Downward Spiral
IC date: Winter 30, 1007
OOC date: 1/18/13
PCs: Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz, Nocturne
NPCs: Nope

What a difference a day or so makes. Dustdevil returns to 'The Fizzy
Flask' attired in only a loose rain cape and thats about it, no fancy vest, or
coat, or his usual 'rescue' gear, just a long black rain cape and hood. This
flyer doesn't even have his wings showing as he's just so sick of the rain
that he doesn't want his feathers getting wet or anything like that. But he's
on a mission to retrieve that potion he needed the other day.

Dustdevil sees that the shop is open even given the time of day, or
someone forgot to turn the sign in the evening, but he doubts there will be
any pony about even, heck at this point he knows what the stuff looks like,
he'd liable to just come in and take it, but no, he simply enters and looks
about expectantly…

The insides of the Fizzy Flask is just as it usually is, as if a bit less
polished than normal at this time off the day - it's owner typically taking the
lunch break to tidy the store over, but apparently not today. In fact, the
soft singing accompanied said tidying over is absent too. As is most of the
lighting, as if nopony bothered to… do whatever they do to make the
alchemical mix give of light. In fact, the Flask have a general feeling of
'not bothered' today. One can even see the traces of the very few, odd
customers from yesterday around the store.

Sodium-Fizz is there, though, leaning heavily against the counter and with her
hooves covering her head. She looks untidy too, her coat seeming to sit just a
wee bit wrong on her shape, her wings ruffled and her coat mated as if she's
been in the rain and just let it all dry out on it's own. The mare doesn't
even look up as Dustdevil enters and the little bell by the door rings.

Another visitor to the Fizzy Flask is Nocturne, who looks as if he's on his last
legs. The unicorn took his time trotting to the store, and paused for a moment
before opening the door as he tries to figure out how to go about this. It's
not that it's a difficult order or anything, but he just isn't in the mood for
talking. Eventually he opens the door and trots inside, looking around. Not
recognizing Dustdevil, he barely tries to communicate, but approaches the
counter. "Hey, Fizz…" he says with a slight groan. "I was hoping I could get
a refill on the sleeping potion… what's the deal with you?" Typically, he
wouldn't care too much about another pony's personal matters, but perhaps they
may get in the way of him getting his potion.

The pegasus has only just made it inside when oops there goes right
past him some unicorn to interrupt him. The pegasus steps aside a little, though
does seem to growl a little under his breath as he is so rudely sidestepped
and then preempted by the unicorn. He just pauses as he is breathing kinda
angrily now, but pauses again and seems to grit his teeth a moment with an
exhale. (don't go off on the pointy, he's just /some/ customer)

Dustdevil sighs and tromps around nudging a flask there, or touching
something else there, pokes, and prods this and that, waiting for the chance
to reorder what he tried to order yesterday.

"Hello Nocturne," came the reply from Sodium-Fizz, her head still covered by her
hooves. She sounded downright… drained. "And it is nothing," right, "and I
suppose I could do that."

Fizz was silent for a moment. "And stop pushing my things around."

The pegasus looks up and back to Fizz, him being noticed actually
surprises him. "I'll buy that" he indicates the green sorta glowing flask that
he's nudnudnudging at, he doesn't even remotely knows what it is, or
particularly care by the look of him, "you still have that potion I bought the
other day?" he asks of Fizzy?

Dustdevil looks over to the unicorn customer and offers a grunt of greetings,
looks like fizzy isn't the only sour pony today.

"Hmm? Alright then," Nocturne replies. As suspicious of the alchemist as
Nocturne may sound… he doesn't have the capacity for too much concern at the
moment. If the lighting were any better, it wouldn't take a second to realize
he hadn't slept the night before. Still, the awkward tension in the room is
starting to bother him, and he he tries to expedite things along. "Well, do
you want any money for it this time? I really don't mind."

Dustdevil gets a dull "Yes," as an answer from Sodium-Fizz… Or maybe it was
Nocturne? It's rather impossible to tell.

"Just Whom are you talking to Sodium-Fizz, that dull colored Unicorn, or
me?" the pegasus asks darkly where he remains toying with that flask of green
stuff until it tips and falls from its shelf to land, and shatter, spilling
its nice kinda glowy green contents all over the floor. He looks down to the
broken flask, kinda shrugs, and moves on to look at the next flask over from
its now broken brethren. Again that ritual starts with a little nudnudnudge to
see the reactions of the mix.

Nocturne flinches at the sound of broken glass, in part because the sleep
deprivation has made him sensitive to noise, and because he fears the
alchemist's reaction. He looks back to Fizz with a crooked grin… this is not
the kind of situation he needs to be around right now.

Sodium-Fizz doesn't react… much. After a few moments of silence Soda lets her
hooves drop to the counter, turning tear-reddened eyes towards Dustdevil. "Get
out. You were my friend, then you made me terrified of you. Leave." Her voice
was flat, almost emotionless, and she turned towards Nocturne. "Your potion is
still here."

The Pegasus, inhales sharply hearing this, "I said I'd pay for that" he
states calmly to the other pegasus then twists his head about under his hood
which he pulls away, "I, I terrified you? Wait, What, How?" he asks as he
stamps a hoof sounding both offended surprised, and a bit hurt too, "How could
I possibly terrify you?! You've got so much power over everypony in this
town, how could I even hope to come close to even matching the power you have,
I mean look around you" he shouts out, "ya got all this, and I've got just me,
thats it, Heck I don't even have a roof over my head to call my own!" he
blasts at the other pegasus,

Dustdevil then just deflates some, shoulders hunching, wings ruffling
under his cloak as he stands his ground. He grumbles under his breath, "I paid
for a healing potion the other day" he fishes out a small money pouch and sets
it in the place of that other flask that he just broke, "and I paid for that
stuff too" He sighs, "I just want to get what I paid for, Is that too much to
ask for?"

Nocturne's head collapses onto the counter, and he covers it with his hooves as
the other stallion's outburst carries on. His sympathy is sided with Fizz,
simply because he knows her better, but all in all, he just doesn't care. The
unicorn finally gets up to examine the potions around the store, trying to
find one that resembles his old sleeping potion. As his search leads him
closer to the angry pegasus, he puts a hoof on his back for support and leans
in to whisper, "It goes without saying that she's having a bad day… just
let… uh… let it go." His hoof slides off the pegasus and he resumes his
search, eventually coming across what he hopes is the same potion, and trots
over to the counter to set it down.

Sodium-Fizz gave Dustdevil a flat stare, it could almost have been a 'are you
kidding me?' type of stare of incredulousness… but it lacks even the smallest
trace of surprise required for that. "You were going to propose to me. That
makes you dangerous, you're going to do the same thing as he did…"

With a snap of her head Sodium-Fizz turned her attention to Nocturne and his
flask. After a moment she gave him a brief nod before dipping her head under
the counter and putting the healing vial on the counter. "There."

"I, I'm Dangerous because I like you and now moved on since you told me
in no uncertain terms, that you're taken?" he just stares he looks over to
Nocturne and kinda smiles with a confused look to him then looks back to Fizz.
"Same thing as He did?!" he "I don't know what the hay your talking about
Fizzy" he shakes his head, "I'm dangerous because Queen-Pegasus wants me dead,
heck there are so many ponies in this town that want her dead right back" he
states with a totally confused shrug. "You're my Friend Fizz, and I would
never want to hurt you!" he hrumphs some and looks from fizz to Nocturne

Nocturne perks his ears up and lashes it. "The hay are you talking about?" The
unicorn blushes somewhat, worried that word spreads around the harbor faster
than he's like. Still, he doesn't want to make a scene, and is too tired to
argue. He turns back to Fizz looking everything but content. "So how much?"

Sodium-Fizz muttered a number at Nocturne before turning back to Dustdevil. "But
you are not mine," said Soda. More like dully stated really. "You can pretend
however much you want, but I will not let you hurt me like my husband did. So
get out."

Dustdevil practically chokes, tears actually flowing down his muzzle, this blow
was harsh to him, a good firm kick to the heart the likes of which she's
inflicted before to him, and he tried to reign that in. It took him awhile to
deal with that, this, this though is something else. The pegasus steps back a
pace, bumps into a shelf rather hard even. It knocks over yet more flasks and
solutions, he startles looks behind him and rights the stuff that he can
before stepping forward agin, "I, but Fizz, I know you're with Winny, I
wouldn't ever ask you to give that up, I know that already" he sobs out to her
totally stunned by her, then he goes wide eyed and stares at her.

Dustdevil stares at her, "No Fizzy, you're the one thats wrong, you're
doing /that/ thing you always worried you'd do, No, No No, please don't do
that, you're going to hurt everypony, please don't do that here!" he begs now
pleads of her. "I won't hurt you ever, I promise, so don't go hurting me like
this!" he begs

Nocturne has no idea what's being referred to here, but he's still confident
that he should side with the alchemist. He turns around to face the pegasus,
any sign of fatigue wiped from his face. "Just get out of here. You're making
too big deal of this, and-" He sighs and holds his head. "Just… ugh…"

Sodium-Fizz gave Dustdevil that flat, emotionless stare before extending a wing
to the door. "Leave, both of you. I'm not blowing up, I just want to be left
alone. Safe. So out."

Dustdevil just sighs shakes his head eventually just ducking it with a nod and
heads for the door dropping a right decent pouch of bits at the door's edge,
for all the stuff he may have broke, he quietly offers, "you're still my
friend Fizz" he mentions as he slips back out to the rain. He holds the door
open for the other customer, that pointy (pointy=Unicorn)

Nocturne gives Fizz a blank stare, figuring the mare will be fine once she's
left alone. "See you around, I guess." He trots out the door after taking his
potion, paying no mind to the Pegasus holding the door.