, though it starts to slowly dry up as her eyes afix to Solar-Wind. Indeed, she looks a lot less relieved and cheery already. Now? Now she looks worried and thoughtful, straight through the dizzy haze of the alcohole. Reaching up she grabed his head between her forehooves and pulled him down, winding up more or less muzzle to muzzle, looking into his eyes. "Solar… what… exactly is that?"

Her eyes flickered over in the direction of the bottle.

Solar-Wind 's head is pulled easily to her level "is…." he doesn't even blink anymore, eyes just wide and clowing leaking vapor or something, its all white and its Definately magic of origin. "What?" he issues with a voice thats like an odd echo, "Dnnnd do this fore" he murmurs with the slightest bob of his head "This is beautiful" he comments looking either at you or however he is seeing through that, could well be looking straight through you for that matter. "Bottle was in Mistress Will's chambers" he churrs out, "Mistress Will, The Will of Nightmare Moon The Will of the Queen" he nods some. "right next to the other bottle, yes the other bottle" he offers softly in a soothing voice

Sodium-Fizz blinked, still staring into Solar-Winds eye. In the end she sighed, loudly, her mind comming to the only logical conclusion. "Great, he's gone and gotten himself possessed… Um… wait here, Solar. A'right?"

She squirmed her way from out of under his face, picking herself onto her hooves rather unteadily before craning her neck around in search for something. She almost managed to trip herself over doing so, her rear legs refusing to stand still and insisting on turning with herhead.
Solar-Wind nods very slowly, "Yes, wait, Yesss Misteress" he intones softly, his voice is still echoed but more in key with his own regular voice. He is still leaking clouds and unblinking sitting there mumbling something to the effects of, "oooohpretty" or somesuch. sitting there leaned loosely agains a table leg. for upright balance. There definately is alcohol involved, but likely something else in that mix too. really doing a number on the stallion's resolve and order taking skills, he's actually following your instructions for once!"

Before Solar-Wind's eye, magic happens. That is, not the litteral magic that seems to pour from his eyesockets. Nor any kind of magic performed by unicorns, largely for the lack of unicorns about. No, it's the figurative kind of magic, the kind of magic you'd typicaly find in a statement like 'oh, ain't that performance just magical'. In a matter of moments a measure of the brew have been poured into three distinct apperati, including a very stormy looking mess of clouds hidden away in a corner. Notes have been taken describing the effects and characteristics of it and the entire bottle stowed away for safekeeping.

"Righty then… Um, Solar. I got a question. What did it do… before? And when did you test it, how much, where?" Sodium-Fizz shoot him a worried look over her clipboard, her muzzle practicaly burried amongst the paper and ink.

Solar-Wind says "standing while drinking, only a sip, sat down, or" he states softly, "It made me kneel down" he murmurs "was in medbay, with Polar-Breeze, and, and" he pauses but can't think of the name, "white pegasus stallion, blueish mane" he states (Ice-Spiral) there's a slight hint of jelosy in his voice at mentioning another male, its an odd thing really, primal instincts or something, yet he remembers the name of the female he was with. "Breeze mentioned I was more helpful or something" he states, His head hasn't left the positiion you molded him to sit in. still staring blankly with that vapor oozing from his open eyes. "I'm flying!" he churrs out, though he's clearly still on the ground, wings not even untucked"

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip, an ear twitching. "Hmh… Right, tell me… what does these names make you think of… Magpie, Winter-Solstice, Kludge, Polar-Breeze, Professor Redmane, Windrose, Ironmane and… Ruby-Blossom?"

Solar-Wind 's breathing is steady throughout your words, his ears flick into an aggressive stance at every male name there. "First two , no matter" a little growl sounding at the mention of Kludge, nothing for Polar, then you can practically hear him snarl with the mention of redmane. His hoof picks up and you can tell he really puts all of his strength into that stomp, he REALLY stomps HARD at the mention of Redmane, you swear you can see cracks form under where his hoof made impact with the rock under that hoof. no response from windrose then another strike of that hoof for Ironmane, with that growl. then its like someone kicked him in the face, and you can audibly hear that he has been seriously hit hard by something at the mention of that last name. Whatever hit him it sounds like it hurt, weather it was physical, or mental, or on some other plane of existance, that sounded painful, his voice cracks and a shockwave hits him violently and he reels back flat on his back coughing really really hard. His ears are flicking this way and that like he's listening to multiple sound sources, You hear him ramble out, "Love, devotion, caring, compassion leadership, my soul…" he fades off with his head in his hooves just flat on his back breathing raggedly.

"Uhu," came the muttered reply from Sodium-Fizz as she scratched further into her clippboard papper. "Right then… Why does Re-… Actually, lets go with Ironmane. Why does Ironmane make you so angry? Also, what about Nightmare's Will?"

Solar-Wind is just on his back, hooves on his face, he shakes his head making a low moan, "W what?" he asks sounding in his right head, well more or less, he still has that echo to his voice and he's got his hooves over his eyes. "Ironmane" ears twitch, still in 'that mode' evidently, He snorts, "why do they hate us so" in an instant he's back on his hooves in a display thats frightening to behold, he's like he's never been intoxicated at all. and looks Buff-er? and Tough-er? than before dang has he gotten bigger somehow? he snorts, "THe pegasi reveloution, not all of them turned, some escaped, why did so many of them escape our wrath" he huffs, snorts, and glows still. that glow now a glare that has started to shift colors, its darkened into shades of grey

"Oh, manure…" came the startled gasp from the alchemist mare. Whiping around Sodium-Fizz spread her wings, leaping and gliding across the room to a small pile of alchemical products, hoofing through them rapidly. She'd made more at some point, more sleeping powder. The question was, where had she put the darned thing!?

Solar-Wind 's head whips around and turns bodily to follow your movements, his head twists some, "Whooooo are you?" he asks boldly, "Whoooare you to ask of the Night Guard?!" he casts his voice into her. Oh poo his coat is grey tinted, though his wings are unaltered by the looks of things. "Whydo you ask this of me?" his head jerks around, "Where is this place" he gazes around. then makes a few slowl steps backward towards the door. "I do not recognize this fortress?" his eyes are no longer white any longer but oh they certainly aren't the eyes you know of from Solar, big boy has some eyes alright, and they certainly aren't his.

Sodium-Fizz calmed down, a bit, once she found the pouch she was looking for. Sleep powder! Thusly arme she stood up tall, though not nearly tall enough. With a thin, forced smile she turned towards him. Hopefuly the fact that even for a pegasus mare she was a tad bit on the small side, as well as her dark and dank Night Guard-esque colouration she'd put him at ease. Just enough anyway. "I'm sorry about that… It appears there have been a bit of a… bottoms up situation," she said through clenched teeth and a rigid smile. "Let me get the door for you…?"

Solar-Wind makes no aggressive movements towards the mare, nor particularly away from her. He allows her to pass without challenge, brows furrowed deeply as if his head is working on how's why's and WTF?s. You hear a very quiet background voice issued from the BIG stallion, its him, I mean him him, not guard him, but Solar him somewhere back there in a nook tucked away, "Fizzywhatsgoing on?" that little background voice asks while the big guard pony stands there watching you through eyes that are starting to tear up, blink it away, tear up blink lock closed, head shakes hard clearing the fuzz head shakes again. The guard sits down rather hard right there before the door. The big guy is obviously fighting this or that in his head that look of concentration is still plain on his muzzle "Fizzy?" he questions

Sodium-Fizz doesn't turn around to face him, at least not before she reaches the door. As she does she plonks her hindquarters down on the floor, pale yellow eyes watching him like a hawk for several long moments, it's hard to belive she even drank any of the bottle herself really, before speaking up. "You had to much to drink from the bottle you brought… I think it's some form of mind-control agent, most likely shock-full with magic too boot, and not a very subtle one. It seems to effect stallions more than mares, though considering you had seven times as much as I did I can't be certain. I've also faced mind-control before, and I know my particular brand of crazy tends to take the edge of it. You seemed about to defect after I brought up up a few names in discussion, so I'm just making sure you can't."

The mare keept staring at him after she laid into him with the facts she knew, and those she suspected. He was going to need some help, especialy if he was anything like her. Then again, he didn'thave to go through the things she did. With a soft sigh she spread her forelegs invitingly. "Solar… would you come here, please?"

Solar-Wind looks down brain still processing things overwhelmed one way, then the other, then back again, He's him, and you can see a change, though there's something else going on withhim. inhales deeply, and exhales again, he stands upright. closing his eyes, and concentrating, "Solar, yes, Solar-Wind" he states in a voice his own, that night guard grey leaving his pelt, for, wait, is that white, pure shock white, like that of one of Princess Celestia's very own Guard? Yes its pure white with armor, gleaming before you, the chest peice emblazoned with the Celestial Sun which swirls with a golden magic there a moment. If you'd ever seen a Royal Guard of the Sun before you've seen this look before, its of solar magic charging the wearer with some sort of power. Its clear that this armor belongs to Solar, as it has a guard insignia and his name and a rank emblem upon it. "Outrider Captain" then it too fades to nothing leaving you staring at the Solar-Wind you have always known.

Whatever has just happened wasn't entirely his own power, but some solar magic that he has had within him since his time under Celestia's wing so to speak. "Solar-Wind, yes, I am Captain Solar-Wind, Captain of the Outrider Guards" he states boldly as he stands there now starting to pant softly, and starting to look like he's coming down from something big and potent. "Fizzy" he looks to her wide eyed as he pads slowly to you, and sinks to his knees before you.

Sodium-Fizz gave him a soft smile and wraped Solar-Wind in a gently hug, a hoof stroking his mane. She'd have to admit, she'd never much liked the solar guard, nor the princess either. It was kind of something that came with the territory, though right now her friend did need help, guard or not. "Don't worry… You're comming back together. I've locked the bottle away, it shouldn't cause more problem… As for the pony behind this… This… abomination…" he last word she growled.

"You won't have to worry about them ever again… For when I find them, I'll deal with them the same way I dealt with the last pony who bent minds for his own sake…"

Solar-Wind sinks into your embrace, letting out a big shiver, "I, Fizzy I, I couldn't see straight, imean it was like drunk but then checking out, I wasn't in my head but I could still see everything, but I couldn't do anything about it. Then there was that kick of something" his heartbeat picks up a notch, and you hear him practically whisper, "Oh Ruby" he mentions softly, "I think I think that did something, it didn't expect, and I could feel again, somewhat. With that he kinda cradles one of his forehooves in his other one as he leans back against you. (his size has matched his former size before this all happened, so he's totally back to normal exept for his uniform is now as if freshly washed, crisp and new. must be some 'guard perk' or something. "My hoof does hurt though" he grumbles softly as he lazily lists against you rapidly wearing out.

"Shush-shush, Solar… It's over, no more crazy mind control…" Sodium-Fizz wrapped her forelegs around him, her chin resting ontop of his head as she cradles him. She'd feel very awkard right about now, if she wasn't so darned worried. "The pony who did it to your brain can't hurt you, now… You have a weapon to fight back with, one much better than mine…" Fizzy smiled gently, blinking back tears. She couldn't help that, being all but forced out of your own mind was a bit like some kind of horrible death. That she knew all to well, and she could only hope it wouldn't be to bad for him…

She'd feel awkard if she wasn't so darned worried. And furious beyond belief. The alchemist burried her muzzle in his mane, whispering quietly for herself. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe from them… They won't be able to hurt you once I find them, they'll get the same as he did…"