Doubt And Self Loathing
IC date: Spring 81, 1007
OOC date: June 11, 2012
PCs: Lavender, Dream-Daze, Lily-Heart, Snowfield
GM: None

It's a nice, cool evening here in the Harbor, what with Spring winding down towards its last major flower-blooming storm and all. Almost too cool to really be out and about past sundown, but not so chill that it prevents a little night-time exploration!

Still getting her bearings about town, a lil' blue filly bounces down the street, peering at the…entertainment options supposedly scattered about. Like the theater! Which is where the Dreaming pony has stopped to peek. She's had dreams about being a showfilly before. They usually end with her flying off stage to awesome applause and so many thrown flowers that it creates a pile of petals for her to dive into. Ahh, to be able to fly~

With the moon up and the stars out, a red-haired unicorn is out trotting and singing out loud. It seems to be a sweet, cheerful melody, with a sweet, cheerful voice singing it, as Lily canters along near the theater. Her horn glows with a soft pink energy, floating a small hoof-picked bouquet of flowers alongside her.

Blegh. Snowfield hates the end of spring. Earlier in the season the evenings are pleasantly chill, enough to keep one on their proverbial toes and the majority of the ponies in town inside where it's warm. With summer a week away, though, the nights are getting a lot warmer and ponies are starting to stay out after dark longer— not to mention that it takes so much /longer/ for it to get dark.

The older unicorn is currently lurking on main street, the hood of her white cloak pulled over her head as she waits for a little closer to closing time to do her routine shopping.

Around and past the others, a lavender filly slowly idles by, looking like she's having trouble looking at much besides the ground. Mopey or not, though, she's out and about, and now and again takes a glance off into the distance along the street. Or just off into space, either way. Down little filly.

Dream Daze sways back and forth, a far-off look in her amber eyes for all of a minute, rather enjoying the quick spot of daydreaming she indulges in. Yahhhhh~ Go Dreamie, Go Dreamie~

Her little reverie's broken by the notice of a glow! Lily's flowers catch her eye first, then Lily herself, bringing a smile to the filly's features. She…met that one before! Kinda. She was crying at the time, but it's familiar! Other mopey-type fillies that also happen to be nearby? Not so familiar… But surely no less important! She racks her thoughts for a memory.

Lessee… There was a Mummy… And it attacked her… But there was talk of 'poor pony' and tears and then ice cream and… Lily paid for it! Or was part of it. So she's obviously nice! This other filly whom Dream has had no contact with? She looks totally down. /Down/. There can only be one solution!

Thus does the foal with a plan bounce, from in front of the theater, to in front of the ambling Lily instead, getting up on her rear legs to wave her arms in the air, all attention-getting! And then pointing hooves at Lavender! This will make sense and can only end in awesome!

"And the sun will come out, and shine down on…huh?" Lily halts and blinks as the little blue filly waves her arms about, and then she breaks into a big smile. "Oh! I remember you, little one! The fierce mummy-hunter!" She looks up to where Dream is pointing, her brows instantly knitting. "Oh that poor dear… She's so down!"

And so it is that Lily trots toward Lavender, floating the flowers up under her nose and smiling brightly at her.

What's this? A familiar purple filly looking like she's having a miserable evening? Well, Snowfield knows exactly what to do in this situation!

Which is to say, nothing. She does absolutely nothing, just sits right where she is with her hood up over her head and stares at her, thinking, 'Wow, there's just no pleasing some ponies.' Hopefully Lily won't be distracted from her mission by the observer's ambient grumpiness.

Lavender gazes around blankly at her surroundings for the fifth time in as many minutes, then stumbles back as suddenly flowers. "Er…Hi there?" she offers with confusion, snapped out of her kind of a reverie. "I…I'm sorry, where did you come from?" Her ears and tail are all drooped down. She looks out past Lily to Dream as well, and also gives her an uncertain glance.

Dream gives a pleased hop when Lily trots Lav-wards. She's done a Good Deed! Surely she'll get praise for this later. Or maybe more ice cream! Mmm~ She steps her merry way behind Lily when Lav looks up, peeking out from behind the older pony to bat amber eyes.

Obviously her plan is working. Any second now the lavender filly will break out into a smile. Any second now.

"Oh, I was just walking down the street!" Lily pipes cheerfully. "Would you like these flowers, luv? You seem so down." She punctuates her statement with a sad little frown. "This little sweetheart pointed you out to me, and I said, Lily, you know who needs flowers? That filly needs flowers. So please take them, and give me a little smile?"

Gag. How corny. Snowfield sticks her tongue out in displeasure at this most tacky of cheer-up attempts. Not to mention the faux-posh vocabulary. Who really calls people 'luv', anyway? The grumpy rays, they increase.

Lavender blinks as Dream steps out out of sight, sort of, and leans back from the flowers to look around herself, like there's a camera somewhere…or a bizarre conspiracy. "I uh, I don't think this is a flowers kind of thing." The sulk stays intact, for now! Then her eyes catch Snowfield, and she starts to edge over in her direction while her watchful eyes return to the two suspiciously outgoing fillies. The grumpy will protect her from the terrible secret of flowers.

What's this? Dream's carefully crafted plan of action has failed her! No smile appears to be iminent. Nor is there any ice cream magically being involved. This is nothing like last time!

Not one to let a little thing like edging away set her back, Dream taps her temple with a hoof to see if she can conjure up another quick Good Idea, but with nothing immediately coming to mind she settles for canting her merry way out from around Lily, choosing to see if maybe she can invoke an introduction. Which she does by grabbing the nametag hanging around her neck with her teeth and offering it to Lav!

Lily-Heart frowns gently, levitating the flowers into her saddlebags for now. "Oh, dear! What is it that has you so down, sweetheart?" Willfully ignoring the obvious, Lily pursues the filly with more steps — and as she nears Snowfield, her whole body shivers for a second. "Goodness /gracious/ it's cold over here," she blinks, looking around before her eyes settle on Snowfield, eyes rounding out a little bit. That is the grumpiest little pony to ever grump the lands.

Well, maybe Lav isn't as dumb a kid as Snowfield thought, if she's jaded enough to see past and ignore this corniest of cheer-up attempts. Well, whatever. The unicorn takes a step away from the wall, intending to go about her business and giving Lily a dirty look at the comment about it being cold. "Perhaps you should have worn a coat," she says lightly before beginning to walk away… unless somepony decides to use her as a convenient distraction, anyway.

Lavender starts to back up a bit faster from Dream, then when it seems the two short unicorns aren't going to vamoose any time soon, she gallops around behind another. Peering right around Snowfield left and right, she at least /fakes/ a grin, but it's not a very good one. "Oh, just…things…Nice to meet you Dream Daze, what's with the not talking thing, nice to meet you other pony, I was just going to go for a walk with my /best friend/ Snowfield here…"

Blink! That wasn't much of an introduction! When Lav dashes off behind yet another unicorn, and a rightly unfriendly looking one at that, it gives Dream reason to pause where she was 'left behind'. She tilts her head, still holding her nametag, looking confused.

When mention of walking, best friends, and such are made, it makes..perfect sense! So maybe Dream's just naive enough to believe the mopey pony wants to walk with the grumpy pony. Maybe Grumpy was waiting for Mopey! That makes sense.

Willing to let her attempts at cheer go at that, the Dreamer drops her tag and gives Lily a nudge with a hoof. Now's when someone's supposed to mention ice cream, darnit! What's she have to do, charade it out for ponies?

"Oh, no, I'm pretty sure it's coming from you," Lily says sadly to Snowfield. The sympathy, it's just /maddening/ the way it /drips/ off the pony. Uuuugh! But she turns back to Lavender. "Well, I just want you to know, I'm the local heart healer, and if you're feeling down you can always feel free to talk to me! I'd /really/ love to help — fillies like you two shouldn't feel so down!" Wibble! She bends down and plucks Dream up in her teeth, dropping her to ride on her back. Because clearly we're all going /somewhere/ as a group. Whether you two like it or not.


Snowfield is suddenly a living shield!? She slowly glances behind her at the poor little filly who clearly does not want to be a sociable pony this evening. "Yes, of course," the minicorn says in an unconvincing monotone. "Lavender was coming with me to buy tea. Or something." Her gaze narrows at Lily when the younger unicorn makes the mistake of opening her fool mouth. "Well of course it's coming from me," she says without bothering to explain why it's so matter-of-fact. "You must be new here, and you're not making a very good first impression."

The sad lavender filly looks at Lily, and gives just a hint of a wibble at the corner of her mouth before trying to steel herself again. "Well, I'm Lavender, and I used to be Captain Lavender, and if that means anything to you then you know why I'm not gonna be friendsy for a real long time." She looks back to Snow, "Yeah…Tea sounds good." A small nod, head lowered. "Maybe you'll have to show me what's good…"

Wha! Dream suddenly finds herself airborne! And then on Lily's back. Well… Okay. She can deal with this, she's light enough! She plants her rear down, bracing on Lily's shoulders with her forehooves, now looking down at the other unicorn pair, all bright-eyed and smileypony.

Of course, it's a little more difficult to actually communicate from where she's now perched. That's alright, for the moment she's content to listen to the others talk, while she ponders other ways to cheer ponies up. Obviously her initial plan of siccing other 'happy' ponies upon them isn't as effective as advertised.

"I am new here!" Lily replies cheerfully, beaming at Snowfield. But then her smile falters and she frowns, as though wounded. "I'm not? I'm just trying to help! I'm sorry, Captain Lavender doesn't mean anything to me!" Oh, yep, here come the tears. She wibbles, sniffles, /bravely/ tries to hold back her tears. "I j-just want to help!"

"What a terrible thing to say," Snowfield tsks. "Captain Lavender meant a lot of things to a lot of ponies." Most of them constructs of spit and twigs. "For a heart healer, you're awfully insensitive, aren't you? Perhaps the heart which needs healing most… is your own." She turns her head to Lavender and whispers loudly, "Quickly, let's escape while she's distracted by her own feelings of low self-worth."

Lavender presses her eyes shut tight. Tears form in the corners. Heavy-hearted, she moves a little closer to Snow. "O-okay." Now fallen in with the bad crowd, she lets herself wander or be directed towards said tea shop. "She shouldn'ta meant anyone to anyone though," she mumbles as she turns away.

Oooh ouch… Why, if Dream had a proper voice she'd surely try to say something completely insightful about why helpful ponies shouldn't be taken for granted!

But… Instead she huffs! Now it's apparent that both of these Mopey Grumps need help!

Besides which, she still hasn't given up on her dream of getting a treat before she goes home.

With a mighty leap, Dream springs from the back of the empathic pony, and scampers about to try and give Lavender's tail a light tug with her teeth! She can't talk, no, but she does have one trick in her horn, which glows for a moment as the mute lil' unicorn sends a vision to Mopey, of a big bowl of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. With sprinkles. And caramel. Big enough to very well swim in! It's a small daydream, but by jove happy visions are her lot in life!

Oh. Oh Snowfield. You've landed a precision strike that makes Lily just /crumble/. "I-insensitive? Oh— oh no, no I'm so sorry, I'm /so sorry/!" And she just pretty much collapses on the ground and weeps in her hooves, because she is a sad, pathetic pony at times.

"It's a bit late for regrets," Snowfield says as she tries to guide Lavender towards the tea shop. It hadn't actually been on her itinerary for today, but Snowfield could always use something strong and spiced to keep her spirits up at home. "You don't get to choose what other ponies think of you, nor is it your decision whether your reputation is deserved or not. Learn from your mistakes and grow, don't regret them and be— oh, for the love of Celestia. Hold on a moment."

She abandons Lavender to Dreamer's tail bite to trot back to Lily. "Stop that! You are not allowed to cry that easily, I haven't berated you anywhere near significantly enough to warrant such a reaction!" She stomps a hoof for emphasis.

Lavender is caught completely unaware by the vision, and hasn't the slightest notion that Dream is some master of inception. She staggers backwards at the tail-tug, glances back and glares…and at the same time she sees Lily all collapsing, and she breaks into a nonmagical episode of empathy herself. "Snow?… C'mon Snow…Let's put off the tea, okay? And all get ice cream."

Success! With the suggestion of ice cream, Dream lets Lav's tail go and nods her head in satisfaction. You better believe she likes the idea. She hops in place once or twice, then scoots back towards the ever-teary Lily, taking the opportunity while she's still hunkered down and bawling into her hooves to climb back up atop the bigger filly's back, giving the empath a couple soft hoofrubs along her shoulders to try 'n lift her attention up.

"I'm s-s-soooorryyyyyy," Lily wails in response to Snowfield's admonishment. Oh yes, she's quite involved in her tears. Ugh. But Dream at least makes the waterlogged pink-eyed pony look up through her tears, sniffling and sniveling messily. "I— I'll m-make it right, I s…swear!"

The sigh Snowfield lets out is ever so exaggerated. "I'm not a fan of ice cream, but if you wish to go with these two…" She gestures vaguely at the bawling unicorn and the mute filly, "I won't stop you. Honestly, I think she needs the ice cream more than you do." Her horn glows blue as she begins flicking tears off of Lily's cheeks as little balls of ice. "Come now! Where's your spine at? I don't see how you're supposed to cheer up an emotionally distraught filly when you're that thin-skinned." The glow brights a little bit as Snowfield lifts Lily (and Dream by association) off the ground and sets her on her feet.

Lavender gives a little huff, and still doesn't stray far from Snow. "You're coming too. I still need the tea, and /you/ need to apologize." Still, she her mood goes back to a comfortable semi-sulk and she seems determined to hold onto it. "Maybe we can get you tea flavored ice cream."

Dream blinks! Now those are neat, little balls of ice that once were tears. They're kinda shiny in the town lights. Before she can hop down to claim one as a temporary Interesting Thing, the ground drops by a few inches! That is, Lily gets put on her hooves, bringing the apparently easily-distracted foal back to reality again. Her ears perk… They haven't exactly started moving yet, and that ice cream sure isn't going to eat itself, so she does what any foal would do in her situation.

She lights her horn up again, and focuses her gentle glow on Lily this time, to send her a little vision of four ponies eating ice cream, and a certain lavender one being /so overjoyed/ by the treat that she spontaneously gives the other ponies hugs!

"I…I'm not very good at it yet," Lily says softly, as she's lifted to her hooves, sniffling but at least stemming her tears for now. "I'm s-still learning. A-and…I d-didn't mean to be insensitive. I'm s-s-sorry." She looks down at her hooves, until Dream's vision gets to her. "Oh… yes, you should all go have ice cream. I think I'm going to go home and rest. Ice cream would be a very good thing for you, yes." A hoof wipes at her cheeks to wipe away stray tears, and she murmurs, "Thank you."

"What did I say about regrets?" Snowfield says dismissively. "You won't hear an apology out of me for an admonishment well-deserved." She frowns at Lily tries to play the 'go home and rest' card even as Lavender is declaring that Snowfield can't escape. "Oh no you don't— if I have to suffer the indignity of ice cream, you're going down with me." Her horn is alight once more as she magically grabs Lily by the ear and begins to walk down the street in the direction of the parlor.

Lavender tries to mope and sulk as she follows along with the rest…but honestly, she finds it growing harder. Slightly. So she stays near the back of the pack, and looks forwards to ice cream.