Dragonheart's Dream
IC date: Autumn 53
OOC date: November 11
Location: Dreamland
PCs: Dragonheart Dream-Daze
GM: Applejack

It's a rather blocky jungle. Two story tall square trees with windows and doors, piles of box-shaped boulders scattered here and there. A stonework street. The nearest of the tree-buildings has a wood sign with some odd shapes on it. Something that looks an awful lot like: H O M E

The door to that building is cracked open. Familiar sounds spill out from within. Ruby's voice? Magpie's voice? Snapdragon babbling? Yes. Family.

And something else. Something very not-family. Something threatening, yet somehow still familiar. A low, soft, snakelike hiss that hangs in the air, barely audible but there to the trained, sensitive ear…

Dragonheart snuffs. She's covered in dirt and mud — it's a good way to be. She tromps her way up to the door, cheerful … only to stumble to a stop and blink, looking around. "Rrrr…" she responds in kind, a low feline growl.

Hsssssss… Hss, hss, hsssssss…

The wind whistles, but it isn't snake hissing. Snake hissing is different. It's there mixed with the wind. It's coming from… Those boxes next to the door?
Dragonheart blinks, and blinks again, then slowly creeps toward the boxes, back arched just a little bit. "No, bad, go away!" she growls, crouching and wiggling her butt as she prepares to pounce it.

Just before the little feral pony can pounce, the boxes explode upwards! Out of the wreckage rises…a snake. A green snake, with a purple snout, and a pair of tiny bat-shaped wings letting it float off the ground. A cobra's hood flares out from around its head as it glares down at the little pouncy pony with deep red slitted eyes, its mouth open to show the long pair of snake fangs, bared menacingly!


Dragonheart shrieks and stumbles backwards, tail sweeping under her belly as she winds up bumping up against a blocky tree. "You're a bad pony! A bad bad pony!! Hssss! Go away, go away! Don't take my brother, he's mine! MINE!" HISSSS!!! She squares her legs, glares, and makes an aborted lunge at him, hoping to scare him away!

The snake seems to…laugh? It's a hissy fit of a laugh, the long-tailed thing ducking straight back down into the boxes to hide from Dragonheart's pounce! Boxes get scattered every which way! But… But there's no snake.

From the corner of the little pony's vision, the end of a snaketail can be seen disappearing into the cracked door. A soft hiss mixing with the sounds of 'family' inside.

Dragonheart hisses and swats at the boxes, and then whirls around! "…Hey… Where'd you go? Hey!" She pauses, only to catch that movement. She freezes, gasping. "… N… No!" She scrambles after it, aiming to jump on it, or bite it, and hopefully drag it back. "No!! No no no!!"

Pounce! Bite! Stomp! Each time Dragonheart catches a small piece of the fleeing snake, only to have it turn into a little daub of goo that sizzles on the carpet. Goo! The snake is fast… Wings give it speed, make it stealthy, it dashes up the blocky, vine-covered steps within Dragonheart's H O M E, making a right turn and…

Where'd it go?

At the top of the stairs, where the snake seems to have just vanished into thin air, is… Ruby? Ruby! Smiling fondly down at Dragonheart, making funny coo-y pony noises that somehow still sound so very sweet!

Dragonheart is getting very mad! The last time she gets a mouthful of goo, she shrieks in anger and charges up the stairs after it, only to collide into Ruby. "RU!" she yells in frustration. "I was chasing a … a…" What is the word for that anyway? "A… A BAD PONY. Where is it? Where??"

A bad pony..? Ruby looks confused. She answers in coos, that sound an awful lot like she was trying to ask a question about this 'bad pony' but can't quite seem to say it in a way that makes sense.

…From the ceiling, blended in with the wood grain, a pair of red eyes suddenly open. There's almost no time from the moment the snake's jaws open, and the winged thing drops onto Ruby's back, sinking into that mare's flank! Ruby freezes, a look of mixed shock and pain passing, and then…

She falls over. Her pelt gets fuzzier. Softer. Shrinking. In moments what was once a pony is now a plushie, with two neat little holes above a stitched cutiemark.

The snake rises. It seems a little bigger now. Dark red eyes glare down at the little once-feral filly, bared fangs having a single drop of acrid green ooze from the tip. It twitches, the head contorting, then…splitting! Suddenly there are two heads! One sharing Ruby's colorations, melding smoothly into the rest of the winged snake's body.

Both heads hiss! The winged beast vaults right over Dragonheart's head, and starts to slither away!

Dragonheart looks quickly one way, then the other! Shut up, Ru, she has to find the bad guy! She shoves her mother aside and sniffs around frantically — only to spin around just in time to watch in horror as the snake attacks her! "NO!" she screams, lunging for it and trying to beat her little hooves against it. "NO NO NO!!! NO! RU! RU!!"

She jumps onto the plush animal, four hooves planted around it protectively as she stares down the snake, terrified and crying but trying oh so hard to be brave and fight. When the second head emerges, she gasps and squeals, jerking back. But! Now that's also Ru! She can't attack Ru! But Ru— but snake—

The snakes are laughing. It's evident in the way they hiss. But they're already moving, leaving little gooey blobs behind from where Dragonheart had battered at it! A trail that leads towards… Magpie's room?


Dragonheart freezes tearfully. "N-no— MAHPIE!!!!!" she screams, and she runs forward — only to stop and run back to grab the Ruby plush. It's awkward for her to run with it in her mouth — it's about as big as she is, so there's a lot of tripping. But she's running as fast as she can, tears streaming down her face.

Within Magpie's room, there's…Magpie! sprawled on her bed, reading a comic book, snuggled up with her seapony plushie. She looks up from the comic book at the sound of Dragonheart at the door, smiling! A hoof, lifted in greeting! She, too, starts to babble something. Pony grunting! And then very suddenly looking concerned at the crying filly. Both of Magpie's forelegs reach out, as though beckoning the little feral one to come to her big sis!

Dragonheart races to Magpie without waiting, bounding onto her bed — or trying to with that Ru plushie in her mouth. She plants herself fearfully in front of Magpie, looking around, still crying, and then she shoves the Ruby plushie into Magpie's arms. "Keep Ru safe! I have to fight the bad pony!"

Just as Dragonheart reaches the older filly, and looks around… JUST as she goes to push the Ruby Plushie into Magpie's arms, she would discover Magpie, with that same look of shock and pain! Already shrinking! Turning into a small plushie, nestled with the seapony plushie. Whom looks an /awful lot/ like Tale Chaser all of the sudden.

From within the sheets, a shape writhes. Two dark red eyes peer out from the fang-shaped holes now stained with green, a loud hiss rising up!

Dragonheart shrieks! "No! Magpie! Magpie!!" She flings herself onto the plushies and cries, hugging them tightly to her and protecting them with her body… only to remember that Snapdragon is still here somewhere. And the twins!! She jerks up, ears flattening as she tries to figure out how to save her brother and save the rest of her family.

The snake doesn't relent. It slithers out from beneath the bedsheets, dropping onto the floor and rising up! A third head practically bursts from its body, the green of its body melting into piebald colors! The three-headed snake lets loose a violent hiss at the poor feral filly, the purple-nosed head turning towards the door. Where Snapdragon has decided to appear, huddled in the doorway, eyes locked onto the snake!

Dragonheart just can't stand for this. Any of it! She's so upset, she's shaking, a little ball of terrified, anguished fury. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BROTHER!!!!" she shrieks, leaping off the bed in a kamikaze pounce, fueled by all the deep existential horror she's just experienced.

Kamakazi pony! The snake rears back! Dragonheart plows through it, but this time it seems to be enough to make the whole snake turn into a messy blob on the floor. A messy, gurgly, hissy blob of writhing goo!

Snapdragon still looks absolutely terrified over by the door, but now there's another pony behind him. A little blue filly, watching this scene with big amber eyes.

Is this a chance to escape!?

Dragonheart squeals and jumps out of the goo as fast as possible, dancing on the floor boards a little to getitoffgetitoff. But then she tackles Snapdragon and hugs him tightly — and then tugs him bodily. Time to run! The plushes are left behind for now as her mind shifts to focus on escape and especially to protect the — as far as she can tell — last living member of her family. Still, she skids to a stop, as she recognizes the little blue filly. Hey, that pony who talks to her with images! "We have to run!" she says, in perfect Equestrian. "We have to run now before it attacks us again! Come on!"

Run! Yes! Snapdragon is easy to drag along, he's all for running away from danger and pointy fangs! The little blue filly, too, doesn't even hesitate to scamper off with, nodding her head furiously in agreement.

Behind the fleeing foals, a shape practically explodes out of Magpie's room. A great mass of goo and ooze, dark green mixed with black stripes, getting bigger by the moment! It's already too big for this part of the house, what with the three long necks and pony-snake heads that weave about. They crash into the ceiling, knock into the walls, the entire building-tree beginning to collapse!

Dragonheart yells in surprise and circles around quickly so that she's running /behind/ the other two, using her head to butt against Snapdragon's butt and spur him on faster. FASTER. All the while, she's shrieking, terrified and running!!

The walls come crumbling down! Wood and leaves and cubes of fluff tumble all over the place, as though the entire house were built out of building blocks! It reveals a much changed world outside, the very ground rumbling, rising, turning into a cliff overlooking a deep, black abyss. A cliff on one side. A massive blob of color with three snake-pony heads rolling closer to the trio of foals.

As the great thing draws closer, there's nowhere left to run. Snapdragon cowers behind Dragonheart. Dreamy is just a step away, ears flat, looking as much concerned as she does surprised. Unsure, even! But her horn glows…and a voice pops up into the other filly's head, quiet as a whisper.

It's just a dream… If you wake up, the monster goes away!

Dragonheart squeals and with a great push of strength, she SHOVES Snapdragon into Dreamy, and into the outside world. Then she spins on her heels and plants herself down, glaring at the dragonsnakehydra. She closes her eyes tight, and then charges, yelling. If she distracts it long enough, they'll get away! And she'll — and she —

Before she can finish that thought, there's a new one — an invasive one. She snaps her eyes open, mind racing. Dream? Wake up? What? No! Gotta fight this thing— gotta save my brother—!

Dreamy's eyes widen. Oh dear! No! Not like that! the filly's voice echos, a hoof raised as Dragonheart up and charges forth!

The great snake/dragon/hydra/blob rears back all three heads, three sets of eyes glaring at the little snack-sized pony racing towards them. Well! All three heads lower at the same time too, setting side by side, impossibly big mouths opening to welcome the furious pony like the little pony nugget she is!

Dragonheart screeeeeeeams as she leaps up, ready to deliver some kind of cat-style kung fu kick to its nose, only to miss! And she's flying— falling! — into that mouth — She screams, terror gripping her—

And she snaps awake, screaming in real life too. She gasps for air, shaking, and casts around quickly. Snapdragon! Is he safe?!

Snapdragon is right there! Curled up, sleeping. Or at least, he /was/ sleeping, but screaming pony has him lifting his head in a mixture of confusion and startled, staring at his gasping sister. What!

Dragonheart sees that he's safe, and that's enough for her. She gasps for breath, and then goes on a hunt for that stupid snake before it kills her family. She has to be valiant! She has to be watching! Or else…

Or else she doesn't want to think about it.