Down To The Meat Of The Subject
IC date: Winter 30, 1007
OOC date: 1/18/13
PCs: Solar-Wind+Plot-Twist
GM: None

The edge of the foothills just outside the small night-pony settlement of
Daybreak holds a small pegasus encampment belonging to that of Plot-Twist, and
Solar-Wind. The encampment is small, but comforting, and is surrounded by a
perimeter of brushy bushes and swath's of a dark blue fabric seemingly weaved
around the trees to make up somewhat of a yard before the rest of the forest.
At the center is a broad fire-pit, and up nestled in a quad of trees is some
captured cloud material making somewhat of a bed for the couple o' pegasus
ponies that reside here.

Today, this late in the afternoon there's an odd site hanging from one of the
lower branches of the trees. There hang a pair of what looks like partial
wings colored black with red highlights, as anyone whom knows Solar, would
recognize this contraption as that of what Solar-Wind wears upon his wings at
all times and would never be seen without such things. Solar on the other hoof
is off to the side of the fire, sprawled out, and covered with much blankets
regardless of the blazing fire there, he's out like a light, snoozing deeply.

Its the perfect hour to sneak back home. Twist is starting to learn
Solar's sleep schedule and being the sneaky pony she is can't help but take
advantage now and then. Landing silently into the little camp she flits
quickly to a chest hidden into the hallow base of a tree. Opening it carefully
she places into her peruses cargo. A cute little white dress. Nothing too
fancy or garish, its not her style, but a simple little sun dress she some how
managed to get her hooves on. Inside the chest is a slowly growing collection
of clothes she is amassing. Not … that you ever saw her wearing them. No she
is as attached to her uniform as you are your wing extensions. With a sigh
she closes her little box of treasures and trots over to your side and slips
from her uniform, plopping down next to you.

Snort, snort, sniff, sniffle? Solar, awakes with a start, and actually
a little panic, he did fall asleep on the ground after-all, and bundled up and
by the fire, which he hasn't tended. His hooves flail a little, and entangle
that twist of blankets upon him further, not pulling them from him, but just
pretty much immobilizing him, then theres that frailer scent that comforts him
and he settles down a little bit as he offers a rumbling sigh looking slowly
up at you from his position down on the ground. "Oh Hi" sniffle, "Good
Morn-er, what time is it anyway?" he grumbles a little giving a wide yawn

Twist flaps her wings startled by you waking up, she was just about to
drift off. Rubbing her nose that was the first casualty of you waking up with
a start as well. Still she is smiling and nuzzles you, perhaps tickled you
managed to get yourself so tangled. She shifts so she is laying over you as
well making it near impossible to move. "Morning I guess? Afternoon? Your
ponies concepts of times is till new to me. I miss just having Night it was
simpler." mostly teasing she leans in and gives you a kiss on the top of your
head. "Your cute when your helpless." she snickers.

Unlike most pony though she elects of wear clothing. Looking much like
a Wonderbolts uniform, but black instead of blue and with a large hood with
fur (yes fur) lining in place of the mask. A set of goggles obscure her eyes
under yellowed lenses. Where her Cutie Mark should be her jump suit covers is
a dark parody of the Wonderbolt insignia. About her front legs is a set of
blades set in a holster ready to flip out at a moments notice by a spring
mechanism. They are set into a pair of leather greaves a silver crest of a
shield upon it. A jewel is set into the shield and around its edges, back
against silver.

Solar struggles with the covers a little, but gives up "Time yeah,
afternoon by the looks of the light" he pauses sniffsniffsniffing then twists
his head in a direction not facing you and sneezes. Thereafter he flops his
head on the ground and grumbles, "I managed to go from nightmare world of
freezing cold and not catch a cold there, get back and bamo! what gives?!" he
grumbles sounding totally annoyed. So thats why he didn't struggle that much,
and why his wing brace is off and hanging up, and why he's actually sleeping
on the ground! *grumble-sigh about the cute and helpless remark* "More than you
know" he grumbles

Twist ruffles your mane with her muzzle and giggles. "Defeated by the
plague huh? This is how it ends?" she teases and gives you a squeeze with her
hooves. Her bracers rub against you the only thing she bothered to leave on.
Another kiss is given and she leans down so meet your eyes. Her own are oddly
soft, "can I get you anything love?" her voice quiet and earnest in concern.
"I know they have this really spicy soup … or maybe Fizz can make you
something? I still have that potion you gave me."

Solar-Wind snort grumbles, "I won't go down without a fight!" he
play-growls out, though it sounds a bit squeaky for him, there's definitely a
bush under that red, but he's red already so he's just fine! "If ya manage to
scrounge something up its all good, I'll just sleep it off, thats how I
usually work when I get sick" he murmurs a little bleary eyed. "Don't let Fizz
know I'm under the weather again, heck last time…" he grumbles, "well last
time we were cooped up in that cramped base underground and I was already
going crazy, they had to strap me down to get me better"

The large shadowbolt pony has to restrain a dawwwww when you squeak.
"Maybe I should have tried biological warfare against you. All it would have
taken to capture you like this." she ephizizes by giving you a loving squeeze.
"Was a stuffy nose …." she lets her words trail before standing up and
tossing more wood on the fire, and bringing over the large cooking pot. "I am
making you soup. I will need a chicken." she hums to herself as she adds water
and some vegetables to the large cooking pot. "I always liked spicy things
when I am sick …" in goes a few peppers. "I will feed you Mr. Firepony and
you will like it and there will be lots of snuggling and sleeping." seems
Twist is quiet the caretaker when she wants to be.

The big firepony sulks a little, "stuffy nose, and the blankets of
doom" he mumbles in jest. "Need a chicken, why-for?" he wonders out loud, "my
feathers are just fine, don't need any spare feathers, I didn't crash or
anything" he looks up to her as she goes about to make him some soup" he flops
some, "snuggling and sleeping, I'm good with that!" he murmurs softly, not
putting any force into his words lest he go all squeaky again, 'how
embarrassing' He just closes his eyes a little, "a little spice to burn the
throat, that sounds nice" he comments with his eyes still closed.

Twist blinks and looks up from her cooking prep looking a little
confused. "Nooo for cooking silly! Meat is good when your ill. Brings your
strength back up." No pony in all of equestria could sound so chipper about
eating meat as Twist just did. It is as if its the most natural thing in the
world. "Its so weird I haven't seen a butcher since I moved here …" she
muses out loud at the mixture comes to a boil and she returns to lay on you.
The warmth from the fire is more than enough so she doesn't bother with covers
and leaves you a bundled mess. "Your lucky you have such a benevolent
captor." she coos nuzzling her sick little special some pony.

The big firepony gets this odd look on his muzzle and gulps hard,
"Wait, Twist just Wait a minute here" he squeaks this time, "Meat? you' you're
kidding me right?" he gulps hard going a little green now, "Meat?" he just
stares at you with this wide eyed (OMG WTF?!) look on his muzzle, "Ponies
don't eat meat though, never, ever even" he shakes his head some, "least not
here I, I've never heard of such a thing" he flusters some and shrinks a
little under you, he nuzzles back a little, "You nightmare ponies really had
some odd things going on over there" he admits to himself out loud. "I'd ave
never thought about something like that

Your surprised wiggling causes her to set back up and she gives you a
look. "I mean … sure its kinda rough on the digestion some times you just
need to eat it in moderation." the shadowbolt looks a bit confused by your
shock "Why are you acting so weird?" the captain in her is fighting with the
caretaker in her head on how to act. Compassion seems to win out over snark
how ever, and her eyes soften again and she settles back in. "Your just
sleepy" she tries to tuck you back in. "I wont put any chicken in the soup if
your a vegetarian or something hun don't worry." giving you another kiss.
Still her eyes are a little worried she hasn't' seen you freak out like that in
a while.

Solar settles down noticeably and exhales in a deep sigh just slumping
nuzzling back under the covers gratefully. "I" he gulps, "I'll try anything
once" he comments meekly "I just, I've never, nopony here has at least, unless
they're uhh off" he looks up with concern, "but this was normal over there?"
he asks with obvious concern regardless of how he is feeling.

"What did you think my jerky was?" Twist points a hoof to her traveling
pack, much of her tail rations have managed to stick around since all the food
is so good here. Her ears drop and she has one of those, 'am I being a bad
pony again?' moments. "Is it really that bad? I mean animals are eating each
other all the time whats wrong with eating them back? I mean manticore is gamey
but the stingers make really great casseroles." you can tell she is fretting
the way she can't keep still weight shifting back and forth like she is ready
to bolt any moment.

"I, I don't know Twist m'Sweet" he mentions, "You lived life on the
edge over there, we saw that much, we saw what the base ponies ate" he
shivered, "I could imagine you'd eventually try other things out" he murmurs,
"given the long night, heck I'd probably be in with ya and sampling all sorts
of stuff, if you're hungry after-all, hunger motivates a pony do do extreme
things" he comments, "I know I ate some tree bark once that was something
pretty funky and left me high as a kite for a few days, but it was on a fire
line and it was that or nothing for a few days